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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Forum » General Discussion » Soloing in Vanguard! New to game!

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OP  2/01/12 9:18:56 PM#1

Hi, I'm new to Vanguard.  I like to solo alot and explore.... I've heard certain classes are good for soloing and some are not.  Any tips on what classess I can play to solo please?  Which classes have pets with them?

I heard Rogues and Casters don't solo very well... that true? Thank you.

Games I played that actually were meaningful to me: UO, EQ, EQ2, Daoc, CoH, Vanguard, Lotro, SWTOR, WOW... looking forward to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen!


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2/02/12 7:01:01 AM#2

I've seen rangers, with a pet, soloign quite well. I use a Dread Knight and that solos pretty well.

Keep in mind there are areas that are not aimed at solo players and the only way to solo them is to revisit them at higher levels.


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2/02/12 7:08:25 AM#3

I don't have one myself but I've heard from others that a disciple is an excellent soloer


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2/02/12 2:56:15 PM#4

Okay let me help..

Five years playing Vanguard and 5 classes all between 52-55 which is top level.

I have a Bard 55-Disciple-55-Dread Knight-55-Tuurgin(bear shaman-55 and a monk-52.

One thing you have to realise about Vanguard is that Healers kick ass,they are amongs the most solo friendly classes in Vanguard unlike many other MMOs.

Top to buttom..IMO.

1. Disciple for me takes the crown hands down and it has the get out of jail card to fake death.They are good for soloing in tight spaces and underground dungeons and outside dungeons.They are also one of the four healing classes in Vanguard.

Think monk with heals.

2. This one imo goes to the Tuurgin shaman who is a healer but also one of the two true pet classes in Vanguard.The shaman in Vanguard comes in three different forms,meaning you get to choose one of three pets to be your spirit guild that will be with you for life.

You can change your pet(never use to be able to) but that means some of your skills will change to suit the sprit companion you have chosen.

The Tuurgin shammy is the tank /melee type shaman and has a pet bear that holds agro and is a tuff son of a gun to boot.To top it off,the shaman in Vanguard wears lether armor and the bear shammy can have a shield or wave a giant 2h hammer around.

He also like the other two shaman has the best buffs in the game which only come second to the cleric.

3.I would say a cleric because they are not like your typical cleric in other mmo,for one they wear plate armor and use hevey weapons but also heal and have some great buffs.The only downside to this is they have low dps and take quite awhile to kick things especially 3+ dot mobs at lower levels.

These three for me top the list just because they can solo anywhere without having to kite.


Now, if we are talking one on one top dot mobs with space to kite then that epic class called the Necro is king,yup he really can take down top mobs with enough room and the right gear.On top of that at level 20-22? he also gets the get out of jail card with a skill called feign death,yup the fake death skill will save the day if it all goes tits up.

Great class to play and the best Necro class you will find in any mmo to date IMO.

Hmm..As far as tanks go the crown goes to the Dread Knight(a paladin might be up their but i have never played one),nothing like tagging loads of 2-3 dot mobs and whacking them.This class is a great class and comes second to my Disciple for out and out epicness.He has a lot in his bag of tricks,like a heal and invis.

He can also take down some one on one top level dot mobs,not like a Disciple or Necro or even a Bear Shaman but take nothing away from him,he is a great class and makes a great tank as well.

Now we get into the hard part because the Ranger and the Bard and Druid are also good soloist especially the Bard because of his songs and his run speed.All these are kiters but not on the same page as a necro IMO.

There are many classes in Vanguard and all are great fun to play but some are not cut out for solo.

Warrior and Rogue are not good and will probally get a lift once the updates start.I can also see the Disciple getting a bit of a nerf if this game goes FTP to be honest.

This is just my opinion but i think it's pretty fair and on point.

Play what class you want but a good solo class will help do to the low population but remember that Vanguard is not like RIFT or SWTOR ,it's an old time type of MMO and some content is just to hard to do without a group or at least a duo.


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Joined: 3/06/04
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"I'm your Huckleberry!"

OP  2/03/12 12:14:23 AM#5

Wow, great advice guys! Thank you for taking the time.  I will try a disciple first and go from there.

Games I played that actually were meaningful to me: UO, EQ, EQ2, Daoc, CoH, Vanguard, Lotro, SWTOR, WOW... looking forward to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen!


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2/03/12 4:38:23 PM#6

If you're looking into the fastest way to solo, the ranger will always be on top. They will out kill all other classes at a much faster pace when kiting. Most classes can handle at most 4-6 mobs at a time, the only exception would be the dreadknight. But even the dreadknight cannot take on a whole lot of 3-4 dot mobs like the ranger. At level 48 my dreadknight can take on 10-15 3 dot mobs. The 4 dotters I could handle about 4-6 due to the fact that it just takes too long to kill them with the DK's low dps. The dreadknight's surviveability is based upon how many mobs you can lifesteal so the more you have the more HP you heal yourself. Its just harder with the 4 dotters because they hit harder.

Now for the ranger anything is fair game, given you're outdoors or at least in a place where you have room to kite. My ranger can handle 20+ mobs 2-4 dotters easily and they all die fairly quick because of the split arrow ability. Side strafe in a big circular motion and kite away. Every split arrow shot you do will always gaurantee you a critical hit which then opens up your hard hitting combos.

