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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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World of Warcraft Videos: Cataclysm Expansion Debut Trailer! (4:40)

BlizzCon '09 brings us the announcement of the third expansion to World of Warcraft. The new expansion, entitled "Cataclysm", is blown apart in this explosive reveal trailer!

BlizzCon '09 brings us the announcement of the third expansion to World of Warcraft. The new expansion, entitled "Cataclysm", is blown apart in this explosive reveal trailer!
Duration: 4:40
Views: 15,566  81 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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jdream writes: this is epic Fri Aug 21 2009 4:46PM Report
NovaKayne writes: Interesting, should prove something fun for WoW fans. Will probably not do much for WoW haters tho. Fri Aug 21 2009 5:16PM Report
Jasonos writes: Holy Crap... its awesome... Fri Aug 21 2009 5:51PM Report
nate1980 writes: The video tried to be so dramatic and serious, but all I could do is lmao. It smacks of WAR, but I'm excited for the expansion none-the-less. Fri Aug 21 2009 6:21PM Report
Phobia writes: new grind er.. content /cheer Fri Aug 21 2009 6:22PM Report
Zandred writes: I don't like blizzard right now. Just when you think you escaped they pull you back in. Fri Aug 21 2009 6:27PM Report
Morgaren writes: so much for my search for a new game, sincea pparnetly this will be lol Fri Aug 21 2009 6:35PM Report
Tekaelon writes: IT seems to me this could be the last WoW expansion. Bringing everyone back to finish why they started all those years ago. I didn't think the trailer was that great, but I'm sure the game will be. Fri Aug 21 2009 6:46PM Report
harrimuidre writes: Just when i thought i was out... they pull you back in. Fri Aug 21 2009 6:54PM Report
Smokeysong writes: Just from this trailer alone - mixed; not ground-breaking. The most exciting part to me was the new player/race possibilities. From the previous rumors they aren't going to allow the combo I want, but the removal of the artificial race/class barriers is overall a very, very good thing. Thank you Blizzard Devs! Fri Aug 21 2009 7:15PM Report
Auron562 writes: Alot of new MMOs are comeing out this is blizzards quick awnser to the new MMOs like aion and FF14...blizzards threaten to them and will try to bring WoW players back into WoW...I played WoW since it went gold and was released no intension on going back unless Aion is a flop Fri Aug 21 2009 7:43PM Report
babac writes: omfg,my eyes are bleeding... Fri Aug 21 2009 7:51PM Report
rikilii writes: Meh. Not bad, but then again, nothing really new or truly interesting. I'm going to predict that this is where WoW jumps the shark. Fri Aug 21 2009 8:18PM Report
planetbob99 writes: Additional instances cannot be loaded at this time. Please try again later. Fri Aug 21 2009 9:07PM Report
WSIMike writes: Ummm... wow. Poor Azeroth... First the Sundering... now the Cataclysm. I think it's an improvement to The Barrens, though. Much more interesting looking. Very nice reflectivity they added to the water as well. Fri Aug 21 2009 9:24PM Report
kevingaily writes: somebody say flying mounts at 20 to get over the burning rivers of lava everywhere? :D I miss the old vanilla WOW before the expacs. Oh well, I did have 3+ years of fun and have since moved on. Fri Aug 21 2009 10:35PM Report
aristoculous writes: great changes to azeroth, including ability to fly in it. However, for me, no new class = no buy. Although gnome healer looks tempting in the trailer. Fri Aug 21 2009 11:11PM Report
marinrider writes: Hell yea, I think I saw a new water texture. Fri Aug 21 2009 11:48PM Report
falc0n writes: even I must admit, blizzard seems to know what their doing, hats off guys Fri Aug 21 2009 11:49PM Report
illyana writes: Dragons coming out of the woodwork! Dragon Age, GW2, now WoW Cataclysm... will Smaug be far behind? but after watching GW2's trailer though, this one is unimpressive, except for WoW fanbois Sat Aug 22 2009 12:09AM Report
Kebeck writes: Not impressed at all.... Sat Aug 22 2009 1:09AM Report
krum85 writes: but... but... i wanted to leave WoW and start playing Aion instead xD Sat Aug 22 2009 2:02AM Report
zaylin writes: I enjoyed wow the time i played (not a hater),but this seems at a quick attempt to lure get people back into wow. BC and wotlk felt like the same game just with differant skins,but thats me. Sat Aug 22 2009 3:40AM Report
