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Exclusive Media

Leveling an Exile Spellslinger (Stream VOD)
Video Podcast, added on Apr 16, 2015
Bill took some time to play WildStar. Leveling on the Exile side, with a Spellslinger. Second half of the stream is all Stormtalon's Lair (first main dungeon, outside of the new level 10 Protogames).
1,102 views  9 comments
Season 10 - The Iconian War - Official Announce Trailer
Star Trek Online
Game Trailer, added on Apr 16, 2015
Star Trek Online: Season 10 - The Iconian War begins the conclusion of a conflict that has been brewing in Star Trek Online for more than five years. The newest season reintroduces the Iconians – an ancient race that has remained dormant for years waiting for their time to strike. As the war approaches, new captains will emerge from Delta Recruitment to bolster forces in defense of the galaxy. It is up to Star Trek Online players to push back the forces of the Iconians. If they don’t suc
454 views  2 comments
Oathbound Paladin Impressions
Video Podcast, added on Apr 16, 2015
We took the Oathbound Paladin for a spin in Neverwinter's most recent module, "Elemental Evil" Find out what makes this tank/healer tick in Bill Murphy's first impressions, and if he really is OP.
1,050 views  7 comments
The Scope: War Erupts in the South!
EVE Online
Video Podcast, added on Apr 16, 2015
The Scope Galactic News Network reports on the Pandemic Legion invasion of Catch and Hero Coalition's subsequent evacuation from the area. Meanwhile, CFC continue to fight N3 on the border of Fountain and Delve as the conflict reaches boiling point, with the beginnings of a CFC invasion into Delve. Start playing EVE now -
351 views  0 comments
Why Cover Early Access Games? - TheHiveLeader
Video Podcast, added on Apr 16, 2015
TheHiveLeader goes over why he decides to cover incomplete games! Or Early Access Games as some people like to put it.
506 views  5 comments
Class Overview - Guardian
Echo of Soul
Game Trailer, added on Apr 16, 2015
Sign up for the Beta: Join us on Facebook:
290 views  0 comments
Armor & Countermeasures Dev Diary
Armored Warfare
Video Podcast, added on Apr 16, 2015
We are pleased to present you with the follow-up to our Ammo Types Dev Diary: an in-depth look at Armor and Countermeasures. Where armored vehicles used to rely purely on thicker armor plating, nowadays there are many different kinds of armors, from ablative armor plating with multiple layers to cage armor, accounting for the many different kinds of projectiles in use in modern warfare. Learn about these different armor types, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they will all be modeled accu
99 views  0 comments
Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains: Features
Gameplay Footage, added on Apr 15, 2015
For the first time ever, the hit series Attack on Titan comes to the Americas on the Nintendo 3DS. Take flight and eliminate all the Titans in Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains! Join Eren, Mikasa, and the Scout Regiment as they defend the Walls in this enhanced version of an Attack on Titan game previously released only in Japan! Play as the main cast and interact with the characters that you know and love. However, living in a world filled with Titans means that you’ll have to fig
289 views  0 comments
GTA 5 Online - Playthrough #1
Video Podcast, added on Apr 15, 2015
Ripper and friends jump into the GTA 5 Online mode to play a variety of co-op missions. Warning this video contains strong language, violence and an assortment of high quality laughs. Grand Theft Auto V is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto Online for PC will include an increased player count, with online play for up to 30 players.
597 views  8 comments
LockSixTime - What's Wrong With Class Systems?
Video Podcast, added on Apr 14, 2015
In this op/ed, Lock opines about why the class system in MMOs is counter-intuitive and how asking players to choose a class (or make any decisions that affect the game experience and the way they interact with other players) is asking too much at first blush.
344 views  7 comments
Developer Diaries #5 Japanese Warships
World of Warships
Video Podcast, added on Apr 14, 2015
In the fifth installment of the World of Warships Dev Diaries, we explore the versatile and deadly Japanese warships making waves during the Closed Beta. You can check out how the Japanese Navy's deadly destroyers and crafty cruisers fared against their U.S. counterparts, and discover the secret weapon of the Imperial Japanese Navy lurking in the deep. Ready to set sail, captains?
189 views  1 comments
LockSixTime - Stories Are the MMO's Worst Enemy
Video Podcast, added on Apr 13, 2015
This week our buddy Lock takes a look at personal stories in MMORPGs, and how they tend to work against the core purpose of the MMO, and social aspects, rather than adding to them. (Spoiler, he doesn't think this is a good thing.)
506 views  12 comments
Mobile Version Coming Soon
Forsaken World
Game Trailer, added on Apr 13, 2015
A magnificent adventure awaits. Forsaken World Mobile, coming soon.
296 views  1 comments
The List - Five MMOs that Disappointed
Video Podcast, added on Apr 13, 2015
Video games almost always fail to measure up to the hype they generate during development. It's pretty unusual to see one that under-promises and over-delivers. Indeed, relatively few even manage to meet the expectations they promote. To be fair, this isn't entirely one-sided since many of us tend to look at upcoming titles through our rose-colored glasses. Naturally, relative to how we think or hope they'll turn out, some disappoint more than others. Original article by Richard Aihoshi appea
724 views  11 comments
Valkyrie Gameplay Trailer
Black Desert
Gameplay Footage, added on Apr 13, 2015
Visit us on
791 views  5 comments
Flames of Truth Extended Cut
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Game Trailer, added on Apr 11, 2015
FFXIV: Extended Cut
942 views  10 comments
MMOFTW - Wesley Crusher is Your New DM
Video Podcast, added on Apr 11, 2015
This week's MMOFTW talks about DDO's new DM, Skyforge's Distortions, Battle.Net's Crimean problem, WildStar's new raid, and GW2's Stronghold Beta. Watch and learn!
5,020 views  24 comments
War Stories
War Stories (3:40)
Video Podcast, added on Apr 10, 2015
We wanted to help those who have only played themepark-style MMOs gain a greater understanding of what online life can be like when you go off the rails and dive into the sandbox. These 'war stories' will give our future players some idea of the excitement they can expect when they enter the world of Crowfall! Joe Madureira--aka Joe Mad, renowned comic book artist and game designer—and his brother Steve, an artist in his own right and Joe’s co-founder at Airship Syndicate, explain why
728 views  4 comments
The Awakening Expansion Preview
Path of Exile
Video Podcast, added on Apr 10, 2015
Grinding Gear Games has had a dedicated team the last two years, working to bringing The Awakening to life, and from the preview Technical Director Jonathan Rogers gave this week in downtown San Francisco, The Awakening's going to be quite literally a game-changer. Read our full written preview: Subscribe! - Join TGN -
1,359 views  5 comments
 WGL The Grand Finals Trailer
World of Tanks
Game Trailer, added on Apr 10, 2015
The Grand Finale of the Wargaming League will start on April 25th in Warsaw. The best of the best players will meet each other in the most important tournament of the season. And hundreds of thousands of people will be cheering for our eSportsmen—from strangers who happen to walk by the Warsaw International Expocentre to the most dedicated fans, watching in person or on their monitors at home. Are you ready for the Key Tank Moment of the year? Then join us at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw or watch
205 views  0 comments
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