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12/28/12 1:33:14 PM#21
There was talk of a DAoC classic server being made... that seems to have died a quiet death :(

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12/28/12 2:44:30 PM#22
Originally posted by Fishu
Originally posted by Wicoa

TOA took a pvp rvr game that people worked towards and shoved in a bucket load of complicated staged chapter PvE that some elements required raid groups, once the main crowd had done it, no one did it again.  Not to mention it added in some overpowered pve gained spells into pvp.

The problem was that the community left the game never to return and the community of this game was crucial for realm pride and successful guilds. The previous expansion, Shrouded Isles was quite awesome though.

Finally there is absolutely no point in playing an mmorpg game EA have old of, they are all about profit and zero about community which is an essential core to an online game.


Trials of Atlantis was not that bad.  The death of Daoc was a sum of thing. The release of WoW in 2004 , New frontier and buffbot.  Now Daoc is just a shell of his former Glory. People just does not care anymore because it`s old. So who  really want to  put time and effort into something archaic that can be vaporware at any moment ?  Nobody.

Sure they did a lot of shallow thing to the game. With questing and exping being so easy now. Daoc was daoc because of the community. Because each realm felt like a family and I personnaly remember most of the ''important'  name in my server . Being vinted by a group to kill Salisbury giants and chilling for hours. Especially Midgard Gawaine. Was like a brotherhood. Now people want to log at any time and always progress. So they add DE,Quest and vista and whatever . So you always have soemthing that the game throw at you. Because human being and socializing suck.

GW2  feel so superficial. It`s great for the current generation I guess.

This is the truth of it, DAoC was during a golden age of mmorpg's, now the attitude of gamers has changed dramatically and games are aimed at millions of potential players instead of a few thousand.

There will never be another community like there was in the early mmorpg's, DAoC in particular had an amazing community of friendship, realm pride and competitive enemies. The smack talk on the forums was great fun, heroes rose up, guilds established themselves and ran for years, not days or months as is the current trend.

This is why GW2 fails miserably, no-one gives a crap about their server, players just migrate to the one that wins the most, it's all about themselves and occasionally their guild.

For Hibernia megameights!! :)

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1/03/13 6:01:46 AM#23
 by far the best mmo ive ever played.

searching for the next DAoC....


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1/09/13 8:11:42 PM#24

Originally posted by Rodzilla  by far the best mmo ive ever played.

I agree. Pre- ToA Daoc were the best, most exciting years I've had in an mmorpg. The people of the Guinevere server were the best community as well, all three sides. Long live old schoolers from Guinevere...errmm especially we from Midgard :-)

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1/17/13 6:12:17 AM#25

Played from closed beta until just before the housing patch. It was the best the genre had to offer at that point, and you still can't get those huge RvR battles between 3 factions, with no class being shared between them anywhere else.

There was a series of questionable balancing decisions, the horrible GUI, a grindfest of PvE, and TOA to hammer the last nail in. Advertised as a "sidegrades with no real impact in RvR", it ofc forced the RvR crew to grind PvE content again to stay competitive.  And then WoW and Guild Wars were released.

Oh, and it's really easy to spot DAoC crafters in RL: It's the ones in the hardware store shouting profanities at the hinges.




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1/17/13 6:20:44 AM#26
funny everyone blames ToA for ruining the game, especially with the gear treadmill, yet look how many of you overlap with the TESO homers. it's literally just DAoC faction setup with most other design in common with GW2 and ToA gear grind built into the game from the start.

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1/17/13 6:25:21 AM#27
No mmo since has perfected the balance of pve content vs pvp content. It's the last mmo I can think of that catered equally well to both player groups.

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1/17/13 6:29:06 AM#28

Good game, but i could never get past the buff bots.


A shame really.


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1/17/13 6:30:20 AM#29
Daoc was my frist mmo , played on and off for over 7 years i really disliked Toa but the final straw was when theY changed  the way archery worked to a semi magic system. It ruined my ranger and took the last bit of fun I was having with the game.Like many folks I wouls still  go right back if they ever did a real classic server.

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1/17/13 6:30:59 AM#30

The Game was the best and is the best game when it comes to RVR and PVP out there.

- I still play it. But I am waiting for Elder Scroll Online now. 

The game is weak on/ here:

1. BuffBots.

2. CC

3. Adventure / Storys

4. TOA

5 Graphics

5. Class balance




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2/07/13 7:06:11 PM#31
To me the ideal game is DAoC pre ToA and all expansions after.  If Mythic would make a Camelot server with just the base game (heck I'll even take NF if I had to) and no expansion classes; that would be the best.  For now though, there is just Uthgard; but I wouold prefer an official server.
  User Deleted
2/07/13 7:20:06 PM#32
Originally posted by Deleted User

I don't disagree with the statement,just wondering,if it is so great,why aren't you playing it?It is still there.

It was the best, original 'neck check' frontiers best.

It still is better than anything out there in regards to pvp/rvr.

That said 2 reasons I don't play it atm:

1. EA must release Mythic from it's deathly grasp before I'll give it funding again, Free Mythic! I won't give EA money for a CS company that handles the majority of it's calls for POGO, online gambling.

