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World of Warcraft Forum » General Discussion » In Vanilla, how long did it take you to reach max level?

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12/06/12 3:16:51 AM#21

Honestly, I don't recall.  I remember watching one of our servers first 60 paladins in our guild fighting like 40 horde near TM, all of them beating on him and him just wrecking them.

Wish I could check!  Prolly was a few months.


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12/06/12 3:17:19 AM#22
Originally posted by TheHavok

Jan.1st 2006 started a troll rogue.

March 19th 2006 hit level 60, my first 60.

78 days.  I don't know how much actual gametime I spent.

Leveling was much more difficult back then, especially for brand new players who didn't use any addons.  I did have the luxury of being in a guild with a lot of veteran players who were eager to help me every step of the way.

Almost exactly the same for me.


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12/06/12 3:18:12 AM#23

My 1st character was a Druid (damn my guild for not going Horde because I wanted to play a Shaman) and it took me approximately 3 months of fairly hardcore time (10+ hours a day) to get to level 50.  Of course I never used forms to level, I do not ever remember killing one Mob in cat or Bear form, my means of killing was openeing up with a Starfire, then weaving in Moonfires between Hammer swings LOL.  I was pretty terribad.


My 2nd toon was a Shaman, made when my Guild quit and went back to DAoC and I rerolled to Argent Dawn server and got my Shaman to level 50 in about a month and a half with about 10 hours per day play.


My Third Character was a Warrior that took me about 3 weeks because I twinked the hell out of him.


My fourth and final "main" was my Death Knight and I was 4th DK to ding 80 on the server, I even beat most of guild who started the expansion from level 70.

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12/06/12 3:18:18 AM#24
I was kinda noobish when I first started playing WoW. Before I played WoW I played Runescape for 1 1/2 years, most my time leveling in WoW was grinding mobs over and over. I really didn't pay attention to quests hubs all that much, felt like it was easier just grinding mobs. It took me roughly 3 months to level with school and a part time job though.

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12/06/12 3:27:06 AM#25

almost 2 months and it was awesome when I finally got to the higher lvl zones so I could do few of the higher lvl dungeons like in desolace or burning steppes. Why it took me so long to level up is mostly because I wasn't doing much of the low level dungeons and I was mostly just exploring the world while doing some quests in random zones. I'm also the type of person which has to do every quest, even if it were on the other continent, and since there was no FP in game yet and I had no mount you can imagine why it took me so long to lvl up :D

I really liked the sence of the accomplishment when I finally hit lvl 60 and got my first PVP armor and my first T1/T2 gear later on. It was really a feeling I never had experienced afterwards in WOW and I think it's that's a shame.

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12/06/12 3:36:52 AM#26

It takes about 5 to 10 played days or more depending on some factors.

5 days its a guy who leveled many toons already and knows where and when to go and what to do...and still he must be doing it really fast with the objective of fast leveling.


Im playing in a blizz like vanilla server, im almost level 40 in a priest..and i got  more then 4 days played.


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12/06/12 4:00:32 AM#27
16 days played for my first character, a Ret Pally that I mostly leveled to 60 by grouping with my son who was a fire mage. That compares with my 6th and final character, a Warrior which I soloed to 85 (?) in about 6 days played right after Cataclysms launch.

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12/06/12 4:04:25 AM#28

40 days of played time as a druid,which was then one of the lowest dps classes.It was lot of fun because the world was new ,most players were nice and able to have a conversation unlike today when no one ever talks even in parties (not only in wow but also in fresh launched mmorpgs) and there was plenty of world pvp even on a pve server,horde was attacking auberdine and astranaar then they moved to southshore.I didn't bother with raids ,just did the mc quests a few times - fist time for fun to solo it then to help a few friends (rogues and druids).Even instances were more fun then ,you could have lot of fun going on stealth runs solo or with other druids and rogues and there was plenty to explore in them not like today dungeons which are both short and boring.
The way the game was then let players much more freedom what to do ,not only when leveling but also while going into an instance .You had to talk with other players and doing that you meet lot of people,mages were needed for food/water and portals,rogues to open boxes,warlocks to summon you to a dungeon.In the new games food or water is not needed anymore and you open chests with keys bought from the cash shop.


