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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

World of Warcraft Videos: World of Warcraft: The World Reborn (0:00)

Because of making the final achievement level at the promotional Darkmoon Faire site, Blizzard has released a flythrough covering most of Azeroth. It's a dandy!

Because of making the final achievement level at the promotional Darkmoon Faire site, Blizzard has released a flythrough covering most of Azeroth. It's a dandy!
Duration: 0:00
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Game: World of Warcraft
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drazzah writes:


Thu Dec 02 2010 2:40PM Report
MisterSr writes:

It's amazing how they turned WoW's awful graphics to their advantage to make it look like that. This actually looks great, and the shawdy graphics engine doesn't bother me cause the way they have styled the game it works. Also the monster models look LOADS better than in 2004, overall very impressed. 

Thu Dec 02 2010 2:46PM Report
Cyde writes:

sounds like they brought vangie gunn back for this song, smart move.

Thu Dec 02 2010 2:55PM Report
Cyde writes:

sounds like they brought vangie gunn back for this song, smart move.

Thu Dec 02 2010 2:55PM Report
Reklaw writes:

To me it looks excactly like it always did just some new architecture on the landscapes and building which for sure looks pretty good. And can definitly understand those enjoying WoW will sure enjoy these new parts to explore and discover.

Thu Dec 02 2010 2:59PM Report
vladakov writes:

3 months i have not played WoW,  but i mean comon, Deathwing has returned, Azeroth needs help including mine  ;O


/failed to resist

Thu Dec 02 2010 3:12PM Report
Korithian writes:

Have to admit the Gothic city looked pretty amazing. I'm not a massive fan of the cartoonish graphics but I think it works and I can see WoW keeping its crown as number 1 MMO if there is more of the same instore.

Thu Dec 02 2010 3:26PM Report
Darkholme writes:

You really have to get in there and play through the 1,000s of new quests to see the true depth and breadth of the changes that they made to old Azeroth. Once 4.0.3a dropped I've spent all my time just going through and doing just tthat. Every time you turn around you see something amazing, and the quality of the old world quests has gone up 100%, as has the quest flow and fun factor.

I am a huge cynic when it comes to this industry, but I have been amazed at just how much work has gone into the shattering of Azeroth... and the kicker is, the expansion zones, instances and all that content doesn't open up until next Tuesday. Now is the perfect time to come back and try out WoW again.

Thu Dec 02 2010 4:28PM Report
Valentina writes:


Thu Dec 02 2010 4:48PM Report
Xpertise writes:

The trailer is very nicely made, but it still fails to hide the fact that WoWs graphics are ageing really fast. Imho, WoW is jumping the shark with this one...

Thu Dec 02 2010 5:13PM Report
tachgb writes:

Looks fantastic, I don't play WOW, but Blizzard always gives us lush looking game worlds. The engine may be basic, but you can't fault the art direction here.

Thu Dec 02 2010 5:49PM Report
Thalarius writes:

Speaking of quests, you all should do the Forsaken aka undead quests.  From doing the quests I get the impression that the Banshee Queen is becoming like the Lich King and the new warchief is threatening to kick the undead out of the horde which may trigger a civil war with the Horde forces. Something which the Alliance would love to see.   Then again the Alliance may side with the Horde if they are showned that the banshee queen is acting like the lich king.  

Thu Dec 02 2010 6:44PM Report
Edli writes:

When it comes to art design, Blizzard owns. Have to agree with Thalarius. The best leveling zones belong to the undead areas for now. 

Thu Dec 02 2010 6:58PM Report
reguba writes:

Blizzard really goes all the way when they make things... Which is good! However, as much as I'm sure I would love to return to Warcraft, I just don't have that kind of time anymore...

Thu Dec 02 2010 7:31PM Report
machtor writes:


Thu Dec 02 2010 7:40PM Report
Luffy4life writes:

Failed to resist as well =) omg i got goose bumps from this..


Already decided to resub - Female Worgen Furry Warrior!

Thu Dec 02 2010 8:13PM Report
NetSage writes:

Show's why blizzard is number one.  They take an ok graphics engine and make it amazing with the style they put on it and making everything fit.  This allows them to get markets that don't have the best computers and still look great.  I love blizzard and can't wait to get to some of those zones.

Thu Dec 02 2010 9:16PM Report
dreamscaper writes:

I admit that hearing that new take on the old login theme, coupled with the new scenery, makes it very, very tempting to return...

