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Swordsman (SWDMN)
Perfect World Entertainment | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Historical | Status:Final  (rel 2014)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Swordsman Videos: First Impressions with TheHiveLeader (5:51)

TheHiveLeader takes a look at Swordsman Online, the new MMO from Perfect World.

TheHiveLeader takes a look at Swordsman Online, the new MMO from Perfect World.
Duration: 5:51
Views: 8,104  38 comments
Game: Swordsman
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Hariken writes: Lol awesome. Pretty much sums it up. Thu Jul 24 2014 9:06AM Report
sumdumguy1 writes: Most of their games seem to look alike and follow the same generic trite formula.  I will wait and see if this is any different. Thu Jul 24 2014 9:13AM Report
Caldrin writes: yay another bad asian mmorpg.. Thu Jul 24 2014 9:26AM Report
Lahuzer writes: You funny HiveLeada!!! ;) Thu Jul 24 2014 9:31AM Report
CandyCaneNJ writes: Not sure why Hiveleader has to make his voice different and all that. Yes, he's amusing but feels forced. Anyway, not my type of game Thu Jul 24 2014 10:16AM Report
SgtOx writes: Well, as long as the voice is not annoying, I'm ok with it.  He is funny as hell though lol. Thu Jul 24 2014 10:50AM Report
TheHiveLeader writes: @CandyCaneNJ Sometimes a joke just won't click with one person or another. It happens. :-) Everyone's different. Thu Jul 24 2014 11:00AM Report
Bordonin writes: Too funny!  And not a game I will be rushing to play! Thu Jul 24 2014 11:32AM Report
FelixMajor writes: This review was 10/10 haha.  Great job.  Had more fun watching this than playing the game! Thu Jul 24 2014 11:48AM Report
Deadlyne writes: Great video.  I thought it was hilarious.   Thu Jul 24 2014 11:48AM Report
Evelknievel writes:

Never saw some much attention on this website for another Asian mmo. AoW had some headliners, but they are really pushing this game called Swordsman I see.

Thu Jul 24 2014 12:07PM Report
pupurun writes: this is actually a great game...Try it before you mock it kids Thu Jul 24 2014 1:25PM Report
Akulas writes: 100% accurate. Thu Jul 24 2014 1:37PM Report
Po_gg writes:

Great video again, HL.

And since I loathe this new auto-pathing trend, loved the line "Not playing games is fun!" :) now with a mount which makes you auto-pathing slightly faster.

Also, just sent over the bamboo-chopping part to a buddy who thinks MoP was good. Up yours, pandas! :)

Thu Jul 24 2014 1:59PM Report
flizzer writes: All I need to know is "Perfect World".   That sums it up for me.  Thu Jul 24 2014 2:24PM Report
xenorace writes:

Asian themed MMOs that are published by Perfect World SHOULD be banned in all countries except the Asian ones that actual love this garbage.

I mean come on. If the quests are that damn useless where there is an autopath to them....why even bother? $100 once you hit a certain level it's off to grind thousands of the same mob for weeks on end with a completely inflated cash shop littered with xp pots and item upgrades.

Thu Jul 24 2014 2:28PM Report
BK2O1 writes:

The game does give a bad first impression. Lots of games do. If you want to try the game do yourself a favor and play til 40

Thu Jul 24 2014 2:40PM Report
Betaguy writes: Good stuff enjoyed this as always. Thu Jul 24 2014 3:15PM Report
Dkuang writes:

Its a PW game...that's enough reason to stay away, let alone seeing the review of how the game plays. Waste of time.


Thu Jul 24 2014 5:51PM Report
tamedbeast1 writes: I was actually pretty excited when this game first came out, 1 hour into the game.. i was no longer excited. I think that should just about sum it up. Thu Jul 24 2014 5:59PM Report
Pierrenard writes: i wanted to try the diff class but i have to wait 7 says for the char to be deleted WHY ??? Thu Jul 24 2014 6:33PM Report
officialfive writes: That was so funny. Good Job :) Thu Jul 24 2014 6:48PM Report
sadWinds writes:

lol, have you seen in the video itself,  you dont have a full slot bag.. im sure you gotta pay $$$ just to have a full inventory.... lmao.... Ive used to play battle of immortal.. another of their title... its pay to win....  will not give pwi  my $$$..

Rather use that $$ for a quality pay to play game... 

Thu Jul 24 2014 6:55PM Report
DijonCyanide writes: I'll probably be trying this game eventually, but nothing to get me in a hurry to install.  I play STO & it is within the same PWE stable of games.  This video review was awesome & showed some interesting good & bad points in this new game..  It was entertaining & informative too. Thu Jul 24 2014 7:36PM Report
Herase writes: Reminds me a lot of Blade&Soul, Master gets killed but he fights back transforming and shit and you can actually do all the cool running and jumping. Looks like a nice game, can see it as something to get me in the grove for when B&S eventually comes out. Will give it ago :) Thu Jul 24 2014 8:43PM Report
Chaserz writes: Hilarious!!! :) Thu Jul 24 2014 9:49PM Report
Denambren writes:

Good review - nice to see honest criticism on MMORPG. I think that's two games now.

