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Exclusive Previews

Exclusive Previews

An Action RPG for a New Generation

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a beast of a game. When we first took an extended hands-off look at Bioware’s upcoming action RPG at E3 this year, I was given the impression that its scope could far surpass the previous titles in the series, and that it could provide for a single-player experience heretofore unavailable on previous-gen systems. Having now played several hours of the game, I can say that it does a little bit of both.Posted Nov 3, 2014 by Som Pourfarzaneh

The Beornings and Central Gondor Are Coming

Lord of the Rings Online

Recently, we were invited by Turbine to check out Lord of the Rings Online's Update 15. In it, we were presented with a first look at the Beorning class and also the new big battle that centered around the off-camera lore story of the retaking of Pelargir, an important Gondorian port that Aragorn and the Grey Company needed to liberate in order to prevent a devastating attack upon Minas Tirith. Posted Oct 30, 2014 by Jean Prior

A Look Ahead to Altar of Malice

EverQuest II

Recently, we were invited by Sony Online Entertainment to preview EverQuest II's upcoming expansion, Altar of Malice. This eleventh expansion for the ten-year-old MMO will add a new playable race, the previously-announced Aerakyn (more on them at a later date), and several new areas and dungeons for players to visit.Posted Oct 28, 2014 by Jean Prior

Shadow of Revan - a First Look in to SWTOR’s Future

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We were invited to a first look at Shadow of Revan, the new expansion for Star Wars: the Old Republic. In it, players tackle the galaxy-threatening Revan in the third installment of his centuries-spanning story. The event focused primarily on the game’s story and future content rather than the nuts and bolts of any new game systems.Posted Oct 24, 2014 by Jean Prior

Expanding into the Gilded Wasteland


Gilded Wasteland is a new expansion launching tomorrow for free-to-play wuxia MMO, Swordsman. Perfect World Entertainment recently treated us to a demo tour of the new additions players can expect to find when it launches.Posted Oct 22, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Sailing to Victory

Wind of Luck: Arena

The time has come to hire a crew and battle for fame, expertise and piasters on your own war ship. As captain of a Caribbean, Mediterranean or East Asian vessel, you’ll head out to sea, get the wind in your sails, prime your cannons and engage in explosive naval warfare. Wind of Luck Arena (WoLA) is a Free to Play Multiplayer Battle Arena game by independent developers “Trazzy Entertainment”.Posted Oct 21, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

The MOBA Genre's Entry Point to Mobile


Thus far, the perception has been that tablets and MOBAs just don't mix - and for good reason. Competitive MOBA players (is there any other kind?) require a level of technology and a degree of speed and precision that heretofore have existed only on PC. Current gen tablets have removed the first obstacle, and with its upcoming MOBA Vainglory, Superevil Megacorp has plans to remove the second. Posted Oct 12, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Dragonfall Director’s Cut: Diving Back Into the Shadows

Shadowrun Returns

After seeing a number of spectacular failures recently on Kickstarter, Yogventures and Clang to name two, it’s nice to see a kickstarted game go above and beyond what it originally promised its backers. One such game is Shadowrun Returns. Last time we checked in with developer Harebrained Schemes they had recently released the Dragonfall DLC which is the second campaign following Dead Man’s Switch fulfilling all their obligations to their Kickstarter backers. Posted Oct 10, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Delta Rising Expansion Preview

Star Trek Online

Delta Rising will expand Star Trek Online into the Delta Quadrant where the TV show Star Trek Voyager took place. It’s been 30 years since the events of Voyager and the Voyager crew made a ton of friends and enemies on its return home. In the intervening years, a new threat has emerged and no one knows who it is just yet. Posted Oct 9, 2014 by Michael Bitton

The Justice System Revealed

Elder Scrolls Online

“By order of the Jarl, stop right there!” Even though I have not logged nearly as many hours as a lot of people, that phrase is one I know all too well. Anytime I’ve tried to be a sneaky thief, there was always a guard right near me ready to confiscate my stolen good. From what I saw at the Guild Summit, this phrase (or variations of it) will be playing a lot through my speakers as I play The Elder Scrolls Online. Posted Oct 9, 2014 by Ryan Getchell

