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World of Warcraft Forum » General Discussion » What killed your WOW account?

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Hard Core Member

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11/26/12 3:13:12 AM#81
Lack of challenge and no socalising

Hard Core Member

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11/26/12 3:20:34 AM#82
Originally posted by RudyRaccoon


To my guess, since I haven't subcribed to WoW for a long time, it's probably been hacked again by now.

WoW should have been Warcraft 4, not an ass-ridden online playing Barriens Chat game with the worst account security ever...

Never ever got hacked on my main account in more then 6 years. Also never got hacked in any sub based game for that matter. I just follow strict rules.

When playing in public places or at friends, first thing to do when returning home is to immediately change password. I usually select pretty complex passwords with mixed capitalization, numbers, special characters, ..... My computer is always checked for viruses, I play on dedicated computer and do not allow to my kids not even to watch it :-), they have their own. You need "just check" something and your computer is switched off? Fine, then switch it on and check on your computer. :-)

But my trial account wow had password stolen but was really silly one. I can blame only myself. Never ever got hacked on my main account. Despite this deciced this year to implement authenticators (via Android phone) where available (Rift, Swtor, Wow, ...).

So if account was stolen ... I'm 99% positive is only player to blame.


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11/26/12 3:24:14 AM#83

Yeah, lets have another why I quit wow thread.

Guys, you stopped playing. Let it go.


Apprentice Member

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11/26/12 3:39:56 AM#84

Let's see...

Here's a list that made WoW less fun for me:

1.  battlegrounds that killed world pvp and significantly reduced the amount of server forum drama

2.  alterac valley map and content nerf

3.  flying mounts made random world pvp encounters worse

4.  world pvp lag

5.  exploration nerf

6.  vanilla raiding started great but turned into a full time "job" (raided 5 days a week.. sometimes 7 days if you add the practice runs)

7.  expansion raiding turned into a hellish grind for world first (thanks to all the theorycrafters and UI timers and that advanced dps meters that guilds can record for review)

8.  extremely repetitive raid encounters

9.  what the hell happened to the cut scenes? and those re-colored items!? hundreds of million$$$ and can't even hire someone to update graphics...


11.  FORCED TALENT SPEC <<<whatever you say about playing your own game all ends here.  There's always that one spec that rules all.


Novice Member

Joined: 6/19/06
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11/26/12 3:45:03 AM#85

The classes.

Mages and Damage-skilled Warriors have about the same amount of hp and damage, every class has exactly 2-3 buffs.

Why don't add some more survivabiity to heavy guys and some more damge to casters? If you're skilled a DD you can only DD, if you're a tank you can only tank and if you're a healer you can only heal.

It's sad cause WoW has a lot of polish, the most interesting zones and a really fluid gameplay. 


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11/26/12 3:48:05 AM#86
BC greens being better than vanilla raid gear

This isn't a signature, you just think it is.


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11/29/12 6:29:23 PM#87
I left when they introduced the "blinky" skills in your hotbar... All this casual bull****. What do they think we are? Brainless kids?


Novice Member

Joined: 12/24/05
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11/29/12 6:34:27 PM#88
Originally posted by docshady

What killed your wow account?


"There are at least two kinds of games.
One could be called finite, the other infinite.
A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse


Novice Member

Joined: 11/27/12
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11/29/12 8:50:41 PM#89

Loved WoW for what it was, had some pretty amazing gaming experiences playing it too.

But everytime I feel inclined to play again, and start a new character.. I remember that I just can't bear to level through the same content over and over again. There were also some days of pretty full on grinding, and after I collected my award and/or achievement I would sit back and think...why?


Apprentice Member

Joined: 12/07/05
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12/04/12 11:02:35 AM#90

Quit a month before WoTlk, was tired of the same BGS.


Then I went back a month ago and love it again.


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Joined: 8/23/11
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12/04/12 11:04:31 AM#91
Originally posted by docshady

This is obviously for those who no longer subscribe to World of Warcraft, such as myself.


What killed your wow account?  Real life?  Another MMO?


Once Cataclysm hit, I grew tired of the game.  rehashed mobs, recycled instances, a toxic community.  I personally felt I paid 40 bucks for a downgrade.  I dabbled with it for a while but totally lost interest in it when A friend introduced me to Company of Heroes.  It was shortly after I discovered how good that game is that I canceled WOW.


How about you?

For me it was a lack of interest in the direction that Blizzard was taking after TBC I subbed for about 3 months and by the net time I went back my account had been taken over by a hacker and since I really had no interest in the game anymore I went ahead and let them keep it.


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12/04/12 11:10:00 AM#92

Burning Crusade.

I had the best time of any in an MMO in vanilla, but the need to level again and the regular trashing of hard won purples for green drops and quest rewards in Hellfire Peninsula just killed my enthusiasm.

Fortunately I went to EQ2 and had a great time.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 8/01/12
Posts: 3

12/04/12 11:30:24 AM#93

Panda... It was a nice april fool prank... but  the whole mist of pandaria killed it for me. Oversimplied talents choice, no more "Epic" boss.

I liked the the folks in my guild (been raiding togetter for years).

I've been switch MMO since...

SWTOR>TSW>GW2>RIFT    Loved them all, but played alone most of the time.

Now waiting for Wildstar (which look very promising to me), and TESO...


I still can't figure out why ALL my friends are still playing WOW...


Spotlight Poster

Joined: 2/05/11
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12/04/12 11:52:31 AM#94
Originally posted by Zeppelin4
WOTLK... Dungeon Finder, AOE Dungeon runs, Phasing, Nerfs to outdoor 1-60 leveling content, Account gear. It has been all down hill from there.


This. AOE dungeon runs and destroying every last shred of open world solo challenge, finally did it for me.
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