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Ultima Online Forum » Britannia Tavern (General) » Long time MMO Gamer looking to start UO

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OP  10/06/11 1:00:16 PM#1

Looking to start playing UO, Started playing mmos when DAOC came out and have played them since. I have been looking at UO for a long time. So I have come here for any advice about how to start.


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10/13/11 8:06:31 AM#2

Better stay away from EA UO. EA concentrates on getting swtor out these days and hardly puts any effort in their other mmos.

EA UO is buggy, understaffed and definitely way too expensive for what it delivers.



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10/13/11 7:57:15 PM#3


Well for starters, when you're in the game look at all the skills that you want (maximum would be 7, 100 is the skill cap and you have 700 points to spend) then just run around town and look for guild buildings where you can spend your money training a bit into those skills. Usually when you pay the npc to train you you'll be at roughly 30-32 points into that skill. Unless you feel like figuring things out and learning what you can do to increase your skills. The skill gains increase at a fast rate until you reach around 70.

This is a macro heavy game, so you'll have to learn how to work with their macro system. But I highly recommend you start your first character as a crafter to bring in some money. Then work your second character into being an adventurer. UO is still if not one of the most interactive mmo you'll play. Almost everything you see and can pick up, you can use that item for something. Once you start to get the feel of the game, or start right off the bat, go to the city of Luna via moongate. People can cast one open for you or you can roam the world looking for one. Luna is basically the trade city where everyone hangs out. You can ask players for help to get started, if you find some they'll hook you up handsomely.

Im not going into as much detail as I should be so I'll explain a lil bit more.

First right when you're in the game open up your skill list and look for FOCUS and MEDITATION and make sure your click on the UP icon until you see a lock or the arrow down. You wont be needing to skill those 2 skills up. Then choose a craft to skill up. I'd say Fletching, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing are the 3 cheapest and easiest crafts to make money. If you've made your character to start up with these skills you'll start out with the basic tools and some materials. Right so lets say tailoring is your craft of choice. Go to a tailoring shop buy some BOLT cloths once you've done so, double click some scissors on the floor or if you have one with you click it and then click your BOLTS of cloth once. It'll convert into square cloths. Then click on your sewing kit and a new window will pop up. It shows you a list of things you can craft. Depending on your skill level it'll also show you your chance of success and your chance of making an exceptional. Craft whatever you can (and sell all the stuff you crafted back to the npc) and work your way up until you can make FANCY SHIRT. Just keep making these and sell, once you start making exceptionals of the shirts you'll profit around 50-200g per shirt you sell back to the npc. If you find that you cant afford the BOLTS of cloth anymore, you can always find a way around to making them yourself. Get some scissors and go to a farm area and look for SHEEP and double click your scissors and then the sheep. VOILA you have some sheep fur. Collect alot of these then you bring them back to the tailor shop. Inside the shop you'll see a spinning wheel thingy click your sheep fur then click the wheel. Repeat until you have a new item which would be BALL OF YARN. Once you have enough, there should be another tool inside the shop (forgot the name of it, but its like a square shape thing, looks kinda like an old fashion object where you make rugs?) double click the YARN then click on the object. You'll need ALOT of yarn for this process. The end result? BOLT of cloth!!! So everything you did out of all that was basically free except buying a pair of scissors.

If you find crafting to be all too boring, you can go the magic casting route. Ask around and see if a kind fellow player can hook up up with a full suit of 100% LRC armor (lower reagent cost and INSURE YOUR ARMOR, MAKE SURE ITS LEATHER) (ALSO start out with max intelligence and strength, dexterity isnt a big issue atm) a full spellbook and a RUNEBOOK. Right so the skills you'll want would be (MAGERY 50, MEDITATION 1, EVALUATE INTELLIGENCE 49, bah i cant remember the rest but those are the 3 important ones)  Those are the 3 stats to put into when you make your character. So once you go that setup done. Go to the mage shop buy about 10 unmarked runes and 10 MARK SCROLLS. Open your spell book and drag out the spell MARK (6th spell circle) icon or make a macro for this spell. Now The neat thing here is you can mark your location into the rune (almost ANYWHERE you are) So i'd say mark one for the bank. Since your skill is too low to cast the 6th spell circle it'll take multiple to be successful, you can use the mark scroll you've purchase double click it then it'll ask mark what item. Click on one of your unmarked runes, VOILA you've save the location onto your rune. Double click the rune to rename it if you like. After you've done that drag the rune and drop it into your runebook for furture reference. Then ask a player to make a moongate to a dungeon for you (mark a new rune for this location as well drop into runebook). I highly recommend Covetous as the entrance holds the permarooted tentacle monsters i cant remember their darn name right now (AHAHA the name of the monster is called CORPSER).  You'll be quite safe at a distance. Or if you prefer a lil danger and excitement go to Despise and fight the lizardmen. Right so now you'll want to start murdering monsters. Open your spellbook and look for the spells HARM, NIGHTSIGHT, BLESS, POISON, FIREBALL, LIGHTNING HEAL GREATER HEAL drag the icon out or make a macro for them. Start casting away! Just keep an eye on your mana. When you're low on mana use your skill MEDITATION (it'll skill up by itself) it helps regenerate your mana faster. Kill and loot. Corpser's drop roughly 70-200 gold per kill, and I think the lizardmen does as well. Make sure you watch your weight, as gold can get pretty heavy. Once you got enough double click on your runebook and look for your bank run cast the spell RECALL and you'll be whisked away back to the bank. Recall back to the dungeon and repeat.

HOLY SMOKES what a wall of text! Hopefully this helps a bit. If you need more information head on over to its the best place to get your information. Also world maps doesnt exist in here only a minimap. uostractics has a nice page of the world map. Also the best starter city is Britain. ALT Q is to repeat what you last said so you dont have to type it over again.

BTW if someone casts a RED moongate, dont go into it. They've sent you to the felucca faucet where FFA PVP is not prohibited.

Man just talking about UO makes me wanna subscribe again. If you need more help just post and I'll try to help as much as I can.

Here is how I used to setup my macro
F1 = Open paperdoll  F2 = Open backpack F3 = Open minimap F4 = Recall F5 = Fireball F6 = Lightning F7 = Explosion F8 = Energy Bolt F9 = Energy Vortex F10 = Gate F11 = Invisibility F12 = Greater Heal

(minus sign from numpad -) = last object ALT M = Meditation ALT P = Poison

Well you get the idea hopefully...