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Dark Age of Camelot Forum » Round Table Pub (General) » A very nice DAoC User Interface - BobsUI_1.94 v4.03

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OP  2/20/09 8:28:53 PM#1

If your a late bloomer to DAoC, which isnt hard to find these days. Here is a nice UI Interface that makes the game UI more modern with some Updated Colored Maps.

I know you will like...

and screenshots posted here...

Anyways, one of the many UI configurations..

Have Fun!



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2/21/09 6:41:39 PM#2

hehe, that's what I use.  the Aero skin is alot better than the DAoC skin


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OP  2/22/09 3:22:09 PM#3

Yeah, My friends and I bumped into this UI and absolutely love it. its amazing how many variations of a UI you can use. It definetly brings the game to more of a Modern Day Look, simply Amazing!

I would say to anyone thinking of running DAoC once again, == DEFINETLY INSTALL THIS PROGRAM ==


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2/22/09 7:16:37 PM#4

I actually like the old old old skin.  When I did play I never used any mods because I felt the standard one did just fine and installing the others took effort... though the effort might be small it's still effort.

No required quests! And if I decide I want to be an assassin-cartographer-dancer-pastry chef who lives only to stalk and kill interior decorators, then that's who I want to be, even if it takes me four years to max all the skills and everyone else thinks I'm freaking nuts. -Madimorga-


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OP  3/21/09 9:38:58 AM#5

 This program is easy now for people that dont understand how to add a new modern UI though.

  User Deleted
3/21/09 4:01:29 PM#6

does it offer anything such as waypoints, or quest assistance, or is it a UI mod only?


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OP  3/22/09 12:59:22 PM#7
Originally posted by Rayx0r

does it offer anything such as waypoints, or quest assistance, or is it a UI mod only?


Its just a UI mod there Rayx0r..

DAoC still uses the traditional style of gaming where you got to figure out where the location is on most of the quests ingame. They do have Special and EPIC Quest line which becomes a chain quests in which you know where to turn in the quests though.

If you are looking to level the new way by: Kill 15 trolls and return back to me and get your XP. DAoC doesnt really offer that style of leveling. Most of your leveling is done by these means.

You can Quest and get XP if want to do it this way. However, XP leveling is slower. You get better rewards in the higher levels of questing, but at a low level, really not worth it. NEWBIE Island is probably the only modern style of leveling from 1 to 10. But take a few hours. If you did it the grind way by going to in Battlegrounds and killing NPC's and Players, the XP is much better and can get to 10 within a hour.

Ways to Level in DAoC.

1. Do Task Dungeons (You have a choice on what kind of dungeon you want. Long Corridors (if your character is range) or Labyrinth (if your character is melee). TD's are broken down into levels 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 32 to 40 and so on. And can be found on every map page located as a TD with its appropriate level on the map.

TD give GREAT xp, money and gear upgrades. If certain TD's are taken (its pretty random if your in a TD that gives money or loot).

2. Battleground Leveling. Each battleground is restricted by level. 1 to 4, 5 to 10, 11 to 15 and so on. To enter a BATTLEGROUND all you do is click on a stone and it ports you to the appropriate BG level. The NPC mobs in the BG's are worth even better XP and find great loot as well. However you gotta worry about PKers in the BG, after all your in a BG =)

Mobs are colored coded and not Level numbered in DAoC.. For instance..

Grey = Not worth killing

Green = You get xp, but lousy

Yellow = Mobs your level, pretty uff but soloable --- Decent XP

Orange = Alot tougher, but some can be soloed --- Great XP

Red = Dont even attempt unless your character is tricked out --- Excellent XP

Purple = Dont even attempt solo, because you will die --- KICK ASS XP

Also fighting mobs in different parts of the game even the same color give different XP as well.

Task Dungeon purple Mobs are great XP, but not as good as Battle Ground purple Mobs.

You get these types of xp's as well by killing (1) NPC.. example (these XP are not of scale, just a demostration).