2. It's been over a decade and DAoC still cannot switch servers without having to log entirely out of the game? i understand if it's a different realm, a timer could be placed upon that, but when they merged all toons onto Ywain1-bizillion, there was no rhyme nor reason to the placement of toons, so in an rvr game, it's really a pain to have your group wait for you to get that 1 toon you need for your set up..oh wait, gotta relog out of this archaic game to do that, pls wait 5 min, tell the bad guys to not attack us plz.  Bah, can't pay money for that, no.

F2P, yeah I can handle it, but I would write in a ticket every day to help fund a change if needed, lol. I would be terrified of EA running a F2P DAoC though, Mythic would never receive the funding.


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2/07/13 7:42:50 PM#33
Originally posted by Rthuth434
funny everyone blames ToA for ruining the game, especially with the gear treadmill, yet look how many of you overlap with the TESO homers. it's literally just DAoC faction setup with most other design in common with GW2 and ToA gear grind built into the game from the start.

I don't think people would have minded the ToA content if it was built in from the beginning. It was the drastic change in gameplay after a couple years that ticked everyone off.

ToA these days as some said isn't bad. I'm still not a fan of the artis, but I adapted. Not too fond of the NF either. really liked playing on the classic server, but they got rid of that.

I finally stopped playing mostly because of the movement. I just can't stand it anymore, lol. I usually ended up playing a caster because couldn't stand melee, especially trying to strafe, ugh, so awful. That is what makes it hardest going back to it. 

Not ToA, nor NF, but the damn movement stops me from coming back. Even EQ is a lot smoother than daoc.

Oh, and the weirdest thing i find is, they charge freaking TAX now on the game. Been a few years at least I think, so it is actually more expensive to play now than when it started.

Daoc was my 4th MMO, still my all time favorite, well tied with EQ, hehe.

  User Deleted
2/07/13 7:46:12 PM#34

innovative features still not seen in other mmos





Why are these not common in all mmos!!!!!


Though it was always a nice reminder on when not to /stick sometimes, lol

Damn dirty Hibs!


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3/06/13 1:48:05 PM#35

Still playing it daily on Uthgard.


I'd still be on live if not for all the changes and nerfs, instanced everything, classic servers removed, toa for all, etc. 


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4/03/13 8:42:31 AM#36

I started DAOC on day 2 on Alb Tristan.  Played for about 9 years or so.  Ran multiple accounts.  Made many million RPs.  It is the best MMO Ive ever played.

People complain about TOA, and yes it was the hardest Xpac for DAOC, especially when it first came out.  Over time it took a few nerfs, which made it a little easier.  Now its a joke.  The last time we ran ML1-9 on Mid a few years back (before glass) you could easily do it with a couple of groups.  Some of the abilities were OP.  That is the nature of the game.

Someone made a great point about how broken OF was.  The keeps were shite.  Emain was really the only place to RvR because the land masses in Mid and Alb were bad.  Some of the abilities (SOS, Group purge, BOF) were very OP.  Even still it was fun.  NF at least had some flow to it and combat was viable everywhere.  However the original keeps and bridges had alot of problems so they decided to redo all of them and screwed it up even more.  The new bridges are horrible with no cover.  The new siege system they put in limited how much siege you could setup on a tower or castle.

Lets not get into the archery system and how they changed that.  Worst patch ever and was the beginning of the end for alot of people.  From there it was a slow slide into the crapper as they changed alot of the core fundamentals in combat and the uniqueness of the classes. 

The entire game has been made easy mode on the PvE side, which in all reality is fine at this point in its lifecycle because the real game starts at 50.  Some of the changes made to the PvP mechanics were the real killer.  At one point you could play DAOC anyway you wanted in PvP.  Solo, duo, small group, 8 man, zerg, all were valid playstyles.  Now all that is left is the zerg. 

I could go on and on about this, but its a dead horse.  The game as it sits right now is largely nothing more than a bunch of high RR bads zergin around farming each other.  They strayed too far from the original concepts that the game had 10 years ago.




You cant fix stupid - Ron White


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4/03/13 8:44:39 AM#37

Originally posted by Deleted User
I don't disagree with the statement,just wondering,if it is so great,why aren't you playing it?It is still there.

I went back for a bit, but the graphics nowadays look bloody's just too old.

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4/03/13 9:08:09 AM#38
Originally posted by Kyleran

The DAOC I knew and enjoyed no longer exists (pre TOA, pre new frontiers) as well as the FFA PVP server Mordred is RIP.




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I was once Tailrot, Uproar, Bandage, Thus(tin) Hammered, Rock, and so many more. Aye gamerest.

4/03/13 9:08:36 AM#39

The friends - The world and Lore melded - PVE - Keep Defense / Taking - Reactionary combat!


Long live, Order of the Red Lions of Nimue!


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4/16/13 2:20:10 PM#40

Didn't realize it was the best back then;

Features that I hated like being forced to group and massive penalty upon death (Both for RvR and PvE) made me jump ship when the next MMOs (lineage2, ffxi, etc) came out but come back to DAoC a month later until I landed in WoW and I got a taste of what happens when you lose those 2 features. At first I liked it, everything was simpler and you could literaly play with your brain switched off, everyone could solo and it was actualy encouraged to do so for the most part. I eventualy realized that it was those 2 things that truly made the game immersive and worth being called an MMORPG and I have not been able to get immersed and hooked to an MMO since.

Tried going back to DAoC but the game is a bit dated now. I would pay quite a bit for DAoC : HD though.

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