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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 05/06/03)  | Pub:CCP Games
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC Mac Linux | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

EVE Online Videos: Butterfly Effect in EVE Online (2:42)

CCP has provided us with this video for Eve Online.

CCP has provided us with this video for Eve Online.
Duration: 2:42
Views: 12,947  58 comments
Game: EVE Online
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Uruktos writes: Great video. CCP should do more videos like this. Wed Jul 29 2009 10:56AM Report
rodingo writes: An interesting scenario, anyone actually hear of someone being the good Samaritan during a gank in Eve? Wed Jul 29 2009 11:45AM Report
EricDanie writes: That's a hell of a lucky miner. Wed Jul 29 2009 12:08PM Report
brezel writes: booooooring. Wed Jul 29 2009 12:28PM Report
benasato writes: it happens sometimes there use to be a vid around where 2 scorps help a guy that was being jumped, was a pretty nice vid. Wed Jul 29 2009 12:40PM Report
Kalmporos writes: Hehe great video. EvE is a great sandbox game indeed! Wed Jul 29 2009 12:42PM Report
Vetarnias writes: Narration segments left on the cutting room floor: "That corporation welcomes you to become one of their own, but they think your rescue of their miner was just too timely. They think you're the alt of an enemy leader, and they won't ever trust you. Not in a month, not in a year, not in a decade. You are doomed to be a peon, but you're welcome to mine in Empire any time you want." "That corporation asks you to pitch in for their next starbase, but after two months one of the managers empties the corporate hangars and the master wallet and sells the gold. He gets banned, not because he scammed other players -- we at CCP love this -- but because he sold his ISK. That new lawnmower he bought with the money looks just dandy, though and we wish we had grass in Iceland." Wed Jul 29 2009 1:58PM Report
brenth writes: that was definatly staged as its about as possible as winning the lottery. PVPer sees an unarmed miner in low sec? = dead miner EVE treats non-pvpers as second class players in other words its non-PVP hostile Wed Jul 29 2009 2:03PM Report
brenth writes: oh they forgot I forgot to menton that if your just starting EVE it will take you about 2 months before skilled enough to be of any real use,, and about 2 YEARS before your actually any sort of real contender till then your stuck busting rock, hauling, or doing that special kind of hell EVE likes to call missons (remember EVE hates PVE) Wed Jul 29 2009 2:12PM Report
smartguy writes: If you are not in empire space, you are in a PVP zone. Why complain about not being affording special protection if you willingly enter space defenseless, knowing you will be a target? Wed Jul 29 2009 2:19PM Report
smartguy writes: As for your second comment, join a 0.0 alliance your first couple days of eve, and see how useless you feel. Within my first month of playing eve, i helped kill a titan. Within the first 3 months, I was leading fleets into battle. Wed Jul 29 2009 2:21PM Report
Vhaln writes: Great in theory, but the reality is that the vast majority of players won't think in those terms and will just fly on by, not wanting to take a risk on something they might not be supposed to do. They should try to encourage players to make more choices like that. Distress signals, on the fly reward systems,i dunno. Something other than just naively hoping players do things like that. Wed Jul 29 2009 3:06PM Report
xnipsx writes: EvE is the greatest social experiment of our time. To say it's a boring game is enough for me to know that you're too lazy to learn the depths of what this game has to offer. You really can't even call it a game, it transcends that reality when you need to use your head to get out of every sticky situation that comes up. That in order to be dominant in PvP you're only as good as your ships modular counter, to be superior is to fly with your corp mates, whom themselves could be spies for a rival corperation. It's a reality beyond that of a game, it's a living breathing world. Wed Jul 29 2009 3:39PM Report
describable writes: "you get your ass handed to you trying to save the miner, miner and other ships mock you on forums" "if you become a lone wolf with that ship, you bought the account on ebay or have spent the last 2 years in denial" Wed Jul 29 2009 6:33PM Report
mmoguy43 writes: Like Vhaln says most people that aren't part of an alliance or at war with don't bother to intervene. In the vid the reward of helping the miner was that he invited him into the corp. Some player may need more of a reward than this towards a honor rating or something. Wed Jul 29 2009 7:15PM Report
JGMIII writes: LOL I believe that was a Assault frig with good skills AFs can take out a god damn BC. so you kicking to frigs asses to help a miner is possible. Would I do it? only if the miner paid me to protect him ahead of time. Wed Jul 29 2009 7:49PM Report
razerblade29 writes: That video was soo awsome. Makes me want to start playing Eve again Wed Jul 29 2009 7:56PM Report
LaoZhuZong writes: This is the best illustration I've ever seen in all EVE promotion videos. Wed Jul 29 2009 8:39PM Report
