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Citadel Studios | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Development  (est.rel 2015)  | Pub:Citadel Studios
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Shards Online Videos: First Impressions (2:55)

TheHiveLeader takes a look at Shards Online, the upcoming MMO from Citadel Studios.

TheHiveLeader takes a look at Shards Online, the upcoming MMO from Citadel Studios.
Duration: 2:55
Views: 4,308  22 comments
Game: Shards Online
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flizzer writes: Never having played the original Ultima, I suppose I am at a disadvantage then.  Great that old Ultima fans have found a fun game, or at least the reviewer has. I spent about 5 minutes in here and found the combat horrible.  Not my game obviously.  Sat Jun 07 2014 4:01PM Report
Alka_Setzer writes:

The cool thing about the game though, once it's finished and the tools are out, people running their own servers/clusters can modify things like the combat and tons of other gameplay features so that it matches what they and their community want.


Right now there are just the "official" servers I believe. The developers have made it clear that they want players to basically make their own game in a sense, they are just using the framework that they are creating to accomplish that.


The game is also PRE alpha, it's very far from finished so that's definitely something people should keep in mind. It's basically a proof of concept for their kickstarter.

Sat Jun 07 2014 4:41PM Report
whilan writes:

I played this for a bit but i didn't really get the Ultima online feel (considering I just got done playing UO again). Sure theres skill based progression but you don't learn these from other NPCs in the world. If theres lore I didn't find any of it, basically red hates blue and green, green hates blue and red, blue hates red and green (yes they are elements, red=fire blue=water green=Earth). but it's really barebones, are they controlled by gods? is there artifacts they are fighting over.

Sandboxes are nice but you do need something  a backdrop to work off of, you can't just have a world and thats it. and btw skill progression is still leveling up, in UO/Wurm there are levels. You get 100 levels once a skill gets a point say goes from 1.9 to 2.0 you leveled up. The only difference is it's a bit smoother like a constant stream rather then a jump, it's still leveling up.

The ! point thing can go either way, if used sparsly it can work well to give you back story and something to do that feels like its a part of the world and you're affecting the creatures in it. If it's used as a source of progression and must be done this can be a negative (looking at you SWTOR, yes i can knock the game i enjoy a lot playing).  The problem with this (and i know it's alpha so please don't go there) there isn't enough yet, sure the combat works for the most part but thats all you can literaly do. Kill stuff, thats it, i cant' build anything, this did not give me the the UO feel. Unless i'm missing a large pool of features thats all i could find to do. Kill deer and get killed by mages that seem all over the place. This video showed you what you'd be doing the entire time in the game.

It did give me the old school feel but thats not neccessarily a good thing. I played for abut 45 minutes and lost interest. Might check it out again when it's further along, see what new features are added. Again I know it's alpha and there won't be a lot but thats part of the reason you don't show a pre-alpha build to people, you wait until your project is more ready to show and has more substance then run around and kill stuff. .In this day and age you need to impress people to get their money, and this..sadly did not impress me. Not enough to give them money anyway.

Sat Jun 07 2014 6:12PM Report
lalartu writes:

I had the same feel as the poster above.


video of it:

Sat Jun 07 2014 7:53PM Report
Alka_Setzer writes:

Well again, it isn't even in alpha, just a proof of concept to show that they have something and aren't just asking for money for absolutely nothing.


Most of the major features are not even in yet.

Sat Jun 07 2014 7:57PM Report
mrfool writes: I enjoyed the couple hours I played, had some fun interaction with the devs on the stream they did. I'm pretty hyped to see what this can turn into. Sat Jun 07 2014 8:53PM Report
Po_gg writes:

Nice video HiveLeader, though it won't be among the favourite ones since this game is not for me simply. The only aspect of it which would've been interesting (the modding) will be given much better with AC private servers, and to be honest, if I want to have some old-school experience, then AC over UO, hands down. Heck, anything over that **** UO :)


@flizzer "

Sun Jun 08 2014 6:42AM Report
dais writes:

So I am confused, let me see if I understand this right....

Pre-Alpha = Alpha

Alpha = Beta

Beta = PR Marketing overdrive mode


Am I understanding the new terminology of game development now?

Sun Jun 08 2014 6:42AM Report
Po_gg writes:

khm... this comment box is lame in regards of editing functions...

flizzer, I only tried to note above that the original Ultima series have nothing to do with that thing called UO.

(Just the comment box swallowed it, and I don't want to re-type the whole second part.)

Sun Jun 08 2014 6:46AM Report
Alka_Setzer writes:


Not really sure what point you're trying to make in relation to this video, if you are trying to make one. Pre-Alpha IS a stage of development and the game definitely is in a pre-alpha state.


They have released a version to the public that would normally be closed off due to it being so incomplete. In the end this probably did hurt them more than it helped because everyone seems to think that if you can download something and play it, it should have tons of content, be polished and have most issues resolved.


Maybe that's why "betas" have turned into more of a marketing thing, because people don't understand unfinished products and expect something that is perfectly playable and nearly finished.