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12/06/12 4:51:47 AM#29
I'm not playing very hard but I got a Druid to level 25 and a Warlock to level 16. Been playing about four weeks.  I'm also doing a lot of harvesting, and Dungeons are much harder in Vanilla . I've been in several groups around level 25 and were having a hard time with Shadowfang Keep.  People are trying to rush it like retail, and you just can't play Vanilla that way.

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12/06/12 4:56:14 AM#30

Mine was about 7 days /played.

I came to WoW after playing SWG, The Matrix Online, Dark Age of Camelot and a little bit of Lineage. After those I thought that the levelling in WoW was easy peasy, it was mostly quests, there was very little grinding compared to other games and there were also a decent amount of dungeons to do too.

I always laugh when people talk about how "hard" levelling to 60 was, the hardest bit for me was running out of quests at 58 and having to grind the last 2 levels after having simple quests fill up the rest of the process.


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12/06/12 5:22:32 AM#31
5 days of straight staying up all night

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12/06/12 5:45:52 AM#32

Took me about 20 days /played to reach 60 the first time. During that time i had no real concept of "rusing o max level" or "i must raid asap" or "min-maxing performance and gear for optimal gain". I didn't care if i didn't level up for a whole weekend, it wasn't important. Only the journey and the current moment was. I was probably wearing Intellect and Spirit on my Rogue.

Glorious times. It's hard to go back.


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12/06/12 7:57:55 AM#33
It took me 2-3 months to go from 1-60 on my druid. WoW was so much fun back then. I can honestly say that I miss those days.

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12/06/12 8:04:21 AM#34
About 2 months, Vanilla was the only version of WoW I played (quit right when first expansion launched and never went back). The game was pretty fun, what it became today is an abomination.

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12/06/12 8:17:53 AM#35

I was up to 12 days /played at lvl 42 on my frost mage when I stopped playing for the first time, right around when battlegrounds came out.  It was some of the best fun I'd ever had, but got boring once my friends all were off raiding and didn't have time to hang out and have fun.


Obviously, levelling as a frost mage was not the most efficient method, and a mage for the first character was difficult, and it sucks that I never got to 60 until I started playing again a few months before TBC.


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12/06/12 8:21:55 AM#36
old skool WoW was around 3 months average player.


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12/06/12 8:34:23 AM#37
Originally posted by timtrack

Took me about 20 days /played to reach 60 the first time. During that time i had no real concept of "rusing o max level" or "i must raid asap" or "min-maxing performance and gear for optimal gain". I didn't care if i didn't level up for a whole weekend, it wasn't important. Only the journey and the current moment was. I was probably wearing Intellect and Spirit on my Rogue.

Glorious times. It's hard to go back.

Totally agree.

Took me 19 days played on my warrior.


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12/07/12 1:37:44 AM#38
Originally posted by Zorgo

Just gathering some info to test a hypothosis of mine.

How long did it take you to level your first toon in Vanilla?

and as a follow-up;

How long after that did it take to prepare before being raid ready? (i.e. how long did it take you to gear up; complete necessary quests, etc.)

First is always most dificult as one is learning the game. My first alt was warrior. I listened at that time silly argument that one player can level max 2 alts at same time, impossible more. Total BS. Will have in weeks again 11 top level alts and probably will go later to work at least on some of my horde alts. As altholic I find a lot of you in pve and leveling, comparing what every class can do with same quests.

As for my first alt warrior, leveled him up to 40. At that time could not even remotely reach gold necessary for mount. So started warlock as I have read he have "free" mount. Then started with next alt, ... next ... next.... :-)

Nowadays leveling is absolutely to fast in basic game and first expansions. Guess purposely to attract players to buy faster all expansions and then start to play end game.


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12/07/12 2:02:52 AM#39

You're really stretching my memory but I believe that it took me (and most of my friends) somewhere in the low teens of days /played, i.e. maybe 13-14 days /played.

As for raid readiness, that was a non-issue. The barrier to raid readiness was accumulating enough guild members to assemble a 40-man raid, not waiting for those guild members to be individually "ready".


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12/07/12 2:16:11 AM#40

Maybe a month and a half. If I was focused on getting to 60, it may have been faster


It wasn't hard to level. Remember all the Warlocks roaming around on their mounts during beta weekends?

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