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OP  3/28/08 7:06:18 PM#1


hey guys....i tried looking for more info for this game and found this, thought i'd paste it here for people looking into the game. (not my review)

from (source)


Minimum Requirments
CPU - Pentium 3 500MHz or better
RAM - Higher than 256MB
Graphic Card - Higher than graphic ram 32MB
32M graphic card of Intel and S3 savage series may occur lag while playing. When this currently happens, you must check your option term to all low or download updated version of the graphic card. Recommend Geforce or Radeon series graphic cards.

Get ready to dive into the world of Martial Heroes, and for all of you who think that this is "just another free, anime MMO", you are desperately wrong, my friend. Martial Heroes features huge, extensive worlds, (yes, it's not all just on one map). Worlds include dark dungeons, open fields, snowy mountain caps, lava pits, sand dunes, and bustling cities. Much more indepth then most MMOs, there are weekly guild and faction wars, war zones, and pk safe zones. Lots of players and guilds, plus two side to go (lawful and evil) make for one thrill of a ride as you dive into the realm which is Martial Heroes.

On a side note, Martial Heroes is free to play and pledges to ALWAYS be free to play. It will never become pay to play.

The story, like most free MMO games, is not really important to gameplay. But for those of you who are curious, here you go. Please ignore the broken english.

Originally Posted by
The boy wakes up and finds himself lying inside the Chinese house, but when he gets up and opens the door an entire ancient Chinese continent unfolds itself before him.
Long before the history of China had even begun to be recorded, there existed three major factions. The Lawful, Chaotic, and Evil factions, as they came to be known, fought each other fiercely for possession of the continent.
The fighting would not subside until only a single faction remained.
This 'Thousand Year War of the Continent' was a war among wars. Not a soul could have predicted the outcome.
One day the tide turned at a place called Five Mountain Range, and in the outer reaches of Karma the 'Thousand Year War of the Continent' had been put to an end.

The Lawful Faction, once a great power on the continent, had begun to buckle under the might of Chaotic Faction's occult artifact, the 'Ark of Heaven'. The Chaotic Faction, who had secretly applauded the fall of Jung, united in arms with the Lawful Faction against the Evil Faction's powerful weapon.
The union finds itself in an uncertain position.
The two factions, having once pointed their weapons at one another, were now being asked to lay down their arms.
The overlords of the Lawful and Chaotic factions carefully selected 8 promising, next-generation martial artists to be sent on a mission to seal the 'Ark of Heaven' at the Sun Temple (one of 4 primary bases of Evil Faction).

A Follower of Tao, one of the martial artists leading this party of 8 to the Five Mountain Range was granted the title 'Tutor of Five Elements'. With his help, the 8 martial artists were able to successfully make it all the way to the gate of the Sun Temple. After getting rid of the combat masters of Evil Faction, the 8 martial artists were in the process of sealing the Sun Temple when the 'Ark of Heaven' sucked them inside. Inside Karma, the boy discovers that Bak Rang, one of the most promising leaders of the Evil Faction, had stumbled upon the existence of 108 mystical artifacts, or 'Karmas' sometime in the midst of the 'Thousand Year War of the Continent'.
These 'Karmas' possessed powers that supernaturally governed the Continent. If any single person were to possess all 108 Karmas, they would have the power to rule - and even destroy - the entire Continent.

The graphics are little short of unbelievable. These graphics would pass inspection even in a game in which you would have to buy, or subscribe to. They are around that of Dungeon Siege, if you guys are familiar with that game. Perhaps a "little" worse, but not much. All of the items and characters have immense detail. You can see the facial hair on your warrior's face. The assassin's pony tail sways in the wind. Your cape will billow in the wind attop your horse. Everything is pristine, and nothing lacks in the oriental design.

Here is an example of the detail in which the oriental design is incorporated into this game. (the white pixels outlining it are because it is a transparent .gif)

The music is great. The Oriental music creates an excellent mood to the game. The music changes with each area of the map. Although, when grinding out levels, you'll be spending a lot of time in one specific area. Usually when I'm grinding levels, I find myself turning off the computer speakers and putting on some rock music. It isn't that the music is bad, but it does get old when you're grinding for an hour. But it definitely adds to the Oriental feel of the game.

Where to start. The gameplay is so indepth, that it's quite hard to cover everything. I guess the best way to do this is to divide it into different categories. So hopefully you won't get lost.

There are 4 different classes that you can choose to be. Pretty obvious on what they do. Please read about the weapons, located below this, so you can see what class can wield what weapons.

Warrior: The warrior is pretty self explanitory. While lacking in ranged attack (without the use of special skills) and sporting a short supply of mana, the warrior packs a large attack and a massive amount of health. Warriors are armies in themselves and do not need to party with other people as much to level. When warriors are in parties, they are usually asked to tank. They take the main front of the attack, both dishing out an receiving a lot of damage.

