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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Forum » General Discussion » Things to do after level 10

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OP  4/11/11 1:43:14 PM#1

Hi everyone,

So I decided to make a little walk through for the new players, and people that never really gave this game a chance.  Just some low level adventures to get you started.

First after the trial you have three choices, I would suggest you start with Veskal's Exchange on the island of Thestra because it's kind of like the main players hub and a major gathering point. Many make this there home from level 11 to max level.  It has trainers, banks and auctions.  From here you can rift anyplace during your stay in Vanguard. Even if you quest on other islands it's just a good place to call home. It's also the home of the Spider cave, a small dungeon that can be done around level 11 with a very small group to get your hands wet, and to get used to playing with a group.

Asylum is another small group dungeon located in Cliftside Ruins on the island of Kojan for around level 12 and can be done with two or more players. You get to fight crazy people, so it's a little different change of pace and fun. Not many quest for this and the only quest giver I know of  is located just before entering the Asylum.

Level 16 is an exciting time for the Vanguard players.  You can began the Hunters league quest, and do one of the more popular dungeons called Khegor's End.

Hunters league quest line - I believe when SOE took over Vanguard they added this quest chain to allow players a chance to get better armor to make soloing easer. EVERYONE DOES IT. I think you can start it around level 16 ( maybe someone can help me with that ). The quest giver is located at a popular quest hub called Skrilien Point, and is located next to the Rift stone when you arrive in the zone. He will not give you the quest until you are the right level. Each quest in the chain will give you a good peace of armor. And the quest line last into the low 20's. Most all will need a small group, but if you hang around the quest givers you can pick up others, and make friends along the way.  REMEMBER TO MAKE AND ADD FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY. 

Khegor's End - It's possibly the most popular low level Dungeon in Vanguard. and can be started around level 13 or so, however I would suggest starting around level 15. This is a very deep dungeon that requires a full group. I say this because dungeons in Vanguard are a little strange. They most all start off easy and get almost impossible deep in. So bring a few level 19's with you and a good healer.

Khegor's End is located near the Village of Three Rivers, and All the quest are given on a Dam near the dungeon called Themnwars Shield ( about 10 quest ). I would suggest locating the entrance of Khegor's End and find the quest givers to get an idea of the area. Then use the Social panel and Spam players to invite them to  group.  Remember spamming in open chat NEVER WORKS in Vanguard or any other mmo. Don't worry someone in a full group will know the dungeon well to take over. BUT know enough to help others to locate the area for the quest and dungeon. Do some pre intel. and use some off web sites to do a little research. Believe me vet and noobs are eager to group and all welcome anyone that will take the initiative to get groups.....REMEMBER TO MAKE AND ADD FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY. Here is some help :


I can go on and on about Dungeons in Vanguard. Each are hard, deep and un forgiving ( this game can be hard core ) But most important REMEMBER TO MAKE AND ADD FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY.

Don't rely on Guilds. There are just too many and chances are none of them have a low level player base to yield others of your level.  Even the ones that say Noob friendly. WORK OFF A FRIENDS LIST !

Use the Social panel to it's max potential. Search for level and classes.  Then spam others, be nice AND ASK IF YOU CAN COME AND HELP THEM WITH THERE STUFF. Dont expect them to come to you.  Go to them and make a friend.  Before you know it you will have 20 friends on your friends list, Vets and noobs.  Everyone is looking or friends it's a duo or more game. 


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OP  4/11/11 2:07:46 PM#2

A little added note.........Don't lesson to others about Vanguard on this site.  For some reason people seem to still hold a grudge about Vanguards bad release.  It's been a few years you would think they would give up.  SOE sucks, I'll say that for sure. But Vanguard is a full game, it does not need up dates and expansions unless you played the hell out of it for years.

I must say that you need a good computer and it's not coded the best.  BUT IT'S BETTER THAN EQ2.   And don't let anyone kid you . I played it with my good desk top and my gaming laptop, with minor issues.  Same with my friend and his girlfriend.

BUGS- yes, it has bugs. But nothing game breaking, and I stress that.  The only bug that will be annoying are elevator's, for some reason there are a lot of elevator's that take you underground and they can cause you to crash.  I don't know why SOE never fixed that bug is beyond me, but SOE does suck. 

If your new, and like a challenge play Vanguard.  BE VERY SOCIAL because a lot of stuff requires friends, others are looking for friends too.........................  USE THE SOCIAL PANEL,  it's by far your best friend !

Three hours sleep, I'm going back to bed !

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4/12/11 2:45:12 AM#3

Nice one Page.

I hit 10th level 2 days ago and we're about to make our way out of Three Rivers so this is perfect info for our level range now. I totally agree about the social aspect. I don't get some of the gamers these days who log into games just to sit there and torment/insult people over chat channels.. I play for the social experience and fun factor and think Vanguard is great for this.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up :)


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4/12/11 3:35:55 AM#4

Is there really that much content to last for a long time? I'm not saying there isn't. I genuinely want to know, because right now I'm deciding between this and EQ1. 

