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OP  10/15/06 4:53:22 PM#1
Make a DAoC 2 with all new map and graphics...that would own....or is that what WAR will be? can only wish.

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Dark age of Camelot
Everquest 2
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Vanguard saga of heroes
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10/28/06 10:39:41 AM#2
You cant realy say that Warhammer is DaoC II
Since Warhammer and DaoC storywise has nothing to do with eachother.


Please make a Dark age of Camelot II - With Midgard, Albion and Hibernia!
Three worlds of PVE, and one world of PVP

IT's a perfect concept, and no need to fix something that isnt broken!
They could just spinn around the idea of what happened 400 years later or something.
(still fantasy though ofc, no futuristic shit)

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10/31/06 1:12:51 AM#3


This is My idea for DAoC 2

>> Focus is Balance of population. <<

[Realm Select]

In Realm select page, Recommend less population realm,
and Give benefit for Choosing less population realm...
for example...coin, item, house or exp bonus etc.
(This idea can apply to present DAoC).

[Realm Faction & Emigration]

One Realm is Neutral. Other two is Hostile each other.
Neutral realm players can emigrate to one realm or stay(become settler),
when he reach some level or acquire some permission.
Emigration is only one chance.
Emigration to less populaion realm, get more benefit (coin, item, house or exp bonus etc...).
But, if Neutral realm's settler population is too less than other relam, Emigration is no permission.

[Mainland(PvE zone) passing]

Mainland of neutral realm is open to other two realm, but, in there, PvP is no permission.
And Neutral realm players can pass other two realm's mainland. (It is benefit for Neutral realm players.)
Other two realm never can pass each other's Mainland.


[Realm vs Realm War]

Neutral realm players have a key for balance in RvR Zone.

Neutral realm palyers must choose faction by meeting npc before he get into RvR zone.
Possible Faction is neutral or friend of one realm (enemy of another realm).
(But, If Population gap is too little, Friend faction can not be choosen.)

Neutral faction can attack other two realm, but RvR point is normal.
Friend faction can attack only enemy realm, but RvR point is different.
If you choose less population realm as friend, you can get more RvR point.
If you choose more population realm as friend, you can get less RvR point.

Choosing friend faction don't means Cross realm group is possible.
Choosing freind faction can only attack enemy realm, and cannot be attacked by friend realm.

My idea is possible? :)


Which realm suit with neutral one?

(login to vote)

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10/31/06 2:02:47 AM#4

Another virsion of my idea.

This idea can apply to present DAoC.

Three realm is hostile each other like present DAoC.

But, All Three realm have Emigration system and Faction Choose system.

This idea is more fun??


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Dark age of Camelot
Everquest 2
Planetside 1&2
Vanguard saga of heroes
Might & Magic 6,7 and 8

10/31/06 3:00:42 AM#5
[Realm Select]

There is a population bonus already for the less populated realms in daoc.
That's why they are marked with a star if they are in need of more population.
If all three realms has a start there is a nice balance.

[Realm Faction & Emigration]

I wouldnt wanna break the three way war with a neutral realm.
But youre idea is kinda nice, There was a simular idea in everquest II.
Where you started off at an island and then had to choise witch empire to settle in.
Good side, or the Bad side
So i would consider three realms as usual. But a neutral village with a small surrounding where you gain youre first levels, and choise youre realm.

[Mainland (PVE zone) passing]

I completely dissagre with you on this one.
The core idea with daoc is that you have three realms, with three different architextrue and beleafs.
There should be three different pve lands. So that you grow into the world you come from. When you walk into enemy lands you will feel by the surroundings that you are not home, safe anymore.
And there is a reson why you cant hit anyone in mainland daoc aswell, becouse first you have to get past the fortress and all the guards. (witch is impossible, but still gives a reson)
The whole daoc concept is as perfect as it could be. But there has to be a number 2 of it. Cause entire game style, grafic movement and animations is old. Economy is broken and all the armors are starting to look like something out of starwars. What i liked about daoc was that most armors where realistic. Insted of futuristic superhero armor.

