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Exclusive Media

Order & Chaos 2: Kratan Race Reveal Trailer
Order & Chaos Online
Game Trailer, added on Aug 17, 2015
Order & Chaos is one of the original Mobile MMORPGs, and is still going strong today on Android and iOS. And as we announced last week, it’s getting a sequel with an all new engine, new gameplay updates, new lore, and well… new everything. Today we’re happy to present the Kratan race, one of the new playable races available in Order & Chaos 2, as well as the all new Blood Knight class.
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MMOFTW - The End or a New Beginning for Funcom?
Video Podcast, added on Aug 15, 2015
This week's MMOFTW is all about Funcom's impending sale, GW2's Revenant Elite Specialization, Pirate101's Ranked PVP, and some WildStar F2P love thrown in for good measure. Watch and learn!
7,212 views  0 comments
Wild Run - The secrets of a wild journey
The Crew
Game Trailer, added on Aug 13, 2015
Want to discover what happens behind the scenes of The Crew Wild Run ? Inspired by the community, The Crew Wild Run introduce even more fun than the base game, with more driving fantasy, social interaction and more US car culture! Let's jump in to discover all secrets of this wild journey! The Crew Wild Run expansion is bundled in The Crew Wild Run Edition and The Crew Complete Edition. You may also add The Crew Wild Run expansion to your existing game. To learn more about The Cre
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Closed Beta Test Impressions - TheHiveLeader
Tree of Savior
Video Podcast, added on Aug 13, 2015
TheHiveLeader got a chance to check out the closed beta test of Tree of Savior. Is it the game for you? Let's find out! Tree of Savior is a free online massively multiplayer role playing game developed by IMC. The game was made by Kim Hakkyu, creator of Ragnarok Online. For more on Tree of Savior, visit: For more HiveLeader, visit:
9,447 views  23 comments
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Sword Combat Presentation
Game Trailer, added on Aug 13, 2015
We spent thousands of hours with the research of medieval sword combat to make it as realistic as possible! If you want to try the combat yourself, play the Technology Alpha of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, available with additional content for people backing Kingdom Come: Deliverance development on Thanks to Ep!c TV and Musée de Cluny for permission to use their videos!
849 views  1 comments
Lucio Gameplay Preview
Gameplay Footage, added on Aug 11, 2015
For the best viewing experience, please watch in 1080p HD. Armed with his signature Sonic Amplifier, Lucio never misses a beat in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60 FPS on PC. Here, Lucio plays on the attacking team in Numbani, a hybrid Point Capture/Payload map set in a utopian city on the edge of the African savanna.
1,285 views  6 comments
Lu'Ciel 2nd Job Change - Noblesse & Dreadlord
Game Trailer, added on Aug 11, 2015
Lu/ciel, 2nd Job Change Job Title: Noblesse & Dreadlord Lu - Noblesse: With newfound, immense power her presence on the battlefield is unparalleled, and together with Ciel, Lu’s Noblesse playstyle utilizes a wide range of concentrated and relentless bombardment. Ciel: Dreadlord: As Dreadlord, Ciel specializes more on big unyielding combo attacks. With a new salvo of melee and demonic weapons in hand, Ciel is capable of firing heavy projectiles at distance and then closing the distan
1,517 views  0 comments
The Free to Play Patch Impressions
Video Podcast, added on Aug 11, 2015
The F2P incarnation of WildStar is live on the Public Test Realms for all subscribers, with a closed beta period coming up soon for those who sign up on the website. Our own Bill Murphy loaded up the PTR and dove in to take a look at the cash shop, the new quality of life changes, and more.
2,306 views  11 comments
Are MOBAs Driving MMOs To Extinction
Video Podcast, added on Aug 10, 2015
See what our own LockSix thinks!
921 views  29 comments
MMOFTW - The Burning Legion is Back
Video Podcast, added on Aug 07, 2015
This week on MMOFTW we're covering WoW's Legion expansion news, Trion Worlds' slate of Gamescom announcements, Destiny on PC rumors, and a whole lot more so watch and learn! More MMO and RPG news! Dragon Age Inquisition DLC Sword Coast Legends Delayed Slightly
6,482 views  22 comments
Newbie Impressions
Elder Scrolls Online
Video Podcast, added on Aug 07, 2015
This week, Trilient hops in to Elder Scrolls Online and gives us his perspective as someone with experience in other games from the series, but is entirely brand new to ESO itself.
1,884 views  5 comments
ACE Q&A for August 2015
Video Podcast, added on Aug 07, 2015
Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Lead Thomas Blair answer questions taken the ACE Dev Partners' forum.
466 views  4 comments
Order & Chaos 2 Redemption Teaser
Game Trailer, added on Aug 07, 2015
Gameloft has sent word that Order & Chaos 2 will be coming soon and that more details will be revealed in the next several weeks. To celebrate the big news, Gameloft has sent out a new trailer. Players are invited to head to the brand new Order & Chaos 2 site to pre-register in order to unlock various news and rewards that will be handed out when the game goes live.
777 views  7 comments
What is Victor Vran?
Victor Vran
Gameplay Footage, added on Aug 06, 2015
Victor Vran is the isometric action-RPG where your skill is just as essential as your character build and gear. Experience intense combat action: dodge, jump and unleash powerful skills to finish off your enemies! Check out the first fifteen minutes and let us know your thoughts!
678 views  4 comments
The HiveLeader returns to TROVE
Video Podcast, added on Aug 06, 2015
TheHiveLeader finally jumps back into Trove after the game's official launch. Let's get silly! Trove is a voxel RPG set in a massive universe of online worlds. Adventure, explore, and create in endless realms where discovery is always around the corner!
1,340 views  10 comments
LEGION Cinematic Teaser
World of Warcraft
Game Trailer, added on Aug 06, 2015
The next expansion to World of Warcraft
630 views  2 comments
The Lore of Heart of Thorns with Leah Hoyer
Guild Wars 2
Video Podcast, added on Aug 05, 2015
A while back San Diego Comic Con, our own Genese Davis caught up with Leah Hoyer of ArenaNet to discuss Guild Wars 2 and the upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns. Leah is the head of narrative at ArenaNet and sheds some light on what players can expect from the expansion.
1,307 views  2 comments
The Gut Reaction - WoW Subscriptions Dive to 5.6 Million
World of Warcraft
Video Podcast, added on Aug 04, 2015
Yes, 5.6 million is still a lot. Yes, WoW is still raking in cash most MMOs only dream of. But from 10 million prior to Warlords of Draenor to 5.6 million today is a huge drop. Today, Bill Murphy gives his thoughts on the news and what it means going forward. Our news post: Subscribe! - Need a new PC? -
2,264 views  16 comments
 Is Maguuma too HoT to Handle?
Guild Wars 2
Video Podcast, added on Aug 04, 2015
ArenaNet are adding more layers of content, greater urgency and extra difficulty for the new max level zone. In this video, Lock wonders when you can have too much of a good thing, and if this new level of intensity is really good for the game.
1,309 views  6 comments
Xbox One Trailer Gamescom 2015 Official Trailer (HD)
ARK: Survival Evolved
Game Trailer, added on Aug 04, 2015
ARK Survival Evolved Xbox One Trailer Gamescom 2015 Official Trailer (HD) [Microsoft Press Conference]
319 views  1 comments
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