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Blizzard Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

World of Warcraft Videos: Ulduar Teaser Video (1:47)

Blizzard has released a new teaser video which provides a visual tour of Ulduar, an ancient construction of the Titans, and the newest raid dungeon for World of Warcraft.

Blizzard has released a new teaser video which provides a visual tour of Ulduar, an ancient construction of the Titans, and the newest raid dungeon for World of Warcraft.
Duration: 1:47
Views: 7,291  33 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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JeroKane writes: Wow! This is truly impressive. I am not playing WoW, but I am sure the fans are going to have a great time in this one and gaze their eyes out. Seems like Blizzard have outdone themselves on this one. Thu Feb 26 2009 2:28PM Report
ChronoLord writes: That looks tight as hell Thu Feb 26 2009 4:29PM Report
theanimedude writes: Much agreed. More player interaction has ALWAYS been needed in WoW raids/dungeouns. They're promising a lot with this one, so we can only hope for the best. Thu Feb 26 2009 9:42PM Report
jus123 writes: is the video broken Fri Feb 27 2009 5:26AM Report
DarkPony writes: Awesome music, tbh. Fri Feb 27 2009 2:33PM Report
John.A.Zoid writes: You wish'd that other developers would put this much effort into their instances instead of them being like with SWG where it's a reused bunker with npc's standing in it wearing slighty different clothes Fri Feb 27 2009 2:59PM Report
Elethon writes: Looks good. Fri Feb 27 2009 3:00PM Report
Nasa writes: Looks interesting but haven't they moved away from the original warcraft ?, this looks more Si-fi to me. Fri Feb 27 2009 4:00PM Report
Taroko writes: After seeing wondering if I should run with my guild or not, I ran all the current Raids but got bored they were so easy.. Fri Feb 27 2009 4:13PM Report
Teganx writes: oh yay. ANOTHER raid dungeon. Fri Feb 27 2009 4:19PM Report
Zaminia writes: Looks cool, just wish there was a way to see some of this content without having to spend 1/2 my life playing a game :( Fri Feb 27 2009 5:03PM Report
just1opinion writes: @Zaminia: Honestly, you really don't have to spend "half your life" playing the game any more to see the content. The xp gain has been increased a LOT, most raid dungeons can now be run with 10 people OR 25, so smaller groups of people can now see the content, and they're much easier than they used to be. Running some of the 25 mans and high level heroics is still somewhat of a challenge, but there's really no reason that the average player can't experience most all of the game any more. There are no more "Black Temple" instances really, that only 2% of the players get to see. Fri Feb 27 2009 6:06PM Report
triprunner writes: meh, just another raiding instance, more gear, beacuse without it youre nothing in this game... Sat Feb 28 2009 2:06AM Report
faxnadu writes: i agree with Zaminia and Triprunner totally. developers should develop a game wich is more based on how you play not how many with you play and how much time you spend. becasue some people have work and family to take care also with passion of playing any games not just mmos =) looks nice tho even tho i never gona see it myself. Sat Feb 28 2009 2:14AM Report
Rhoklaw writes: Think people forget, MMO industry is not only an entertainment market, it's also a business. So don't expect companies to make an MMO that can be conquered in a month and then your done, cause that defeats the purpose of an MMO. For those with families, maybe MMO's shouldn't be a part of your life. I for one am an Active Duty Army Medic myself, so it's not like casual players can't succeed in these games. Sat Feb 28 2009 2:22AM Report
arctarus writes: And most of the time its only in trailer that you get to see the beauty of it. When in actual instance, most of us will be so busy fighting, running like mad etc.... to truly behold the scene. And yes, QQ, dont think i will see it too... :( Sat Feb 28 2009 3:52AM Report
CryoCode writes: wow another crappy raid dungeon way to go blizztard. lol Sat Feb 28 2009 6:16AM Report
ronan32 writes: another raid instance big f'ing deal Sat Feb 28 2009 7:06AM Report
Antioche writes: Blizzard has the best environment artists in the industry, bar none. Sat Feb 28 2009 1:35PM Report
Gravarg writes: very good looking video. I like most of the raids in WoW. Some of them are the best ever, but I don't think WoW needs more raids. Sat Feb 28 2009 1:52PM Report