Assassin: These female fighters are deadly in many ways that the warriors are. They have quite strong attacks, and get ranged attack with the Bow (if you choose that weapon). They are the fastest characters in the game, and most of their skills also have to do with speed and stealth. One of their skills is actually becoming invisible and allowing them to sneak around to the enemies backside or escape from a tough battle easily.

Mage: Obviously, these are the "magic" users. They have loads of mana, but lack in the health department. Mages may have trouble taking down monsters many levels higher then them, but are great for parties. As a mage, you will almost never be without a party. Mages can stun enemies, preventing them from attacking. They can sit in the back and dish out major strikes with skills while the warriors tank. And almost all mage skills are ranged, so it's hard to escape from a Mage's massive attacks.

Monk: Monks are one of the most sought after classes of all. Monks have the ability to "buff" other players, meaning they can raise their max hp, attack, and defense for a limited time. Monks are always in parties. While rather weak alone, they are so valuable to guilds and parties, that there is never a time where a mage is not being asked to party. They can heal members, buff, and upgrade items. This makes them esential for guilds, which almost always have at least one "upgrade monk" who will upgrade items for them. Monks naturally have a better chance of succeeding in an upgrade and not failing.

Each class gets 3 unique weapons. Every weapon has some advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Warrior may pick the Simitar, Lance, or Axe. Simitars have very strong solo attacks, which attack one enemy at once. Axes have very good AoE attacks (attacks that attack all enemies surrounding you), while Lances have a mix of both. While you are able to pick which weapon you wield and can change at anytime, it is wise to stick with one, for your skills will only work with one weapon and you have limited skill points. However, for a price, you can purchase a skill reset potion and start over, but it costs a lot of money buying the potion and the books to learn the skills again. So most players will only switch weapons a few times, and only if they have lots of money to waste.

Every 6-7 levels you get to wield a new version of your weapon. There are 15 of each type of weapon. Below are only pictured one of each ot the 15 weapons. Click the links to see all of them.

Warrior (I know more about warrior weapons because I play as a warrior, so pardon my ignorance of other classes weapons )

Simitar: Light and swift, the simitar makes up in speed what it lacks in damage. The skills used by the simitar recharge incredibly fast, allowing for lots of repeated, strong attacks, at the price of mana consumption. Simitars have some of the strongest solo attack skills in the game. By far the most popular warrior weapon. Simitars allow for quick leveling.

Axe: Axes are the muscle of the warrior weapons. They do massive attacks to multiple enemies. However, their skills recharge slow and they're fairly weak at low levels. These drawbacks make them the least used warrior weapon. However, in the hands of high level players, they can be devastating in faction wars and guild wars. If a high level player wields and axe with AoE skills, they can take out 5 players in only a few strokes.

Lance: The lance is the little brother of the simitar. It falls behind in strength early in the game, but comes back later with a vengeance. Many high level warriors switch from Simitar to Lance later in the game, after level 87. This is when the Lance gains some of the best skills in the game. Up until then, the lance still makes an effective weapon, whether you like solo skills or AoE skills.


Dagger: Daggers are lightning fast and basically serve the same purpose as the simitar. Quick and lethal, Assassins wield one dagger in each hand. There are not many range skills with the dagger (I think there's one throwing skills).

Gauntlet: Gauntlets are the hard hitting weapon for assassins. No range skills, but plenty of power give these clawed gloves some respect in the world of Martial Heroes.

Bow: The bow is, obviously, the ranged weapon of assassins. They have stun skills, which immobilize the enemy and allow for long ranged barrages, making them safe weapons for leveling. More effective at higher levels.


Glove: Gloves are the primary weapon of high level mages. They have strong magic attacks, and focus almost purely on magic. This means that most glove skills are actually ranged, even though the normal attack is not.

Sword: Swords are not as common a weapon as fans or gloves, but still a strong one. Skills of the sword involve incorporating magic into the sword's strikes.

Fan: Fans offer a great ranged weapon for mages. They have a stunning skill, which makes fan mages valuable to parties. Also safe for leveling, since they can stun an enemy and can attack from a distance.


Rod: Rods are good weapons that serve both solo and aoe needs for the monk. Swung about, they often use skills which have consecutive, repeated attacks.

Wheel: Wheel's are the primary solo weapon of Monks. Many people who use a monk as their main character will use a wheel, since they dish out lots of damage.

Plummet: Plummets have the best buffing skills, and therefore plummets are more common for player's secondary characters. Many people will make a monk character for upgrades and buffs and will choose plummets for it. Plummets are dual wielded.

Master/Student Relationship: You will have the chance to have one master and several students in the game. Everytime a student gains a level, they come to their master to train. Training is simple, it just involves kneeling infront of the master for a few seconds. Masters get fame each time they train a student and the student gets some experience, which goes towards their next level. This encourages player/player interaction.

