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World of Warcraft Forum » General Discussion » What killed your WOW account?

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11/21/12 6:35:21 PM#41
when they made kungfu panda.

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The only luck I had today was to have you as my opponent.

11/21/12 6:37:47 PM#42

while english is my third langauge, that missing 'w' was a keyboard failure on that part. I won't try to excuse it as a language problem. :)


/pounds chest. "I am not afraid to be wrong. Rawr"


edit: keyboard's old. it doesn't always do what I want it to do. especially in the WASD area...:)


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11/21/12 6:40:21 PM#43
5 new level`s for $40 seems like a ripoff to me

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11/21/12 6:41:19 PM#44
I felt Blizzard and it's developers had lost touch with what I enjoyed about the game. I also felt with the amount of money coming in they should have been providing conent on a much better release schedule than they were and had grown lazy overall.
  User Deleted
11/21/12 6:42:00 PM#45
When my account was inactive, I was just a regular guy. Once I re-activated  I'm doing Quantam Physics. Go figure...

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11/21/12 6:46:11 PM#46
Something much more rewarding: motorsports.

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11/21/12 6:50:00 PM#47

I play currently, but have left the game for long periods of time. Each time it's either because End Game became boring, or (most recently) because they changed my class in a siginificant way to negatively affect the way I played with my friends. We had a decent 3's team, nowhere near top ranking but we had fun and we stuck around 1500-1600. Then Blizz changed each of our classes in a massive balancing sweep, and despite 3 weeks of trying to adjust we just couldn't seem to maintain an even win/loss ratio.

I'll likely leave again when they completely rework the classes for 'balance'. But for now the new content has been a blast.

  User Deleted
11/21/12 9:11:00 PM#48



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11/21/12 9:18:59 PM#49
WOTLK... Dungeon Finder, AOE Dungeon runs, Phasing, Nerfs to outdoor 1-60 leveling content, Account gear. It has been all down hill from there.

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11/21/12 9:21:25 PM#50
Originally posted by bingbongbros

What killed your WOW account?


Hackers, at least according to my email every other week.


But before that I left WoW a couple of months before Cataclysm because I was tired of the whole gear grind. Got sick of doing the same thing every day just to maybe get that one piece of gear I wanted(or needed according to all the elitists out there). 




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Remember Rabbids cant play MMO's, but they can dance!

11/21/12 9:21:56 PM#51
Burning Crusade. I miss vanilla WOW.

All my opinions are just that..opinions. If you like my opinions..coolness.If you dont like my opinion....I really dont care.
Playing: SWTOR, Marvel Heroes and WOT.


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11/21/12 9:24:19 PM#52
The main reason why i quit was the introduction of the group made exploration and the whoal fun of getting sumwhere meaningless...that and Flying mounts...not to mention the whoal do thing over n over n over n over....WoW was the best and was only good when it was vanilla....

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11/21/12 9:28:28 PM#53

I just stopped having fun. I did what the game offered extensively, and with all the new expansions, they never offered anything new to do.  I had fun while it lasted, but to be honest, all these themepark games are the same to me. You level, you dungeon grind,then  you raid with the tacked on addition of battlegrounds. The combat is mostly the same, most of the skills are copied and pasted from one another. It's just bleh. It has nothing to do with dungeon finder, or gear treadmills, or the community.  I quit wow for the same reason i stopped wasting my time on all themepark games...I just can't have fun in them anymore.


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11/21/12 9:30:30 PM#54

I already walk two treadmills, one at the gym the other is called my job.  WoW is just another treadmill.



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11/21/12 9:37:34 PM#55

I've played all of it except MOP.

However, the pointlessness of the gear-based progression became really apparent in WotLK and Cata and I only played both those expansions for about 2 months each. The gameplay in of itself was not enjoyable enough for me.

Now I only play games which I find inherently fun. Currently TF2, GW2 and Zoo Tycoon 2 (Background game while watching TV ha).


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I am more than some of my parts

11/21/12 9:41:27 PM#56
I never played WoW but I had 3 friends who all quit over MoP (or so they say). The funniest part of it was one of them had paid for a years subscription to get Diablo III and ended up quitting some time in June, and he still has a month or more to go of subscription so he can play a B2P game.

All of my posts are either intelligent, thought provoking, funny, satirical, sarcastic or intentionally disrespectful. Take your pick.

I get banned in the forums for games I love, so lets see if I do better in the forums for games I hate.

I enjoy the serenity of not caring what your opinion is.


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11/21/12 9:57:12 PM#57

I'm really confused, I see alot of people say TBC killed the game for them.. wtf are you people smoking? If TBC killed it for you then your first month of vanilla should have been the stopping point.

Either way, I alternated WoW and Lineage 2 since the start of both games. I spent my most time in TBC, I completely stopped with playing when ToC was released in Wrath. came back for arthas then quit again. I did some arena's in Cata and completely ignored raiding.. played maybe 1-2 months of that whole expansion.

I've so far been playing from start of MoP to now and alot. The daily grind started to burn me out but then i got into RBG's and tbh they're alot of fun.

So my WoW account keeps getting ressurected..

  User Deleted
11/21/12 9:58:03 PM#58

Well, in Cata:

First my friends slowly left.

Then I stopped caring about raids.

I stopped caring about boring dailies.

I stopped caring about PVP.

I left.

Then I came back 8 months later, to check out LFR. I made a dungeon crawling solo Paladin up to level 60.

I deleted the alt and left permanently afterwards.

  User Deleted
11/22/12 1:43:33 PM#59

Originally posted by Enigmatus
Well, in Cata:

First my friends slowly left.

Then I stopped caring about raids.

I stopped caring about boring dailies.

I stopped caring about PVP.

I left.

Then I came back 8 months later, to check out LFR. I made a dungeon crawling solo Paladin up to level 60.

I deleted the alt and left permanently afterwards.

It's basically already at the late-WOTLK or Cata stage.


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11/22/12 1:55:34 PM#60
Played during WOTLK for a couple months. I saw enough.

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