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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 06/27/01)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$09.95 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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Anarchy Online Videos: Rendering Trailer (0:52)

Here's a video of the new rendering upcoming in Anarchy Online.

Here's a video of the new rendering upcoming in Anarchy Online.
Duration: 0:52
Views: 26,034  77 comments
Game: Anarchy Online
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Mysk writes: If that's the way that AO is going to look then congrats to their artist team. That looks sweet IMO. Tue Jan 22 2008 10:20PM Report
burmese writes: Looking good! Tue Jan 22 2008 11:33PM Report
permanent1 writes: Man that does look really good! Tue Jan 22 2008 11:40PM Report
burmese writes: though this is a puny version of the demo trailer. WTB fresh links to the 40mb version I got a few days ago Tue Jan 22 2008 11:58PM Report
Danjak writes: Umm... that will DEFINITELY bring me back. Always loved AO, but the last time I tried it, the graphics were really, really bad. Tue Jan 22 2008 11:59PM Report
RogueSeven writes: yeah, i played this game a few years back, liked it because it was free, then started paying for it, unfortunately i had to leave and i never came back mainly because the graphics are so outdated, when this comes out i will more then likely sign as a froob to check it out and might resub my old account if it seems worth it...only thing is that Stargate Worlds is planned for release at the end of the year=/ Wed Jan 23 2008 12:16AM Report
zensaber writes: wow might try it again Wed Jan 23 2008 12:43AM Report
soponyai writes: O_o Oh my... I'm afraid I will have to buy a new computer for this, and I will indeed. Wed Jan 23 2008 1:02AM Report
Artean writes: Not much to talk about really. IS this indeed the new ingame graphics, I'll be back from my five years long break. Wed Jan 23 2008 2:01AM Report
Valkanisar writes: wow, thats all i can say. i really do love the game play in this. only problem i had was the graphics and the way it didnt run to good even on great vid cards and what not. once that engine is in well looks like FC will have me subbed to aoc and ao. hopefully they decide to do a station pass type of thing though i doubt it. i dont mind paying for both at same time full price since it looks to be worth it. Wed Jan 23 2008 2:52AM Report
horseraddishinfinity writes: this made me cry a little. i started playing shortly after launch but kept leaving due to various issues but returning for the same reason, the game is exciting when you can find your way into the content and the player community here is the most helpful and cool of any out there. definitely a reason for me to look into going back (again) Wed Jan 23 2008 3:54AM Report
zenryoku writes: Sweet! I always said that the only thing keeping me away was the old graphics engine; looks like I'll be playing it again! Wed Jan 23 2008 4:01AM Report
Sabbicat writes: Impressive. When this goes live it may be tempting to return. It will be interesting to see what they do with avatars. Wed Jan 23 2008 5:28AM Report
hellmutt writes: for the links to the high quality vids :) Wed Jan 23 2008 5:45AM Report
Windstryder writes: I will keep an eye out but I still remember them taking over a year or so to release Lost Eden and saying there was graphics improvements in it and nothing ever showed. As trailers can just be digitally created to generate hype so until there is true gameplay video with the new engine I wouldnt count it as fact yet. Wed Jan 23 2008 7:58AM Report
lupusokami writes: well defently a + hope the do it and not just making use thank sumthing good mite be comming. Wed Jan 23 2008 8:16AM Report
Koddo writes: recently froobed AO, and the graphics and performance are the only things keeping me from subbing, and if that's actually what it ends up looking like, i'll definitely get expansions and sub. Wed Jan 23 2008 8:17AM Report
tawess writes: that looks like the cryengien... Another small MMO named Project Entropia are doing work to convert their game to it. So it might work, Wed Jan 23 2008 8:57AM Report
Phoenixs writes: It's not the cry-engine. It's their own engine. Wed Jan 23 2008 9:02AM Report
Ugottawantit writes: wow! it's about time. I think I will go back too. I loved gameplay but hated the graphics. Never did get the crafting, maybe it's time to learn. Wed Jan 23 2008 10:06AM Report
hdplsa writes: it looks great. cant w8 Wed Jan 23 2008 11:12AM Report
ninjajucer writes: Looks nice, if only the economy can be fixed along with all the people buying credits, and reduce the severe camping issues, yadda yadda. Wed Jan 23 2008 11:20AM Report
Vortigon writes: I to may return once this is implemented later this year hopefully. Can't wait :) Wed Jan 23 2008 11:25AM Report
Mordoth writes: I agree with others, if the new engine produces that kind of appearance, I'm going to be checking out AO! Wed Jan 23 2008 11:42AM Report
