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Ultima Online Forum » Britannia Tavern (General) » Is Ultima Online still worth playing today?

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3/24/12 9:14:43 PM#21
Originally posted by csthao
Originally posted by GeminiStatic

WHat changed though? I just want that Ultimate Sandbox experience. 


The game became materialistic. You'd need some weapons with freaked out mods to stand a chance against people. Resistances on armor was added = making all other types of clothing as strong as plate without the high strength requirement. Housing locations, back then you could put a house in the city limits and be protected by guards. Freakish fast casting / recovery (no such thing back then). Stealing in town (Was super fun to do this and get away with some nice loot). A lot more but nothing comes to mind ATM.

The one cool thing that I liked really much was the house customization. Build your house the way you like it.

I played until about a month after Age of Shadow.  What killed it for me was just the sudden transition from non-gear to gear-based game.  Before AOS, crafted gear was good, and you could also get cool stuff from mobs... but most of your ´power´ was in your own ability to control your character.  After AOS, your gear became you... and it didn´t come from crafting, it was all about killing a crapload of mobs to get diablo style loot.

The fun part of UO for me was always about player housing and the economy.  I loved having a huge store with repeat customers.  I also loved going into dungeons with new players for no other reason than to test our abilities to control the spawns.  After AOS, the only thing anyone ever wanted to do was grind some spot for gear. 

Many people think Trammel was the end of UO.. I think it was the transition to item-based gameplay that ruined it.

Is it worth playing today?  Probably not.  A sandbox game needs an interactive community and decent population. UO has lost both.


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3/24/12 9:20:34 PM#22

it's in 2d.....who the heck playes a 2d game in 2012?......


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3/24/12 9:27:41 PM#23
Originally posted by GeminiStatic

So  basically I should ignore everyone that says UO sucks now and should play UO now if I love sandbox MOs PvP FFA?

If you remove the words PVP and FFA then yes. But in its current form its not the real UO. Its been Trammelized and EAfied


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3/24/12 11:51:26 PM#24

2D games can be just as fun as any 3d games.  There are actually alot of 2d games better then 3d.


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3/27/12 2:46:08 AM#25
Originally posted by Jakdstripper

it's in 2d.....who the heck playes a 2d game in 2012?......

Gee, I don't know, maybe someone with enough imagination to look past the more trivial, aesthetic aspects of a game and appreciate all of the gameplay elements that it dominates, as opposed to the typical run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter 3D mmo with it's boring, mindless, tired, and repetitve gameplay conventions?

Hope that answers your question.



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4/07/12 6:29:19 AM#26

The best all around game out there.  You can be anything in this game, want to be a fisherman and make money at it?  You can!  Smith, tailor, hunter, cook, ninja, Dragon tamer, vampire like name have it!  One thing I love about this game is that people actually ROLE PLAY and work together....hence MMORPG. 

UO is just a classic I keep playing.   I take breaks dont get me wrong, but I keep bouncing back to it:) 


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4/15/12 3:32:30 PM#27
Originally posted by Jakdstripper

it's in 2d.....who the heck playes a 2d game in 2012?......


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4/15/12 3:47:31 PM#28

Just needs an IPad/Andriod client and plenty would play it.


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4/15/12 4:05:21 PM#29

I still keep my UO sub because I like my keep :) I love decorating my house up for each holiday lol. Will prob be subbed until it goes offline and have been since the game started :)

What happens when you log off your characters????.....
Dark Age of Camelot


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6/03/12 9:44:30 AM#30

I play UO because of the community. Just take a look at what one group of players on Europa have created, it is a museum celebrating 15 years of Ultima:


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7/19/12 8:36:38 PM#31

After years of WoW and playig many others, I've been looking for a sandbox with much content.  I've played WURM Online and like it; however, it's not one you can play, leave for a few months and return without all your hard work destroyed.  I was wondering if anyone know if there are still many players - playing and which shard is recommended for Optional PVP?  I like PVP but want to wait till later (after I grow up a bit  Thanks for assist.


Also - What is this Tramm thing I keep hearing about?


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7/19/12 9:27:12 PM#32



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7/19/12 9:50:50 PM#33
Originally posted by Grumium

2D games can be just as fun as any 3d games.  There are actually alot of 2d games better then 3d.

See my Avatar.


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7/19/12 10:19:25 PM#34

It's about 100 times worse than it used to be, with most of the lore butchered, the community splintered, and the mechanics WoWified.


But its still better than 99% of whats out there.


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7/21/12 4:12:00 PM#35

Are we able to learn all skills?


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7/31/12 2:00:38 PM#36
Originally posted by mastersomrat

Are we able to learn all skills?

A character knows all skills from the start (besides pickpocketing and a few others, which takes a mix of certain skills). You have 700 skill points to put points into all the skills, in whatever amount you want.


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8/02/12 5:44:58 PM#37

7x GM. I remember when that used to be so rare and cherished.

Last time I played, you went past GM (which was 100) and didn't max 7 skills, but combos up to I think 120??

I've played UO:Hybrid. Its a joke. I was on the top 50 board for 5x dueling before they reset it. I was also a member of the better faction guilds on the servers. Let me be the first to tell you it is an absolute joke. Hybrid is so corrupted and filled with the absolute worst type of person. I would recommend no one to play there. I had my fun on Hybrid, but even that server has died. Whatever could of even come close to what UO used to be, died with what Hybrid became. 

No. UO will never be what it was. Is it still fun? Maybe for some people. But, for me, its too painful to log on because I find myself remembering all the great times I had on the game and how there will never be a game to ever touch the experiences I had there.


UO was in my mind the best game by such a far long shot the number can't even be caluclated. 


Oh... how I miss those days.


I would go back to a pay to play server before going back to Hybrid. Hybrid captures more of the the UO:R era. But, with the shit admins and horrible playerbase, I'd play AOS. Been there and done that.


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12/07/12 1:20:27 AM#38
Originally posted by Fargo71

I play UO because of the community. Just take a look at what one group of players on Europa have created, it is a museum celebrating 15 years of Ultima:

Only Europeans would queue that politely


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12/07/12 1:27:56 AM#39
Not really, no. Most of the things that once made it special have been stripped away. Then they started ruining the game world and story adding elves and ninjas and other nonsense.

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2/06/13 9:43:45 AM#40
Originally posted by Grumium

I miss old school UO :"(

Funny you mentioned that.  I remember a while back and I mean awhile back, that they were thinking of having a shard for the old school UO as it was in the late 90's.  I swear I read that somewhere, but then they came out and said they were not going to do that. 

Anyone else remember that?

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