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Exclusive Previews

Exclusive Previews

Supernova - Primal Game Studio's MOBA/RTS Hybrid

At a preview event in downtown San Francisco, Bandai Namco Games and Hungarian developer Primal Game Studio revealed their current collaboration—a sci-fi MOBA called Supernova. The game, currently in its alpha stage, contains some predictably rough edges, but from what I saw at the event, it looks to be a more strategic kind of MOBA.Posted Feb 26, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

A Preview of Characters and Warfare


Red Thomas takes a look at character creation and advancement in Crowfall. Then, Red previews warfare and speculates on what players can expect on the battlefield.Posted Feb 24, 2015 by Red Thomas

A Preview of the Universe and Economy


Red Thomas braves the frigid Texas winter and Austin traffic to get an early peak at ArtCraft’s new game, Crowfall in this first of a two part series previewing the new game in development. What he finds, leaves him feeling more than a little giddy.Posted Feb 24, 2015 by Red Thomas

An Exclusive Preview of the Revenant’s Skills

Guild Wars 2

We were able to chat with ArenaNet’s Roy Cronacher and Jon Peters this week about the 9th and newest profession for Guild Wars 2, The Revenant. Debuting briefly at PAX South, with more details being released over the course of this week, the Rev (as I like to call him) is unlike any of the other Heavy Professions in Guild Wars canon so far. Posted Feb 19, 2015 by William Murphy

The Skycastles Bring TERA's Action to the Heavens


If you are an MMORPG fan like I am, it is easy to become a little depressed, thanks to the seemingly endless discussions over the “death” of MMOs and studio closures or while reading the comments section. (Note to self: stop it.) Even with my Jedi-level “game journalist” training (I put that on all of my business cards) I still find myself occasionally feeling down. Blue. Sad. Wondering about the future of “real” MMO gaming.Posted Feb 18, 2015 by Beau Hindman

We Came. We Claimed. We Conquered

Albion Online

We came. We claimed. We conquered. Albion Online is a Free-to-Play game in its alpha-testing stage which offers a cross-platform sandbox MMO on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Think of it as a living world with no NPC vendors, no questlines and no NPCs to report to. Instead you, your guild and your friends decide who owns what: it is an entirely player-driven economy with full-loot hardcore PvP.Posted Feb 9, 2015 by Alexander Brown

Our Supersized Update 6 Preview

Elder Scrolls Online

With patch 1.6 now live on the Private Test Server (PTS) we finally get to enjoy all the exciting changes we’ve been speaking about for the last few months. In this preview I’ll be taking a look at the Champion system, Justice System, and I’m even going to discuss some of the aspects of PvP that will be changing.Posted Feb 4, 2015 by Ryan Getchell

Diving into the Protogames Initiative


WildStar is close to releasing its next big content update to the live servers, and we were recently given a good look at The Protogames Initiative. Chad Moore and Mike Donatelli were on hand to show us everything the patch looks to add to the world of Nexus and beyond.Posted Feb 3, 2015 by William Murphy

A Gothic Roguelike Not for the Faint of Heart

Darkest Dungeon

At its most basic level, Darkest Dungeon is a Gothic themed side-scrolling turn-based RPG that emphasizes the psychological stresses of dungeon crawling. Ever wonder what’s going on in the head of your Demon Hunter as she explores the nightmarish depths of Hell in Diablo 3? Surely, our heroes are tough – but at some point all of this horror must take a toll, right?Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Michael Bitton

PAX South 2015 - Cruising Through With The Oculus Rift

Elite: Dangerous

Conventions are all about trying new things, and I did just that at PAX South, sampling for the first time two of the hottest new pieces of tech – software and hardware – that gamers are drooling over: Elite: Dangerous and the Oculus Rift.Posted Jan 29, 2015 by Jason Winter

PAX South 2015: First Look at CABAL 2


When someone invites you up to their hotel room, unless you’ve been sharing drinks at the bar and developed a certain subtle understanding, it’s typically a good idea to refuse. When the word “cabal” is uttered in the same proposition, a thrown glass for distraction and immediate sprint for the nearest exit would be the course of wisdom.Posted Jan 29, 2015 by Red Thomas

