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EVE Online Forum » Jita (General) » what kills eve online for you.

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8/22/14 4:35:39 PM#41
For me, I'm just not into the style of game it is.  It reminded me of a lot of Wing Commander: Privateer.   I liked that game back in the day, but my tastes have since changed.

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8/22/14 4:40:27 PM#42

EVE is a good game even if old. But what killed it for me happened a long time ago and I swore to never return because of it.

Some may say that it is over and the game is better now but am sorry you can't go and trust people that used their status to help their friends.


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8/22/14 4:47:35 PM#43
Originally posted by Wizardry
I have tried it at least 3x,it is simply put >>>>CHEAP in every bit of it's design.I guess the word archaic is more in fashion,the game would be good about 15 years ago but not even close in this era.Every single aspect of the design i would totally scrap and revamp using only the basic concepts but NOT the implementation.

lol...qq about an old game being old.


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8/22/14 5:25:32 PM#44

While a great game with lots to do, it's the wild wild west.  And like the wild wild west it can never grow beyond a niche game until it becomes civilized.  People don't like to have really nice ships that they can never take out because there's an excellent chance they will be destroyed.  It's ok to have bad neighborhoods because everyplace has them.  But when the whole game becomes a bad place to live most people move to a better place.

Bring the law to the lawless.  Expand the police to the entirety of Eve.  Institute an improved justice and bounty system.  


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8/22/14 5:44:07 PM#45

What kills EVE for me is the faint sound effects. When I bought my first battleship and began to hammer rats with those mega cannons and all they said was faint "dak, dak, dak" it was a huge let down (though I was expecting that).


I want those cannons to sound like cannons, to make them feel huge like they pretend to be. It would make that seemingly small (but actually huge) ship feel like it's a battleship, but now it feels like a little boat with slingshots attached to it. I understand not everyone want to hear huge booms all the time so there should be an option you can toggle on or off for some proper cannon sounds for all ship sizes.


Even the smallest autocannons would be awesome if they made a proper BRRRT sound, but now you can barely hear that faint sound which is so far off from anykind of weapon system sound effect.


Fix that first so I can start playing again and maybe get to a point where I actually even experience these "big and meaningful problems" out there ;P


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8/22/14 5:50:25 PM#46

I've tried it many times. It's already been said but the combat system kills it everytime for me. Just watching red crosses and spreadsheets, boring. Also not a fan of the facebook style skill leveling. Nice eye candy, poor interface and gameplay (unless you are into drama and online w-wagging) imo.


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8/22/14 6:11:58 PM#47
Originally posted by Soandsoso
Originally posted by Wizardry
I have tried it at least 3x,it is simply put >>>>CHEAP in every bit of it's design.I guess the word archaic is more in fashion,the game would be good about 15 years ago but not even close in this era.Every single aspect of the design i would totally scrap and revamp using only the basic concepts but NOT the implementation.

lol...qq about an old game being old.

Yeah, I'm old, EVE's old, we get along just great.

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8/22/14 6:40:08 PM#48

I've played EVE off and on (mostly off) for 6 years.

It's my favorite game, but the thing that kills it for me actually has nothing to do with the game itself.

I hate all the immersion-breaking stuff that people love to cram in every part of the game world.

  • Sperging up local with massive Copy/Paste spam
  • Porno links in fleet chat
  • Almost everything about voice-comms
  • Hearing dudes quoting Family Guy or play their shit music at max volume, when what I really want to be doing is listening to the FC
  • Everyone having a booster alt, a mission alt, a Jita shopping alt, an industry alt, a scout alt, etc. etc.
  • RMT Botting being a core element of the in-game economy
So while the game itself is loads of fun, something about it just makes the players crap all over it.

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8/22/14 7:07:13 PM#49

I still play, but only have 3 accounts now. Lately more just fueling POS's to make isk.


Whats killed it for me?


The Meta gaming BS

Forced Dependancy on other toons (multiple accounts) to do something I want to do. (Ever try to get a profitable reaction going? - doesnt exist unless your an alliance owning the R64's).

T2 BPO's

Null sec is boring as hell and yea the forced projection of capitals ships makes small gang fun - no fun.


That being said - People that say

Spreadsheets in combat? what are you talking about? I kill cruisers with my AF's, Pirate frigates with my T1 frig - all without a spreadsheet...crazy people. Its called know the ships you are fighting and only fight the ones you have an advantage on or at a minimum doesnt have an edge against your weakness in your ship - If you say its a spreadhset game - then every damn game is as you must know other classes abilities to counter them and defeat them. same thing in eve - spreadsheets - crack fiends.