Krieg writes: Eh, @ the carebears in this thread who would rather run from interesting situations and go mining than have some fun: There are people like me who would be interested in fighting off the pirates. It's also interesting to help the pirates and see if they spare you. I don't need to be grinding something just to do something I feel is interesting. The only uninteresting option would be to just drive by. Besides, wtf is "driving by"? Chances are you warped to an asteroid belt in a Rifter to kill something. Break up your routine a little, shut-ins. Wed Jul 29 2009 8:55PM Report
Krieg writes: Also, you can outfit a frigate with warp scrambler, driver disruptor, afterburner, and weapons within a few hours of starting the game. The only people that think it takes months to be effective probably fly around high-sec carebearspace and talk about how long it takes to be effective with other nerds in Newbie Corp chat. No matter how new you are to the game, turrets still do damage, warp scrambler still scrambles warp, and drive disruptor slows enemies down. Just because you spent two weeks on Electronics Skill Level V and now have a 2% larger grid doesn't make you a killing machine. Lulz. Wed Jul 29 2009 9:18PM Report
Weredexis writes: [quote] brenth writes: that was definatly staged as its about as possible as winning the lottery. PVPer sees an unarmed miner in low sec? = dead miner EVE treats non-pvpers as second class players in other words its non-PVP hostile [/quote] Staged ? Of course, how would you get that good camerawork else ? Impossible ? No. Players, corporations, alliances have friends and different rules of engagement. There are pirate and anti-pirate mentalities. There are "not red, don't shoot" and "not blue, shoot it" policies guiding how to treat neutrals or friends that are not part of the corporation or alliance. Eve-players sometimes say that eve is only about PvP. What they mainly mean is that: 1) No place is 100% safe. There is only less dangerous and it's not a place but a situation you got yourself into. 2) Eve is about competitive game-play. Nothing is reserved for you and your friend. You either have to be faster, stronger or smarter then the competition. Oh, and pvp destroys ships which need to be build by players. Crafting and trading is as much important as pvp. Wed Jul 29 2009 11:15PM Report
PaPsn writes: EvE did it agian! :) Thu Jul 30 2009 4:21AM Report
Blandin writes: I'm in a good guys corporation. Already happened to help people in belts. But a miner... This was a bit too far, barges don't survive more than a few seconds. Even when you drop in the middle of an engagement, you'll be late by some time to save the victim. It still makes the victim happy to see the pirates spanked once in a while. Still, trust won't be granted right away and it takes weeks before other people grant us the standing of 'good guys'. Anyway, good video, shows that the universe is huge and that social interactions, even if they are usually harsh by lack of trust, are the very basis of the gameplay. Thu Jul 30 2009 4:55AM Report
malcombex writes: That was probably the single most perfect advert ive ever seen. Eve deserves more like it, and to all those spotting the small flaws in it - Go play WOW and see if you can find MR T or OZZY OSBOURNE. Thu Jul 30 2009 4:47PM Report
Lord_Ixigan writes: for every awesome story in Eve there are a dozen more that are boring as hell. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, just the way it goes Fri Jul 31 2009 2:09AM Report
PirateSteve writes: I agree with Malcombex... This was a good piece that shows how each player interacts in the game. Though the story may not be your story... but I bet it was similar in the fact that 1 - you did somehthing random with someone that lead you to join their corp. 2 - that corp ended up either forming an alliance with other corps, or joined an already existing alliance... 3 - That alliance fighting with other alliances. That was the story here... and we all have similar stories... so don't be hatin' Fri Jul 31 2009 2:59PM Report
LeJohn writes: First off, this vid is the same as the old game boxes that look fantastic but when you play the game it's nothing like the box gave the illusion of. Second, it's un-relistic. the lone wolf would have been ganked before he got anywhere near the area as he was not already a member thus the wrong color. Third, no one outside the battle wopuld have heard much less care that a lone wolf had snuk past the camped gates and yet helped a corps miner and managed to fight off a "gang" pf prats.... Wow the video piles it deep but then again if you never played the game then you wouldnt know that the "lone wolf" was KOS for anyone in the area, so the only ones that would actually hear about it was the ppl the player complained too about being podded. Fri Jul 31 2009 5:02PM Report
Krieg writes: LeJohn, thanks for the essay on how the video went over your head, but the simple fact of the matter is that the game is dynamic and things like these can happen. I met my current girlfriend of a year because she was watching her neighbor's kids and one of them hit a ball over my fence and she came over to get it. We started talking. Unlikely? Sure. But I'm sure LeJohn would swoop in to explain that it's unlikely, thus impossible. Swoop in like a f*cking albatross. Fri Jul 31 2009 6:44PM Report