Scrolls: The Overshadowed Second Game

When your first game as a developer was an incredible hit like Mojang’s Minecraft, this means unavoidably a hard life for whatever comes next. While it’s almost impossible to live up to expectations, at least you have the benefit of the spotlight. However, you are really out of luck when at the same time one of the industry leaders decides to release a game in the same genre – which happened with Blizzard and Hearthstone. Scrolls was unlucky enough to get overshadowed not only once, but twice.Posted Jan 29, 2015 by Markus Rohringer

PAX South 2015 - Checking Out Undead Labs' Mobile MMO


The first thing I thought of when I saw Moonrise, Undead Labs collaboration with Kabam to make an MMO for mobile devices was the usual, “Oh, it's a mobile game? For casuals, then. Not a real MMO.” As I sat in the Undead Labs booth at PAX South, the developers were quick to try and dispel that notion. Moonrise may not quite be World of Warcraft, but it's not Puzzles & Dragons: The MMO either.Posted Jan 28, 2015 by Jason Winter

Dreadnought: A Game to Watch

It looked a bit too console-oriented for me, so I started to walk on past the Dreadnought booth, but with some time to kill before my next interview, I decided to check it out. Boy am I glad I did. Of all the games I saw at PAX South, this is the game I think folks need to be watching out for. It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but I had so much fun playing the game that it was ridiculous.Posted Jan 27, 2015 by Red Thomas

Heart of Thorns Presentation Liveblog

Guild Wars 2

Today, at 1130AM ET (830AM PT), Guild Wars 2's Colin Johanson, Mike O'Brien, and the voice actress Jennifer Hale will be presenting what lies "Beyond the Point of No Return" live from PAX South in San Antonio, TX. We'll embed the stream here, and update the article with details as they're announced.Posted Jan 24, 2015 by William Murphy

Hands-On with the XBOX One Version


At the 2015 Smite World Championships, held from January 9th-12th of this month, I was able to get thirty or forty minutes on the playable beta version of Smite for the X-Box One. For those who do not know, Smite is Hi-Rez Studios recent entry into the MOBA genre, released in March, 2014. Smite is no standard entry into the genre dominated by Defense of the Ancients 2 and League of Legends, the devs over at Hi-Rez have made several very significant innovations.Posted Jan 16, 2015 by Terry OBrien

Early Access and the Airdrop Madness


Last night was a bit depressing. After HiveLeader’s excellent first impressions and livestream video, I was pretty excited for H1Z1. Even knowing how Early Access goes and how alpha builds get wiped and are pretty buggy messes, I’ll admit that the thought of a PVE sandbox zombie survival MMO has my interest piqued. Posted Jan 16, 2015 by William Murphy

This Game is in No Way Small

Trials of Ascension

This past weekend the crew behind Trials of Ascension did a live AMA where they covered a lot of information that hasn’t previously been discussed. While the AMA was being streamed, it felt more like a developer play session that it did an AMA. The reason I say this is because the developers talked among themselves more than to the audience. But that’s not a bad thing. As the discussion progressed they delved deeper into topics at hand, instead of providing simple short and concise answers. Posted Dec 29, 2014 by Ryan Getchell

Korean Closed Beta Preview

Black Desert

Pearl Abyss is a studio with something to prove. That’s the feeling I get after spending a day beta testing the Korean version of Black Desert. The game has plenty of dull edges that need to be polished out, but the basic shape is already visible.Posted Dec 23, 2014 by Mark Wilhelm

Monsters and Linking and Caves, Oh My!


While the folks at Sony Online Entertainment had to delay the launch of their biggest update to Landmark since they released Alpha until later this week, they still went ahead and invited press to a private livestream to give a preview of all the new goodies coming in the update, which was originally slated to either take only four hours to load and get the servers open again, or it could take up to 48 hours. Posted Dec 17, 2014 by Jean Prior