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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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World of Warcraft Videos: World of Warcraft: Rage in the Firelands Trailer (3:51)

This is the official trailer for World of Warcraft patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands.

This is the official trailer for World of Warcraft patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands.
Duration: 3:51
Views: 7,449  42 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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urthal22 writes:

hey look... More Recyling ^_^

The Sheeps Shall be fed

Mon Jun 20 2011 11:28AM Report
expresso writes:

What are they recyling? the fine boss of the raid? it's a new model and a new fight.

yum yum.

Mon Jun 20 2011 12:02PM Report
Comnitus writes:



... Get it?

Mon Jun 20 2011 12:13PM Report
celee2222 writes:

shame peoples accounts keep getting hacked into even as I speak no doubt.

Even when they impliment the battlenet security system and make us change our passwords again and again, even when we are bombarded with false emails from hackers pretending to be blizzard.


I will not succumbe to this torment

I will stay away, well away

Mon Jun 20 2011 12:35PM Report
Zaphariel writes:

At least it's not another troll patch...

Do something new, Blizzard. Oh! sorry, I just realized you never did.

Mon Jun 20 2011 1:31PM Report
snoocky writes:

Omg...glad I didn't subscribed anymore...WoW is dying....

Mon Jun 20 2011 1:46PM Report
Kanester writes:

Yes ofc wow is dieing, All 12millions people will be hacked by the end of the year. Get a grip lads, as much as you love or hate wow it will be the biggest game for years to come.

Patch looks pretty good tbh. (I don't play anymore)

Mon Jun 20 2011 3:11PM Report
bezado writes:

I would bet that some of the hacks are internal, not really hacks but young CSR's who are sick of the WOW theme by now and their low paying jobs and are deliberately taking information from people their accounts and selling them or the data to people. It happens in other companies so why not WOW.

Mon Jun 20 2011 5:44PM Report
k3muloa writes:

interesting - i was standing on the same exact cliff he was.

Mon Jun 20 2011 6:20PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

That looked pretty awful.

Mon Jun 20 2011 8:03PM Report
apollobsg75 writes:

MC 2.0

Tue Jun 21 2011 2:24AM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

When WoW does finally come to an end, where are all those 12 million subscribers going to go? Hasn't been another easy mode MMO developed for 8 year olds to rage in. Oh wait, I forgot about Rift.

Tue Jun 21 2011 2:28AM Report
alz3abi writes:

Wow is getting old and boring nothing special about it anymore.

ps : rift sucks big time i dont know why people likes it.

Tue Jun 21 2011 5:12AM Report
uller30 writes:

im back in wow and its still lame i already stoped account lol ... man its just whats ur item level, o ur 3xx not 35x sry u cant come, hate it.

Blizzard you got my my love once, not now, Peace bro

Tue Jun 21 2011 7:25AM Report
Alienstudios writes:

I like the part were he says, this world is dieing

Tue Jun 21 2011 4:42PM Report
TechnoMonkey writes:

Does Blizzard realize it's 2011?

Tue Jun 21 2011 6:19PM Report
SouzetsuAeri writes:

Loved the trailer. I hope people understand this is nothing like Molten Core. You're actually in the Firelands. They're giving us new zones, quests, gear, mounts, reputation and a large scale raid.


You mad? Why should anyone bring you to a raid if you cannot pull your weight? Do you understand how challenging the raid content is even above the recommended Item Level? If its difficult for above average geared players then imagine how impossible it will be if you're that under geared.

Wed Jun 22 2011 2:41AM Report
Pigozz writes:

there are people that pay for this?...strange indeed

Wed Jun 22 2011 7:00AM Report
Greymoor writes:

lol at you kids pretending like WoW is dying, this is going to be a great patch.. the return of fucking ragnaros and Thrall potentially at risk is huge.

Wed Jun 22 2011 7:49AM Report
Darkpigeon writes:


Wed Jun 22 2011 8:32AM Report
Reizlanzer writes:

Haven't played for 2 years and will likely never play again. Damn I love Blizzards patch trailers though.

Wed Jun 22 2011 10:37AM Report
fallonfallon writes:

If you wanna hang with the cool kids you got to troll on every WoW forum. Didnt you know?

Its whats hip! Its in style ! I wanna be cool !

WoW sux cause it has smooth game mechanics..i just hate that!

WoW sux cause its got over 30g of game data to enjoy and explore.

WoW sux cause the new content takes skill and strong teamwork.

WoW sux cause my low ilvl wont let me raid , and im to lazy to gear myelf.

WoW sux cause i cant get married like in  Second Life. ya thats what i want..a relationship with an avatar!

WoW sux cause even though it came out in 04 , still looks better than most mmorpg's . Not because of graphics , but because of amazing artstyle.

Can i hang with the cool kids now?

Wed Jun 22 2011 10:50AM Report
KillHurt writes:

Wait...they aren't speaking Orcish!!!!!



Wed Jun 22 2011 11:16AM Report
whiteskytigr writes:

wow sux because if it wasn't for the timing of the marketing and advertising it would be a total failure.

wow sux because it's content gets recycled soo much it doesn't resemble the turd it came from anymore.

wow sux soo much that 8 year olds make up 98% of the population.

wow sux because most of the development team behind it moved on and the newbs replacing them can't think up anything cool.

wow sux unless you spend money in their cash shop, subscription based services, and pay your subscription

wow sux cuz activision is money hungry after their latest failures.

wow sux because people only play it for a chance of hope that warcraft 3 didn't become outdated and die in vain.

I am cool now!

Wed Jun 22 2011 12:16PM Report
fallonfallon writes:

Thnx white your a genius  , and yes ! yes you are cool now!

you can join the cool club , and talk about how much you hate wow allday instead of moving on.