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Dark age of Camelot
Everquest 2
Planetside 1&2
Vanguard saga of heroes
Might & Magic 6,7 and 8

10/31/06 3:02:09 AM#6
btw, my spelling prolly sux. English isnt my native toungue. And im to lazy to look up the spelling on every forum post i make

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10/31/06 3:31:30 AM#7

i know what is three realm concept of DAoC.
That is just my suggestion for DAoC 2.
Something new concept about three realm.

IMO, now DAoC has problem about realm population, especially in RvR.
For calling DAoC 2, i just think realm system must change.
i think more new zone or more new class is Not enough to call DAoC 2. that is just expansion.

BTW, i don't know population bonus now exist. thx for your comment.
and your spelling is good. Engilsh isn't my mother tongue too. :)

[in additon]

i think too Back story of DAoC 2 with new realm concept.
but, that is long story... i can't say that here. just in my brain. :)


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8/14/07 6:57:53 AM#8

I wouldn't mind a nice graphixs engine over-haul for those of us with hi-end rigs. Would be great for current or a new DaOC . First obvious downfall about DaOC would be its outdated graphics IMO.


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8/19/07 1:05:59 AM#9

I think a completely revamped version of DAoC would by way cool, but ATM i am looking forward to WAR form mythic... i went them to focus on that


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This paranoid, paralyzed vampire acts a little old.

9/09/07 11:10:53 AM#10

DAoC II would be an amazing MMO, if it had a solid subscriber base. I think DAoC right now is holding up very well with the great content in expansions, and Mythic's ears opening up to the community. DAoC wouldn't even need a sequel if there were more people that still played it.. The best thing that could happen to this game would be for EA to advertise it  thoroughly, and get a substantial amount of people subscribed. This probably won't happen, seeing WAR is on its way, sort of like a daoc 1.5 (I'm hoping, at least) with a different world, and definitely more people.

I have a feeling we'll see another version of daoc sometime in the far future. It was a groundbreaking and extremely creative game, and still is! I just got sick of it being so hard to find people to kill. I had to switch to WoW till WAR comes.


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10/15/07 5:02:31 PM#11

The game could go back to wat originally made it great--stay with the realm specific mythology--have a more interactive system of quests which actually affect the world--early quests could be instance based but epic quests would change the look of the realm or could even affect another realm...definitely stick with the original mythology though--still so much to look at--housing should only be allowed in the frontier--the frontier would change as realm towns grow or are destoyed--allow bridges castles etc... to be built instead of stationary bases...realms should also be equal as a whole but individual classes do not have to be so clearly equal--Ie... Berserker should be better than a BM, BM better than a Merc, Merc better than a Berserker (something like that)--do it for each realm to equal them out--have weaknesses and strengths that are evident and consistent with the actual realm and mythology---make it so that 3 lvl 30s could take down a 50 so that more RVR will take place despite the lvl--it was fun when 49s used to actually lead realm in pvp (long time ago)--make it hard to level again--and the story line more organic so that the player has an effect on the PVE world--maybe once a month allow for an epic quest to open a gateway into another realms actual pve area to encourage realm defense at that level, store the relics within the pve realms to encourage that type of interaction--just some ideas...

  User Deleted
10/24/07 1:33:12 PM#12

Agree, DAoC pre-ToA= Best game ever been in the whole world light years far from the 2nd best.

After WAR they should do DAoC2


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10/24/07 1:39:31 PM#13

Nevermind :)


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The grass is always greener the last place you pooped.

10/24/07 1:40:41 PM#14

admittedly, DAOC was one of the best MMO's i have ever played, but alas, it was too easy to end-game.  After only 1 year, i had maxed level on 3 characters (skills, master, PVP, etc..)  It became a bit repetative since you were either invisible or "in teh zerg", so i switched to other games....though i have often threatened to return one day....

Currently, i am playing EQ2 and doing some beta projects, but would drop them all if DAOC2 were released.  I miss the spinters in my hands from building catapults.