Guilds and Factions: There are two factions in Martial Heroes; Evil and Lawful. More people are Lawful, but Evil is still a strong faction in the game. Your faction will determine what high level skills you can learn and what guilds you can join. A guild is a group of people, all in the same faction. They have a guild tag above their heads which include the guild name and icon and their rank within the guild. Each guild also has a grade, which is determined by how much gold and fame their members donate to the guild. Guilds are ranked 10-1, 1 being the best. Currently, there are no grade 1 guilds since it is so hard to get high grades. Most strong guilds are around 6-9 grade. As your guild progress through the grades, you can wear guild marks, which give attack and defense bonuses. This ecourages people to join good guilds and keeps them competitive. Also, every weeks a faction war or a guild war is held. In faction war, it is evil vs lawful. Guild wars are guilds which compete against one another. There are 5 winners of guild wars, and if you're in a winning guild, you will get an increase in stat points until the next guild competition. (I'm currently in DemonicRogues, which won a stone at the last guild wars, so for 2 weeks I get a bonus of 200 mana.)

Skills: Each class has a mana bar, which isn't just "magic" like it is in most games. Skills can be learned using skill books and skill points. Each level you gain, you earn some skill points. These can be used to learn skills. For example, Simitar has a skill where you strike the enemy quickly 4 times in a row, and each strike is stronger then a normal attack. The lance has a skill where the player does a flip and slams the lance onto the enemy. Skills are basically stronger attacks. Each skill uses up a ceratin amount of mana.

Upgrading: All weapons and most armor/clothing can be upgraded. Weapon levels are denoted by a + number. The highest a weapon can be upgraded to are +9. With each upgrade, the success rate that it will be upgraded is decreased. Special items are used up with upgrading weapons and armor, regardless of if the upgrade succeeds. Upgrades also create visual effects. A complete set of +3 armor will create a glittering around your character. +4 will add swirling to the glows. +5 upgrade is a yellow plume around your character and +7 is a glowing blue cloud. +9 is a red cloud, and I believe only one person has it in the game. On weapons, +3 makes your weapon glow white, +5 is yellow, +7 blue, +9 red. +9 are incredibly rare and it is VERY difficult to upgrade a weapon to +7, much less +9.

Equipment: There are lots of things that can be equiped in Martial Heroes. For clothing, there's jacket, pants, braclets, 2 rings, necklace, cap, shoes, cape, and armor. All of that is equiped at once (so the jacket goes over the armor). Also, fragrances, medalions, and tabs can be equiped. Fragrances give bonus to attack or defense and also boosts either stamina, health, or mana, depending on which frag you have equiped. Different medalions help you defeat different types of monsters. Deathtabs allow free access to the Dead Lands, which is a great place to train, but is an open war zone, with pk permitted. Also, horse tabs can be equiped, which allow you to ride on horses, and guild marks are also equipable, making for a very complex inventory.

Sets and Kiji: There are different auras that you can make, in addition to the upgradable armor auras. Kiji is comes in 2 types, Kiji J and Kiji C. Kiji J is rather expensive and creates a flame around your character. Different fire appears in different places, depending on what kiji items you have. For example, a Kiji cape will create fire that whips out from behind you. A kiji jacket will have more of an engulfing flame. Kiji C is incredible rare and rediculously expensive. It creates a bright, white glow around whatever kiji part you have. So if you have kiji c braclets, your hands glow bright white. Sets consist of a bracelet, a necklace, and 2 rings. Set rings come at level 24,36,48,60,72,84. Different sets create different auras. The third screen shot below shows two people with sets (the ones with the blue auras). Set necklaces are extremely rare and expensive, although the other parts are easier to find and to buy. A set will only work with all pieces equiped.

Quests: The game is primarily based around quests. Quests don't really connect to one another. One level you might have a quest to go fox hunting, and the next quest might require you to carry a message to someone. Quests give lots of experience and gold, and sometimes rare items. Quests allow low level players to level very fast (it is possible to gain several levels at once from quests at low levels), however, at high levels, quests won't give you as much experience (compaired to how much you need to level).


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5/04/08 7:57:02 PM#2


for those who cannot use their website?

wall of text with error pictures = no read

hows about this, you sum it all up in one paragraph.

but there is too much info about this game, its the best and greatest and cannot be summed up in a paragraph you say? i just summed it up for you.

i played this game for a little, i wasnt impressed, typical martial arts focused game.  nothing too special about it my guess is if this type of game is your bag your playing 9dragos or one of the countless games just like this.

*edit* i just glanced at one of the chunks of your wall of text, you did write all this didnt you? epic waste of time buddy, but A+ for effort


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11/23/08 7:33:26 PM#3

 well anyway this forum is sooo nactive its scary T.T


well so much for pristine graphics they removed the awesome visuals for better gameplay i giess but imo it was better off the way it was >.>