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Reclamation Forum » General Discussion » Why you shouldn't bother with this game.

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Alfredo Says hi.

2/11/05 11:55:23 AM#21

As someone who's spent some time in UL, in all honesty I have never seen anyone do that "oh you are new" and walk out on a newly awakened.  The people Striker hung out with would generally advocate helping the "newly awakened".  First off, in an OOC point of view it helps keep players interested in the game and playing, secondly all houses need new blood to replace people like me who vanish for no explainable reason.  You could try to turn old dreamers but they are a tad harder to turn in terms of beliefs, they've already laid out their roleplay their characters tend to be set in their ways, you'll need ot really crack'em to convince them that you got a bright idea with your house.

So, this is where new players come in handy.  Their characters may not have set up their roleplay too well, they don't have any strong convinctions and opinions, they are as impressionable as a child.  Oftentimes, the first house that gets ahold of a new dreamer and puts up a good show of showing them the ropes and being helpful in general is the house that the dreamer is going to be biased towards.  In fact I've seen in DoL's boards a list of new dreamers, the idea was if you saw these people you could go help them out and put your house's best foot forward with them.

The teacher situation is a murky pool.  I've had a character who's a teacher, The Striker.  It was an interesting thing to say the least, I thought it was absolutely exhilarating to be the maker of quests.  I mean, lot of other games have stuff like, "Kill 5 monkeys and hand me their tails!"  That quest would be static, it wouldn't matter how many characters you'd make, that one NPC would always hand out that same quest at the same level.  In this game there's no TELLING what kind of quest you can end up with, each play is different, and they may require actual thinking work, or roleplaying.  In all the time I've been about, I only saw two excessively weird things.  One was a dreamer I knew who tasked her husband and didn't give written codecies, I will not give details but that really put a schism down at the time.  And then I happened to run into the aftermath of a teacher getting his rank stripped because, "his halo humped a dreamer".... no, really, it did.  I do recall some issue where someone sphered a dreamer who had been only around for one week to what I believe was sphere 2.  But for all the time I was playing in UL, the entire time people giving innumerable quests to innumerable dreamers, that's a real small amount of incidents.

Of course everyone who has been around long enough heard about the "Jump" quests that started that whole situation.  Someone who the teacher was familiar with asked for a task for the art of blah, teacher told them to "jump" dreamer jumped, "Oh, you jumped?  Ok here's your task."

As far as I've been able to tell so long as you make an effort to make an interesting quest for that art that requires some degree of work they wouldn't give you trouble. 

As for the time it takes to level.  It's a funky thing, I swear, I've seen people get up to the sphere 5-6 range in only a few months.  At least it's seemed that way.  It depends on how you put your nose to the grindstone I guess.  My gripe with levelling is if you wanted to do it fast, you'd have to kill either agoknight or shamblix over and over and over and over and over.  The fact that either type of mare at one point could be outsmarted and trapped made the act mindless and pointless.  Though, Lyra did address that issue and take out a lot of the mare trapping. 

I will not comment on other RPG's, games like WoW and Asherons call and etc are massively popular so a lot of people obviously like them.  The thing about Reclamation and UL is they are massively different.  The emphasis is on role playing, and their combat is related to skill rather then waiting for numbers to resolv themselves on your screen.  I've only see one other mmorpg that had user skill based combat, it was a space rpg called JumpGate.

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Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.

7/26/05 4:45:38 PM#22

I have to respond to this topic merely because of the behaviour displayed within it and the irony associated with several recent events.

The responses provided that seem to be calling the original poster out as some fraud or "chicken" because of what she has not provided about herself show perhaps the clearest example of what the community truly has to offer.

It is rather funny how the same attitude the community has within the various games on offer always seems to carry over into the mediums the community uses to communicate. And yet, in character and out of character are to at all times remain seperate from each other, no?

I would suggest to anyone that before they begin to call others out and when countered respond with, "Doesn't matter to me." that they seriously consider their own history and tendencies.

It is far easier to claim innocence and yet attack, then it is to admit flaw and empathize. Still though, one path is clearly more productive the path to follow.

The arguments here clearly show two very distinct things. One, reality. And two, the proper line to tow.

At the very least I hope that when and if Reclamation is released that Game Masters will not be playing their casual characters on the same servers where they "work."

