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EVE Online Forum » Jita (General) » Eve online population.

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2/11/13 9:35:01 AM#41
Originally posted by pinktailz
Originally posted by ch900712


Is the game social ? Can you chat and have fun with people? Or do they just mind their own business ? 


Personally i never seen so retarded community as in eve online, ppl can sit and wait all day just to kill one random guy, everyone thinks they are pvp pro and hate who going any pve activities.

So what ship did you lose?

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2/11/13 10:38:42 AM#42
eve is a very social game, no way to play it without making friends really... I have a group of players i've played with for 6 years, and that only one group, there are several others who i've met along the way, my contacts list is almost full =[

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2/11/13 4:43:45 PM#43
Originally posted by Malcanis
Originally posted by shingoukieh
Originally posted by miagisan

EVE is the best mmo most will never play. I spent years in it and the only reason i stopped was 3 kids, a house and a job lol :) otherwise i would still be playing


(i still dream of it....sad but true)


and your daily server populations

why would that stop you....your skills train while you are offline.

If he'd spent "years" in EVE, then he probably has all the skills he needs.

ive been playing 3 years with 2 alts and still dont got all the skills i need....


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2/12/13 1:59:55 AM#44
What skills that you need dont you have?

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2/12/13 2:14:49 PM#45

my drones skills arent maxed. missle skills are max in small, rocket, heavy,ham but not cruise and above. spaceship command skills like covert ops, hac, maradur are at 4 only.  thats my pvp pilot that has like 35mil sp.

indy skills like minerals all arent maxed..minerals such as veld and scor are but other ones trained to 4. research skills arent maxed. only a few. social skills arent maxed. this character has 27 mil sp

3rd character has 10 mil and mostly i use it for exploration and trade skills. and mining

im comfortable where i am in game but unlike most mmorpg im not like complete and just sitting in town looking uber



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2/12/13 2:37:17 PM#46
Originally posted by Robokapp

57k online this afternoon.


their highest concurrent peak is in the 60s so population is (BY EVE STANDARDS) very high presently.


really, eve's playerbase has been growing for a decade. slowly but surely.


eve makes no sense in today's mmo status's growing when everyone else is falling. it's small and growing when everyone else peaks big then falls bigger :). It's a unique game in this sense. certainly one to try. might be for you, might not be. I thought i'd hate it when i tried it 4 years ago. I didnt hate it :D



its a game with depth. Its an extremely rewarding experience if you invest the time (years). 

When you have a game that gets better everyday, people tend to stick with it. Eve is a living breathing entitiy, it evolves & shifts constantly. Its a completely dynamic experience. 

Very few games on the market today offer what Eve offers. 


Waiting on:


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2/14/13 12:54:15 PM#47
Watch some videos take your time, eve is unlike anything else out there, I have played for the last eight years and just jumping through a gate can bring something new and suprising, I may try other games but nothing has held my attention like EVE.

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2/17/13 12:09:51 AM#48
Originally posted by h0urg1ass

The population in EVE has never been an issue.  It has always had a steadily rising population of players.  The "problem" is that a good 50% or more of them will never leave high sec, and that's being conservative.  A lot of players log on every day to do nothing more than trade, build stuff or blow up NPC ships in missions.  This is fine for them if that's what they want to do!  I'm not knocking anyones playstyle, but if you're looking at that pool of 55,000 players online as a source of potential PVP, then you'll be sorely disappointed as most players have no desire to fight other players. 

Out of 55,000 players online, I'd wager that only less than 1000 of them are looking for good fights, and that's spread across 5,000+ solar systems.  On top of that, a good fight is largely determined by what ships you are both flying.  If you're out looking for a good fight in an assault frigate, and you run into a guy looking for a good fight in a double webbed battlecruiser, then you'll most likely just avoid each other and another PVP opportunity is lost.

EVE is simultaneously the most exciting, heart pounding thrill you'll ever have, and the deepest yawning boredeom you'll ever experience all rolled into one game.

PVP in EVE is the most exhilerating feeling I've ever had from a video game.  Everything is on the line, from the ship you're flying to your reputation in every fight.

On the flip side, trying to find those fights is all but impossible these days.  They turned all the good geurilla ships into flying useless bricks a few years ago.  Local chat is an instant intelligence tool that, when coupled with an alt scouting in a shuttle, keeps PVP stale and lifeless.  You'll only get a fight these days from someone who wants to fight you, and when someone wants to fight you, that generally means they have 50 buddies one jump away just waiting to gank you after you foolishly engage.

If you manage to get a couple of good fights a week, you'll spend dozens of hours flying around looking for those good fights.  To me, that equation is just too lopsided.  I'd rather have slightly less excitement in another game, but have it more routinely... and this is coming from someone who played the game every single day from 2005 until 2010 and I still have one account that I log into just to train skills. lol


That perfectly sums up why I do not play EvE anymore. As a PvP'er, it's way too hard to find a fight that isn't some zerg trap. They also made it way too easy for people to avoid and escape from PvP. 1% of EvE is exciting when you can get it, the other 99% is pure boredom unfortunately. I've gone entire game sessions as a pirate not being able to get a fight out of anyone. It turned into me logging on to just change skills, no thanks. 

