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Sony Online Entertainment
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 01/30/07)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Videos: Vanguard Combat Movie (1:05)

Check out this gameplay footage showing off combat in VSOH.

Check out this gameplay footage showing off combat in VSOH.
Duration: 1:05
Views: 18,578  42 comments
Game: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
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JonathJCen writes: I have to say this is the WORST video editing I've ever seen. Not only does it not flow and have horrible camera angles, but it insults the combat system. The combat in game is FAR better than this video shows. If they wanted to truely make a combat video they would have included a few people from each type of class catagory (defensive fighters, offensive, caster, healer, etc) to give you a better understanding. While this game does not have anything on Conan's combat system to come, it is still quite nice for the various gameplay styles it presents to the comunity, both between the classes and within some of the classes themselves with various stances. Thu Mar 22 2007 1:56PM Report
w175jab writes: I would agree that the video does take the worst points of the combat system and displays them for the public. However, this video is unfortunately what the combat system looks like currently. What is the deal with the crappy robes they are giving us?! They lack detail, vareity, and are simply fugly! It looks like SOE simply took the robes from EQII, which equally sucked in quality, and copied them into V:SOH. Come on SOE... I'm suprised they even released this video for public consumption... Maybe they figure if they can show you the worst of the combat system you will appreciate the best of it?! Thu Mar 22 2007 3:00PM Report
wyzwun writes: I just loled at that video. By far, vanguard has the worst combat engine i have ever seen in distant memory... why on earth would you "try" and show case this? Oh wow, i can kick someone, standing 10 feet away from them... what is with this, how am i hitting the mob!!! Thu Mar 22 2007 4:44PM Report
checkthis500 writes: Ouch. At first I thought that wyzwun was a bit harsh, but I have to say (aside from the hitting people far away, which is in almost every MMO) that was horrible. It was slow, not very active, didn't even look fun to play, much less watch. Thu Mar 22 2007 6:44PM Report
bouncingsoul writes: the amount of idiots on this site amazes me. people will point out the most moronic and minuscule things about a game and judge it from there. The combat ain't that bad, folks. It's actually pretty enjoyable. Video wasn't that horrible either. WTF do you expect? Thu Mar 22 2007 11:07PM Report
Cutedge writes: Where's the huge damage numbers? In game they nearly cover the mobs with their large size. They don't want to show that? Thu Mar 22 2007 11:52PM Report
Lukain writes: Heavely edited & still thats the best they could show :) Ow my my Fri Mar 23 2007 1:34AM Report
freako969 writes: lol, even in warcraft they manage to make the combat look exciting...this looks like a bargin basement job. i've had more exciting combat doing the starting quest of a new char. lol Fri Mar 23 2007 3:36AM Report
Tallyn writes: Wow. I play VG religiously and I have to say that that is the worst gameplay video I have EVER seen. A pretty dumb idea to show a half group of level 10s tackling boring creatures and using the pre-patched weapons and animations. The VG I know is MUCH more intense than that. Much more flashy and a hell of a lot more fluid. Is SOE REALLY trying to destroy this game? *sighs* Fri Mar 23 2007 4:34AM Report
daarco writes: I demand a good playermade Vanguard combat! I know it can be done better. Not me! I dont play it. Fri Mar 23 2007 4:37AM Report
Strydox writes: That video was horrible and I would have to blame the game play for that. I played vanguard when it was released and the combat was kinda dull and slow. Reason I don't play it anymore is because there isn't enough content or entertainment in the game to make me even want and try to level at the rate you do (Which is very slow.) Fri Mar 23 2007 11:31AM Report
