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Blizzard Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

World of Warcraft Videos: Wrath Of The Lich King Video (3:07)

Check out this video of the upcoming WOW expansion Wrath Of The Lich King showing off some areas and also the new Death Knight hero class.

Check out this video of the upcoming WOW expansion Wrath Of The Lich King showing off some areas and also the new Death Knight hero class.
Duration: 3:07
Views: 9,106  40 comments
Game: World of Warcraft
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cupertino writes: ah back to classic WoW and Azeroth, should of been the first expansion TBH. Mon Aug 06 2007 5:07PM Report
AmbassadorDvinn writes: i like everything besides the gay voice Mon Aug 06 2007 5:53PM Report
drobalin writes: it is cool world Mon Aug 06 2007 6:17PM Report
endzo writes: wow here i come back lol Mon Aug 06 2007 6:39PM Report
SWGforreva writes: big lawl, i hope i dont give in and buy this junk Mon Aug 06 2007 7:41PM Report
Conkerturd writes: Heh,looks like Warhammer Online.....go figure. Mon Aug 06 2007 8:28PM Report
elknubrac writes: Was this for real? It was sooo boring! Mon Aug 06 2007 9:25PM Report
vknid writes: Blizz is slacking on their movies! Where is the silver screen digital quality awesomeness they ALWAYS put out? They better not charge 40 bucks this time around! Tue Aug 07 2007 1:13AM Report
Flasheart writes: That's one crappy voiceover Tue Aug 07 2007 2:13AM Report
okor writes: Great preview, imo. I liked the voice over tbh. Can't wait to see the cinematic, should be awesome. :D Tue Aug 07 2007 3:06AM Report
Complication writes: best movie ever for the best expansion ever for the best game ever. EVER! Tue Aug 07 2007 4:12AM Report
Gadorian writes: nice video... but if they think that someone will come back to WoW only for another crapy expantion - they're wrong! Tue Aug 07 2007 5:13AM Report
Kharmed writes: Lame, I'm sure everyone will walk into the new place with tier 5. WoW Sucks! Tue Aug 07 2007 9:31AM Report
Schmiddy writes: i bet 1000 € that this addon will come out just before warhammer Tue Aug 07 2007 11:33AM Report
Archin writes: haha this does look like blizz are a little worried about the looming shadow of Warhammer! northrend... sounds abit like... nordland!! if you check some of the concept art, one of the NPC's look like a chaos marauder. Tue Aug 07 2007 2:44PM Report
Highguard writes: Very nice. I was almost this close to switching to warhammer when it releases next year. But the sounds of this expansion will hopefully make me remain with wow for some time more. I always wanted to play Death Knight class since will be my chance...Warlock in plate hehe Tue Aug 07 2007 3:01PM Report
danno1984 writes: Well this sure is a kick in the teeth to all the WAR = WoW clone jerks :)) Tue Aug 07 2007 4:31PM Report
jdude190 writes: Did anyone else notice his weapon is the "Sword of a Thousand Truths" From Southpark? or it is really similar, haven't seen that ep in a while. Tue Aug 07 2007 5:28PM Report
Gokki writes: yay, new expansion where u have to raid new instances 100000 times just to get a new set of tier whatsoever! and one new class prolly for both horde and alliance. i'm not impressed at all, played both wow and TBC, only difference was that there were some new pvpareas, new races, flying mounts and new areas. but u still had to raid like 1000 times to get the armorset u wanted Tue Aug 07 2007 6:50PM Report
Gokki writes: ohh, and btw, i bet my butt that the siege weapons will only work in the new area, like the flyingmounts only worked in outlands that btw are a totally copy of shadowlands from AO Tue Aug 07 2007 6:53PM Report
M1sf1t writes: WoW I can't believe people think that new dances, and grinding 10 more levels is actually content. What a shame. Oh and the video is pretty lame compared to their past CGI rendered intro videos for TBC and WoW. Wed Aug 08 2007 1:45AM Report
RipperLord writes: most impressive... Wed Aug 08 2007 1:52AM Report
jamescq writes: jdude190, i heard they are making the sword just because of that episode. just what i heard. and why is everyone so disipointed? new continent, lvl 80, new proff, new gear/monsters, and Blizz will prolly make another vid Wed Aug 08 2007 7:13AM Report