Kordesh writes: Honestly, usually I like Eves advertisements. This one however just seems highly disingenuous as to how things really happen in the game, and additionally is not really displaying the butterfly effect at all. Bottom line, I wish they hadn't done this. Sat Aug 01 2009 12:50AM Report
Volgore writes: I guess that this clip was made to sell the game to people who do not play EvE. Everyone who does knows that in game things do absolutely NOT work this way. Give people a sandbox and instead of socialicing in a civil manner they just bully around and act like the assholes they could never dare to be in real life, which is both liked and supported by CCP. Sat Aug 01 2009 5:25AM Report
choujiofkono writes: Eve is great, if you like spending many thousands of hours jumping all over the place and flying at extremely slow pace towards the jump gates. It is so slow people have devised sneaky methods to get around it by making custom jump spots right on top of the gates and trading them. Sure once you put a crapload of time into it you can afford a bigger ship and add on some decent boosters and mini warps but in the meantime, and it is a very long meantime, you are basically a jumping rock monkey. I don't know how people play this and still have time to eat, shower, and shave. Not to mention work for a living. Sat Aug 01 2009 9:22AM Report
Elamontel writes: Are they gonna add formations in Apocrypha 1.5? i seen 4 rohks in a formation spidertanking. Sat Aug 01 2009 9:41AM Report
Elamontel writes: Choujiofkono, that was a vary vary long time ago, Eve has sence added "Warp to 0" Eve has changed alot over the years and i haven't the time for game like everquest anymore, i have a good charecter and good ships and play around a hour aday and i dont need to play that(altho i wish i could play more) Sat Aug 01 2009 9:46AM Report
surfsk8snow writes: This was a great video, and helped show a small snippet of the vast possibilities that are in Eve. It is truly an amazing game, with SO much depth, intrigue, and sandbox. It's a thinking man's game, that's for sure. Anyone bored with this game would be equally bored with Chess, Stratego, Risk... I left the game for RL for a few months, but was inevitably sucked backed in bc of the challenge and possibilities, and pure fun, of this game. Start a Trial. Test it out. Be prepared for some thinking and fun work, or don't bother tho. Sat Aug 01 2009 5:33PM Report
BoonSmith writes: I've saved a few miners out there in the belts of the universe. Not everyone is a ass, and there are still some out there who are not in it to just gank everyone they see. Some like more of the RP of the corporation they belong too and if your not at war with a player, you can leave them alone or help them should they be in need. Just open your mind just a tiny bit and let an ounce of humanity in. Sat Aug 01 2009 9:38PM Report
PaPsn writes: I'd killed off the pirates and would've ransomed the barge ... :) that counts kinda like saveing , doesn't it ? :P Sun Aug 02 2009 3:29AM Report
Tekaelon writes: Great video. I've never looked at EVE, but I will now! Sun Aug 02 2009 3:14PM Report
scars87 writes: Papsn, you would have got your wolf destroyed, his allies warped in later. This game has endless possibilities. To bad the game is based on how big your fleet is. One ship can't do much, you are forced to join corperations or fly safe in empire space; and high sec can get boring. I've played it serval years, and realized it's to stressfull for a solo player like myself. I'll stick to WoW. Thanks for the video. Mon Aug 03 2009 12:04AM Report
CyberWiz writes: EVE can be boring at times, but it are the glorious, fun and special moments that make up for it. You won't find these special moments in many other mmo's. Most other mmo's are either dumbed down from the start, or slowly dumbed down or otherwise ruined over the years ( SWG and DAoC come to mind, they had glorious moments, but no more ). EVE on the other hand has been improving over the years without sacrificing complexity, freedom and risk vs reward, CCP stayed true to their vision, and kept investing in the game both horizontally ( more content, feature improvements ) and vertically ( Tech2, Tech3, etc ) There are still many things that bug me about EVE, but it are those special moments that make up for it. EVE Online vs Other mmo's is a bit the same as DAoC-SI vs WAR. WAR is so dumbed down and on rails, that you have action all the time, but it is not as apic as DAoC used to be, where you could roam for a long time and then suddenly come in a hostile situation, which was a thrilling experience, because if you lost, it would take a good while to get back. Tue Aug 04 2009 6:55AM Report
Quale writes: Taking the EvE myth BS to a new level. Now that they've started to lay it on this thick, maybe the gaming community will finally see that the emperor is naked. Thu Aug 06 2009 4:37AM Report
Shampodrink writes: not bad Fri Aug 07 2009 5:59AM Report
holybread writes: Let me just say actualy being that miner in low sec in my own experience there are no heros that come lol on the contrary ever scum bag and there step dad come to blow you up. And secondly if this miner was in this powerful of an alliance odds are he would have been with ten other mining vessels and a group of cloaked carriers. Fri Aug 07 2009 4:24PM Report