Archwing Takes the Space Ninjas into Space


Earlier this week, we were treated to a developer livestream with the devs at Digital Extremes to check out the Archwing update. Due later this month, Archwing will literally take the “space ninjas” into space with wings and weapons systems that attach to the Warframes themselves, making the players airborne weapons of death. Read on for our full preview.Posted Oct 9, 2014 by William Murphy

Nothing Really Scary or Exceptional

F.E.A.R. Online

Continuing the saga of the highly popular psychological horror series “F.E.A.R”, Korea’s Inplay Interactive bring us a free-to-play online shooter. I had to ask myself, how does a single-player campaign translate into a multiplayer setting? Doesn’t the fact that you have a group lesson the potential or opportunity to provide the scare factor we have come to expect while playing F.E.A.R alone in the dark?Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

A Medieval Sandbox with Potential

Life is Feudal

In Life is Feudal, you create your own world or join an existing dedicated server (think DayZ), create your own character (complete with stat and skill allocation), and venture out into a forested island to make your own destiny. Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Costume Quest 2: Saving Halloween is New & Improved

Costume Quest 2

Halloween is nearly upon us, and this year for all of those who were looking for a brand new, candy-filled, time-traveling adventure, Costume Quest 2 is on the horizon. The sequel to the colorful, humorous RPG-adventure will look and feel pretty familiar, though there are improvements, new features, and of course, new costumes to find and wear to become Hallowarriors”. Posted Oct 1, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Survival & Sandbox Combined

Forsaken Uprising

Survival games have been all the rave the last few years and we have seen just about every flavor imaginable. We have also seen numerous construction games being developed to provide a virtual sandbox for every to play in. What we haven’t seen too many of is a marriage of these two types of games and put into the same package.Posted Sep 30, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

Grimoire Preview: Flinging Fireballs is Fun


Complex game mechanics certainly have their appeal, but there’s just no substitute for the simple pleasure afforded by flinging fireballs from your fingertips. OmniConnection’s new wizard-based, MOBA-inspired multiplayer FPS, Grimoire, will allow you to do that and more. Currently in Kickstarter and submitted to Steam Greenlight, the game is in a pre-Alpha-single-player-sort-of-Alpha-multiplayer state, and is already remarkably fun to play.Posted Sep 26, 2014 by Som Pourfarzaneh

Will You Ragequit or Persevere?

Albion Online

Get used to these three words. Indie Sandbox MMO. They're pretty much all the rage right now. Just off the top of my head, I can think of about ten of these games coming out. One of the bunch is a game being funded through Kickstarter, Albion Online. This game is, of course, a sandbox MMO brought to you by the fine folks from Sandbox Interactive. From the top-down prespective to the player-run cities, Albion Online screams how much it wants to emulate the beloved, old-school MMO.Posted Sep 25, 2014 by Hive Leader

World of Diving: Hands-On with the Scuba

World of Diving

World of Diving aims to unite the peaceful exploration of ocean depths with entertaining group play. But its secret sauce is Oculus Rift support, transforming this from an interesting diversion to an immersive adventure. Columnist Gareth Harmer went hands-on to find out more.Posted Sep 18, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

Transverse: Piranha Games Opens the Space Sandbox

Imagine an MMO with no NPCs, no enemy NPCs either… the entire world is populated and driven by players and their interaction. There are no pre-made quests, and if a player doesn’t make it, it doesn’t exist. That’s the idea behind Piranha Games’ Transverse, a spacefaring sandbox MMORPG that looks to beat EVE Online at its own game. We caught up with PGI’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Bryan Ekman to talk about Transverse, its design philosophy, and more. Posted Sep 18, 2014 by William Murphy

Project Gorgon: Showing Serious Potential

Project Gorgon

As many do, I like to keep an eye on games being developed. Color me intrigued when I found one available to play during its Kickstarter that doesn’t require monetary participation to download and play it. That is exactly what Project Gorgon is doing. They are letting you get your hands on a very early build so you can see if it is something you want to be involved with and decide to support their Kickstarter. Posted Sep 17, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

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