brenth writes: I hope they put in some cooperative (public works)projects and interactable terrain and climbables ship fights would be cool too and things like slippery ice or water slides row boat fishing ,, sailing,, tunneling! they could do whole arcs on just building bridges and tunnels between areas not to mention the security problems the players would have to deal with wow is too static need to be able to shift some mob types and ownerships to make it feel like players make a difference not just a theme park ride! Sat Aug 22 2009 4:05AM Report
astrob0y writes: i giggled Sat Aug 22 2009 4:20AM Report
BreadPirate writes: Just when i thought i had fled from WoW and an upcoming catalysm is dragging me back -_- . But i think this news is a little too fast maybe blizz saw the potential damage some games can do to them. Sat Aug 22 2009 5:18AM Report
Tanaris writes: omg, f**king awesome! Sat Aug 22 2009 5:58AM Report
dracowolf123 writes: even tho this expansion looks friggin awesome, im still quitting wow for aion on september 1st. Sat Aug 22 2009 7:02AM Report
cag1980 writes: I'm not a WoW hater, but my god so much like the story for GuildWars 2, ancient evil rises (Dragons) and rips the land apart, bringing old enemies together and new races. I mean just watch the GW2 video on this site. Sat Aug 22 2009 9:07AM Report
firstage writes: I truly think that Blizzard have outdone themselves this time, that expansion sounds promising I’ve quitted wow around 3 months ago and the current patch didn’t really encourage me to come back. But if this expansion is really what it seems on the trailer I’ll go back for sure. : Sat Aug 22 2009 9:36AM Report
Elbowskrape writes: Flying in classic content? Poor PvP servers. Sat Aug 22 2009 11:00AM Report
SubL_Jedi writes: aww man this is gon be the awesome! i quit wow way before bc when the lvl cap was 60 but this is gonna definately make me come back. Cheers blizzard u know what to do! Sat Aug 22 2009 1:49PM Report
Jupsto writes: this does actually look like a good expansion. Sat Aug 22 2009 2:40PM Report
LedoDreadlow writes: I've heard from my WoW friends who are die-hard players that this may be another hoax Blizz concocted for April Fool's day. Anyone care to comment on their feelings about this? Could it be just another joke? Notes in the sidebar...oh wait, wrong website...lmao Sat Aug 22 2009 4:33PM Report
adaml writes: mmm... not sure what about most of you (numbers do count.. i guess you will like it) but i think it was just lame.. the trailer.. they recycling.. have fun people, this one sure wont bring me back Sat Aug 22 2009 7:55PM Report
Borkotron writes: This is epic. I'm coming back to play WoW simply for the classic mmo fun it represents and to be part of this massive change. Love or hate WoW, you gotta respect Blizzard for their level of commitment to the game. Sat Aug 22 2009 10:40PM Report
rodingo writes: meh Sat Aug 22 2009 10:56PM Report
RealmLords writes: I wonder if this will trash the vanilla WoW zones, or just turn them all into "phasing", with the new content happening only when you get to the appropriate level? Sun Aug 23 2009 1:10AM Report
SelfDestructPro writes: So this is what Blizz has been working on to fight the competition. I honestly have to say that I'm impressed. I who thought that I never wanted to hear another thing about WoW ever again. I might actually have to try this out. Sun Aug 23 2009 4:12AM Report
Wintersbite writes: This will appeal to those of us that have left over the past few years. I must says it's the smartest thing Blizzard could do with WoW to reignite the spice. I will be returning to WoW for this. Sun Aug 23 2009 6:22AM Report
Elismer writes: I don't play WoW, but that was pretty epic. Sun Aug 23 2009 7:14AM Report
Elamontel writes: Holy crap that do they not have a option to use highend graphics? Looks like they are useing EQ 1 graphics from late 1999. I'd prolly not hate them if they spent money on the people that play it. Sun Aug 23 2009 7:58AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I really don't see what people like about that game. Talk dramatic all you want, the game is still as much fun as getting out a box of old action figures and slapping them together for control and rulership of your living room. Sun Aug 23 2009 11:04AM Report