Ponico writes: VEry bright decision by Funcom. Why make something new when you can just take something good and make and improve it :) Eve did the same thing and the results are superbe. Wed Jan 23 2008 11:50AM Report
Ryll writes: I cant wait for this to be up and running I am an active player still because of the game play, but better graphics will certainly keep for for many more years. Wed Jan 23 2008 11:54AM Report
beetlej001 writes: Let's just hope this is better than the "weapon upgrades." :P Wed Jan 23 2008 12:21PM Report
burmese writes: Hi quality vid link direct from Funcom: Wed Jan 23 2008 12:31PM Report
Kane writes: HUGE improvement. Might tempt me to really give the game a shot. Tried in the past, but the graphics were like rubbing my eyes with salt. Wed Jan 23 2008 12:57PM Report
yegnats writes: Haha, that "Still Alive" sign at the end was very clever :D Wed Jan 23 2008 2:04PM Report
godpuppet writes: Good Sky + Water, great, lets do something about those textures now please. Wed Jan 23 2008 2:20PM Report
jusomdude writes: I might play this game if they do a good job on updating the graphics, it's about time they did something about 'em. Wed Jan 23 2008 3:35PM Report
checkthis500 writes: All they have to do is upgrade the poor animations and severely dated character models and I'd play again. If all this does is update the environment graphics, I think it's going to be disappointing. Wed Jan 23 2008 5:50PM Report
Raystorm writes: This is what MMO's SHOULD be doing out there. Why make a sequel when you can update the original? Don't fix what aint broken. Make it better. EVE was the first of them to use this formula, and it was an amazing update. I'm an old time player of this, so I'm very, very happy AO is getting a facelift. I might just come back =) Wed Jan 23 2008 7:08PM Report
Spellforged writes: actually UO was the first to do this with Kingdom Reborn Wed Jan 23 2008 7:49PM Report
pressedNutz writes: DAMN them! Everyday I fight off the urge to re-install AO...DAMN THEM ALL!!! Wed Jan 23 2008 8:03PM Report
afroburzing writes: looks nice, might try it once that comes out. Wed Jan 23 2008 9:00PM Report
ajaxee writes: Look at all the positive feedback from what FC is doing here. MMO companies should be taking note of this. ITs a good decision for a pretty damn cool game. Wed Jan 23 2008 9:20PM Report
rikilii writes: Holy crackpipe Batman! That looks...../faint. Wed Jan 23 2008 9:53PM Report
NeokiNaomi writes: DAMNIT!! And my character is hacker, grr I thought I would be happy that happened... now this.. jeez now I want to cry. Thu Jan 24 2008 1:52AM Report
Jamkull writes: definately a step in the right direction. hopefully they keep adding in more good content. Thu Jan 24 2008 2:34AM Report
nakuma writes: still looks a bit limited graphically. a few years behind the current standard. though its a major improvement. ill give it a go when they institute it officially see what its like on my pc. Thu Jan 24 2008 3:03AM Report
nakuma writes: but i also think its a good idea for FC to upgrade an existing game that works, rather than start a new game from scratch. so this is a good thing for loyal subscribers as well as bringing in fresh blood who otherwise would of been turned off by the dated graphics. this is definitely positive either way you slice it. Thu Jan 24 2008 3:05AM Report
Wintermute23 writes: nice, im looking forward Thu Jan 24 2008 5:35AM Report
Kurganxy writes: I tried this game back a couple of years ago, but i just couldnt get into it casue ive become used to games looking good. Guess i'll have to give it another try when they implement the new engine. Thu Jan 24 2008 7:28AM Report
Nineven writes: That looks great, compared to what it is now. Can't wait to see what the characters are going to look like... Thu Jan 24 2008 8:57AM Report
Metametheus writes: I guess after they saw what happened with Eve Online getting new textures they must have figured, "Hey that could be us too," And why lose a great thing, Anarchy Online is still as great as it was before. I cant wait to see what Shadowlands and those Alien Ships look like after the new engine is implemented, or *gasp* what the characters are gonna look like in game! Thu Jan 24 2008 10:20AM Report
Metametheus writes: I only *gasped* at the fact that Im gonna have to start looking at Well-Rendered Atrox's in Pretty Pink Too-Too's dancing around Athens... *Shutters* & *Shivers* Thu Jan 24 2008 10:21AM Report
nerdler writes: Yeah, that's great and all, but I really hope they fix the AWFUL, AWFUL control system. Thu Jan 24 2008 11:29AM Report
Darkjinxter writes: Looks good indeed. Now, if Blizzard are doing the same....... Thu Jan 24 2008 2:20PM Report
Gajari writes: It looks awesome. However that game has too many problems gameplay-wise for it to matter, imo. Thu Jan 24 2008 6:59PM Report
aleos writes: hell yes this will be rad Fri Jan 25 2008 4:42PM Report
warrioralpha writes: nice graphics :0 Fri Jan 25 2008 4:43PM Report
TCoops writes: Ok. Nice looking grass and trees. Yawn. What I, and probably most other people, really wanted to see was the characters and action. AO has always been the granddaddy of MMO's but the characters are starting to look robotic, animations boring. I'm hoping THEY will get an upgrade. Not just grass and trees. Hard to get excited about the grass and trees, even with the epic music. Fri Jan 25 2008 6:45PM Report
