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The Justice System Revealed

Elder Scrolls Online -  Preview

“By order of the Jarl, stop right there!” Even though I have not logged nearly as many hours as a lot of people, that phrase is one I know all too well. Anytime I’ve tried to be a sneaky thief, there was always a guard right near me ready to confiscate my stolen good. From what I saw at the Guild Summit, this phrase (or variations of it) will be playing a lot through my speakers as I play The Elder Scrolls Online. Posted Oct 9, 2014 by Ryan Getchell

State of the Game: Can Star Citizen Live Up to Expectations?

Star Citizen -  Column

Earlier this month, it was announced that Chris Roberts' Star Citizen had broken a Guinness World Record for the top crowdfunding project of all time with $55 million being raised to help develop the game. While $55 million is far from the biggest game budget of all time, it's still an impressive amount of money to be raised by little more than word-of-mouth and a Kickstarter campaign. Posted Oct 9, 2014 by Shawn Schuster

Archwing Takes the Space Ninjas into Space

Warframe -  Preview

Earlier this week, we were treated to a developer livestream with the devs at Digital Extremes to check out the Archwing update. Due later this month, Archwing will literally take the “space ninjas” into space with wings and weapons systems that attach to the Warframes themselves, making the players airborne weapons of death. Read on for our full preview.Posted Oct 9, 2014 by William Murphy

Donatelli & Moore Respond to Concerns

WildStar -  Interview

WildStar has come under a lot of fire, but it’s criticism that developer Carbine is eager to address. In a deep interview, Product Director Mike Donatelli and Creative Director Chad Moore reveal their plans to turn the MMO around.Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

Nothing Really Scary or Exceptional

F.E.A.R. Online -  Preview

Continuing the saga of the highly popular psychological horror series “F.E.A.R”, Korea’s Inplay Interactive bring us a free-to-play online shooter. I had to ask myself, how does a single-player campaign translate into a multiplayer setting? Doesn’t the fact that you have a group lesson the potential or opportunity to provide the scare factor we have come to expect while playing F.E.A.R alone in the dark?Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

A Medieval Sandbox with Potential

Life is Feudal -  Preview

In Life is Feudal, you create your own world or join an existing dedicated server (think DayZ), create your own character (complete with stat and skill allocation), and venture out into a forested island to make your own destiny. Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Michael Bitton

The Champion System - An Entirely New Game Design

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

Taking a game that has been in development for seven years, and within seven months of release completely changing the “end game progression” would be a hard thing to do. The amount of pride that would need to be swallowed is unfathomable. But that is something Zenimax has, and is, doing. Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Ryan Getchell

5 Questions for EQ:Next

EverQuest Next -  Column

If there’s one game the MMO consumer really seems to enjoy, it’s playing “the next big thing” game. Hopeful fans project their best wishes forwards onto the next game, jaded players are certain that the next game is just “the next WoW clone,” and fervent players are certain the next game is the much-prophesied “WoW killer.” In each case, what brings us all together is looking at the next shiny toy. EQ:Next is most likely the next big thing.Posted Oct 7, 2014 by Ryahl Smith

Deliciously More of the Same

Costume Quest 2 -  Review

Double Fine’s original Costume Quest was a surprise turn-based RPG hit in 2011. The sequel, appropriately named Costume Quest 2, offers the diehard cult following of the original more of the saccharine RPG hilarity they’ve been craving. With upgraded visuals, some new tweaks to combat and a fresh time-traveling storyline, is CQ2 enough to enthrall fans for a second go round? Read on for our full review.Posted Oct 7, 2014 by William Murphy

Murphy's Lawbreakers

The Secret World -  Column

This weekend saw the first meeting of Murphy’s Lawbreakers, the official MMORPG Illuminati cabal. We had a fantastic turnout that had all of Kingsmouth talking. The first twenty minutes of the meetup were spent getting to know each other and inviting people to the cabal. By the end there were 17 of us, which had a few consequences that hadn’t been considered when the whole idea was thought up.Posted Oct 7, 2014 by Shannon Doyle

The Downed Man State in EC

Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade -  Column

In this week's Eternal Crusade column, we are going to talk about two topics that are somewhat inter-related, the role of support classes, and the “downed man” state, in Behaviour's upcoming game.Posted Oct 7, 2014 by Terry OBrien

Master of Shadows, But Jack of Everything Else

Styx - Master of Shadows -  Review

Styx: Master of Shadows is the brand new Stealth RPG from Cyanide Studios set in the same world as 2012’s Of Orcs and Men, though taking place long before the story of that game. You play the titular role of Styx, an expert goblin thief as he tries to break into the deepest parts of the heavily guarded human tower of Akenash and steal the heart of the World-Tree. Styx is definitely a master of stealth, but is the rest of the game up to such lofty titles? Read on for our full review.Posted Oct 7, 2014 by William Murphy

Surviving the Doldrums

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

Alternate title: “Does Anyone Still Play This Game?” Yeah, that's a bit of a troll title, usually invoked any time an MMO is going through a slow time, whether real or perceived by a cretin who believes that any time past a game's first week, when the servers are jammed and everyone drops everything else to play. After that, though? “lol, that game's dead.”Posted Oct 6, 2014 by Jason Winter

PvP Season Ends, Brawler's Guild Changes & Hearthstone Cards

General -  Column

This week we look at a few new Hearthstone rewards, check out evidence alluding to what new game we might see in the Blizzard launcher and find out what’s in store at the end of Brawlers Guild season one.Posted Oct 6, 2014 by Reza Lackey

5 MMOGs That Seriously Disappointed Me

General -  Column

Video games almost always fail to measure up to the hype they generate during development. It's pretty unusual to see one that under-promises and over-delivers. Indeed, relatively few even manage to meet the expectations they promote. To be fair, this isn't entirely one-sided since many of us tend to look at upcoming titles through our rose-colored glasses. Naturally, relative to how we think or hope they'll turn out, some disappoint more than others. Posted Oct 6, 2014 by Richard Aihoshi

The Future of Crafting

WildStar -  Interview

Where crafting fits in the grand scope of WildStar has been unclear for some time. While we have seen numerous outflows of information about itemization, we haven’t seen much specific to crafting. There is a prevalent feeling of dissatisfaction within the crafting community with regards to specialization, craftings place in the economic footprint and the burden of the RNG monster always affecting the output of items more than the skill of the craftsman.Posted Oct 6, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

Oct 4, 2014 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 459 of the Newsletter, we look at Gauntlet and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Oct 4, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Meet Erin Loelius, the 2014 SOE G.I.R.L. Scholarship Winner

General -  Interview

Sony Online Entertainment gives a great scholarship to one person per year. This year, Erin Loelius earned the scholarship and a ten week internship with SOE. We had the opportunity to interview Erin to what her thoughts are about gaming and making games.Posted Oct 4, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Carbine Cancels Christmas

WildStar -  Column

Over the last seven days, Carbine Studios has outlined its plans to bring WildStar back on track. In his column this week, Gareth Harmer reviews all the revealed changes and when we can expect them.Posted Oct 3, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

It’s Time to Throw Down

Gauntlet -  Review

Nostalgia, it is the warm feeling we get when we look back on the old corpse runs of yesteryear. It is the glow that surrounds us as we remember fondly pumping quarters into machines at the arcade in an attempt to see how long we could get those 25 cents to last. Arrowhead Games Studios attempts to capitalize on this sense of nostalgia with their reboot of the quarter guzzling arcade classic Gauntlet and its manic co-op dungeon crawling shenanigans. Posted Oct 3, 2014 by Robert Lashley