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EVE Online Forum » Jita (General) » How necessary is it to have multiple accounts?

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OP  11/08/12 1:13:01 PM#1

Is it possible to have fun with one account please say yes.


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11/08/12 1:20:09 PM#2


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11/08/12 2:16:29 PM#3
Originally posted by postpwn

Is it possible to have fun with one account please say yes.

yes, but more accounts with extra set of eyes -elsewhere-  come in very handy though, especially if you are flying expensive ships you really don't want to lose.

+lot of players split their skills between more characters, like builders, traders and combat characters.

when flying supercapitals/titans, alt accounts are a necessary bad thing, because you can't dock and switch out to other ships without ejecting your ship (and see it stolen by others).

Even normal capitals require the help of a cynofield by a other character to move around.....I would say: subcapitals: 1 char can definately be enough......capitals and higher I would advise to get a alt account.


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DaZeD aNd AmUsEd

11/08/12 4:47:48 PM#4

Been playing for 6'ish years and never had a second account.  Also, can't fly caps...  :p

So, yes, to answer the OP.  No second account needed.




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11/09/12 6:52:48 AM#5
Originally posted by postpwn

Is it possible to have fun with one account please say yes.



Depending on what kind of gameplay you evolve towards, a second account certainly can be useful, but until you put your main into a supercapital, I wouldn't say that it was necessary.

Disclaimer: I have 2 accounts. But most of the time I'm only logged into 1.

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11/09/12 8:12:09 AM#6
Yes you can have fun with just one account , I ran with a single account for several years and had a blast with it

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11/09/12 4:39:03 PM#7
Definitely, I have always had only one account and have done some profoundly cool stuff with it.

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11/09/12 4:40:22 PM#8

Not necessary at all.....

But I have 3 accounts currently active.

It's really fun to have more accounts in EVE.


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11/11/12 5:50:05 PM#9
1 account since 2009 and having a blast.

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11/11/12 5:53:18 PM#10
Originally posted by postpwn

Is it possible to have fun with one account please say yes.

Yes. I only have one account.


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11/11/12 5:56:03 PM#11
I think it's only 20-25% of eves 450k subs are second and so on accounts.  You can learn every skill on one account if you so wish but would take you over 20 years:).  A others have said there is no need for a second account but can make doing 2 contradicting(not sure how else to put this) things easier.

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11/11/12 6:41:43 PM#12
Yes offcourse. I used to have two accounts. Now I have only one and I don't feel at all as if I had 50% less fun.

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11/11/12 6:46:08 PM#13

playing since 2009 and never added a second account.


maybe if you're a titan pilot I can see the beefits but as 99% of playerbase arent...there's no need for a second account.


only two classes of ships cant dock in station...supercapitals an titans. which then bears the qustion "what do I do with it when i don't want to be in it". can leave it at a tower - but draws attention being such a big item sitting there empty. Or can park an alt into it. Most choose the alt.


personally i'm not yet a capital pilot let alone a super-pilot.


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OP  11/12/12 1:30:45 PM#14

Very good information. It just depends on how your play style evolves.

Thanks guys, see you in the far reaches of Icelandic outer space!


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11/12/12 1:36:06 PM#15

I'd say you would be handicapping yourself with just one account ISK wise and killing the potential for extra future profit outside of playing markets.

That however doesn't mean you couldn't have fun in the game and pvp at the same time. Additionally you'll be more dependent on others in the game for your needs and that is not always the best case scenario when it is not uncommon for people to use confidence scams in order to rip people/corps/alliance off.

In addition being able to have more characters to focus on certain individual roles allows you do a whole lot more by yourself such as running plexes, running wormhole sites, running faction warfare sites/missions or doing incursion sites, hauling ships and supplies to your characters in null or wormhole space, etc.


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11/16/12 9:05:02 PM#16

For miner more accounts a preferable, although  the new patch gives such high cargo hole that you can do with one account, but mining with a group gives you certain advantanges.

For PVP one account is more then enough because you go in groups between 5 till 300. a fast pc with a good fsp is preferable or your dead

For PVE account 1 is enough 2 is preferable goes faster.

I do not play the game any more i do just skill my accounts.

i taking 1 year off. Besides from the many feautures they shown you can only walk in your own quaters and not mingle with other in the station itself. And they shown that 2004 already





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11/16/12 9:15:33 PM#17
by the time you absolutely need a second account in EvE you'll pretty much be able to pay for your original sub with plex anyways.....maybe even both....

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11/16/12 9:23:25 PM#18
I did fine with a single acct

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11/17/12 8:56:55 AM#19

To get a bit more technical, with the upcoming update we get salvaging drones. Salvaging/looting was one of the big reasons you wanted an alt for PvE. Now unless your an extreme missioner its probably more cost effective to only kill/salvage which you no longer will need an alt for.

For most other things(scouting) a disposable alt account is sufficent. For things like pricechecks in jita etc even a alt on the same account will do.


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11/20/12 9:01:36 PM#20

You can but it will hinder play outside of highsec based activities.

I recently had a set of conversations on this topic with some folks - whenever you phrase it as 'needed' they immediately start reversing statements they've made about how essential it is to have them -- probe alt incase a wormhole you live in closes while doing a supply run, point scout alt to run gates for you prior to bringing a big ship through, cyno alt for capital pilots to move about, etc.

The bulk of your single-account holders stay in highsec and if you read many of the complaints from other "dangerous" parts of the game about highsec, the only way a good portion of them they really make sense is based upon the assumption that the bulk of the players have these multiple accounts.

It is kind of odd that a game designed for 1 character to do any and everything is so heavily loaded with multiple account holders like this but multiple accounts has been the shift in this game for quite some time.

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