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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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World of Warcraft Videos: MMOFTW - Ep. 13 - Pandas Go Badass (5:53)

In this week's MMOFTW, Managing Editor Bill Murphy takes a look back at the biggest stories of the past week including World of Warcraft's upcoming patch, The Secret World's "Digging Deeper" update, Final Fantasy's rebirth, Gamescom, Vanguard's move to F2P and much much more. Check it out!

In this week's MMOFTW, Managing Editor Bill Murphy takes a look back at the biggest stories of the past week including World of Warcraft's upcoming patch, The Secret World's "Digging Deeper" update, Final Fantasy's rebirth, Gamescom, Vanguard's move to F2P and much much more. Check it out!
Duration: 5:53
Views: 5,016  44 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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necrostein writes:

bad pug wants prime rib

 ill be eating sirloin on the 28th.


Mon Aug 20 2012 9:32AM Report
i_evil_i writes: Yes...sirloin in GW2 on the 28th. Mon Aug 20 2012 9:45AM Report
InFlamestwo writes: I will play Guild Wars 2 all day and if i have time i will make a Monk in WoW. Mon Aug 20 2012 10:36AM Report
rdrakken writes:

There is nothing badass about a Panda, if anything it takes a great deal away from the monstrocity that an Orc or Undead is supposed to be when a freaking PANDA can kick a bunch of their backsides...not to mention a werewolf which is supposed to be a gift/curse from a God.

This expac is like Superman too many, should have stopped while it had at least a little bit  of dignity remaning.

Mon Aug 20 2012 10:47AM Report
Hodo writes: Nope dont care about GW2, WoW:Mysts of Pandaria, or TSW update.   Just waiting for PS2. Mon Aug 20 2012 10:48AM Report
Xion1985 writes:

I am going to be on GW 2.  Can't wait.


Mon Aug 20 2012 11:04AM Report
odinsrath writes:

aug 28 for most will prolly be more like this ..                                    AW WTF THE LAAAG!  >.<



Mon Aug 20 2012 11:05AM Report
lalartu writes: you're only getting better. keep them coming!!  I wish other posts on mmorpg were more professional like yours instead of being completely off topic and ridiculously bad (yes I'm looking at you..ahem you know who you are) Mon Aug 20 2012 11:27AM Report
MrNo writes: @Odinsrath lol when is the last time you experienced lag on any server for WoW? I think after 10 years they got the lag prob well out of the way. Besides if you do experience lag it is prob from your end. Mon Aug 20 2012 11:30AM Report
MrNo writes: Oh Bill if you want to kill  that catipillar under your lip just take a fly swatter to your face. :p lol Mon Aug 20 2012 11:33AM Report
arctarus writes:

Will be playing gw2 , till 25th of sep and move over to mop.


Sorry about the divorce there man...

Mon Aug 20 2012 11:35AM Report
achesoma writes: GW2 will be my next MMO of choice.  I'm not entirely sure why Blizzard should feel threatened by GW2.  Being that it is 2 completely different kinds of business models as well as different kinds of games.  GW2 is not in direct competition with WoW.  Though it might make the MMO masses question sub fees in AAA MMOs.  Mon Aug 20 2012 11:43AM Report
piehole writes:

Allready preordered GW2 so I guess thats what I been doing.


Mon Aug 20 2012 12:04PM Report
gr0und3d writes:

It is just good business strategy by Blizzard that may keep some people interested in WoW while these other things are going on.  It is just a transition patch, not MoP itself. 

If people can complain about Pandaren, then we should all complain about the furrets in GW2.  Now THAT is stupid!  Furry midgets running around completely means that GW2 will fail.  Soh gud logik!!!!!

Mon Aug 20 2012 12:14PM Report
gr0und3d writes:

I wanna see the fantasy Pokedex that lists all the things that are 'permitted' to be playable characters.....

The sky is blue and plants have green as well, guess we all need to complain about how plain the setting is, because we all know that Blizzard did that first too.

Mon Aug 20 2012 12:18PM Report
Soldier101 writes: ill play the private server of wow couse i rather not sub for it, and playing gw2 couse its f2p. Mon Aug 20 2012 12:18PM Report
FrodoFragins writes:

Did your mom pick that sweater Billy?


Oh yeah, and how dare you block out Pokket?

Mon Aug 20 2012 12:48PM Report
FrodoFragins writes: Anyway, I'll be playing GW2 and don't expect to bother with MoP.  TSW will be worth a try if you can level to the cap for free or if the game goes B2P with a cheap box price. Mon Aug 20 2012 12:49PM Report
Fusion writes: GW2 Mon Aug 20 2012 1:00PM Report
Freezzo writes: How about some non-themepark games? :( Mon Aug 20 2012 1:32PM Report
JerYnkFan writes: NM the facial must talk about the epic sweater...LOL Mon Aug 20 2012 1:40PM Report
KroxMalon writes: Headstart GW2 and MOP on CE pre-order :) As mcdonalds would say... I'm loving it . Mon Aug 20 2012 1:52PM Report
KroxMalon writes:


A bad pug got me down :(

Mon Aug 20 2012 1:53PM Report
Vercin writes: Tired of spending $$ on new games that end up f2p..skipped Secret World, skipping GW2[although that is f2p,still got to buy the box.]. Going to stick with WoW for MOP, I have enjoyed it so far. Mon Aug 20 2012 2:06PM Report
xalvi writes:

I commented becasuse i was told to by BIll at the end of the video...

GW2 FTW!!!

Mon Aug 20 2012 2:28PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

TSW and GW2.

Very glad that TSW has its cosmetic character update ready.