Nyalani writes: I've seriously been waiting for this for years.. I haven't actually played AO in years, but I SO will when this comes out! I agree, I can't wait to see Shadowlands and the characters! I just hope they get the shoulder area right. Shoulders, Funcom. Shoulders. Sat Jan 26 2008 2:07AM Report
rwmiller writes: Well as many have said simply improving the graphics is nice but if all they are doing is slapping a new coat of paint onto the top of a game with basic design issues and limitations it won't really keep anyone that tries it out. Sat Jan 26 2008 4:38AM Report
Vindicore writes: Upgrading the graphics is a good idea for any MMO. Why? Because it keeps the playerbase that is still playing playing and may even attract new players to the game. Sat Jan 26 2008 1:55PM Report
meleemadness writes: WOW!!! I loved SWG, it "was" my favorite MMO until SOE ruined it. Is this game similiar? Open sand box design? Sat Jan 26 2008 2:28PM Report
Oltzu writes: I think there was a secret message at the end.. "Still Alive" Sun Jan 27 2008 3:03PM Report
KingCam writes: OMFG finally... Sun Jan 27 2008 3:46PM Report
xamal writes: I applaud the new graphics as AO has needed it badly but there's something else really needed besides that. If they brought these things up to speed I just might return to AO. -) The combat animations and sound effects are in a bad need of upgrading. When I played AO for 2 years back in the early days it was fine but now it's just plain silly. There just isn't any 'feeling' of fighting a mob with the current system. They also sorely need to upgrade the weapon styles. Having 2 or 3 boring styles with long reuse timers just doesn't cut it. I know there were new styles added with Shadowlands but even they are boring for todays standards. And if you are a new player trying out the free basic client there will be severe dissapointment. Sun Jan 27 2008 7:03PM Report
Xpheyel writes: Major improvements. I'll have to take another look when it goes live. Tue Jan 29 2008 12:06PM Report
permster writes: To those that say upgrading the graphics isn't enough I think your wrong. The only reason I don't play EQ today is because I got spoiled with EQ2 graphics and couldn't go back. If they upgraded EQ graphics to EQ2 style I would still be playing EQ today and for many years to come. Tue Jan 29 2008 11:02PM Report
Romse writes: Impressive. Will it make a difference though? Would people who have played for 5 years and are just sick and tired come back? Would this make new people come in? New graphics != new game. Wed Jan 30 2008 1:01AM Report
Sesshyru writes: All they did was make the water pretty and boost up the grass. They really haven't changed much.. I played for 4 long years and loved most of it but I'll let sleeping dogs lie... Wed Jan 30 2008 9:09PM Report
XTinTioN writes: Finally! Might come back for a sneak ^^ Thu Jan 31 2008 8:46AM Report
Wizardry writes: This game deffinately needs an upgrade,but the game and gameplay is so old,that it would be better suited if funcom just built a whole new game,call it AO2 lmao.The weapons/players/meshes the whole game is old and looks old,adding a few shaders/shiny surfaces won't help it enough to warrant them spending time doing it. Fri Feb 01 2008 1:19PM Report
daeandor writes: Great game that has needed an upgrade for far too long. I want to see what characters look like, if they have changed the UI, and if they will make a few of the other changes that need to be made for me to return. Sat Feb 02 2008 10:48AM Report
Ariiadne writes: i played for 4 years, great game, if new graphics = couple more thousand people playing then id probably come back Sun Feb 03 2008 8:24PM Report
Mouth writes: Yeah, even though the release of this will not see animations and characters, it does introduce GPU rendering, and as such this is a great platform for AO to move forward on. I'm sure more and more graphical enchancments will come after this launches, maybe heads eventually too? Mon Feb 04 2008 3:06AM Report
KaMiK writes: i was an old fan of ao and this looks good -) Thu Feb 07 2008 8:23AM Report
pompey606 writes: hmm it looks lush.. but i cant see myself going back and starting from scratch as AO was my first and fav mmo Thu Feb 07 2008 8:08PM Report
rhoven writes: I played for 4 years loved it, i just may have to come back, i checked and my toons are still there, Tue Mar 11 2008 5:00PM Report
Trinsec writes: Wow. I've played AO quite a bunch of times, but the graphics are indeed kinda off-putting so it's easier to search for a different MMO with nicer graphics. But the trailer's very hopeful. Hopefully it'll come soon! I'd go back to try it again! Sun Apr 13 2008 7:27AM Report
jojotheduck writes: Wow, looking good. I might have to start playing again. Sat Feb 14 2009 5:25AM Report
yigael writes: hmm, might reactivate my account Tue Aug 25 2009 9:26AM Report
maciopa writes:

And now 4 years later there is still no ETA for that engine to be implemented in game...

Tue Feb 14 2012 10:58AM Report