Sun Jun 08 2014 7:02AM Report
Akulas writes: Running your own shards, great in theory but it ends up splitting the community. Alright if you have a large playerbase but not so good if you only have 50-100 people playing. Other than that looks promising as I love the skill based progression style of gameplay. Sun Jun 08 2014 8:20AM Report
flizzer writes: The multitude rule set servers sounds great, BUT it starts falling apart when you understand it WILL BE CONTROLLED BY PLAYERS.  Any gamers knows other gamers are some of the most vile and scurrilous types you will meet.  I really dont look forward to any of these types running a server and having the decision to kick me off if I "displease"  them.  Sun Jun 08 2014 8:52AM Report
Wizardry writes:

I have to say this is the FIRST game in a loooooooong time to do this genre some justice,too bad it looks a bit dated.

Skill based is a ++

no exclamation marks is like 500 thumbs up

Don't like that ring casting idea though.

Run own server with own rule set again a huge ++

Too bad the big developers can't do something like this and go even further with more depth.

The problem is still to add in a great grouping design ,soloing is not good for MMO's,defeats the whole purpose of playing an MMO.

Bottom line is this game is at least taking some positive steps  in game design,in a time when all i have seen is an ever increasing down swing in game designs.


Sun Jun 08 2014 10:56AM Report
Alka_Setzer writes:

That depth you want ^


That's exactly why they are trying to get the game funded. Same with the graphics. They are a very small team who has only worked on this for a little over half a year so a lot of the visuals are likely placeholders, especially the terrain.


If you look at the house and compare it to stuff like the terrain textures you can see a significant difference in quality. Ideally that is what the game will look like, or better, when they finish it.

Sun Jun 08 2014 11:42AM Report
dais writes:


I am just lamenting the crazy state of development cycles we find ourselves in.  It used to be Alpha, and that was extremely rough around the edges and internal testing/bug fixing only.  Then came Beta, and that was to invite a larger playerbase with different PC specs/drivers to really find bugs they missed, and then released product.

If a store only sells a Medium, Large, and Extra Large well then I hate to break it to you, but that means Small/Medium/Large.  Calling it Pre-Alpha is silly.  Pre-Alpha is unfinished lines of code :)

Sun Jun 08 2014 5:28PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I have to agree, the whole Pre-alpha terminology is silly. Trove was literally just a bunch of blocks, one class, no levels and mobs thrown everywhere and they still called it alpha lol. Sun Jun 08 2014 7:51PM Report
Keller writes: Tested it for 60 minutes. I had fun. Was it a full game? No. Do I care. No. I had fun. Can not wait to see more features and content being added. Sun Jun 08 2014 9:08PM Report
Alka_Setzer writes:

It's up to each developer to classify their game however they want, pre-alpha IS a state of development, like I said above. It may mean something completely different to you than it does to them. As I understand it pre-alpha would be the state where only internal testing happens whether it's friends or family helping you, the general public does not have access to it.


In Shards' case they decided to let the public test it and mess around with it despite it not even being in Alpha or Beta. If you actually played it I think you'd be able to easily see this. There is only one map, most textures are placeholders, combat can be very clunky. All it is now IS unfinished lines of code, they just have some placeholder graphics setup.


The only difference in development cycles is that the general public is now getting access to earlier and earlier versions of the game. The cycles themselves I doubt have changed much, if at all.

Mon Jun 09 2014 9:42AM Report
Coldren writes: I also agree that this oozes UO.. Unfortunately, I don't think they'll be making their kickstarter goal.. Wish they could. :( Mon Jun 09 2014 3:03PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I  in no way was degrading their product ,i understand what an unfinished product is,i know exactly what they are doing.

I give them credit for doing some things that i really like and is the first positives i can think of from any game to come out for a long time.

Point is i wish them a LOT of luck and hope the game can improve a lot more to where i might  even play it.This game in it's infancy has done more to get me to take notice than anything since pretty much Vanguard.


Mon Jun 09 2014 6:30PM Report
Alka_Setzer writes:

Hopefully I did not come off hostile when responding to you. I was just pointing out that that is exactly why they are trying to get funding for the game.


It's looking grim for the kickstarter right now but they said they have no plans of ceasing development on it, so I also wish them the best of luck.

Mon Jun 09 2014 6:51PM Report
Silmaris writes: This is a game nobody was asking for.  A mod-able Ultima Online would have blown us all away 10+ years ago...but we already HAD games steal/build on the foundation UO gave us.  M59 became AC which became EQ which fueled DAoC...there is a distinct timeline, and UO was just chugging along in the background fueled by nostalgia (Like NDS bringing back M59 or Simutronics keeping Gemstone III/IV running for 20 years).  Anyone who has left UO back in its hayday may have the exact reaction I had, which was that someone just stole Origin's intellectual property (legally somehow) and is trying to make a splinter-game.  I fear that the lack of modern graphics will be Shards death-toll.  These mechanics will attract the same trolls that flooded Lineage back in the 90s...and if you want to add REAL elements of suspense and loss, give us something we haven't seen in nearly 20 years...MANDATORY first person.  Meridian 59 was the last game where PvP felt truly frightening, surprising, nerve wracking, it just lacked mechanics.  Imagine mining for ore and only knowing you are being stalked when the blade or spell hits you from behind.  Imagine even the murder-trolls having to play in first-person, possibly walking right past a target because they didn't turn the right direction.  In a world where MMOs now count in the 100s, you can't ask your audience to go backwards. Fri Jun 13 2014 6:42PM Report