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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/23/04)  | Pub:Blizzard Entertainment
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World of Warcraft Forum » General Discussion » Is WoW really worth playing?

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Joined: 1/06/13
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1/06/13 1:55:15 PM#41

i enjoyed WoW when i used to play but school comes first for me


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1/08/13 6:54:49 AM#42

I think WoW is very playable.

Levelling is not very challenging, no, but it is a lot of fun, especially in Pandaria and I value fun way more than challenge. Mostly because you can create challenge for yourself. Like I duo instances nowadays, with a tank and an healer of same level, no over-levelled items.

It is doable and much more challenging than running it with five. Also you do not have to bear up the jerk-filled cesspool that is the random dungeon finder. Of course if you got more friends, by all means, instancing with friends is still a lot of fun.

I think MoP is the best expansion WoW ever had. The continent is gorgeous, the pandarens are really interesting race and there is tons and tons of lore and things to do here, more than ever before. Ranging from archaeology being improved and giving you the occasional artefact you can turn in with the lorewalkers, to tons of Rare mobs which spawn frequently enough to be seen by most (Ive killed some 6-7 of them and I am just in the third area)), from random treasures you find around... from lore items you find around that fill in the blanks.. to a smattering of unique voicing which give character to... well.. the characters. Prince Anduin and the alliance people are nice, but the show is easily stolen by Chen Stormstout and Li Li.

The dungeons are nicely done and I appreciate the touch that you get to explore them in the world BEFORE doing the instance if you like. They all have a very strong theme.

The addition of new ways to play at end (scenarios, unlimited dailies, challenge dungeons) is a nice extra I cannot judge yet (but I expect to like scenarios and the dailies at first, then get bored of them). Pet battles are quite involved with hundreds of different pets and abilities which you can completely ignore if you like.. and yes, it is not perfect and there are some issues there.

Mostly though.... it looks like Blizzard care again. The game has been out merely 3 months and we already had a chunky 5.1 patch, introducing new storylines and a world pvp area/events. 5.2 is almost on the PTC already and will add a Quel'Danas/Molten Front daily area that promise to keep the best parts of both those areas... which historically have always been well received and a new raid. So looks like Blizzard is speeding up their content patches and let me tell you, after the glacial pace of Cataclysm, it is an extremely welcome initiative.

The Talent system is what it is. Most forget that Blizzard also revamped completely the class system while changing the talents, so now each spec is quite different from the others. As someone mentioned, not all Warlocks have shadow bolt for example which used to be a staple of the class, instead it should really be considered there are 10 archetypes in the game and each archetype has 3 different classes related to them but different. The addition of Damage/healing (the act of healing while inflicting damage) and the Monk also improve the variety of concepts present in the game, but yes, The new talent system is quite forgettable as are the new Glyph system. Expect to do most of your customiziation at level 10 when you choose your spec.

All in all, this is the best expansion yet for veteran WoW players, but does not really change any of the existing game mechanics, it just make them shine brighter than ever.


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1/16/13 10:28:27 AM#43

Me - Started playing 2004 - 2008 - I'de say no, The feeling of playing a game that has been stripped down to the bone is all i can say.

You - Started playing 2010 -- Yes - Because your still new and you should enjoy it.


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1/16/13 11:09:47 AM#44

It's worth trying as long as you have an open mind and aren't opposed to theme park games and quest hubs.


I'm playing it now and really like the LFR addition.  I think they went way overboard on dailies though.  Dailies aren't content they are grinds.



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1/16/13 11:22:45 AM#45
Originally posted by Renton81

I started playing World of Warcraft in early 2010, playing as a Rogue until level 80. In 2011, I then bought Cataclysm, yet I started to lose interest because the game gradually became more boring and repetitive. So I quit in March this year.

personally Cata turned me off and i havent been back yet

i used to re-visit WOW a few times a year


ive heard MOP is good expansion - I advise resubbing for a month to see yourself


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1/19/13 5:10:26 AM#46
Worth subbing for a month to enjoy the levelling xp. Once you hit max level though it's a bit of a mess, LFR and instances are so under tuned it's comical, run through room, aoe room.. Other issue is gear, blizzard are still clinging to an outdated model where you have to spend whole nights in scheduled raids to get gear to bring you on a level playing field. Example: 2 players with equal skill, player 1 plays 20 hours a week doing everything, player 2 spends 2 nights raiding. Player 1 will allways be 1-1 1/2 tiers behind and is destroyed in a 1 to 1 basis.

Recommend trying Rift after you have tried wow, much better than wow now in nearly all areas (animation sucks lol)

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1/19/13 7:02:26 AM#47
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