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Broadsword Online Games | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/30/97)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:$09.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Ultima Online Videos: Kingdom Reborn Exclusive Video! (2:00)

EA/Mythic has given us exclusive access to this video featuring a run down on the changes coming our way for UO: Kingdom Reborn.

EA/Mythic has given us exclusive access to this video featuring a run down on the changes coming our way for UO: Kingdom Reborn.
Duration: 2:00
Views: 19,293  40 comments
Game: Ultima Online
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AmbassadorDvinn writes: I'm seriously excited to play this again. Go UO. Wed Jun 13 2007 3:26PM Report
gardian90 writes: I still think UO isnt worth the money Wed Jun 13 2007 3:29PM Report
AmbassadorDvinn writes: Google Angel Island Wed Jun 13 2007 3:33PM Report
PoPfyren writes: the new grafics looks like diablo 2... :/ Wed Jun 13 2007 4:39PM Report
vknid writes: I wish the movie was close up and better quality. I couldnt really get a feel for the changes.. except maybe the spell effects, those looked pretty cool (from what i could see anyway!) I was a HUGE UO fan back in the day.. too many changes drove me away tho. I think I will buy this, but if the mechanics are still the same, then it wont be long till I cancel it. =( Wed Jun 13 2007 4:44PM Report
Squal'Zell writes: does not look that good... Wed Jun 13 2007 5:48PM Report
rsreston writes: Seems pretty good to me, considering how old the game engine is. If I had plenty of time, I´d give this classic a try! Wed Jun 13 2007 8:02PM Report
djcanibus writes: Untima Online is NOT the mmorpg that started em all.. That would have been Underlight... Wed Jun 13 2007 8:36PM Report
ben_71 writes: Ultima Online did launch the true MMOG genre djcanibus, meaning it was the first to let thousands of players in the same game world seamlessly, unlike Meridan 59 which came before but only allowed for a couple hundred. Which is hardly massive. Ultima Online is responsible for establishing the genre and making it possible for EverCrap to be successful. Oh and UO came out in September 97, which predates Underlight, numbnut. Wed Jun 13 2007 8:54PM Report
liadz writes: Graphics looks like Diablo II and that is not a problem at all! And it has many window customization options. Nice dragons =D Wed Jun 13 2007 9:26PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: I agree with vknid, they need to release a bigger movie file - it's so tiny you can't see much. Wed Jun 13 2007 9:32PM Report
britzban writes: Come on guys, right click on the movie and go to full guys should know that. Wed Jun 13 2007 9:37PM Report
Hives writes: Ultima online wasn't the first mmo but it was the first one to do it right and imo is still the best if it went back to the old UO rule set. I'll go back if they put up some new servers that bring back the old UO. Wed Jun 13 2007 10:35PM Report
harmonica writes: All UO needs to do is release new servers that are carbon copies of the game Pre- UO:R. Everything after that is when UO started to suck. This new staff blows and they have too much pride to create an oldschool style server, which will be their doom. This new release looks like ass and the changes are crap. Wed Jun 13 2007 11:36PM Report
Eridanix writes: It'd be worth sub back. Still the best MMORPG imo. Thu Jun 14 2007 3:16AM Report
LynxJSA writes: I'm an extreme UO fan, but I honestly don't understand what they are hyping here. It seems like they are proud that it only took seven years to get their 3D client working. The comparisons are deceitful because they turn off colored lighting and other effects intheir 'before' pics. Other than zooming in/out, what other benefit is there to this engine? Thu Jun 14 2007 6:44AM Report
tagon writes: wow I may have to start playing again Thu Jun 14 2007 6:54AM Report
zombie3000 writes: Well i have been playing UO for 3 years now, and honestly EA/Mythic has along way to go with UO:KR, its horrible, laggy as hell...Classic UO FTW!!! Thu Jun 14 2007 10:29AM Report
gnlLucid writes: Too bad the realm online released in 1996.. and was in beta 5 months before meridian's release, where ultima online released in 1997... Ah the internet, were being a blatent liar is legal.. wtg EA/Mythic... another title not worth the space it takes on the hard drive. Thu Jun 14 2007 11:02AM Report
Reneliel writes: UO use to be the best game out there, when it was Classic! none of this fel tram BS, the game has been ruined ever since. Thu Jun 14 2007 11:56AM Report
Grakel writes: There is nothing to get excited about. If you knew what the classic UO used to be like you'd realize that. Unfortunately the only game that even got close to the old UO was Shadowbane, of course it lacked most of what made UO a legend but some of the feeling was there. Thu Jun 14 2007 2:20PM Report
nutha writes: I did play this game and enjoyed it for about a year when it first came out. But once high graphic 3D came on to the scene I just could not go back to 2D. Thu Jun 14 2007 3:19PM Report
nutha writes: According to Kingdom of Drakkar was out in 1992, M59 (which i did play and enjoyed) came out in 06/06/96 the max per server at peak was <200 and The Realm was released 12/31/06. Where as UO was released 09/30/97. Thu Jun 14 2007 3:26PM Report
Sero23 writes: I have played for 57 months now. I can honestly say this new 3d client version is nothing new graphic wise. It takes some getting used to, which I would rather keep playing the 2d version unless im wanting to see something in al its 3d glory. I wouldnt call this type of game 3d though, just enhanced 2d. Wheres my UO:X Thu Jun 14 2007 3:44PM Report
LordHogFred writes: UO was the first MMORPG available as we know it. Yes there was Meridian (and the original Neverwinter Nights if we're being picky, not the Bioware one) but UO was what pioneered the changes needed to give MMOs the edge and the full gameplay they really needed. Thu Jun 14 2007 7:23PM Report