Complication writes: you people are spoiled brats. they are releasing a butt ton of new junk for this game. i dont even like wow but blizzard is making this expansion look a lot better then burning crusade was. yeah video was boring but it's wow what do u expect Wed Aug 08 2007 1:35PM Report
Masterfred writes: danno1984 dont be so stupid Warhammer has been here far more than WoW/blizzard so WoW is the one trying to clone warhammer. Wed Aug 08 2007 5:07PM Report
kakarotrage writes: 1. Isn't it funny that the paladin just ran away instead of resing her? 2.NEW MONEY FOR BLIZZARD ! NEW MONEY FOR BLIZZARD! NEW MONEYYY FOR BLIZZARD ! YES ! muhahaa Wed Aug 08 2007 9:20PM Report
XTinTioN writes: even not liking WoW, it seems that this expansion will bring new pretty cool stuff....the skills of the death night are simply awesome ^^ Thu Aug 09 2007 7:21AM Report
warror writes: The new world looks cool. But lvl 35 toons can't go there. I think they should just make a new Wow instead of them making expansions. Thu Aug 09 2007 11:48PM Report
Razputin50 writes: God i hope WoW doesnt become like fucking everquest...with like 50 expansions. Fri Aug 10 2007 7:22PM Report
saint4God writes: I'm a WoW player and fan, but I've got to say the only thing that has me excited about the expansion is now I can go after level 70 without fear of capping and getting tells like "cn u run me thru dm plz? ill pay u 1 gold?!?!?!". looks intersting. Wish they'd do an graphics upgrade. It was funny how the paladin ran instead of rezzing her. Voice-over is old as dirt "You are not prepared!". They need kermit to do it next time. Mon Aug 13 2007 2:44PM Report
saint4God writes: Not excited about the new class. Wish there was something else. Where's the new races? Ship to ship combat? Mon Aug 13 2007 2:47PM Report
catz writes: There doesn't seem to be much difference here I hope they add more than what they said the new classes look cool but they should have new races I still think they're releasing this to soon though. Wed Aug 15 2007 7:47AM Report
Neurolapze writes: Expansions are keep this game alive. AFter you do everything you can do,. then what? I hear another expansion coming on. I'm always down for extras. AT least this isn't FFXI. And as far as the graphics go.....get a new video card and adjust your resolution to the right setting on your monitor. Becuz I'm getting a crisp HD like picture when I play. But a better character customization as far as molding your character's anatomy would be nice. Tue Aug 21 2007 9:10PM Report
Jeehao writes: What a pain in the ass for new players. they need two expansions to get to level 80. And outlands will become 100% empty as the normal world did.. and outlands was realy boring to play since it was all the same everywhere, almost all instances = grunts and somethin else. Sun Sep 02 2007 4:30PM Report
Jeehao writes: Will they ever fix the instances in the original world so they will be played once again? like ''upper blackrock spire'' that isntance was a blast.. Real funny bosses. There was many instances i enjoyed but now they are all useless to play cause you cant get groups ;p I have stopped playin wow cause outlands was a boring endgame place. dnt think i will start again only cause this, sounds likte the siege combat thing is a warhammer/conan ripoff only cause they want to live forever.. Wow sucks until they make a graphic update so it dosnt look like cartoons Sun Sep 02 2007 4:35PM Report
felle1337 writes: WoW ain't good at all, seriously Outlands was just shit ---> lvl 70 is the shit and now they'll raise it again wtf? gtfo WOW, stop stealing our pennys Wed Sep 05 2007 8:39AM Report
123shaheer12 writes: wow sucks like shyt now.... they need to make it way better and stop stealng our pennies again. lol Tue Oct 02 2007 9:34PM Report
iz8086 writes: WOW Mon Mar 17 2008 3:19PM Report
DLopez writes: i have bean playing WoW since 04 and it`s still good but ya updating the old dugens like BRS,scholo,and Strath would be nice and to all the pep`s who are griefing about wow are the pep`s who could not get into a end gane guild Sat Jul 12 2008 2:39PM Report
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