Thu Dec 02 2010 10:05PM Report
atorh writes:

bye bye wow, more of the same thing, bored

Fri Dec 03 2010 12:21AM Report
atorh writes:

did u see gruul´s npc? no way ! bye bye

Fri Dec 03 2010 12:22AM Report
Beermangler writes:

I`m totally burned out for WoW but I'll resub just to check out the scenery first hand.

Fri Dec 03 2010 2:57AM Report
SouzetsuAeri writes:


It's a chained up Gronn. Gronns kill dragons so it would be appropiate for the Dragons to have one captured.

There is more than one Gronn in the World, just thought you should know.

Fri Dec 03 2010 3:08AM Report
Seifer25 writes:

I 've preordered collectors and im willing to give it another chance.

Cartoon art is their choise but i hope this time they have sharpen the textures to look more crystal clear.

Gameplay is awesome and maybe the best.What we want now is graphics improvement and hope cataclysm will serve that.

Fri Dec 03 2010 3:33AM Report
Kasho writes:

WoW the expansion is going to be awesome based on this

Fri Dec 03 2010 7:47AM Report
mirthfulsw writes:

I resubbed about a month ago in preparation for this expansion.  So far from what I've seen of the recent patched-in changes, Blizz has really gone over and above this time around.   Just walking in to good ole Brill was an OMG moment.. great great stuff.

Fri Dec 03 2010 7:56AM Report
TiiKii writes:

I'm hooked! It now Friday... AND - the wait is becoming unbearable! Lol!

Fri Dec 03 2010 8:25AM Report
bambook writes:

sickkk iam returning

Fri Dec 03 2010 11:07AM Report
MrPaulZeen writes:

The awsome environments and great art design displayed here really make me want to resub and roll a new character.  Then I remember that I'd still have to chug through the comparably boring and worn content that is Outland and Northrend.   Even worse, I fear that WoW's endgame would again revert to the same, ugly "grind for armor" form it has always had.  Somebody will have to let me know if level 85 plays any differently at all from level 80 or level 70 or level 60.

P.S. I realize that WoW's endgame has a lot less grind than most MMOs, but players still spend hours upon hours repeating the same dungeons or doing the same battlegrounds just to get that next piece of armor, which will be worthless in a matter of months anyways.  I don't want less grind or an easy grind; I want no grind.

Fri Dec 03 2010 11:51AM Report
jihashi writes:

Yet undeniable proof that Blizzard is stretching for content. Come on people. Havn't you figured out that that they only reason they're releasing this, is because they are losing more and more of their player base? All they're trying to do here is make the old world more interesting. Sorry Blizzard, but your failing as far as this try goes. It was bad enough that we were seeing gnomish death knights running around. That was rediculous enough. Now you want to allow EVERY class in the game become paladins? Oh god... stop the insanity already...

Fri Dec 03 2010 3:04PM Report
SouzetsuAeri writes:

@ jihashi

Lol I hate when people make stupid errors in an attempt to bash WoW. Just to make this clear, only 4 races can be Paladin, 2 per faction. Taurens get Paladin because of the lore. If you knew anything about Warcraft you would know this.


Go back to playing your inferior MMO.

Sat Dec 04 2010 3:02AM Report
Whitestep writes:

Nice :D but graphic could be better

Sun Dec 05 2010 2:37AM Report
aithieel writes:

Nice music.

Sun Dec 05 2010 6:39AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

they ripped off every mmo to day, and it continues with Moria rip off, Asheron call art rip offs, Aion city skate rips offs, and  Mortal online rip offs.


I'm so sick of Blizzard lack of anything new that they came up with on there own , it is just disguting people clamer to there every word and pretend the game is fresh and new. Disgusting.

Sun Dec 05 2010 11:25AM Report
shadow417 writes:

As usual they're going good and up again. What do you expect more from Blizzard, they got only bad ass games.

Still not returning (there will always be something new and or awesome to see in games)... Must resist.... Ugh.... As i was saying, yea not re.... Okay, okay, i am returning. xD

Sun Dec 05 2010 7:15PM Report
blueshadow writes:

Its just breathtakingly amazing what they have done to the game. And the phasing and storylines in the Goblin and Worgen starting areas are just incredible. Love, love, love, love it!

Wed Dec 08 2010 1:48PM Report