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Exclusive Media

DevSpeak - Customization
Game Trailer, added on Jan 29, 2014
How will Carbine's WildStar let you customize your MMO experience? How about by tricking out your mounts, your outfit, its colors, its costuming, your own personal house, your gear, your skills, your AMPs, and on and on and on? That enough for you? Watch this week's DevSpeak and find out.
2,388 views  6 comments
Olandra Zone Trailer
Dragon's Prophet
Game Trailer, added on Jan 28, 2014
Next week, SOE and Runewaker's Dragon's Prophet will be getting a massive upgrade in the new zone of Olandra. A level cap boost, new dragons, new dungeons, and lots more are all highlighted in this new video. MMORPG - Dragon's Prophet Game Page -
1,473 views  2 comments
ESO Weekly #24 - PvE Grouping
Elder Scrolls Online
Video Podcast, added on Jan 26, 2014
Today Dan talks about how PvE will work in ESO and how to group up and get your friends in the action! He also goes over Dark Anchors and how they work! And explanes Chris's Pc Situation! Hope you enjoy! :D
3,716 views  6 comments
MMOFTW News Recap - Guilds in WildStar?
Video Podcast, added on Jan 25, 2014
Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for January 25th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in MMO news at Which new character model did Blizzard reveal for World of Warcraft? What new feature made its debut on the Star Citizen site and which famous actor has joined the cast of Star Trek Online? What's Rift's newest crafting profession? Watch and learn because this is MMOFTW.
7,366 views  21 comments
Standalone - The First 2 Weeks Highlights
Video Podcast, added on Jan 24, 2014
This is a compilation of footage from the first 2 weeks of the DayZ Standalone. Music Credits: Marcus Zuhr
2,134 views  14 comments
The Best Hybrid MMOs of 2013 - Video Edition
Video Podcast, added on Jan 24, 2014
2013 was a great year for the hybrid MMO with some truly solid contenders coming forth to earn your playtime. With only a scant few MMORPGs releasing, more players than ever before branched out into MOBAs, Action-MMOs, and MMOFPSs. It was a year of experimentation and exploration, widening horizons, and seeing just what the free-to-play market has to offer. Join us as we recount the best hybrid MMOs available in 2013. Be sure to subscribe to the HiveLeader's channel! -
1,776 views  17 comments
Exclusive Pre Alpha Gameplay Footage
Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade
Gameplay Footage, added on Jan 23, 2014
This is footage we took off-screen from Behaviour Interactive's studio in Montreal. It's pre-alpha footage for an early unfinished look at how the game's combat will play. Bear in mind that all of the "grayboxes" you see are just placeholders for art assets to come, but that you can already see how responsive and frenetic the combat is this early on. Enjoy!
6,026 views  26 comments
Exclusive Prototype Footage
Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade
Gameplay Footage, added on Jan 22, 2014
This is a look at the "proof of concept" demo Behaviour Interactive used to show staff, publishers, and so forth. The Pre-Alpha gameplay we captured is coming later, but this is intended to show off the team's loyalty to the IP, the over-the-shoulder view, and the scope of the environments. Reminder, it's just a prototype! Our actual in-game gameplay video will be coming tomorrow, from the Pre-Alpha version of the game. Sorry to tease, but approvals take time!
5,145 views  7 comments
The EQ Franchise Update - 1,2, and Landmark Getting Tons of Stuff!
Official Movie, added on Jan 22, 2014
There's a lot going on in the EverQuest universe during the next few months. From the original game's 15th anniversary to EQ2's latest updates, to Landmark's alpha launch and beyond.
927 views  2 comments
Rage Powers Trailer
DC Universe Online
Game Trailer, added on Jan 22, 2014
Available to both DC Universe Online heroes and villains and inspired by the Red Lantern Corps, Rage will introduce a new way for players to tank in DC Universe Online. As a 'Rage' tank, players will instantly heal themselves for all the damage they take as long as they are enraged, but should they allow their rage to 'crash', all the damage healed while enraged will hit them all at once.
1,445 views  4 comments
 Miguel Caron on Behaviour's Goals
Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade
General, added on Jan 21, 2014
We visited Behaviour's Montreal studio to play the Warhammer 40K alpha in its early state, tour the studio, and chat with the developers about their vision for life and war in the 41st century. Miguel Caron shared details about the game's goals in this exclusive interview.
1,618 views  5 comments
The First True Next Gen Game?
The Division
Official Movie, added on Jan 21, 2014
Why The Division is the First True Next Gen Game - Tom Clancy's The Division: Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in late 2014, The Division is a true 'next gen' next gen game, unhampered by an Xbox 360 or PS3 version and poised to dazzle with its purpose-built next gen Snowdrop Engine, and we can't wait for it. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily Xbox 360 and Xbox One videos. Join us for gameplay, previews, tips, guides, interviews and more.
1,642 views  9 comments
Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past - First Impressions
Video Podcast, added on Jan 20, 2014
In part of our efforts to cover more RPGs, online as well as offline, in 2014, our own David Jagneaux took to the newly released standalone expansion for Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past. Watch on to learn the good and bad of this RTS/RPG hybrid.
1,724 views  2 comments
Talking Progression with Michael Chan
Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade
General, added on Jan 20, 2014
We caught up with Behaviour's Michael Chan to talk about Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade's insanely deep progression system. Read on for more exclusive info on this highly anticipated MMO shooter.
1,680 views  5 comments
Tamriel Topics: Justice System & Guilds
Elder Scrolls Online
Video Podcast, added on Jan 19, 2014
Thank you all for watching, be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed and want this show / series to live on! Enjoy what you see? Subscribe!
3,720 views  16 comments
MMOFTW 1/18/2014 - Where is Ghostcrawler Now?
Video Podcast, added on Jan 18, 2014
What do you get if you pre-order Warlords of Draenor from What new tool is being added to DCUO? Who's the mystery star coming to Star Trek Online? What does Scarlet Briar have planned next for Guild Wars 2? What major game company is Ghostcrawler now working for? And how much money does Brad McQuaid need to make Pantheon a reality? Find out, and watch the video!
9,833 views  32 comments
Geb, God of Earth Revealed
Gameplay Footage, added on Jan 16, 2014
Hi Rez Studios has unleashed the latest SMITE god into the game's pantheon. This time, the Egyptian God of the Earth, Geb, has entered the game. The video gives insight into Geb's history and his in-game abilities, including Roll Out, when he travels in a ball damaging all in his path. Check out the video to find out more about Geb and how to get hold of him in SMITE.
2,362 views  3 comments
First Impressions on Housing
Video Podcast, added on Jan 16, 2014
Ripper hits level 14 in the Wildstar Beta and is able to finally get his house and land plot. Wildstar Housing is unlike any other, thousands of items to choose from and a pretty unique way to customize anything and everything to your liking. More Information on Wildstar: Site: Ripper's Channel:
2,818 views  12 comments
TheHiveLeader's Guide to Being Pro
Ghost Recon: Phantoms
Video Podcast, added on Jan 16, 2014
At Ubisoft's behest, TheHiveLeader is doing a five video series for Ghost Recon Online. This is Episode 2 - Guide to Being Pro (PS - If you couldn't tell, this video was sarcasm :-) K? Okay... Just making sure)
1,042 views  5 comments
Dark Souls II: Monsters & Mayhem
Game Trailer, added on Jan 15, 2014
Dark Souls II is getting ready to debut for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 in a couple of months with the PC version coming later this year. To give players an idea of what they can expect, Namco Bandai has released a brand new trailer featuring a look at the game's monsters and mayhem. Check it out and let us know what you think!
1,187 views  12 comments
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