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Sony Online Entertainment
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 01/30/07)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Forum » General Discussion » Vanguard saga of heros is going F2P!!!!It`s offical, the link is here

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4/01/12 5:37:07 AM#81
Originally posted by Redrumer

I've always wanted to play vanguard, but never got around due to bad press about launch and population. Looking forward to finally playing it, and I can't be the only one.

You will regreat that you lisened to the bad press.

You will see players that have mounts and items that take months/years to get knowing that if you actually tried it yourself you would have these things yourself.

I think a hella lot of people are going to kick themselves.

Good thing about Vanguard is some of the craftable items are really epic but cost.

I can't wait for more high level content,i have boats,houses,flying mounts and just about everything else you can think of on four level 55 characters so i'm looking forward to more high level content.


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4/01/12 5:43:35 AM#82
Originally posted by Nevulus

For all those who have been saying "if only VG had a population I would support it", well F2P this year is your chance to show & prove.


Let's be realistic:

  • Yes the animations are clunky.
  • I think the spell gfx are quite underwhelming.
  • There are some animation glitches for some mobs still there.


But at the same time this is it. The days of REAL MMORPGs are coming to an end and people are paying for basically lobby games with single-player experiences guised under the ruse of a MMORPG. All these new games are about instant gratification. VG has epic dungeons, amazing PVE, crafting, flying mounts, boats, diplomacy mini-game, immense number of unique classes, lots of starting areas for alt-aholics and a wonderful community.


Give it a real chance, please. Instead of going into the game looking for something wrong, try to just enjoy yourself and help bring back the game that "should've been." IF enough support is shown the developers will take notice and only good things can come of this. Let's face it we all have been game hopping like madmen as of late, we are constantly looking for that game that makes us feel like if it was our first MMO. It's almost impossible.


But a great PVE game is out there, it is called VG, and it is worth a shot. It is not going to be a ridiculously easy game, but it will be fun, and together we can actually bring back that "first MMO" game feeling. VG has all the right tools for this, including immense open world exploration, variety of classes and races, large number of customization options, and enough quests to satisfy even the most hardened themepark player. And if quests aren't your thing, NO problem there is enough dungeon crawling content to appease your diablo-esque taste.


This is our chance to bring back a game that has REAL world exploration, a game that has actual gameplay that IS challenging and not catered to the whiners, and with enough support they WILL bring back the PVP server. It is in our hands not theirs. If enough people vote with their support AND/OR wallets we can steer the direction VG takes and FINALLY have an old school gameplay experience with some decent graphics. The world graphics till this day still look better than most f2p games out there, that's a fact.

So let's band together, forget all the recent nonsense of big AAA MMOs that failed to live up to their expectations. Let's take it back to VG and show everyone how a REAL MMO functions: great community, challenging experiences, huge open worlds (SAY NO TO INSTANCES), lots of variety in gameplay, unique class design, and a variety of races/starting areas. These are some of the little things these new developers seem to forget. They are too busy chasing the $$ and no longer care for the longevity and community in a game. Let's show them how its done.



well said


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Jesus is Lord.

4/01/12 2:50:31 PM#83

I just hope it isn't half F2P like EQ2 is. I really don't feel like being short-changed if there is still an option to subscribe. Keep it completely free, and put Varking (Team PvP) back up, and you've got yourself a Rift competitor.

MMORPGs are great to look forward to after a hard day of work, but heaven is the ultimate reward for those who live Christ-like.


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OP  4/02/12 7:37:29 AM#84
That would be awesome to have a pvp server, and a free transfer also to the server you want to go to. I want to roll on a new server thou for pvp or pve to be honest, would be cool for everything to be fresh.


Which FF Character Are You?


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"I haven't a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices."

4/04/12 3:55:14 PM#85

I was actually getting back into it...and then the whole Sony Network thing happened and it was down for a week or so, and unfortunately I never went back.

I'll likely be playing it again, I'm hoping it becomes F2P sooner than later.


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4/04/12 4:17:33 PM#86

Finally, the news I have been waiting for! My favorite MMO is going f2p! I cant wait!

Favorites: Vanguard SOH, Final Fantasy XI, Dungeons and Dragons Online

Final Fantasy XIV 2.0
EverQuest NEXT
Wizardry Online
Vanguard F2P edition (fingers crossed)


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4/07/12 7:26:56 PM#87
Originally posted by Torgrim

Vanguard is really a goldmine, if SOE can see that and start pumping out content/bugfixes even a x-pack or 2, it will flatten other mmos that came out for the past 4 years without a sweat.

I'd really like to believe that, but I don't think it's true.  I think the market has shown clearly that most players want casual MMORPGs.  There are a lot of hardcore players out there, sure, and probably enough to keep a few more hardcore/sandboxy games alive, but WoW has revealed that there's an absolute shitton more potential casual MMO players, and that's where the big money's going.

However, I do think f2p will keep Vanguard alive a lot longer and more healthily than would have otherwise been the case.  VG will feel more like living game, with some kind of population, and with bugfixes and maybe even updates, so it's definitely a positive development.


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"Racing to endgame is like racing to the end of your vacation."

4/08/12 10:15:29 AM#88

I guess I really should activate the collector's edition copy of the game I've had on my shelf for the past few years now....  F2P sounds like it will be good for Vanguard -- long overdue.


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OP  4/08/12 6:59:13 PM#89
Yes you should! There is already a boost of people from what i have seen. Know if they could do somthing with kojan.


Which FF Character Are You?


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4/08/12 7:01:51 PM#90

Sweet! This is great, I wanted to try it out, skipped it because of all the bugs at launch.


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4/08/12 7:05:58 PM#91
Originally posted by evilastro
Originally posted by Durray

Forgive my ignorance, but does this game have a working PvP system yet?

I might try it at F2P but if it is in this pure PvE sate, its not really my cup of tea though hopefully the anti-pvp crowd will have found their game.


The PvP server got merged with PvE quite some time ago. Its now only consentual PvP when players have flagged themselves.

Hopefully they will reintroduce the faction based PvP servers when they introduce F2P.

 That would be nice, I am not a huge pvper, but I was on the faction one, and then the FFA one, when it got merged...I liked all aspects of VG, harvesting/crafting, exploring, pve, pvp, and every once in a while diplomacy...It kept things fresh having so many quality options, but they broke PvP with PvE patches, and said they wouldn't work on PvP till PvE was 'done'....So everyone took that as never and bailed, many to AoC (it was seen as the new pvp savior at the time)....I just couldn't get myself to transfer off the PvP server to the PvE one, it felt like I was giving up part of the game I was use to playing...I mostly did guild pvp, but it was still less options.

I may reload it and check it out, hopefully my guys are all still there.



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4/08/12 8:26:51 PM#92
Originally posted by Redrumer

I've always wanted to play vanguard, but never got around due to bad press about launch and population. Looking forward to finally playing it, and I can't be the only one.

Add me to the queue; I've been very curious about Vanguard but was hesitant after hearing about the terrible launch and then gave up on it when SOE put it on life support. I never found EQ2's F2P restrictions overly restrictive but the aesthetics of the game just didn't do it for me- had I enjoyed it enough to play all the way to endgame then paying a subscription would certainly be worthwhile.


It always makes me laugh seeing people post vehemently that they should be able to have access to absolutely everything in F2P game, such entitlement issues. Those players are looking in the wrong place, they should be on emu servers.

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