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Exclusive Media

Now Officially Playable in English - Gameplay Video
Phantasy Star Online 2
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 21, 2015
Phantasy Star Online 2 has been out forever in Asian territories, and while we've seen the game show up at PAX and E3 before, no official plans ever solidified to bring SEGA's MMO sequel to North America and the EU. Well, the SEA version from PlayPark just dropped its region restriction AND it has a pretty well-translated English adaptation. No patching required! Check out your first hour or so with the game in this exclusive video.
1,698 views  16 comments
LockSixTime - ESO's DLC = Tamriel Limited?
Elder Scrolls Online
Video Podcast, added on Jul 21, 2015
In this week's video, Lock takes a look at the recent Imperial City announcements from Elder Scrolls Online. While the content sounds great, he's not sold on how it's being monetized. Watch and find out if you agree.
995 views  13 comments
Developer Diaries #7 Camouflage & Signal Flags
World of Warships
Video Podcast, added on Jul 21, 2015
Fly the flag for all to see or keep yourself hidden away in the 7th installment of Developer Diaries that covers camouflage and Signal Flags. World of Warships' developers explain how you can use flags and camouflage to give your vessel a much-needed bonus or enhance your captain’s abilities. Check out the latest video diary to find out just what each nation's camouflage and flags are capable of.
271 views  0 comments
Gut Reaction: No Man's Sky New Trailer
No Man’s Sky
Video Podcast, added on Jul 20, 2015
Have you been following No Man's Sky? Well, it's certainly starting to perk our ears up. No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. Whether a distant mountain or a planet hanging low on the horizon, you can go there. You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit. Where you’ll go and how fast you’ll make your way through this universe is up to you. It’s yours fo
1,090 views  9 comments
MMOFTW - Here Comes The Imperial City!
Elder Scrolls Online
Video Podcast, added on Jul 18, 2015
This week's MMOFTW is all about ESO's big Imperial City Update, Skyforge's Open Beta, GW2's Shinro Legend, and more. Watch and get educated on what you missed this week!
4,680 views  16 comments
Whitemist Foothills Preview
Saga of Lucimia
Game Trailer, added on Jul 18, 2015
A reveal of the latest zone being built for the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG, built in Unity 5.
88 views  0 comments
Tavern Reveal
Saga of Lucimia
Game Trailer, added on Jul 17, 2015
Taverns! This is where you'll be spending the bulk of your time in between adventures, sharing tales of your deeds with fellow explorers, finding groups via the LFG bulletin board, roleplaying, showing off your armor and weapons...and more. This is a first-draft pass. No lighting, shading, or other details have been done. This is a pre-alpha video. Original music by David Bradford.
91 views  0 comments
Getting Lost
Getting Lost  (17:28)
Saga of Lucimia
Game Trailer, added on Jul 16, 2015
After I got so lost in the marches of the zone I myself created (causing me to simply log out so that I could respawn in the starting area), I wanted to hop on Twitch and give you guys a quick video talking about zone size and scope, and the importance of sense heading and compasses in a world with no mini-maps
111 views  0 comments
Naval Legends - Battle of Tsushima
World of Warships
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 16, 2015
In this episode of Naval Legends, we take a look at the Japanese Battleship Mikasa and the Russian Cruiser Aurora during the Battle of Tsushima. A major naval battle fought between Russia and Japan during the Russo-Japanese War.
602 views  1 comments
First Impression - TheHiveLeader
Nords: Heroes of the North
Video Podcast, added on Jul 16, 2015
Ready to waste some time?! Then join TheHiveLeader as he takes a look at Nords : Heroes of the North! Lead your army to save the Kingdom in Nords: Heroes of the North! Only the strongest will survive in this fantasy online strategy game by Plarium.
1,749 views  4 comments
Let's Play - Skyforge's Alchemist Class
Video Podcast, added on Jul 15, 2015
In this week's Let's Play, Trilient takes a look at Skyforge's Alchemist class, one of the game's many advanced classes unlockable by working your way through the Ascension Atlas. What makes this weird support class tick? Find out!
2,810 views  13 comments
Tier 8 Trailer
Armored Warfare
Game Trailer, added on Jul 15, 2015
Obsidian Entertainment & are proud to present Armored Warfare tier 8 trailer!
362 views  0 comments
The List - The Best MMOs of 2015...So Far
Video Podcast, added on Jul 15, 2015
Even though 2015 hasn't been chock-full of huge MMORPG announcements, there are still so many titles worth celebrating. This list is dedicated to highlighting the releases that have already launched and the games that have shown the most improvement and promise so far in 2015. And there are still big releases coming such as Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns! So let's get started! Here are the top 7 MMOs so far for 2015!
586 views  12 comments
Leoric Spotlight - Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm
Game Trailer, added on Jul 14, 2015
Kevin Johnson introduces you to the newest Warrior entering the Nexus, Leoric. For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the links below: Website - Facebook: Twitter:
592 views  5 comments
LockSixTime's Tribute to Satoru Iwata - Games Are For Everyone
Video Podcast, added on Jul 13, 2015
Today LockSixTime memorializes Satoru Iwata, a gaming icon, though many PC gamers might not realize it. Consoles, after all, aren't known for their MMOs. Still, the work of this one man touched the lives of millions, and he will be missed.
422 views  0 comments
Naval Academy - Aircraft Carriers
World of Warships
Instructional Video, added on Jul 13, 2015
Provide support using Scouts and Fighter Planes or destroy your enemies using Dive and Torpedo Bombers! Learn more about Aircraft Carriers in this episode of Naval Academy. Twitter: Facebook: Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website! North America Portal:
423 views  0 comments
Gut Reaction - Satoru Iwata Has Died
Video Podcast, added on Jul 12, 2015
Tonight, Sunday July 12th, gaming lost a Legend. Nintendo President and renowned Game Developer Satoru Iwata passed away.
886 views  16 comments
MMOFTW - Skyforge Forges Its Destiny
Video Podcast, added on Jul 12, 2015
This week on MMOFTW, it's all about Skyforge's OBT launch, Trove's launch, Dragon Age DLC, FFXIV's Mac sales, and ARK's 1 Million Sales. Watch and learn!
6,325 views  16 comments
Good Job, Fat Chocobo.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Video Podcast, added on Jul 12, 2015
Preliminary studies show that use of the Fat Chocobo mount promotes cooperation among people. To test this, over 200 people on Excalibur joined together to build a bridge and a tower and a wall and a train and a smiley face music - Birds and Bees by Patrick & Eugene fat chocobo bridges, trains, walls, doors, and towers were built by citizens of Excalibur. fat chocobo and Final Fantasy XIV is copyright SquareEnix 2015 etc
714 views  2 comments
Band of Brothers Reunion
World of Tanks
Instructional Video, added on Jul 12, 2015
Wargaming was a proud sponsor for the Band of Brothers Reunion for the 71st anniversary of D-Day. Watch a short recap of the awesome event here!
327 views  0 comments
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