gatheris writes: thought the magic effects were embarrassingly lame hand as far as kicking from 10 feet away at least in EQII the reaction from the kickee is quite realistic Fri Mar 23 2007 9:44PM Report
virtualex writes: WTF?! Sat Mar 24 2007 6:39AM Report
Arskaaa writes: Looks...horrible. Oh well, good i dint buy the game:) Better wait Trial. Sat Mar 24 2007 10:15AM Report
jke2 writes: i cant see anything Sat Mar 24 2007 11:12AM Report
Salvatoris writes: I love how, even in the face of video evidence, the vanboys will say that isn't what the game looks like. Those crappy animations and spell effects are exactly what I remember seeing. I guess it's possible that every reviewer is lying, and that even the dev-made advertising videos are innacurate... but I am going to go ahead and believe my own eyes on this one. ;) Sat Mar 24 2007 11:40AM Report
Windscarz writes: lol..."set yourself free" from this crappy games... this game look horrible Sat Mar 24 2007 1:41PM Report
junkmerchant writes: First off SoE doesn't make this game Sigil does. So please stop saying its SoE's fault. Second if they did make this game the combat would be very realistic looking like in EQ2. I have played this game and it looks like what I saw. The combat is jerky and stiff as well as the spell effects or second class to most games out there. Sat Mar 24 2007 10:36PM Report
Diavir writes: Good lord, That was terrible, would they really want to show this to the public? I mean not to mention you probably shouldnt show a group trying to take down something that looks like a rat in armor, or the fact that the fighting was terribly slow. Sigh, just gave me another reason not to play this title Sun Mar 25 2007 1:58AM Report
wyzwun writes: "Ouch. At first I thought that wyzwun was a bit harsh, but I have to say (aside from the hitting people far away, which is in almost every MMO) that was horrible. " um no, its not in EVERY mmo, its not in FFXI, its not in LotrO, its not in L... WTF this is not suppose to be like this, what kind of trash games are we playing here? Sun Mar 25 2007 2:06AM Report
wyzwun writes: "the amount of idiots on this site amazes me. people will point out the most moronic and minuscule things about a game and judge it from there. The combat ain't that bad, folks. It's actually pretty enjoyable. Video wasn't that horrible either. WTF do you expect? " Well how about a real game? i mean, you drank all the cool aid... you must be insane. its people like you, that allow people like sigil to release this trash and still turn coin. until people like this GTFO, crappy games like this will continue to exist. Another turd for the station pass! Sun Mar 25 2007 2:08AM Report
Herak writes: lol that is horrible. Looks like if it was made with Windows Movie Maker Sun Mar 25 2007 3:23AM Report
digibluez writes: an other SOE FLOP i say. SOE will go down if they keep up like that. Sun Mar 25 2007 4:31AM Report
sairusco writes: The combat animations & spell effects are as I remember them while I was trying VsoH out when it was released. It looks like the spell effects are a bit better now, but that could be my imagination (they still aren't 2007 imo, but thats a matter of opinions) I think this video is a fair reflection of what vsoh combat looks like. Sun Mar 25 2007 5:40AM Report
ValiumSummer writes: Wyzwun (aka bouncingsoul). If you are going to post comments with an alt and reference your own comments you might want to make sure you actually switch accounts first. Sun Mar 25 2007 10:00AM Report
wyzwun writes: um no ValiumSummer, This is my account, i have no alts... FAIL MUCH ? Sun Mar 25 2007 10:13AM Report
Midaveg writes: I personally love the combat of CoX.. its fast and interactive. In Vanguard and i have tried on my self too, its too static and boring. Mon Mar 26 2007 6:18AM Report
chewdog82 writes: This action shows how LITTLE action this game does have, and ppl that are watching and know nothing about this game, to achieve the graphics lvl and fluency of what this movie depics, you would have to have a SGI system with a watercooled ZANGDOODLE!, The req are so high u need a SUPER highend computer to run it seriously. And the spell effects are stuff I make in 3dsmax and I have only been using the program for 3 months lol Mon Mar 26 2007 8:04AM Report
Yukkione writes: Chewdog82 is wrong. The graphics in the video look just like what I see in game and I have an AMD 64 3000. Mon Mar 26 2007 9:44AM Report