Maybe i should go play a game that has a mature i can avoid the 8 yr old kids

Maybe i should go play an mmorpg that hasnt been recycled! and that would be? what game now?

Oh and i forgot that Activision is the only money hungry game company. for the longest time i thought it was all of them!

btw i never even played warcraft 3..maybe i should so i can hope just like everyone else.

Wed Jun 22 2011 12:34PM Report
Crazerage writes:

Awesome trailer! I'm so excited for this patch!

Wed Jun 22 2011 1:48PM Report
Bolt3r writes:

Still just looks like re-skined models. Which have been recycled time and time again.

Glad i stopped playing months ago

Wed Jun 22 2011 5:50PM Report
SgtFabulous writes:

Used to play a long time ago, though it's very boring and tiresom now in my opinion. Won't really be subbing ever again really.

Though I thought it was a good trailer, just didn't entice me to want to play ever again. Same ol same ol.

Wed Jun 22 2011 10:17PM Report
necrem writes:

hahahaha lol molten core 2 wow is low

Thu Jun 23 2011 10:42AM Report
Zinzan writes:

Love those who take the time to post hate comments and troll anything that bears the name "WoW".

Success always did provoke jealousy ;)

Thu Jun 23 2011 11:34AM Report
expresso writes:

Hardley MC 2.0, original MC was underground, firelands is a mainly outdoor raid in Hyjal.. the only thing from MC is Rag which is a new model and a new fight.

But hey it's WoW so why should people take the time to educate themselves before posting?

Thu Jun 23 2011 12:13PM Report
chopgr writes:

They fucked classes so hard i cant get myself to play anylonger. I havent touched the game since December, and im not going back. Waiting on ToR tbh :D (like any person with some common sense should!)

Fri Jun 24 2011 2:24AM Report
Treekodar writes:

@KillHurt Thrall speaks Common as well, so it's not a lore fail.

Fri Jun 24 2011 4:49AM Report
Holyfleadip writes:

I'm not sure what Blizzard is making with the project code named Titan, but I have my wishes.  I flushed WOW 3 or 4 years ago.  I won't go into it's many current failings.  Instead I'll say where Blizzard should go (besides to hell).

1) Give me back my vanilla WOW where I didn't lvl to max in a week and have enough gold to buy a fleet of mounts.  I really do miss the old original game.  I don't need the patches and etc... Just leave it alone and give it a server.  I'd sub to it.

2) Give us WOW but on a new modern engine. 

- Up the graphics to compete with a game like ArcheAge. 

- Allow all who want to transfer from old (messed up WOW) to new modern WOW - Biiz doesn't loose subs that way.

- Take is to space.  New story line.  20k years into the future.  They saved their planet.  Have guild owned space stations.  Guild owned planets where we can make our own quests for people to visit.  (do it the quests and we may make you a gulid memember). 

- Space age weapons powered by WOW style magic. 

- Entirely new enemies (maybe we'll fight Aliens and Predators, not that Bliz ever stole s##t from anybody.

- lots of things could be done with this.  I'm just tired of what WOW is.  if they do this I hope they leave it with a challenge.  Current WOW is for panzies.

Fri Jun 24 2011 10:55AM Report
AzelSpears writes:

Yeah this game is intolerable to play, but their trailers are great and pretty much keep you in the loop on its impressive lore.

Mon Jun 27 2011 1:47AM Report
Karnage69 writes:

I'm not a WoW hater, but I certainly do not play anymore - haven't played since Cata came out, but this... "trailer"... is just terribad. I'm sorry, but this is not the Blizzard quality stuff that we used to love. This is just sad when you compare it to like... Diablo 2 cutscenes.

Tue Jun 28 2011 2:37AM Report
Mellexx writes:

I miss the pre release to early wotlk days and the middle days of wotlk. This used to be so fun to hop on in the morning talk to the guild and go run a dungeon with them while they were all in the process of leveling up to 80 but taking their time. I don't know what happened, Cata was all flashy graphics to try and get people in but I found myself sitting in Org or SW just doing nothing once again the reason I had quit 3 other times before. I wish it wasn't so focused on get to 85 now or you're out of the guild, and then spend 350 hours running the same dungeon on heroic just to get your gear score up to do it all over again. I miss the good days, what a shame this game has become

Tue Jun 28 2011 11:46AM Report
expresso writes:

@Karnage69 - so you expect blizzard to spend upwards of $100,000 on a full cutscene quality trailer for a content patch? the trailer is made with in game assets and looks great.

Tue Jun 28 2011 12:43PM Report
TheHTXD writes:

Im not going to post hateful comments on how terrible WoW is im just going to say that i dont play it anymore because i used to when i was younger and it was so fun and addicting i couldnt stop,no social life or anything untill i quit.To me that is the market blizzard is aiming at these days,i would go back to it if it didnt have that high subscription price, i mean who wants to pay for a game like that when you can find a 100x better game like TERA or ArcheAge or some of the new games coming out soon.No matter how much i love the artstyle of wow and the graphics seeing all these new games coming out and other games that used to be subscription based like Champions Online re-releasing as free to play just puts more pressure on Blizzard and i dont expect it to drop dead in a month but its reassuring seeing it in decline.

Tue Jun 28 2011 9:09PM Report
Norden writes:


What will Blizzard do in 2 or 3 years to top this colorsaturation, its ghastly already and it has to be topped the next time.

Wed Jun 29 2011 2:46AM Report
dj525 writes:

LOL outdoor raid. Rift clone.

Thu Jun 30 2011 2:25PM Report
DGLopez73 writes:

at one point this game was fun  ....... and then it all weant to hell with cata , oh and 20 free to play lvl`s ummm ya Blizzard knows its lossing members i give this game 2 more years

Sun Jul 10 2011 5:00AM Report