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Exclusive Media

A Guide to Settling in Draenor
World of Warcraft
Video Podcast, added on Jul 10, 2014
TheHiveLeader gives a few handy tips when settling the lands of Draenor.
6,086 views  34 comments
Points of Interest: Episode 2
Guild Wars 2
Video Podcast, added on Jul 09, 2014
In the second episode of #GW2PoI, Kate Welch, Theo Nguyen, and Angel McCoy talk over Gates of Maguuma! This is a recording from a Guild Wars 2 livestream that was broadcast at Join us for regular livestreams every Friday at noon Pacific Time. Subscribe to the Guild Wars 2 channel on YouTube for weekly developer videos, release videos and more!
1,224 views  0 comments
Launch Announcement Trailer
Game Trailer, added on Jul 08, 2014
Red 5 is ending one of the longest development cycles ever with the announcement that Firefall will finally hit its retail release on July 29th. Firefall will be free to play with an in-game shop filled with convenience and cosmetic items for players to purchase.
2,087 views  10 comments
Open Beta Trailer
Archlord 2
Game Trailer, added on Jul 08, 2014
The video accompanying the Facebook campaign advertising the Archlord 2 Open Beta. Archlord 2 is a medieval fantasy MMORPG set in a fantasy world shattered by the endless conflict between two opposing factions. Join enormous Player vs Player battles, and fight to claim the ultimate prize and to become the Archlord -- the world's supreme ruler. With a sountrack performed by Cris Velasco, the multi-award winning composer for more than 40 video games, including God of War and Borderlands!
460 views  0 comments
The List: 5 Single Player Games that Could be MMOs
Video Podcast, added on Jul 07, 2014
As has become customary here at MMORPG, this week's list is the reverse of last week's! Previously, we covered five MMOs that we think could be turned into great singleplayer games. Now, we want to look at five singleplayer games that could be turned into great MMOs. With the extreme level variety the genre we know and love experiences in today's industry, there is plenty of room for new concepts. Read the full article at
484 views  0 comments
Official Beta Trailer
Game Trailer, added on Jul 07, 2014
The Destiny Beta is your first step on the path to adventure, beginning July 17th on PlayStation and July 23rd on Xbox. Explore the vast expanses of the world of Destiny, fight through riveting story missions, strike deep within enemy strongholds alongside a fireteam, or compete for glory against your fellow Guardians in the action-packed competitive multiplayer.
1,120 views  4 comments
This Week in Elder Scrolls Online: Episode 18.
Elder Scrolls Online
Game Trailer, added on Jul 04, 2014
This Week in Elder Scrolls Online: Episode 18 On the episode this week: ~New info coming from QuakeCon ~Buy the books and get 30 days free game time. ~The Onion covers ESO character creation.
1,623 views  4 comments
First Impressions with the Hive Leader
Legends of Persia
Video Podcast, added on Jul 03, 2014
TheHiveLeader gives his First Impressions on Legend of Persia.
6,304 views  9 comments
MMOFTW - The Nightmare Tide Rises
Video Podcast, added on Jun 27, 2014
How many botters can Trion kill in one fell swoop? What's Wartune like on the iPhone? How much will early access to Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade cost you? And what is the name of Rift's next expansion? Find out all this and more because THIS is MMOFTW.
1,652 views  4 comments
Heroes of the Storm - A Look at Alpha
Heroes of the Storm
Video Podcast, added on Jun 26, 2014
TheHiveLeader takes a look at the Tech Alpha of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's upcoming MOBA.
5,513 views  18 comments
Space Marine Race Teaser Trailer
Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade
Game Trailer, added on Jun 25, 2014
Take a look at one of five teaser trailers highlighting the races of Eternal Crusade from Behaviour Interactive. The other four (still unreleased) trailers will highlight the Tyranid, the Chaos Space Marines, the Eldar, and the Orks. But this one? This one's all Space Marines.
2,974 views  6 comments
MMOFTW - SOE is Getting a Divorce!
Video Podcast, added on Jun 20, 2014
From Elder Scrolls epic dungeons to SOE getting a divorce, it's been a crazy week. What's Neverwinter doing to celebrate 1 year since launch? What NEW content is Firefall adding? Find out! This is MMOFTW.
15,702 views  23 comments
Legion of Heroes Introduced
Game Trailer, added on Jun 20, 2014
NDoors, the same team that developed Atlantica Online is looking for Android beta testers for its mobile MMO, Legion of Heroes. According to reports, Legion of Heroes is the #1 mobile MMO in Korea and the team wants to bring it westward.
1,078 views  4 comments
Demoing Arena Commander with Chris Roberts
Star Citizen
Gameplay Footage, added on Jun 20, 2014
We had a chance to drop by the Alienware booth at E3 this year, where Chris Roberts was busy demoing the recently launched Arena Commander. Check out our hands on demo!
1,805 views  8 comments
Into The Mists - Episode 5 (by
Guild Wars 2
Video Podcast, added on Jun 19, 2014
Into The Mists - Episode 5: A Guild Wars 2 Podcast (presented by
1,277 views  0 comments
E3 2014 - Talking with Cryptozoic's CEO Cory Jones
Video Podcast, added on Jun 19, 2014
HEX, the world's first true trading card game (TCG), was on show at this year's E3. We caught up with developer Cryptozoic's CEO, Cory Jones to talk all about the game and demo it a little bit as well.
1,395 views  3 comments
Ruins of Kel Voreth Dungeon with Carbine
Video Podcast, added on Jun 18, 2014
We had the chance to play through the first of two level 20 dungeons in WildStar: The Ruins of Kel Voreth. To fight alongside Rob and Bill, we enlisted three of the devs working on the dungeons and raids at Carbine. And yes, epic-ness ensued. Watch on!
1,015 views  5 comments
The Strain
The Strain (1:27)
Game Trailer, added on Jun 18, 2014
The Strain is the name of the first major patch to Carbine's WildStar. Take a look at the video to see what's in store when the update drops.
1,046 views  2 comments
Demoing with David Braben - E3 2014
Elite: Dangerous
Gameplay Footage, added on Jun 18, 2014
At E3 2014, we sat down with David Braben to demo Elite: Dangerous, and to see just how massive in scope his space-flight sim truly is.
901 views  0 comments
A Look at Alpha - First Impressions
Gameplay Footage, added on Jun 17, 2014
TheHiveLeader takes a look at the alpha test of Destiny, the upcoming shooter by Bungie.
1,299 views  4 comments
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