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Destination Games
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 11/02/07)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Tabula Rasa Videos: New Trailer (1:48)

A new Tabula Rasa trailer has been released by NCsoft. Enjoy!

A new Tabula Rasa trailer has been released by NCsoft. Enjoy!
Duration: 1:48
Views: 16,938  39 comments
Game: Tabula Rasa
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Kasimir writes: This game looks so darn good. I really miss Sci Fi after Anarchy Online, and this one really seem to give me what i want. Tue Jun 05 2007 6:08AM Report
SneakyGnu writes: damn I can't wait for it to get out, thou I didn't like Anarchy at all, this will be a whole other thing Tue Jun 05 2007 6:43AM Report
Moon-Daddy writes: Yeah im excited for this game too. Tue Jun 05 2007 6:45AM Report
Machieltje writes: This just might be the kind of game Anarchy should have been. Impatiently waiting for it's release... Tue Jun 05 2007 6:54AM Report
pedepup writes: NICE... Tue Jun 05 2007 9:09AM Report
Arcona writes: Checking Fileplanet every day for subscriber-only beta :) Tue Jun 05 2007 10:22AM Report
Kordesh writes: Can't wait for it. I want details on those giant mech things though. Are they suggesting players might have limited control over them of some sort, or are they NPCs? Tue Jun 05 2007 11:54AM Report
Sp00sh writes: BADASS! Tue Jun 05 2007 1:29PM Report
gatheris writes: the game certainly looks decent but where is this enemy AI we've read about - they seem just to stand there and take it from what i can tell where is the use of terrain we have also heard about Tue Jun 05 2007 1:40PM Report
Strapdoc writes: most definitely looks worth all the hype Tue Jun 05 2007 1:49PM Report
zensaber writes: arg can't wait for this >.< Tue Jun 05 2007 9:00PM Report
cmyster writes: Looks good, reminds me of Anarchy Online only a kick ar$$ version of it :) Wed Jun 06 2007 12:06AM Report
Jupsto writes: Prolly gona be the best sci fi mmorpg. Wed Jun 06 2007 6:35AM Report
sololoco writes: Looks like a cross between SWG and Planetside. Not to say it will be as bad as those two. It looks really good, especially the unwater scene. Hopefully this isn't another over-hyped garbage of a game like the ones that have recently been released. Wed Jun 06 2007 9:03AM Report
Jephir writes: I can't wait! Wed Jun 06 2007 2:44PM Report
Mchart writes: I can easily see this game surpassing WoW. People are tired of fantasy games, and they want an original IP. If this game is released as the 'finished product' that WoW was, and is just fun to play - but in its own unique way. Yeah, easy WoW killer right here folks. Warhammer is a WoW clone, and Age of Conan seems to be way to PvP orientated to truly capture the marketplace. Wed Jun 06 2007 8:11PM Report
Jetrpg writes: Looks like it will be fun for about 20 hours /cheer Thu Jun 07 2007 2:32AM Report
kikuman writes: So far seen just a few different mobs there, so the with character progress only the number of mobs inceases or what? Any news on how pvp/pk will be organized, what about instancing? i bet the game will have it a lot... Thu Jun 07 2007 10:33AM Report
Mdavis15 writes: Warhammer is not a WoW clone. The Warcraft IP is influenced primarily off of Warhammer, as it has been around decades longer. If you have ever seen the figurines used in the game, you'll notice the art style is meant to replicate them. Notice how closely the Warcraft orc resembles the Warhammer one. Thu Jun 07 2007 4:33PM Report
Broomy writes: OMG this can't come soon enough! If I kill another Orc Imma kill myself! Pleeeeeeese! This game looks absolutely awesome! Anyone have any idea what the crafting will be like?? Thu Jun 07 2007 6:26PM Report
Mchart writes: "Warhammer is not a WoW clone. The Warcraft IP is influenced primarily off of Warhammer, as it has been around decades longer." I never said the IP is a clone. I'm talking about the gameplay. Thu Jun 07 2007 9:35PM Report