Mon Aug 20 2012 2:45PM Report
keitholi writes:

Well I will be playing GW2, stopped playing WoW years ago and havent looked back.


I did install and play some Vanguard when it went F2P with some friends this weekend. It was a total Effing lag-fest for everyone in my party which was a significant turn-off. Any chance of me digging into my pockets for some vanity items quickly faded about 5 minutes into the lag.


After all these years, they STILL wont give that game any !@#%% resources. I am so sick of SOE.

Mon Aug 20 2012 3:19PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

I'm also happily in the PS2 beta and anticipating it's launch while these others aren't on my radar. But that's not to say that I don't appreaciate the pressure GW2 is putting on other MMOs.

Mon Aug 20 2012 4:10PM Report
Terranah writes: I'll probably pick up GW2 as it seems like a pretty good deal.  Mists of Pandaria...I don't know.  I'm leaning toward no but if I'm bored one week... Mon Aug 20 2012 4:31PM Report
metal0x writes:

Mists of pandaria reminds me so much of that movie "kung fu panda". Now that trailer realy looks like it more. Wow meets Kung fu panda cross over.

I used to play wow, but the age group fell thru the floor and everything became easy mode instead of balanced.

Mon Aug 20 2012 4:41PM Report
jmcdermottuk writes:

GW2 for me on the 28th, don't care about MoP.

Oh, and Bill, didn't your Mom teach you to wash your face in the morning? You got a smudge under your lip. Or did a pen burst while you were chewing it? Or is it a caterpiller? Or maybe you had to change a tyre on your way to work?

Mon Aug 20 2012 4:56PM Report
unknown769 writes: gw2 all fk day ,wow its already very old tome im gonna let it go in  peace ,every old have his time . Mon Aug 20 2012 6:44PM Report
Raventree writes:

There is something growing under my lower lip.  Discuss.


Nice work, Bill.  You're getting better all the time.

Mon Aug 20 2012 7:07PM Report
Bootez writes:

I will probably not be playing anything. I'm going to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I'll be breathing in all the fumes of people raging about how GW2 had a laggy launch, how TSW is still buggy and will remain buggy for all eternity, and how WoW's new talent system has somehow "broken" the game. Then, a week later, I will log into and check out all the crying. 


Then I'll wait for Planetside 2. 

Mon Aug 20 2012 7:08PM Report
cloudvaulter writes:

keep the lip fung - err hair - drop the sweater vest.

As for me, could care less about any of these games.  Done tossing dollars at these mogals who are better at advertising than creating.

Mon Aug 20 2012 8:41PM Report
erikk3189 writes:


WoW has got to be the most boring game around.  But then again, it's understandable being it's geared from pre-school kids and adults who like playing an entire game with just one key like this one.

Have fun, kiddies!!!!

Mon Aug 20 2012 9:41PM Report
Zooce writes:


Originally posted by cloudvaulter

As for me, could care less about any of these games.  Done tossing dollars at these mogals who are better at advertising than creating.

When was the last time you saw an advertisement for GW2?  Players raving about how fun the game is shouldn't be held against Anet, imo of course.


No advertisement? - in case you missed this thread going on all day.


Disappointed to not hear Bill's take on the Community Spotlight: Best MMO Music, I thought that was the format at the end of each show?

Mon Aug 20 2012 11:15PM Report
Gravarg writes: I'll be playing Pandaren in WoW.  I'm not getting GW2 until a month or so after launch when all the lag and networking issues are dealt with.  I already know GW2 will launch, everyone will be disappointed because it's way over-hyped (not saying it's not going to be a good game).  And they'll all /ragequit.  Then i'll start playing GW2 :) Tue Aug 21 2012 2:32AM Report
Hydhra writes:

Im waiting for PS2, WoW is dead or it went dead after TBC when everything went faceroll for kiddies.

GW looks good but gonna give it a month until ile try it out.

Tue Aug 21 2012 3:36AM Report
cloudvaulter writes:

So Zooce-heres a few links of your non advertising Anet and could very easily link countless video releases & continuously released blogs & updates.  Even here, you think mmorpg and guru etc etc have a team of reporters standing outside Anet to get the latest scoop? Welcome to Earth-perhaps you should look for a road map to find your way in the world.

As for your link of - I cant help if theres two of you running around...



Tue Aug 21 2012 4:59PM Report
garretth writes:

I'll be playing GW2 on 8/28.   I'll also continue to play TSW. 

Both games are different enough to keep on my weekly menu.


Oh and MoP.   Guess that will be dessert.  :)

Tue Aug 21 2012 6:10PM Report
Akulas writes: Hmm I don't know which 3 games to play out of GW2, TSW or WoW:MoP. I might have to hold off on MOP and see how I go with GW2 for a couple weeks and then go back and check TSW new stuff. But I'm nearing the end of TSW as I've got the builds I want (mainly aoe chaos / blood build) so who knows may end up sticking with GW2. Time will tell. Playing DDO til GW2 comes out. Tue Aug 21 2012 7:33PM Report
NobleNerd writes: Already bought and played beta GW2. Pandas just sealed the deal that I WON'T be playing WoW come Aug. 28th. Secret World just doesn't interest me and Funcom lost me back when I pre-ordered the Conan mess. Now the future holds to titles I am getting excited about though, Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter. Both of those are looking very very nice! BUT for now it will be GW2 and I may pop into Rift or another (not kung fu pands - pokeman craft). Tue Aug 21 2012 9:44PM Report
norman728 writes:

Pandas can be awesome........

Ranma 1/2

Kuma(skin) tekken series

and Po The one who proabaly started it The Kung fu Panda

Fri Aug 24 2012 9:48PM Report