Skill is time based - to bad - you cant power level so its more leveled out

Older players have more skill points? So what, you only need a couple mil to help kill him. Its about the hunt and having fun not seeing the ship explode.

Hi sec is secure - you need to learn to get around the ganking and stop trying to play Eve alone

Ship piloting - if all you do is click orbit at a range - this explains why you are no good. manual piloting is needed to be good at PvP in Eve.

Navigation - its there, because you dont like the interface doesnt mean it doesnt exist - give input to change it.

etc etc etc - most people that played less than 6 months at a time - dont like the game because they likely tried to go at it alone. You need to learn to walk before running and because you are in hi sec doesnt mean you are safe - learn to be safe like you do in the real world.



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8/22/14 9:22:54 PM#50

As someone who played EvE from 2003 to 2013 I have to agree with the jump drives problem as well as the coalition / alliance problem.


Coalitions like CFC have upwards of 35,000 members.  If you compare that to the smallest countries in the world the CFC has more members than 29 of the smallest countries.  I live in Australia, we have an active army of 25,000 enlisted.  CFC has more than that.


In light of that its easy to see how CCP allowing alliances to grow so big puts a huge damper on the game when the average alliance is around 1 to 5 thousand people.  The only way to respond to that is to form your own mega-coalitions.


When you introduce jump drives the difficulties in regards to moving, supplying those coalitions is drastically reduced and this leads to more of a requirement to have large coalition blocks form because there is a requirement to have a blue network of systems for jumping your mega fleet around to defend and defeat other fast moving mega-fleets.

Add in the deeply flawed Sov system, a system which requires any attacker to show up 24 hours after attacking a structure to face the full force of a mega-coalition and you have no scope for smaller entities to inflict damage or raid the larger entities.  

The game is currently a massive joke and likely will be for many years to come.




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8/22/14 10:29:40 PM#51
The time it takes to mine.


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8/25/14 11:01:28 PM#52
Originally posted by BadSpock

What kills EVE for me is:

-the "balance" between ship classes/sizes:

i.e. frigates will do zero damage to anything bigger than a cruiser, and anything bigger than a destroyer has to rely on drones to fight frigates - it's stupid. The RPG/MMO rules and progression of the game kill the immersion and FUN.

-lack of free flight:

I'm not talking about a joystick etc. flight model, I'm talking about how the game world is broken up into thousands of separate instances, and you only jump between them via stargates - no different than say GW2 and the portals between zones. I want the space in between stars to hide, to plot faster-than-light courses around black holes and curving around the gravity wells of red stars. I want to sneak smuggled goods through planetary blockades by warping into the system from between the twin stars and dropping out of FTL mere kilometers from the atmosphere... you know, REAL sci-fi stuff.

You fix/change those two things, you have an ENTIRELY different, and better game IMO.

Games like Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous are promising a more open galaxy to explore, trade, and conquer - but I don't want a flight-stick starfighter simulation - I want to command the crew of a large frigate/cruiser/freighter etc. in an open galaxy.

No Star Wars or Star Trek game has come close to this yet either. 

The sci-fi nerd in me would play such a game until the end of my days, and I'd pay a hefty price and monthly fee willingly to do so.

A MMO in the lines of "Freelancer" would make me drool till the end days...I loved that game - you had your normal routes then you had all the pirate factions and their "secret " jump gates and wormholes to other areas so you could smuggle contraband! as well as free flight - I spent  months playing that game till every square inch of every solar system was explored- I amassed such a tremendous amount of wealth- brought all the types of ships I could -found every single secret wreck that had all those "special" weapons- unlocked all the rare ships as well!


Imagine a mmo on the scale of eve online like freelancer with updated graphics and such.... it is the mmo sci fi space based game I have been dreaming of and waiting for  and yet noone has come close to even making it!!!!


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8/25/14 11:14:25 PM#53

The PvP aspect of the game ruins it for me.  I love the market, crafting, mining, hauling....  I love how huge the environment is.

I'd love it if we could remove our toons from our ships and run around spaceports and create our own hangers/housing and buy and sell and trade and fight some ridiculous alien race together PvE.

It has it's niche though and I respect that.

No bitchers.

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