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Exclusive Media

More Warrior Gameplay and Crafting - (Stream VOD)
Cabal 2
Gameplay Footage, added on May 02, 2015
Bill sneaks into the Closed Beta servers before they're open in Cabal 2, plays more Warrior, dies against a group boss, and learns how to mine and craft. Watch!
1,282 views  1 comments
PvP Battlefields
Cabal 2
Gameplay Footage, added on May 01, 2015
As your guide, GM ICEE gives players an overview of the multiple PvP battlefields that players will be able to play in the game. From the massive 18-on-18 map to the more intimate 6-on-6 Maelstrom Castle, players will be given all the details on which battlefield will be best for them when the CABAL 2 launches this spring.
1,371 views  0 comments
A First Look at Cabal 2's Closed Beta
Cabal 2
Gameplay Footage, added on Apr 30, 2015
Bill dives into the Cabal 2 closed beta test with a Warrior. Taking on the starter zone, answering questions in chat, and beating down some monkeys. Cabal 2 is a new MMORPG sequel to the original cult hit from ESTsoft.
1,737 views  16 comments
Tamriel Unlimited - Coming to Consoles
Elder Scrolls Online
Video Podcast, added on Apr 30, 2015
TheHiveLeader got his hands on the PS4 beta of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, which releases on June 9th for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Discover more of Tamriel than you've ever seen, from the frozen peaks of Skyrim to the murky depths of Black Marsh—and do it all with your friends by your side!
956 views  9 comments
The Sorceress Overview
Echo of Soul
Official Movie, added on Apr 30, 2015
With Echo of Soul on the brink of entering beta testing, the team is showing off yet another of the game's classes. This time, the Sorceress is revealed.
741 views  2 comments
Say Hello to the Chronomancer, Mesmer's Elite Specialization
Guild Wars 2
Game Trailer, added on Apr 30, 2015
Meet the Chronomancer, Mesmer's Elite Specialization for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Turn your elegant mesmer into a fabulous time mage, via the ability to stop and even revert time! Learn more about the Chronomancer on this page:
391 views  0 comments
First Impressions - TheHiveLeader
OnePiece Online
Video Podcast, added on Apr 30, 2015
TheHiveLeader dives into the anime inspired One Piece Online from JoyGames! Happy Happy Joy Joy! OnePiece Online provides a brand new ARPG Tower Defense� gameplay mode in this Free to Play browser MMO based on the popular OnePiece Manga. ARPG Tower Defense gameplay combines the role-playing, real time battles of ARPGs with the “tower defense� fights of other strategy games. With open sea sailing, tons of OnePiece characters to play with, and loads of quests and content to undertake.
1,739 views  14 comments
Female Blader Gameplay
Black Desert
Gameplay Footage, added on Apr 30, 2015
One of Black Desert Online's playable classes is the female Blader. See her in action in this new video from Daum and Pearl Abyss.
513 views  2 comments
Ship Combat Playthrough #1 | RipperX
Wind of Luck: Arena
Video Podcast, added on Apr 29, 2015
Wind of Luck: Arena is a free-to-play, session-based team multiplayer online game dedicated to naval battles of the age of sail warships. It's a unique opportunity to feel like a commander or pirate captain in the midst of a furious seafight offensive! The game features team vs team battles, which allows you to fight against random opponents, train together with your friends, sharpening various combat skills and exploring various locations. Battles will take place in truly special seascapes whic
892 views  1 comments
Founder's Packs & Early Access
Armored Warfare
Official Movie, added on Apr 29, 2015
Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that Founder's Packs are now available for purchase that will grant automatic entry into the first early access event currently scheduled for May 27th - June 3rd. Three Founder's Packs are available: $14.99, 29.99 and $69.99, each with its own set of in-game items and swag.
456 views  0 comments
Shadow of Betrayal
Dragon's Prophet
Game Trailer, added on Apr 29, 2015
Runewaker and Infernum have announced that a significant content expansion has been released to the EU version of Dragon's Prophet. Called "Shadow of Betrayal", the game world will expand with a new zone, two new adventure dungeons and one new raid dungeon, tons of new quest items and gear, and a level cap increase to 105.
319 views  1 comments
Lead Artist Creates the Iconic Templar
Video Podcast, added on Apr 29, 2015
Crowfall Lead Artist Dave Greco shows the creation of the Templar
531 views  1 comments
The List - The Top Five Best Browser MMOs
Video Podcast, added on Apr 28, 2015
Imagine the moment when you’re dying to get your online gaming fix, you just want to hop on and play but you’re out-of-town, on your laptop, or you don’t have the time to play a bigger game – whatever the reason, sometimes you just need a browser-based game to scratch that itch. The trick is finding browser MMOs that are well developed and fun to play.
1,042 views  6 comments
God Reveal - Ah Puch, Horrific God of Decay
Instructional Video, added on Apr 28, 2015
The SMITE team has posted information about the next god to join the pantheon in the form of Ah Puch. The post discusses Ah Puch's abilities that bring the undead to bear in the game. Ah Puch utilizes Undead Surge, Hollow Ground, Corpse Explosion, and Empty the Crypts to bring enemies to heel.
290 views  1 comments
House of Wolves Trials of Osiris Teaser
Gameplay Footage, added on Apr 28, 2015
The next Destiny live stream event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29th beginning at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern. During the stream, devs will be on hand to show off the new weekly competitive PvP mode, Trials of Osiris coming with the House of Wolves expansion next month.
272 views  0 comments
LockSixTime: Is Easy Too Difficult For MMOs?
Video Podcast, added on Apr 28, 2015
Neverwinter is having some trouble finding the right difficulty curve, and highlights an issue with difficulty in MMOs as we know them. Lock reckons that rather than lowering the bar, it's time to move it somewhere else entirely.
351 views  6 comments
Rise of the Emperor Trailer
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Game Trailer, added on Apr 28, 2015
The latest Star Wars: The Old Republic update, Rise of the Emperor, will see players continuing the battle against Revan. The story will give players a chance to confront the Sith Emperor; join forces with Lana Beniko, Minister of Sith Intelligence and Theron Shan, a Galactic Republic spy; and will be able to explore Ziost, the "Gateway to the Empire" in a state of chaos. Check out the teaser trailer to see what awaits.
362 views  0 comments
Boston Lockdown Release Trailer
Shadowrun Chronicles
Game Trailer, added on Apr 28, 2015
Cliffhanger Productions has announced the release of Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, the first in a series of episodic content blending tactical game play and RPG elements. To celebrate the release, Cliffhanger has sent out a brand new trailer set in the dystopian future featured in the Shadowrun games.
523 views  0 comments
Van Helsing III - The Elementalist & Protector Classes Revealed for VH III
Gameplay Footage, added on Apr 28, 2015
As the release for the final chapter in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing nears, Neocore has sent out a new trailer to reveal two of the new classes players can expect to find in VH III: The Protector and the Elementalist. As the name implies, the Elementalist unleashes fury from a distance while the Protector wades in and mixes it up toe to toe. Check out the new video!
83 views  0 comments
Fen Dhathach Caverns
Land of Britain
Game Trailer, added on Apr 28, 2015
The Land of Britain team has put out a first video showing off one of the locations players can explore called "Fen Dhathach". These are dark caverns that once protected leprechaun treasures but now houses an ancient evil. Check it out!
176 views  0 comments
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