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Rest In Pieces Undead, You Will Be Needed Again One Day!

Dead Frontier -  Game Review

Reviewing Dead Frontier 3-years later, It's been quite a while, where has our little 3D browser zombie MMO gone since?Posted Nov 17, 2013 by Tybost

My impression of Rift

Rift -  Game Review

My thoughts on Rift as an MMORPG after playing it for a few months.Posted Nov 9, 2013 by HerrGrim

Start off is great and involving but

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Game Review

After buying, playing and quitting around launch time 2012, recently I decided to give SWTOR another try. Posted Oct 29, 2013 by Chaserz

Good Day, Daeva!

Aion -  Game Review

Beautiful.... simply beautiful...Posted Oct 15, 2013 by MamasGun

A SuperNova Fading Out...

Champions Online -  Game Review

An excellent MMO with the skills and stats and clothing to help you build the EXACT hero you want.Posted Oct 15, 2013 by MamasGun

A Hackers Dream

APB: Reloaded -  Game Review

Great Concept- Flawed ExecutionPosted Oct 15, 2013 by MamasGun

Pretty game. Needs an overhaul.

EVE Online -  Game Review

Looks: A+ User interface: D Game balance: F Posted Sep 21, 2013 by CaptainAmazing

My Final Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV -  Game Review

Why FF XIV:ARR puts the nail in the coffin for the franchise.Posted Sep 19, 2013 by ravenclaw77

Champions of Regnum - Fun and simple RvR faction PvP mmo

Champions of Regnum -  Game Review

Fairly small to install, fast to play, steady to level, quite fast into battle against real human players. Simple yet strategic combat.Posted Sep 16, 2013 by ringdany

FATE'd to be Forgotten

Final Fantasy XIV -  Game Review

While the Realm may have been reborn, poor mechanics and fundamental design flaws have FATE'd this game to be forgottenPosted Sep 16, 2013 by Cymdai

Where decisions matter - the most immersive and hardcore gameplay and social experience you'll ever have.

Entropia Universe -  Game Review

Entropia Universe is a game with infinite potential set in a real cash economy world. I will try do demistify false ideas of it being a casino and describe the game and my experience within it.Posted Sep 14, 2013 by kleus

An Introduction to Wurm Online

Wurm Online -  Game Review

This review is a general introduction to Wurm Online from a long-time player.Posted Aug 16, 2013 by Eyesgood

Another P2W from Money Hungry Perfect World Entertainment (PWE)

Fortuna -  Game Review

Fortuna is a clone of Rise of Europe (ROE).Posted Aug 15, 2013 by AbbieBeard

Cross Platform MMORPG

Arcane Legends -  Game Review

Play on any platform!Posted Aug 13, 2013 by vicarsrd

AHHHH yess! can't wait

Final Fantasy XIV -  Beta Impressions

ff14 is lookin good, and not lookin back.Posted Aug 12, 2013 by dekkion1

Lost Saga: A Bit More Flat Than Round

Lost Saga -  Game Review

My wife, brother-in-law and I played "Lost Saga" and rated it upon a first-impressional review. I have since gone back again and the game falls a bit flat still.Posted Aug 8, 2013 by GreatPhoenixLord

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes 2016 -  Game Review

Marvel Heroes Fan Review Shortly After LaunchPosted Aug 8, 2013 by wraithharlequinn

Incredibly Addicting

Dragon Nest -  Game Review

I love this game, just not in America. Yet it is still fun if you have the time!Posted Aug 1, 2013 by osa519

Wasted my time.

Rift -  Game Review

Played for 2 weeks and only got to level 15 due to there log in issue. 2 Weeks!Posted Aug 1, 2013 by osa519

It has Evolved into a Community-based Online Game

Unification Wars -  Game Review

Why players of this game can't just leave it even if its outdated and dusty. Find out why and see for your self.Posted Jul 23, 2013 by negativezeroRT