csthao writes: Well all I have to say is, if they put this much time and effort in making KR...They coulda just create a new game and look like how the newer generation games...For example like Darkfall (which is a complete clone of UO just in better 3d and hopefully it comes out too) They have all the programs with the skills and player housing etc. all they needed to do was make it in REAL 3d...KR isnt anything special just a waste of time.... Thu Jun 14 2007 10:10PM Report
jor8888 writes: Get over it UO started it all, just look at how many ppl played UO back then and still talking about it as now and never played anything before UO came out. Sat Jun 16 2007 9:48PM Report
tomarik writes: i plan on rejoining UO also after seeing what there doing. But lets not forget the whole concept of in Uo "Whos ever got the most money wins" well at least for things like pvp Sun Jun 17 2007 11:06AM Report
Flummoxed writes: Classic UO Action: ***Corp Por!*** (from 2 screens away) oooOOoooOooo Sun Jun 17 2007 5:25PM Report
Borluc writes: Angel Island is NOT oldschool UO. Seriously, I'd pay for uo again if they brought back a classic server with no lockdowns in houses and stealable keys. Unfortunately, they won't tap into that vein so I'll give my money to someone else who does. Sun Jun 17 2007 8:44PM Report
apocalance writes: Hopefully this didn't cost them too much to do because I doubt they'll see any real return on investment here. From someone who never played UO, this doesn't make me want to. Thu Jun 21 2007 1:29PM Report
batman5000 writes: UO is worth the money,the game is awesome, best mmo out there by far and Im a D2 fan and I played WoW(unfortuanetly). The graphics are going to make it better...plan and simple..I could care less if they improved them or not...Im not a graphics whore...Im more for gameplay. As far as the old was cool...but you could get stuff stolen and get killed anytime...sure Im sure its fun for evil people but for those that like to not get your arse kicked it aint so fun. Plus you can go back to Feluccia and do that all that stuff if you chose the darkside. So no whining about all the other realms...shessh..I dont see WoW doing that or LOTR even Diablo 2. If people want to go get robbed and killed they'll go to Feluccia. Mon Jun 25 2007 11:33AM Report
saint4God writes: Sega Genesis, meet your match! Seriously folks, it's time to move on. There are some GREAT MMORPG's out there. Even this movie put me to sleep. Mon Jul 09 2007 5:04PM Report
dan96 writes: the one thing about this game is that this game also has free servers and just by learning how to code for free servers it opens it up in a whole new way. You can even take characters from other games and code it into this game just by simply using a notepad. And the server Seige is one of the only pay servers that has full fledged felucca where you can steal and do everything that you want to just like i nthe day and im pretty sure if you got enough people to Email EA GAMEs because Origin Systems Inc. NO LONGER owns Ultima Online. well if you got enough people to email ea games asking them to create a old school uor servers that they would make them but because no one thinks of asking for what they want they jsut expect people to know what they want is the reason UO turned from UOR to trammyville. Im a old school UO player I used to love the faction play and a lot of other people did also wass like 100 vs 100 vs 100 vs 100 people was insane play s i believe if we got enough people to email EA Games we can get them to build us a uor shard again where people that used to play would come back because they like that type of play UO is unique and well always be unqiue. between UO and Everquest they were the two major starters of the MMORPG Era. Wed Jul 18 2007 2:20PM Report
frumbert writes: It'd sure be interesting to pull UO out again. I quit long long ago before it all got messed up. How about being "reborn with the original rules" :-) Mon Jul 23 2007 3:36AM Report
chr1sm writes: LOL.. and it still looks crappy.. No matter how far away they put that camera, even if I have to squint. They're damn right about "some things never change" .. You guys KILLED UO with TRAMMEL...get over it..this game is dead, it died a decade ago. You have absolitely no idea who your fan base was. Everybody knows KR is nothing but a ploy to keep their current base. Nobody is going to get into a currently crappy 2D version of Everquest. UO FAILS and EA FAILS for destroying the best mmorpg that ever was. UO has gone down as the greatest tragedy in MMORPG history. Thu Aug 30 2007 11:53PM Report
chr1sm writes: Oh hey, and to all you pre-trammel UO fans out there, keep an eye out for Darkfall and Renaissance. These 2 games are going to take where UO "left off" a decade ago, and bring it all back to a whole new level. UO's days are numbered, that game will be no more within the next few years(not that it is anything as it stands right now). I have absolutely no sympathy for them, they took the best game ever and destroyed it. People like me have been waiting almost a decade for another game like UO to come out and we will finally get it with Darkfall and Renaissance. Fri Aug 31 2007 12:00AM Report
Anarchist420 writes: Trammel definitely ripped UOs heart out and placed it on a stake in the center of Britain (or another town, its been too long). To EA/Mythic, tear apart your crappy neo-3D engine and your isometric engine and recreate it!! Keep the game code, keep the mechanics, trash Trammel (force your players to have some balls), but rewrite your overlying engine!! Tue Sep 04 2007 9:51AM Report
ronpack writes: Hrmm... I may need to check this out. I used to play UO back in 99 and played it for 2 years. I thought it was awesome! And that was back when it was 2D and looked very impressive. Here's a pic for you old school players :) And yes, I had those monsters under my control. But you have to feed them lots of meat or they will turn on you lol :D Sat Jul 26 2008 10:36PM Report
chrisel writes:

This is definately the worst piece of sh** video in whole

No thanks.

Sun May 15 2011 8:18PM Report