csthao writes: One thing they did right with the trailer is not making it a CG. Everything you see there is in game. I think thats why it is more appealing. CG's look nice but isnt in game and has a false perspective. WoW made it just right, but still wont drag me back in though. Sun Aug 23 2009 1:13PM Report
stefan_t_st writes: More dragons pls... Sun Aug 23 2009 3:31PM Report
Xyfire1 writes: @Zandred I know! Right?! I just quit Wotlk and was planning on playing Aion until GW2 comes out, no more monthly fees! But... Fuck man. How can I resist an improved vanilla WoW? Sun Aug 23 2009 7:01PM Report
Grunch writes: Gay Sun Aug 23 2009 11:09PM Report
Tridian writes: @wintersbite I was thinking the exact same thing Sun Aug 23 2009 11:14PM Report
polishbum writes: Bah, looks nice just like lich king did. Then got boring again. Its time for a new game for me. Still looks nice tho have fun guys!. Mon Aug 24 2009 12:25AM Report
zensaber writes: When I first heard about this, I was almost laughing. Not much of a Wow fan but I must admit that is a interesting trailer. Hope the wow fans will enjoy that. Wolf people? Nice. I like the idea of updating the original world. Mon Aug 24 2009 12:34AM Report
solareus writes: I never seena game company rip off more ideas from other mmos like they are doing now. People really need to wake up and understand that blizzard can't even come up with an original idea with in the mmo genre. I fined this video appalling and a complete disregard for other developers with in the industry. As well as some the concept art completely copying what Turbine has already developed, War Hammer, and DAoC. If there was ever a time to start filing for plagiarism, the time is almost at hand. Mon Aug 24 2009 3:29AM Report
Loukku writes: Im really waiting for this , it looks pretty damn nice . Mon Aug 24 2009 4:24AM Report
TheFighter writes: I'm not a WoW hater, I've tried playing the game many time before but could never get into it. This new expansion doesn't look anything special, its not changing the game mechanics in any way just adding a few pretty things here and there. If I start playing it again because of this expansion I'll get bored in a few months, once again. Mon Aug 24 2009 6:39AM Report
daniel!!! writes: wow, that looks terrible, dosnt have the same effect on me like the guild wars video Mon Aug 24 2009 7:10AM Report
Mythycal writes: can't wait! Mon Aug 24 2009 9:14AM Report
hellkiller writes: So what? New expan? And so? I play wow 4 years now...and believe me wow its more for children....i prefer to play more aion...than wow...when the ulduar came i was somehow from the first who take conquerors set...and after 3,4 months it says new expansion more xp ...ok come on crap it...bliz do that to make more money...i belive its time to wow to fall...much better mmo its comming.... Mon Aug 24 2009 12:54PM Report
neutrinoide writes: What a boring trailer Mon Aug 24 2009 1:12PM Report
BeatlesHeart writes: This concept seems great for getting back older players, but the only way i would return would be if they also added a new pvp server when they released it :D Makin a gnome priest just wont be the same with every 1 rushin to 85 from 80 :) Mon Aug 24 2009 2:50PM Report
Rexion writes: God damn! I just stopped reloading my account with 60-day cards to move on with life till GW2. But hot dayummm. I really want this. Although, my PvP server will suck completely. Flying mounts in Azeroth? WHUUTT? Mon Aug 24 2009 7:19PM Report
TheInferno17 writes: LOL Blizzard you fail and Aion will crush you, nice expansion and have fun playing with Werewolves alliance ROFL... Aion>WOW indefinitely Mon Aug 24 2009 10:28PM Report
MMO_REVIEWER writes: "rikilii writes: Meh. Not bad, but then again, nothing really new or truly interesting. I'm going to predict that this is where WoW jumps the shark. " agreed. It looks almost like they put a new coat of poly on the game and tore some things up. Adding new races is cool, but unless they add some depth to the races im not sure it will do much for the game. They finally updated their outdated water shaders and gave it some reflectivity. The water use to be the ugliest feature of WoW. Hopefully some of the new features they're adding will add some thing new to the game tha everyone can enjoy. Tue Aug 25 2009 2:41AM Report
daeandor writes: I'm having this Shadows of Luclin feeling in my gut... Tue Aug 25 2009 1:34PM Report