  User Deleted
4/12/11 4:29:49 AM#5

Hi there JImmac.

There are I think 19 races, 15 classes, 3 continents and the Isle of Dawn.

Kojan, the smallest continent will get you from 1-30 or so, Thestra and Qualia will get you from 1-55. Thestra i've found is about the size of the entire Rift world on one side (i.e. Guardian side or Defiant side). All in all i'd say the size of the world is about 2x that the size of Rift. So there are 3 different starting zones, all completely different from one another. There are all together about 30-40 dungeons, and tonnes of quests/places to see. For dungeons, I walked into one a few years back near Tursh village that you needed a password to enter (hint: reference to The Day the Earth Stood Still). We spent about 2-3 hours in there as a full group and didn't finish it all.

To put it into perspective, if you wanted to run around say Thestra and see all the places and spend 15-20 minutes in each village or checking out a dungeon, it'd take you a an entire weekend just for 1 of the 3 continents. There is a lot of content and it's not an easy game meaning you won't hit 55 in a week.. i'd be suprised if you did it in a month of playing 6 hours a day heh. Then after that, you've got 14 other classes and 2 other continents to explore =P.


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4/12/11 4:40:03 AM#6

You forgot to mention the URT (United Races of Thestra) questline, which starts in Veksal's Exchange and leads all the way to a nice weapon at the end. I think you can start it about level 10-11 and I always did it on all my characters, for the really good armour and weapon, plus it leads you nicely around Thestra and there are some very fun quests. That will take you nicely to the point where you can start the Hunter's League questline in northern Qalia.

@Jimmac - choosing between EQ1 and Vanguard should be easy, since Vanguard feels very much like EQ1 (unsurprisingly given they had the same creators) but it's better because it is more refined. What I'm trying to say is that you'll get the same feeling from it as you would get from EQ1, but without the annoyances that come with a game that is 12 years old now.


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OP  5/29/11 6:37:50 AM#7

I made some minor changes to this topic, Like Twighlyte Song Guild.... First new player helpful guild I've found in Vanguard or any mmo. They not only offer suggestions like any other guild, BUT THEY REALLY HELP, people are willing to do thinkgs with you !

I gave a link for the Hunters legue quest in my post but had to deleate it as it had a virous on the link.

Vanguard is a hard core and unforgiving game, its old school.  Some seem to think the game is buged " NO " its hard.  Kind of like a way of life.  I'ts how I like my mmo's, I can't find any other mmo that feels like I'm living in it's world. Venella WoW and EQ2 were like that but WoW turned to garbage, and EQ2 was always garbage with it's slaped togeather expantions zones and crap maps. Vanguard is better coded for computers. YES it runs better than EQ2


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5/29/11 9:45:19 AM#8

Yup they are really helpful, one guy took his time to show me how the collections worked and where to go. Followed me and all.


Then another one spent nearly two hours to help me out on a armor quest thing, needed to kill 4 dots. Amazing guy!


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5/29/11 6:00:42 PM#9
Originally posted by Jimmac

Is there really that much content to last for a long time? I'm not saying there isn't. I genuinely want to know, because right now I'm deciding between this and EQ1. 

Yes.  Emphatically.  Folks have been playing since launch and have still not seen every part of the vast world or done every quest, even with multiple characters at the level cap.  And that's not even getting into the crafting and diplomacy.  There's years and years worth of stuff to do.

Because of the lack of new content, it's hard for Vanguard to appeal to progression-oriented players, who will work their way to the cap as fast as they can and then expect to engage in an ongoing ladder of raids or whatever.  Even then, though, exactly one guild has completed all of Vanguard's raid content - even (about) two years after it came out.  Telon's dungeons are vast, and the raids are even bigger and more elaborate.

And for the explorer, or the player that gets into RP or lore or socializing, Vanguard is unmatched.

  User Deleted
5/29/11 6:04:39 PM#10

Right now the issue is getting started playing Vanguard at all. Every link I try to get to the free trial goes to a broken page. I'd love to try it, but I'm not shelling out money for a game that's been received this poorly until I've tried it for free for at least a couple weeks.


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5/29/11 6:13:09 PM#11
Originally posted by Ardwulf

And for the explorer, or the player that gets into RP or lore or socializing, Vanguard is unmatched.

I'll second that. I was looking for exploration and lore when I picked up Vanguard and the game delivered that at every turn.


Area Info and Fan Fic - Veskal's Exchange / Tahean's Vengeance


There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein


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5/29/11 10:21:19 PM#12
Originally posted by Endo13

Right now the issue is getting started playing Vanguard at all. Every link I try to get to the free trial goes to a broken page. I'd love to try it, but I'm not shelling out money for a game that's been received this poorly until I've tried it for free for at least a couple weeks.

Some of the links to the trial are broken; this link works, however.