The only downside to doing this is if you pull magic user mobs, your priority is to kill them first otherwise you'd get nuked to death.


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2/03/12 8:35:06 PM#7

My main is a 55 ranger and I loved soloing and leveling up.  I have played with some alts that were pretty fun also but Ranger for me was the most enjoyable.


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2/06/12 8:30:33 AM#8

Classes that can tank solo and manage tight spots:

- Disciple: endless manaless healing, good defenses, and fake death: definitely the godmode of VG

- Bear Shaman: Almost tanklike defenses, strong debuffer, strong healing, only a bit low on dps. In the sum maybe even more badass than Disciple. Levitation.

- Dread Knight: Excellent against larger groups thanks to AoE abilities and area lifetaps. Also gets single target lifetap and lifetap spell. Like all tanks, very gear dependent. Gets fear + snare for some CC (but the fear breaks on damage). Gets temporarily speed + invisibility to navigate solo.

- Cleric: Lowest dps of the whole game. Can improve that by picking up War or Death, or with Purity when fighting undead. Can also go massive defense by picking Preservation, or excellent CC with Peace (including an invisibility against anything, and a drop aggro for wipe survival).

- Paladin: tank defenses, very gear dependent, good healing. Unlike the DK, Pal cannot handle many opponents well. Main issue with that is that many opponents will disrupt the slow cast healing spells of Pal. DK may also miss a healing opportunity with the single target lifetap, but the area lifetap is guaranteed to hit some of the up to half a douzen opponents.

- Blood Mage: Excellent in 1vs1 solo. Massive dps for a healer. Also can root and temporarily charm. Levitation, invisibility.

- Necromancer: Pet class. Main issue is how to keep the aggro on the pet. This really has its limits. Also can fearkite and fake death. Also invisibility vs Undead and Mezz Undead.


Classes that can kite:

- Sorcerer: best dps in the game, massive area damage, levitation, slow spells (even can fix opponents temporarily into position), invisibility.

- Ranger: Massive damage on range, area damage, snare, runspeed buff. Stealth to avoid problematic opponents.

- Druid: third best dps in the game, best spike dps, levitation, slow spells, runspeed, healing, drop aggro ability.

- Psionicist: massive CC, levitation, inivisbility.

- Wolf Shaman: very high runspeed, partial slow, stealth, levitation

- Phoenix Shaman: levitation early on, runspeed, limited snare abilities (spellcasting mostly slows too much down), very low defenses. Basically a BM without the massive lifetaps.

- Bard: extreme runspeed, low ranged dps, second best CC in game, invisibility or invis vs undead (not both at the same time)

- Rogue: limited runspeed, low ranged dps, stealth specialist, can drop all aggro, can evac. In Melee second best dps of game. Really more of an (excellent) group class. I like the Lineage 2 Rogue better - they get massive CC.


Classes which cant do anything of the above:

- Monk: Fake Death, but hardly any self healing.

- Warrior: Good defenses, good hitpoint pool, but hardly any self healing.


The whole "can take on" deal relies on NOT GETTING HIT for which you need SPACE. I have tanked douzens of mobs on my Dread Knight, but they have been lowlevels I farmed for faction alone.

For all I know, only Ranger and Sorcerer get ranged area damage effects. For anyone else, kiting groups of opponents has no appeal.


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2/09/12 6:05:21 AM#9

Disciple is the best soloer hands down. I did the CIS quest line solo at 34 which requires a group normally


Ranger is the quickest leveller bar none. Not very good at soloing in dungeons but out in open areas which Vanguard has a lot of, this guy specially if ranged spec leave any other class in the dust in terms of pure levelling speed. I have a 55 Ranger and levelling from 1 to 51 was hilariously fast.


Shaman is the poorest choice for a newly started toon that aims to solo. The dps is so low you will be beating on mobs forever even as pheonix spec'ed. Yes you can take on hard mobs and solo in dungeons but you will be falling asleep doing so. For that I would take disciple any day which fares a lot better. Best healer in the game bar none. I would even say best pet class as well.


Necro. Second best pet class in the game. Does a lot more dps than a shaman and has feign death to get out of sticky situations making it overall a better soloer than a shaman. Ironically this class was suppose to be THE pet class with crafts to boot. Because of the shamans instant pet heal with a very short cool down and the overall healing ability of the shaman class in general. The bear pet just tanks better with the shaman healing. Necro pets does become very powerful with the right crafts however.


Bard is another poor choice for a solo artist. The mobs that hit too hard will take too long to kill while kiting around making it not worth it. This a character that really shines in groups but suck on their own compared to other classes.


Dread Knight. Fun class and good solo prospects with decent dps. You won't be killing at the speed of a ranger but a viable option. Once you are up in your thirties your AoE + single target lifetap allows you to take on a lot of mobs at a time.


Sorcerer. A good soloer but only once you are up in your twenties and have all your snares, roots and stuns+runspeed boosts. The high dps puts it on par with Ranger but less survivability and more downtime even with abilities that offsets it. Definitely a viable option. You won't be doing hard mobs but you will level quick