lordsunshine writes: The graphics look "ok" to me. The thing that really bothers me, though, is when a character does his little melee combat animation when he is NOWHERE NEAR the MOB. "Cool. Evidently I'm hitting this guy with my short sword while standing eight feet away from him at an oblique angle." It really destroys the playability of a game when the engine doesn't force toons to "square off" while fighting melee. It just looks like a bunch of idiots swinging their weapons in each other's general vicinity. Mon Mar 26 2007 4:45PM Report
Kazzer writes: still make me sad to see videos from this game, cous it really made me cancel my subs, the combat are awfull, the graphic are just what u see there, its sad Tue Mar 27 2007 11:18AM Report
wersting writes: why did they do this movie? this combat fighting just SUCK! oh well, hope they will make it better.. Tue Mar 27 2007 1:40PM Report
slippyC writes: I understand what some of you are saying about the distance, it isn't one of the better things to look at. Anyway, I'm more worried about having fun than that distance problem. The game is actually pretty fast paced, atleast with a Bard. The spell effects don't bother me much either, because those can be easily improved. To tell ya the truth though, right now I don't want to many different flashies. The game already struggles running on my machine. Today I ordered a new Vid Card, which I have been needing to anyway. There are a lot worse games out there, as far as graphics wise. So I don't see why you guys are complaining so much? Thu Mar 29 2007 12:43AM Report
bizkit122 writes: sweet but how the fuck do i playyyyyyyyyyyy! Thu Mar 29 2007 9:07PM Report
Meridion writes: Combat in this game is the most horrible thing ever. It takes all the mistakes of EQ2 and makes them premium flaws because its - unlike eq2 nowadays - choppy like hell. Dude, if they cant even show amazin combat in a made-up staged dev video, what the f*** dyou expect? Thu Apr 05 2007 7:05AM Report
Soviel writes: Unfortunately the combat system is a bland copy of your typical mmorpg combat system. There is absolutely nothing special about it, and in my opinion its not fun at all. I followed Vanguard for months and got all excited, and then I played the game. The combat sucks; sorry, it does. Unless you're REALLY into crafting and card-games or don't mind slow paced... everything, then diplomacy and the crafting system won't make up for the dull gameplay and lack of, well, fun. Vanguard might as well still be in beta. No amount of epic music is going to make the combat better. They need to revamp it, as soon as possible. Sun Apr 08 2007 6:21AM Report
inuyasha94 writes: Wow... that was... just... was just a HORRIBLE trailer. I'm not kidding like, horrible graphics (probably can edit though) ditto with the laging, very bad video editing and... well the combat system seemed to suck bad... Sat Apr 14 2007 11:41AM Report
teabag writes: Brad mention plalaybility on castersrealm, Sigil/MS invited me into beta and i was excited till i log in and there truly are ZERO playability. As usual i had already doubt it beforehand that UNREAL Engine is GREAT for SMALL MAP. Try extend your Unreal mod to bigger map area and see for yourself. BTW Epic game is a crap programming team and Brad Mcquaid made a terrible move and should had bought WoW engine and i'm sure they will have the best MMORPG to date.. What a shame and Sony got they're filthy paw on it now? well good luck because i hate SONY that much!. You only live once. Sun May 06 2007 5:51AM Report
saint4God writes: Hahahaha! All the bodies on the "races" look like humans but wearing masks. I got some ideas for a costume party, but that's about it. 10 points for cost-efficiency, 0 points for originality. Mon Jul 09 2007 5:43PM Report
warror writes: I find the lack of human faces to be odd. One or two characters fine. But everyone looks odd. Mon Oct 15 2007 7:26PM Report
felle1337 writes: The characters look retarded, video editing sucked pretty bad and the combat system looks just horrible... No game for me thats for sure Tue Dec 11 2007 8:03AM Report
M1sf1t writes: They really need to fix the combat animations and put them on par with other games. This is just god awful ugly. Sat Aug 29 2009 3:46PM Report