So, do the battlegrounds still exist?  do people still make characters JUST to go to the BG's and fight?  Are frontier fights still 200 vs. 200 (lagfest !) ?  Do people still rally to protect the Caers under attack?

aahhh...those were the days !


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12/17/07 11:57:12 AM#15

After having thought about this for a while I have submitted an all new idea for changes to DAOC hope you all like it and mythic listens to some of these suggestions:

PVE:  Three realms—update the mythology and maintain myth appropriate quest lines throughout the entire length of character progression.  Have the quests mean something to the health of the realm—by accomplishing quests, the world changes.  Example, towns threatened in certain zones could fall to the NPC enemies—the Morgan Le Fay could raze a town for example—with the threat to the capitol a real possibility without player help—defending the realm would be a real need.  Have myth based quests released throughout the year that could possibly damage the realm as a whole if not completed, there should be consequences to the world for not accomplishing these quests.  There should not be a separate housing zone, have areas in each zone, around the NPC villages available to housing plots which would be given to players as a result of realm defense, just like the feudal lands granted to nobles for protecting the king’s lands, thereby giving the players a reason to defend it against all enemies.  So the king or the land owning nobleman of the specific zone would grant a plot to the player if it is warranted through quest completion.  Even areas, such as Avalon City could be reclaimed through player lots, a series of realm quests could allow players actually defeat an enemy permanently, the idea is that the players as a whole can affect the world, of course the myths are never short on enemies and something new will always pop up.  Instance based leveling should be removed, as it currently exists—the game is just grinding these instance zones now, just reserve instances for lower levels as a type of PVE to get players accustomed to the mechanics of the game.  Major dungeons can be instanced but not as a grinding tool.  Grinding in general should be reduced as an emphasis is placed on quest completions.  Even the standard quests should allude to the changing situation of the realm.  Also, if the “standard” quests are not completed in due time then there should be a consequence for it—ie…the bandit chief becomes more powerful with a larger army and begins to attack the closer towns.

Crafting: Allow crafting to actually run the economy of the game.  Allow castles, bridges buildings, portals etc… to be built by players with the combination of crafts.  NPC town will naturally grow with player influence and be protected the same way, as facilities are built more NPCs should arrive at the town—some with quests some to assist in the building.  To allow for the economy to develop properly, players should be able to craft for all aspects of the game.  Drops should never be better than crafted items and actual drops should consist of ingredients to allow for better crafted goods, drops on NPCs should also only consist of items they would be wearing at that time, so if a “bandit” drops chain mail—it is because he was wearing it and it was not destroyed in the fight.  These items should also have the ability to be improved and grow to higher level with players maintaining the equipment with the appropriate crafting skills.  Only realm items should be more powerful than player crafted items—ie. Excalibur.  Players should be able to craft houses and sell to other players—no more purchases through the NPC as a house must be built.  For example, House building should be done in the following manner: allow a house crafting player to generate blue prints, he then hires NPCs (if available in the town, and the player does not want to do it himself) to manufacture the new facility over the course of a week.   Mounts should be obtained by someone who specializes in that craft.  A player would have to find wild horses, capture them and then have a stable built for breeding, then breed the horses and every week or so a new batch of horses is available for sale.  Characteristics of mounts could be built in to the type of horses (do not have to restrict to horses, unicorns dragons etc…) that the player is using to mate, ie faster horses color of horses etc…and there should be no level requirement to own a mount only controlled by the ability of the horse tamer, and the price he sells it for.  Each tradeskill should also allow for apprenticeship if the level is high enough, an NPC can be conscripted and used as a crafter of materials at a slightly lower level, and/or the player can train other players.   Bridges would have to be crafted to get to a zone—a miner will have to open a mountain to gain entry to an old pass etcetera.  Permanent portals should be player crafted as well.  Food, Drinks, Armor, Weapons, Enchantments, Auctioneers (merchants) etc…all useable items should be player crafted, this would allow for a proper economy and the growth of towns within each realms area.  Players would have the ability to affect the look of their realm and actual feel like they have ownership of it through proper cooperation.