If CCP made the game more PvP oriented, I'd be back in a heartbeat. The game is beautiful and well designed. If they removed local and didn't make the ships and items quite so expensive (making everyone fear and avoid fighting), that would go a long way. 


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2/18/13 10:51:22 PM#49

You'll like Eve far more if you find a group of people you enjoy playing with, get involved in what's going on and involved in the Eve community.  I won't lie and try to tell you that there aren't times in the game that are ever so boring and all you do is spin your ship but, just like someone stated above, you get the right combination of events and things are more exciting than anything else you'll ever do in any other MMO.  I've been on the end-game raids during Vanilla and a few expansions in WoW pounding your head against the wall with your friends trying to put that extra ounce of performance out of yourself and party-mates to down that final boss you've been trying for in the past week - it's an astounding high...but nothing compared to an all out slugfest with 2-300 pilots on a single grid with explosions going off all around you, warp ins, warp out, drag bubbles being dropped in the perfect location so you can slam your oponent into the ground and force them off the field to call a win.

To me, being in high-sec is the reason most people find the game dry and a snooze fest, it's where a whole lot of nothing happens aside from nearly scripted PvP fights (soon to come, legal dueling) and some suicide ganking to piss off the entitled safe-space pubbies.  The real action doesn't start until you begin with the actual combat in places like RvB or faction warfare.  Getting into the null-sec arena is pretty damned easy with the 2 largest null-sec coalitions actively recruiting new pilots (newbies) to fill the ranks.  Those groups are extremely helpfull and extremely willing to improve your gameplay experience.  I normally play with an entity in Eve that people like to call elitists and the like but even I value the service that Test and CFC provide to the game (as well as my own content).

The game truly is what you make of it.  It's content is purly driven by your own imagination to do just about whatever you want.  There are so many avenues for you to explore, all it takes is some time to explore those options and find a group you enjoy playing with.

Despite what many will tell you, it's not a spreadsheet game.  Sure, you may use them if you like the industrialist side of it but if you really do like industry then you won't mind using spreadsheets at all.  You don't see spreadsheets at all in null-sec combat, most of the fits (how you fit your ships) are given to pilots as well as many many pilots gladly giving you opinions when asked for.

Much of the last 2 years have been spent on refining the player experience through UI improvements, mechanic improvements and ship balancing.  Along with that, we saw something like 8-12 new ships introduced.  Over the next year or so, I expect to see more improvements on the already released game, which for a player like me, is awesome because it shows that CCP finally got the message that shiny is not always better than improvement and that's not what the players wanted.

You would be wise in giving this game a shot if you truly want a space-sim experience that is just about as sandboxy as it gets along with a scale you won't find in anything else on the market today.  Don't let the bitter-vets or haters tell you it's the best game you'll never play because that's an extremely accute view on the entire game and doesn't give it even the slightest amount of justice that it deserves.


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2/18/13 11:09:26 PM#50
I really liked EvE, but eventually just gave up after a few months of playing. People have been playing this thing for years and years, and you will NEVER, EVER catch up to them. After 3 months i still couldn't join a proper corp, as i didn't have enough SP to be appealing to them. I'm not against having something to show for your years of dedication, in fact i quite like the idea. But i am a player that looks at those around him to size up the situation. The situation was pretty bleak lol.

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2/18/13 11:14:17 PM#51
Originally posted by tom_gore

Yes EVE is quite inexpensive when it comes to MMOs.

However, their three last "expansions" have pretty much been patches that add very little new content and instead tweak and fix existing systems. Not saying they're not needed, but EVE has not seen really new content (such as the Incursions or Wormholes) in a long time.


Again, most of Eve's content is entirely player driven.  I don't think the game is truely designed for PvE, even though there are plenty of PvE activities to do and that's generally what people spend their time doing.  The combat is getting alot of attention because that's the focus of the game.

The improvements/fixes being done are player requested.  The players essentially told CCP they didn't want new shinies and, instead, wanted fixes on the current mechanics.


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2/18/13 11:17:21 PM#52
Originally posted by Toxia
I really liked EvE, but eventually just gave up after a few months of playing. People have been playing this thing for years and years, and you will NEVER, EVER catch up to them. After 3 months i still couldn't join a proper corp, as i didn't have enough SP to be appealing to them. I'm not against having something to show for your years of dedication, in fact i quite like the idea. But i am a player that looks at those around him to size up the situation. The situation was pretty bleak lol.

There are plenty of things to do as a low SP player.  Off the top of my head, joinging the Red or Blue corps for the RvB (constantly able to shoot each other training corps) or faction warfare are great starts to player vs player.  Additionally, once you're comfortable with PvP and losses, TEST and Goons are always recruiting newbies and even have published Newbie Drives.


The game isn't going to hand you the content on a silver plater, not saying that's what you're wanting but it's gonna take a bit of work to get what you want.

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