Thu Jul 24 2014 10:20PM Report
shalissar writes: It's 2014 can we stop littering the environment (which is admittedly, very pretty in this game) with wall to wall enemies? Show some creativity! Have them in little camps at least. It's so tacky to see such poor placement of the mobs like this. Fri Jul 25 2014 2:31AM Report
JudgeUK writes:

Never saw some much attention on this website for another Asian mmo. AoW had some headliners, but they are really pushing this game called Swordsman I see.

Well as said before by the mmorpg guys here, they have no control over site adverts, so it's purely down to how much PWE wants to spend on advertising.

As for the review, I'd suggest the only pushing is in the backwards direction.

The review didn't get into the pvp side of things, which when playing the closed beta, turned out to be an open gank fest. Red marked players seemed to be more or less everywhere, with little consequence.

Leveling takes you into the open pvp zone, to be met by teams of guild players killing you before your so zone transfer animation had ended.

It wouldn't have made any difference whether you could see them or not, as it appeared to be two large guild groups just waiting for newer players to enter the zone.

I literally could not get one quest done on entering the zone. Heck I couldn't even get past the loading screen alive.

But this was just the final straw after all the other flaws highlighted in the above review.

Plus the limiting keybind options, which wouldn't accept any of the numpad keys, any extra buttons on my gaming mouse and keyboard - and not even the middle mouse button - this something I have never experienced in an mmo over the past many years.

I don't know if they have improved the action UI, which was feted as being suitable for players familiar with Neverwinter - it so definitely wasn't. Or if the keybinding has been improved.

After playing this pretty awful offering for a few days I'd say it needs significant change in a lot of areas - something unlikely to happen.


Fri Jul 25 2014 2:53AM Report
Mitara writes:

Great review. HiveLeader is one of MMORPGs best.

The asians are learning and maybe in a generation or two (after swordsman and Archeage), they will be making some of the best MMO's around. Just not yet !!

They got the graphics, they build the citys, now they just need to make the contents interesting as well. I guess .. thats like the western developers as well...

Fri Jul 25 2014 5:19AM Report
BarCrow writes:

I think it's a fun little game. Not extraordinary,..but good for quick jaunts. Auto-pathing is a bit ridiculous but...i just don't t use it. Yes, its amazing I's in there..but I  somehow stumbled on the brilliant idea of choosing not to use a feature. The only problem I have with most and definitely all PWE games is the the pricing. I understand the monetization and need for the cash shop in a "free to play"....but does it have to be so f@cking expensive. I choose not to use that "feature" most times as well. 

I like the guild system and setup for Swordsman as well. I would explain in detail but's free . People should always decide for themselves on these matters. Especially since it's free and downloads pretty quickly. 

It's Age of Wushu lite..which is not a bad thing imo . I play both by the way. Off and on.







Fri Jul 25 2014 7:42AM Report
Hariken writes: Its not just autopathing its autokilling to. The game can be played 1handed. You click auto pathing on the mobs you have to kill too. When you get to mob auto attack kicks in. Then just click on a skill. You won't ever die in the game from mobs just high lvl players ganking you. Fri Jul 25 2014 1:21PM Report
NightHaveN writes:

Don't know about this game cap level, but is very common in Perfect World cap level of over 100, and the Entry Level treatment being as long as lvl 30-40.

BTW between lvl 20-30 you'll get the triple jump and be able to do the town style jumping done with the acrobatics at early levels.

Sat Jul 26 2014 7:22PM Report
NightHaveN writes:

Also Perfect World games are usually better in the PvP department than most american games:  territory, guild vs guild, arenas (have events on them), fortress, world pvp, duels.  You name it.


Sat Jul 26 2014 7:26PM Report
JudgeUK writes:

But not NWN pvp, which is currently dominated by a couple of classes and has been for a long time.

They made an attempt to change this in the upcoming module 4, but have reversed many of the class changes, bowing down to the mass pvp whining on the forum.

NWN pvp is ruled by gear stats over skill, including critical enchants, which of course takes you straight in to the wallet busting price structure.

Sun Jul 27 2014 2:14AM Report
deelsebugamer writes: Good video  Tue Jul 29 2014 9:09PM Report
~Roh~ writes: Game not so awesome. TheHiveLeader? So much less annoying than ripperx. Sun Aug 03 2014 1:09PM Report
Spiider writes: Awesome review;) Game... not so awesome. Mon Aug 04 2014 4:53AM Report