wootin writes: Sigh, well I learned again why Eve is just not worth the effort. I just trialed to see if they'd fixed as much as people say, and while the overall game is very attractive, and they've changed a few of the more obvious PITAs, their batsh8-crazy skill system is still as much of a fun-destroying, gameplay-ganking time-sink as it was back in the day. So, no thanks again CCP, I play the games, the games don't play me lol. Sun Aug 09 2009 2:09PM Report
Longasc writes: CCP makes so much propaganda and glorifies every scam, every crap, and so blatantly glorifies and outright lies about their game that it is not funny. I suggest showing a video of Miners AFK sucking roids and AFK hauling and the time spent travelling and waiting before something actually happens. I have played EVE, and it has its merits, it is rather cheap that they try to entice new players with lies. Mon Aug 10 2009 4:47AM Report
Draco91 writes: Heh, dunno the chances of this kind of scenario actually happening, but the video was very well narrated and put together. I was actually kinda excited about it until I scrolled down to read the comments. xD I'm still gonna give it another shot though I think. Tue Aug 11 2009 12:51AM Report
Gunship writes: Played it since Beta, got to wonder why they first release this Video now, since it portrays eve so very well and totaly sets it apart from any other MMOG out there???, granted in the start there was a lot less players, but corporations still went together and created alliances even if the game did not directly support it. The old CA vs SA fights in U-Q were Epic!!! Tue Aug 11 2009 3:11AM Report
teco221 writes: People keep saying "Depth" in this game.. There is only one Depth in this game. Spreadsheet skill tree, that's not depth, just a spreadsheet game. You just stare at endless menu on the screen to play the game, it's hardly exciting or fun. Everything is controlled mostly by players = lazy and easy developers. EVE is just like all other MMO, farming, learning skills, doing missions, and nothing really new. Except whoever can sit in front of screen to study that spreadsheet win and lot of money to pay every month so you can train a skill in REAL TIME. Yes, yes, new players can be useful, why? Because it's pretty much like playing 70s arcade Asteroids, you are in the center of the screen, then you click your endless menu on the screen to fire your enemies, then you just look all those fly rocks on the screen along with all your endless menu. Yeah, it's very nice and pretty. Tue Aug 11 2009 9:57AM Report
henwhee writes: amazing video but his voice kinda ruined it. if only aion and other new games made promos like this Wed Aug 12 2009 3:22AM Report
kaibrightwing writes: i wish someone can save when i mine. Thu Aug 20 2009 2:27AM Report
FishyHat writes: Is it me or is CCP trying to make EvE sound more player friendly than it really is? Nice video though, still think the Beauty Never Fades video is the best they've made. Mon Aug 24 2009 7:31AM Report
hellkiller writes: the game its just LOL! Mon Aug 24 2009 1:03PM Report
hellkiller writes: the game its just LOL! Mon Aug 24 2009 1:03PM Report
shadow417 writes: Good game, Good vid. but nothing for me to pay a monthly fee. Fri Aug 28 2009 12:24PM Report
AelxProter writes: Yes because 15$ a month is just so horrendous. I can only assume that the people who are throwing negative comments at this game just haven't played it. To Teco221, You think this game has lazy developers? try 2000 zones most of which have missions, pve, pvp, and stellar graphics. The depth of the game is centered in the lack of a strong ruleset. You can scam, steal, kill, and spy with no repercussions. If you haven't played the game for over 3 months, you really shouldn't be posting in this thread. Sun Aug 30 2009 10:23PM Report
AelxProter writes: Yes because 15$ a month is just so horrendous. I can only assume that the people who are throwing negative comments at this game just haven't played it. To Teco221, You think this game has lazy developers? try 2000 zones most of which have missions, pve, pvp, and stellar graphics. The depth of the game is centered in the lack of a strong ruleset. You can scam, steal, kill, and spy with no repercussions. If you haven't played the game for over 3 months, you really shouldn't be posting in this thread. Sun Aug 30 2009 10:24PM Report
TonFTP writes: To all the people who say the game sucks, There are over 300,000 subscribers, so it sucks for you. The people who do play eve, understand, we see the beauty of the game, the depth. If u don't like it go play WoW. WoW bores me to tears personally. To each their own. Try it you should know in the first month if it's for you or not. Those under 20 years of age need not apply. Fri Sep 04 2009 5:29PM Report
Fariic writes: Great vid. I liked it. Fri Oct 16 2009 4:31PM Report
imershon writes: The game was fun for 2 years+ but then the fun turned to disappointment when the actions of other players impacted on my PVE solo play - I would go back in an instant if they introduced separate PVE/PVP servers so I could enjoy the game without others ruining it. There would also be a better community as a result. Wed Oct 21 2009 3:19PM Report