Unive writes: Its kind of amusing, I have nothing against WoW seeing as how I have played from release but the similarities between WoW and Americas 2 Party Political system makes me LoL. It just keeps forging other games ideas into its own. Few more levels to grind, Hours of dungeons to go through and fight over vent over.. More unbalanced battlegrouunds with unbalanced battlegroups. Who needs it. Not me. Tue Aug 25 2009 8:30PM Report
Sungwen writes: omg i love it :) Wed Aug 26 2009 3:07AM Report
Perjure writes: meh Wed Aug 26 2009 6:22PM Report
Quox writes: I haven't played WoW in 2 years, and If I'd hadn't heard of all that horrible nerfing blisard did. (Mount at 20? F*CK YOU BLIZZARD.) and wasn't head over heels in love with Aion (The CB was super fun, if you haven't played. So I'm way excited to see whats its like at release.) I'd genuinely consider this. Mainly for the the new races and class combos. (Ive always wanted to be a Troll Warlock, and OMG A WEREWOLF!) Wed Aug 26 2009 6:50PM Report
Seravee writes: dead dont live again, wow died when BC came out, not like this is going to revive the game Thu Aug 27 2009 1:41AM Report
Moregrim writes: Guess blizzard really is afraid of Aion. =] Sweet. Thu Aug 27 2009 2:44PM Report
gracefield writes: AoC was gonna kill WoW, WAR was gonna kill Wow, but still it's the one thriving. Now, Aion is gonna kill WoW - get a grip! Enjoy whatever game it is you wanna play and leave everyone else alone to enjoy theirs. This expansion will be more Blizzard magic, you'd think you guys would know this by now... Thu Aug 27 2009 5:18PM Report
Eisdrache writes: So...who copied the "bad dragon rising" idea? WoW or Guild Wars 2? Sat Aug 29 2009 9:51AM Report
jethar writes: meh, seems kinda uninspired. the cataclysm was a good idea but it'd b nice if they'd create some new lore instead of dragging up all the old baddies us lore whores read about dying in the books. not enough to get me to come back Sun Aug 30 2009 6:46PM Report
jus123 writes: its a nice exspansion but GW2 trailer is better Mon Aug 31 2009 5:31AM Report
Warlaorm writes: New player race/class combos = silly. Rules as to what you can and can't do make the pretend world seem more real. Think about it.........a Tauren Rogue. I hope Tauren Rogues tiptoe in stealth mode, and make that tingle tingle tink sound you hear in cartoons. To me WoW = McDonalds: Millions served but, really, I won't eat there. The first release was a great game. I am less impressed with each expansion though. Mon Aug 31 2009 2:24PM Report
reef22 writes: Like many other have said already, this is Blizzard's attempt to "counter attack" all other new generations of MMO that's coming out like Aion, GW2, FF14. I'm sure the hard-core Wow player would appreciate it but seriously, I think Blizzard should just drop Wow and make a new Wow 2 or something. Why don't they want to utilize the new technology to make the game? I don't care what you say, the graphics of the current Wow is still the same as the day it came out years ago. Why don't they make something more nicer looking? Mon Aug 31 2009 3:44PM Report
pndn3317 writes: Super Lame! Blizzard is grasping a straws to keep their members, yet this is just another reason to not play world of warcraft. Way to fail again Blizz Mon Aug 31 2009 5:48PM Report
Jowen writes: So fires and lava everywhere, hm... does get a bit repetitive after a while. How long is the world going to look like that? Or... maybe this is the official beginning to the end of Azeroth/WoW. Tue Sep 01 2009 4:00AM Report
Bellatorius writes: Omg, this is so typical! Just as i stopped playing WoW, a friend tol me about this. Now im gonna start playing again! they are breaking Azeroth :O its gonna be so freaking awesome! :D Tue Sep 01 2009 1:50PM Report
Micro_angel writes: yep, we are desperate for making MORE money and we dont know how.... -Blizzard- Fri Sep 04 2009 7:41PM Report
sylvia648 writes: Oh yay they're only adding in things that players have been talking about since the game came out and now decide to put them into the game and slap another $40.00 price tag on it and still charge you $14.99 a month with no free month even when you buy their expansions... this game is a time sink and a money pit (no reward for either might I add, because they change everything so rapidly and leave the player with nothing in a short amount of time). This game has been screwed since BC. Mon Sep 07 2009 5:00AM Report
Haralasti writes: Epic Mon Sep 21 2009 3:16PM Report