Camp Bonus XP -- 3000 xp

Adventure Bonus XP -- 4000 xp

Rested Bonus XP -- 2000 xp

Area Bonus XP -- 7000 xp

Regular XP -- 30000 xp

I believe you can get up to FIVE (5) differnt XP's all leading to your main XP line. I could be wrong on being (5), but there are at least 4 I definetly know.

3. Questing XP - The slowest way to level, but if you like PvE and adventuring. By all means, do it.

Hope this helps out a little. I know I got sidetracked on your question, but hopefully this helps other understand the DAoC leveling way.



  User Deleted
4/18/09 5:53:08 PM#8

I got the thing downloaded and picked all my options one by one, but I did something wrong because nothing has changed.

Can someone walk me thru this? pm me please or respond here


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4/19/09 5:12:58 AM#9

After running through te BobsUI options chooser program log into the game but only to the character selction screen (do not quick-load a character)

Click 'options' and to the right of that screen you should see Interface skin chooser, scroll through to select 'custom skin'

Then when you log in you should have your new UI. 

You often find that this needs doing after a major patch too.


Hope this helps

  User Deleted
4/19/09 8:03:34 AM#10

I see the part your talking about, where you can change graphics options and the skin interface but when I click on that I only have one option and that is the Atlantis Skin (which is seleceted by default) and it wont let me change it to anything else.

Im not sure if I have the file in the right place...

I have the game under C/mythic
and I have bobs option chooser under C/Mythic/ISLES/UI

Under the General Information Tab it says this, and Im not sure if Ive done this right.

"The most common problem players have with a custom UI is not installing it in the correct location. Each custom UI has to be installed in the same location on your hard drive for it to be usable by the game client. Because of this, you cannot have two or more custom UIs installed and active at the same time in that location. The exact location for the UI is slightly different on each system and depends on how and where you installed the game client. The easiest way for you to figure out where this location is for your system/setup is to check the startup directory for your game client. Right click on the icon/shortcut that you use to startup the game and select the Properties menu item. On the Shortcut tab of the window that appears, look at the "Start In" directory name. That is the location where the game client was installed on your system. It will be something like:

"C:\Program Files\ElectronicArts\Mythic\DR"

The "custom" directory for ALL custom UIs must be copied to a subdirectory of the game client named "game client\ui\". Before installing a new custom UI, browse to your "game client\ui\custom" directory and remove/delete any files that are already there. This is to prevent two sets of UI files from being loaded "on top" of one another. If you want to keep the copy of your current custom UI, just rename the "game client\ui\custom" directory to something else such as " game client\ui\custom_orig".

Once you know the exact location on your system for the custom directory, and have cleared anything previously there, copy/move your new UI to that location. You can verify the files are in the correct location by looking at the location of your custom assets.xml file. It should have a location of "game client\ui\custom" and NOT something like "game client\ui\custom\custom".

Thanks for the help--hopefully I can get this going.


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4/19/09 11:11:48 AM#11

 Ah yes I'd forgotten about the location of the UI folder.

Make sure you have installed it to the correct folder for the version  of the DAOC clinet you are running, when you install the game it makes folders going through all previous clients starting with Isles, going through Catabombs, Darkness Rising and Labyrinth.  

Isles and Catacombs install by default to C:\Mythic while the others seem to go into C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\ ......

As long as you make sure you are in the folder for the client you run the game on (all earlier clients can be safely uninstalled btw) just double check that you install Bobs into a folder called custom within the UI folder

  User Deleted
4/19/09 11:42:23 AM#12

This is truly frustrating.

For starters there is no other DAOC stuff anywhere else but under the one Mythic location.

The other EA shortcuts are to Warhammer and the sims (my daughters ugh)

Folder by folder, under mythic there is ISLES

Under ISLES there is a ton of stuff and the more important folder being UI

Under Custom I find the original options chooser and the shortcut to options chooser I moved into the file along with a ton of other files.

Also under custom I also see the folder OPTIONS.
Under Options I find a ton of files--all the Bobs UI files

What am I doing wrong....

Im actually curious if something with this 14 day trial version stops me from using the UI.

Is there anyway we could chat on vent, or pm or something so you could walk me thru this? I beleive you could prolly walk me thru this in no time flat.