Sev-38 writes: This game look pretty awesome. hope that will give us something new! Really need somthing that dont giv us the same shit as wow +_+ So I look forward to a closer look at this game Fri Jun 08 2007 7:55AM Report
Darsat writes: Man that looks cool Fri Jun 08 2007 2:32PM Report
Saerain writes: Erm... okay. Looks about four years late. Bleh. Fri Jun 08 2007 11:28PM Report
poopypoowu writes: looks a lot like PSU Sat Jun 09 2007 12:57AM Report
soximus writes: This Vid doesnt do the game justace. That said. Its Still Awsome, there are so many other better Vids out there if people dont seem "Dazzeled" buy this one. Sat Jun 09 2007 2:12AM Report
daeandor writes: looks exactly like I would expect AO2 to look. Sat Jun 09 2007 9:29AM Report
superflyghos writes: to all the people who just look to graphics...if it was all about graphics world of warcraft would have been pummeled by everquest, game play will make this game what it is....and lets not forget Richard Garriotts pedigree, the guy has NEVER made a bad game. Sun Jun 17 2007 7:43PM Report
kimochii writes: If you haven't already, sign up for a chance at beta. This is most definitely, the best MMO I've seen. The graphics in this clip actually look somewhat worse than in-game, and the gameplay is amazing. They are still constantly improving it too and adding more variety. The AI is easily the best I've played against/with too. You can't tell anything about the AI from a clip this short, but they do seek cover/move as a squad etc etc. Mon Jun 18 2007 12:38AM Report
kiDo writes: lol this game is over hyped and is not my type of gameplay as its not even a twitch game and its NOT an MMOFPS. Mon Jun 18 2007 4:57PM Report
LordDeems writes: =...) Wed Jun 20 2007 9:39PM Report
Lavitz552 writes: Ok, this is ganna be one of the best games for me... because I love FPS/TPS type games and MMOs but most are way to slow for me... this one is ganna give me that fast gameplay I need to live!.. Oh by the way the logos at the end.. under tabula rasa decode to this.. "The Battle/War for control of cosmos begins now" Wed Jun 27 2007 11:29PM Report
saint4God writes: Star Wars + Mechwarrior + Starship Troopers + Tribes 2 = Tabula Rasa, or so it looks to me. Not sure if they're going to get that great of a following because of all the knock-off elements and lack of "sci-fi history" the other contenders would have. For me to get into a Sci-Fi MMO, I'd have to see something new and go "Wow! That's reallly weird!" because they're all starting to look alike. I don't care how many glowing egyptian ankh symbols and inverted triagles you splash across the screen, it's not going to make me go "oooooh, that's special". Mon Jul 09 2007 5:18PM Report
Smackr writes: seems that it can be a good game, but its not my type of game anyway. so I pass.. Thu Jul 19 2007 7:44PM Report
Teran1987 writes: - "A clean slate" is my favorite trailer for this game. Tabula rasa (Latin: scraped tablet or clean slate) refers to the epistemological thesis that individual human beings are born with no innate or built-in mental content, in a word, "blank", and that their entire resource of knowledge is built up gradually from their experiences and sensory perceptions of the outside world. Mon Aug 20 2007 9:34PM Report
shakaama writes: oh is it over? i feel asleep around 00:22. Wed Oct 10 2007 2:14AM Report
Kenny3000 writes: SImply beautifull, this game looks great and it will tide me over till Huxley and Infinity come out then its GOOD BYE! Wed Nov 07 2007 8:29AM Report
xkoolxmonkyx writes: graphics look alrite but it doesnt look like an exciting game back to Aion!! lmao Sat Nov 17 2007 1:33AM Report
Runefruit10 writes: Now if only they give you complete freedom in the game. Sandbox please, that would be nice. Tue Nov 20 2007 8:56PM Report