I also hope that the management teams will be strong enough to enforce their role playing policies from the word go. This means when it comes to teaching, ensuring a certain amount of competency in who is trusted with responsibility. While I do not have any desire to see the game stymied by out of character agendas or in game character assassination, neither do I have any desire to witness the simple minded climbing through the ranks because they are intelligent enough to log in, and simply not offend anyone.

It is often easiest to blame the Game Master staff because their errors are often the first to be recognized. However, that does not remove from us our own responsibilities. We the community have all added our own spices to watery bath which has now become a quagmire. And while error is nothing to be ashamed of we should be concerned when error and fault becomes the accepted. Nothing better is wanted or desired by us or for us it would seem.

A poster asks, "Should seventh sphere be handed our or should it be given...."
No, of course it should not be handed out like so much dime store candy. First, I would hope that those with the most talent in role play facilitation and management are being looked at. Beyond that, while the player community may be driven by who is most popular and who throws the best parties, I would hope that at the very least those in control of the enviroment are able to objectively reward talent. On the flip side those within the community also need to find the trust in those watching over such matters, so that when a character they may not get along with does recieve some accolade they do not run hot with anger.

Here we begin to travel in what could be seen as a bit of a dangerous circle, it is clear that all sides have a fair bit to learn and put into practice if this sort of advancement system is ever to work.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.


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Joined: 2/06/05
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Alfredo Says hi.

7/26/05 6:02:33 PM#23

I do not know about the recent events, or how this makes this all ironic.  I have tried to play UL, but lately things have distracted me.

What I do know is if what lyra writes on their site can be trusted, reclamation is porting a lot of the guts from the old UL advancement system, whilst streaminlining out the repeated art use aspect of it.  I also know that they claim to be making spheres an optional thing.

Either way, its rather obvious they still intend on keeping the advancement system player based.  It worked for them in the past, they do keep tabs on it.  Granted there's been incidents, but they are generally spread out.  There is a human factor involved in the advancement.  This makes it a mixed blessing.  While the human factor keeps the game fresh and unpredictable, it also adds the possibility for error.  It is a dangerous ground to walk as you've mentioned Lascivious, and Lyra has walked it in the past, which is why they try to keep records of all tasks and keep track of all useage of the advancement and deletion arts.

I've known players who've had a GM account.  I cannot remember how I found out the players had it, but it was subtle.  They largely stick to that NDA.  I will not cite names though.

Because only someone as deranged as me would have a rubber chicken Named Alfredo Sanchez


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8/10/05 3:19:02 PM#24

One of my biggest pet peeves with Underlight was it's gameplay with respect to combat. I would completely agree that it's severely limited. It's the same hack'n'slash and/or flame.. it becomes tedious once you reach sphere 3 and beyond. The quests in Underlight are also not so worth doing either. The amount of XP given is quite low -- I'm still not sure what kind of incentive it provides dreamers to do the tasks.

I haven't read much up on Reclamation yet, but I plan to do so. One of my biggest hopes is to see a battle system that requires more complexity. It's not the 90s anymore -- people expect more from a game. Underlight still provides a lot for a game running for a long time, but there needs to be more enemies, different ways to combat enemies, and not just one or two different kinds of arts that can only be used as offensive arts.

Just my two cents.

Paradigm, OOSM Initiate.


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8/19/05 5:40:47 AM#25

Its funny to see the fanbois troll out in defense. Having seen them circle the wagons on various other websites at least you gotta give them loyalty points.

The original poster has some VERY valid points about the roleplaying elite in this game and the length / subjectiveness of leveling.

Hopefully Lyra will fix the problems that came with having humans not computers do everything.


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9/19/05 1:49:21 PM#26

Originally posted by oldplayer69

Now within Underlight, relationships are made. Friendships, etc. However most of the population are "elitists". They expect you to learn fast, not break any rules, and understand everything from the beginning. Unlike a newbie area with most mmo's that some people will hang out in and help, within UL there are none. If you are not a member of a "Cliche" or have someone in game that knows you, you're SoL. Yes, people say "Oh, you're new?" stay two minutes and leave quickly to avoid explaining the game under the pretense of "having to go do something".

Actually, I just started playing Underlight and my experience was quite different.  When I used OOC references (example: AFK) I was politely whispered to in (( double-brackets )) to explain that it was OOC and that in the game we use the term "trancing."  The majority of players that I interacted with were helpful to me, and helped point me in the right direction.  Likewise, working on my "advancement" other characters have assisted me while doing this.  So I would have to disagree with your statement, as I have had the opposite happen to me when I started playing.  Thank you for your concerns though.


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