Thradar writes: *yawn* I mean, it looks cool...but the thought of wading through another raid with 23 childish a-holes makes me want to punch my monitor. Sat Feb 28 2009 2:00PM Report
Encarton writes: Wow that looks amazing. I want to know more about some of those rooms... Definitely will have to try and run this when it comes out. Sat Feb 28 2009 2:13PM Report
friidrick writes: SWEET! :) Sat Feb 28 2009 4:46PM Report
Aerensiniac writes: @molly, zamina and trip Maybe you should play counterstrike or GunZ instead of an mmo. I love people that dont have the time to play but never the less they join and then bish about it how they dont have time for it. Well grats, wtf did you join for then? Just for the bishing or was there something else aswell? Hell i never fully completed the old content even though i spent a half yer on it, but it never disturbed me. In fact it was lovely to know that i can still get better and can still plan ahead where to go, what to do, what to get. Noobs like your kind however break out in tears on the forums how they actually have to do something for their level or gear. Gtfo seriously, i wish your kind would make any sense beyond the whining that they want everything on spot and for free. Go and join guild wars. Sat Feb 28 2009 6:18PM Report
imershon writes: Another RAID?!?!? - JEZUZ! what about content for casual players and solo/co-ops and people that WORK for a living! FOR A CHANGE!!! Sat Feb 28 2009 11:44PM Report
dekkers writes: you ppl are retared or some thing? with the new expansion lvl takes no time, all new raid instance's have a easy mode and a Hard mode so normal ppl with lives ( as how you want to say it )can also experience the new content and ill trow a life lesson too if ya ain't got something good to say you better shut up ^^ Sun Mar 01 2009 1:32AM Report
araut writes: i've heard blizzard is trying hard to make WoW more interesting, in terms of better quest designs and better interaction among players. Perhaps they should put some focus in new players/ low level players as well, because usually, and more often than necessary, blizzard puts great a deal of the new features for those high level players, forgetting totally about new players that arrive every morning in their servers. A better solo game option would be nice too, imo, so you could rely more in your own skills and less in other players. Nothing wrong with raids and dungeons groups, but the game should have alternatives for those who like to play by themselves... One should be able to trade, talk, make friends, but also to keep sometime away from large cities, developing his skills, and looting better items for completing more difficult quests. Is nearly impossible to get a decent set of items without been in dungeons frequently, or without spending great deal of gold in Auction Houses. The game is improving, for sure. But i guess there are better ways to do so. Sun Mar 01 2009 2:34AM Report
Stellos writes: I quit WoW a while back, however I am very impressed with this teaser. It almost made me consider coming back to the culture of WoW, but I just don't have time for those day long raids anymore lol. Nice job on this teaser Blizzard! You have really revolutionized this genre. Sun Mar 01 2009 7:35PM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes: WoW... more jealous QQ haters... good job... good job... /golfclap... /pat... LOLOLOL another day... another group of worthless crowd... warcraft is art... for those of you who doesn't know what art truely is or can't appreciate it... /pity... LOLOLOL another day of worthless haters getting PWND by me... LOLOLOL Mon Mar 02 2009 11:23AM Report
DarkPony writes: I haven't played WOW in ages but damn .... that music is totally AWESOME! /hat off to the composer. Wed Mar 04 2009 2:55PM Report
gasaraki writes: Its F'ng WoW!!! The game is so easy now a 10 year old blind mentally handicapped kid with no hands could play it. Blizzard just needs to stop making raids and concentrate on low level content, THATS where the fun was when the game first came out, now its nothing more then a hack and slash power gamer fest where the character with the best gear wins everything. I miss the beta days where skill and knowledge was a major factor in playing this game not gear. Thu Mar 05 2009 1:48AM Report
warmaku writes: hey look more 1 day a week content for blizzard to rip off people with, 15$ to have something to do 2 days a week Thu Mar 05 2009 9:21PM Report
mmorpgsu writes: haha nice Wed May 06 2009 9:06AM Report