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Rolf Jansson and Markus Persson | Official Site
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2/24/13 4:47:31 PM#41
Originally posted by Torgrim
Originally posted by Dihoru
Originally posted by Torgrim
Originally posted by Dihoru
Originally posted by Torgrim
Originally posted by Dihoru
Originally posted by Torgrim
Originally posted by Maozorz

Originally posted by greenreen

When I played it, it had no fighting animations, the combat log was difficult to cipher, the attacks seemed too RNG.

When you fought something it just stared at you, it also had no animation.

I overlooked those things for the crafting but even the UI isn't built well for that so it took it's toll over time.

The menus required too much clicking. Sub-menus were buried as deep as 3 levels. That makes four clicks to do one thing, that's too much for me.

There are fun things about the game like building a town and terraforming land but the game needed a lot of work when I left.

Once they had a problem with an intrusion and blamed it on PHP saying they were moving to .net because it was more secure. For that alone they embarrassed themselves and sent me out the door. I use PHP on plenty of sites that are secure so  blaming security on your language and not your settings or code you snatched offline is something I can't abide. It frankly made me lose trust in their ability to secure my payment information or anything private so that was my red flag to vanish.

Originally posted by Torgrim
I would if they update the graphics and get rid of those god awful animations.

Wurm Online is PURE gameplay>graphics.


Thats no excuse in the year 2013.

This old debate " I rather have good gameplay than good graphics" are outdated and moot.

We live in 2013 hell even back in 2008 we had good graphic tech and still people argued that good gameplay is better than good graphic, you see we WANT a game with good graphics AND good gameplay nowdays, not one or another simple as that.

Ok you go around and tell the independent dev teams that they either need to sign a pact with the devil to licence a "good" graphics engine, pay a exorbitant amount of money for a decent engine or need to extend their development schedual by a good 2 maybe 3 years to create their own decent graphics engine.

Reason > entitlement.

Also Minecraft > Skyrim.


With that attitude why bother buy a new PC with the latest tech?

Because I do video editting as a hobby and rendering anything in 1080p on something without a good CPU and GPU (with a healthy dose of RAM) is just asking for a long ETA and I also require a decent rig for my area of study/work: Physics ^^ ( that said I don't have a cutting edge rig, the CPU on my desktop is about the closest thing as a mid range i5 Ivy Bridge, the GPU is a pre-kepler era AMD, slightly blingy but got it a good price and as for the RAM, 8gb DDR 3 1600Mhz). But that's my desktop on which I rarely spend time gaming, my laptop is a more robust if slightly older configuration (sandy bridge i5, 6650M radeon and 6 gb DDR3 1333Mhz RAM) and it works perfectly ^^.


OK gotcha only buy a good PC with the latest tech if you into production .


Not as sad as putting graphics over aesthetics and gameplay but whatever makes you happy kid ^^.


And its so hard to get best of both worlds?

Kid?....with that crap we might aswell drop this discusion right here.

Correct me if I am wrong but the highest fidelity games of the past which were released were neither innovative nor all that interesting in terms of gameplay and I am gonna bet the trend continues because budgets can rarely afford the best of both worlds (no, Skyrim isn't the best of both worlds, it was built with potential via the high degree of flexbility towards modding but the story wasn't particularly exciting, the game mechanics were in many places archaic, the control scheme on the PC is a right pain, etc,etc) and to my knowledge the best of both worlds has never been put into a single game, it's either aesthetics/gameplay (sometimes with or without story thrown in) or it's either balls to the wall graphical fidelity but the gameplay and other facets suffer as a result (I say the Crysis series is a example of that, it isn't a bad game by any means, hell I had fun with it... but only one playthrough whereas other games keep pulling me back in from time to time, EVE being the prime example, it's graphics are almost the best but that's because for a while the devs focused on them to the detriment of the other content in those expansions).


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3/01/13 10:24:06 AM#42

I played Wurm online years ago, well about 2 or 3 years ago.

The things I seen in the game that I liked was the depth of play, it was truely a sandbox.  But the UI was bad, not just bad but HORRIBLE!   The graphics I could overlook for decent gameplay.   But the lack of animations was a bit tiresome, they fixed the graphics mostly, and it looks better.   Still not on the top tier level but worlds better than it did. 


The other issue is the price plan for it.   I cant justify spending 9bucks a month for a game that is more like work than a game.    And the lack of a decent playerbase sucks, because of the surges in player numbers there are enough ghost towns and deeds left with money left on them so they will be around for years.   And all the long time players have exploited the hell out of the merchant system and dont pay for the game anymore because they have gained so much silver off of the merchant they bought years ago it doesnt matter.  


Then there is Rolf.  Rolf refuses to do somethings that would help the game, like improve the combat system.   Expand on the ships and let them carry animals that cant swim.   Or even have combat on ships or let ships be hit by catapults.  


Wurm online is a great game on paper, but fails to deliver in reality.   I wish someone would take the game from Rolf and just put some money and effort into it and finish it.   This is why the creator of Minecraft left Wurm, because he was tired of Rolfs stagnation. 


So much crap, so little quality.

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