RVR:  Have all the realms linked through a shared area—not like the current frontier but an actual shared area from which each side could enter the other realms PVE zones, and allow each realm’s leader to attempt claim the shared zone and grant land lots to players there as well.  PVP should occur throughout each realm’s PVE zones at all levels, sometimes the “Vikings” should be able to raid even the villages within the “safety” of a kingdom, and put Camelot in danger of being sacked.  Players could flag themselves as to not being available to RVR within their own zones, but the enemy realms could still destroy the infrastructure (houses castles bridges) and steal the horses, gold, and equipment from the realm.  Other realms vendors, auctioneers should be able to be raided, player constructed facilities will have to be rebuilt and it is not a fast process to rebuild—depending on damage it could take a week.  What is worn by a player remains untouchable, but his house could still raided.  Even the greatest heroes could not take down an army alone, so level differences should not account for so much, for example a level 50 will not be able to take down 5 level 40s, unless the player is very skilled.  On 1V1 encounters, this should occur easily but allow three levels 30s the ability to take down a level 50 or even 10 level 10s for that matter, this would make RVR more inclusive no matter what the level, and it would give players a chance to truly aid in defending their realms.  Classes should not be altered so much—stability and realm mythology should be predominant not realm equality.  Each realm should have a weakness to another realm while a strength against the third, for example, given that all are at full strength and meet alone on common ground, the skills of a berserker should lend itself well to defeating a blademaster but have inherent weaknesses against the mercenary—the blademaster should have the skills necessary to defeat the mercenary but weaknesses against the berserker and the mercenary should have the skills to promote a strength against the berserker but have a weakness against the blademaster.  Midgard should have the better tank class races, Hibernia the better magic class races and Albion the better hybrid class races—this does not mean that each realm is not proficient in each class, but there should be a bias towards the realms.  Encourage larger scale battles by having realm quests inside another realm—for example—storm Camelot and take Excalibur—if one realm is much more powerful than the other two (populations) even cross sector quests could be created see if tow realms could get together to complete a quest against the third.  Another example—make it so the best horses are in Hibernia and the horse craftsman will have to raid Hibernia for their wild horses.  Battlegrounds could still be available as an instance for training, and maintain the level restrictions.  Only buffs from grouped players will be accepted, with a specific range, make party sizes smaller, instead of 8 it should be 5 or 6, thereby removing buffbots, because the player will need all those available slots for the battle.

Hope you like my suggestions—always trying to fine tune them, just hope that DAOC can go back to the great game it once was.  Please let me know what the thoughts are.


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5/05/08 5:05:24 PM#16

I doubt they will make a DAoC 2, but it would rock if they did. Only suggestion I have for a sequal is LESS instances. A few are fine.. but the whole instance thing got carried away in mmo's. Take DAoC for example.. There was always people everywhere doing stuff in the world.. when they put in all the instances.. BAM.. the whole game world was a ghost town, no one ever went to any of the original dungeons or did anything in the rest of the world. Seemed like everyone just stoped playing untill you did a /who and saw 1000 people locked themselfs away in instances. Sorry but I feel instances defeat the point of a mmo. I know WAR will have instances but I hope its not many and that people actually go to other places and actually interact with eachother.


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5/28/08 3:19:46 PM#17

Every new mmorpg i play with the hope that it delivers something which builds upon the basics that DAoC brought along, but they never do.

I really wish someone would take up the mantle seriously and make DAoC 2 - with the advances today it really could be something great.

Please someone make DAoC2!!! :)


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5/28/08 3:23:51 PM#18

WarHammer is basically going to be DAoC on roids.


I'll play it.


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4/05/12 1:37:29 AM#19
Originally posted by keygan
Make a DAoC 2 with all new map and graphics...that would own....or is that what WAR will be? can only wish.

Yeah if they did that I would pre-order and do a life time sub...  warhammer online = no DAOC... the game make again would be completely epic.