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Say Hello to the Sky Cruiser Endeavor

TERA -  Media

The Valkyon Federation's biggest and baddest new airship is going on the offensive in TERA's next major update. Striking at the heart of the archdevans, the Endeavor is damaged in battle by the archdevans and demokrons. The ship was abandoned, but the baddies take command of the Endeavor and plan to turn the ship's engines into mighty explosives, decimating the baraka city of Highwatch. Posted Feb 13, 2015 by William Murphy

The End of Bioware’s Never-Ending RPG

General -  Column

Bioware made it official this week: Shadow Realms has been cancelled. The promising idea -- a never-ending 4-versus-1 RPG -- wasn’t enough to keep the tide from turning at Bioware Austin and now a wide swath of hopeful fans are disappointed. But should we be? Read on as we look at what might have happened and the gilding on this otherwise sorrowful lily.Posted Feb 13, 2015 by Christopher Coke

5 Things that Crowfall's Countdown Could Reveal

Crowfall -  Column

The number one term applied to the development of Crowfall so far seems to be the H-word. Yes, folks, the hype train has left the station and it has a long journey ahead of it, but that's part of the fun of being an MMO fan, right? Many of us enjoy the excitement that comes from seeing a new MMO peek its head up over the horizon, as we hope and pray that it will fill the hole in our heart that was left after the last dozen games promised us the world.Posted Feb 13, 2015 by Shawn Schuster

How a Timely Video Can Make or Break a Game

General -  Other

With Wednesday’s news about the layoffs at Daybreak Game Company (formerly SOE), including Dave Georgeson and Linda Brasse, we started thinking. There could be any number of reasons those two were let go, but being some of the highest profile members of SOE’s staff causes alarm. We were reminded of SOE Live just this past year, the bits of EverQuest Next info we were given… and why it just wasn’t enough for the press or the fans. Posted Feb 12, 2015 by William Murphy

Does It Actually Matter if SWTOR is Canon or Not?

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Column

Like the rest of the EU, Star Wars: the Old Republic was slapped with a 'Legends' imprint and sent on its merry way, and quite rightly the fans worried that it meant doom for the BioWare Austin MMO. Almost a year later, SWTOR's status has become an increasing question of debate as the new movies approach and the announcement that there will be a Cantina Tour stop at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA.Posted Feb 12, 2015 by Jean Prior

Not So MMO - The Games that Almost Make the Cut

General -  Column

Multiplayer gaming isn’t what it used to be. Yes, MMORPGs have cornered the market on truly massive numbers, but there are a lot of games out there that feature the ability to play with large (but not quite massive) groups of players or smaller, tight-knit groups of friends, similar to what a MMO player would do while raiding. While I am a huge fan of “true” MMOs, I just as often enjoy logging in for some quick action or fun roleplay with a more immediate game. Posted Feb 12, 2015 by Beau Hindman

On Removing Pillars of the Everquest Community

EverQuest Next -  Column

I’m trying my best right now to be eloquent about the recent news of layoffs in Daybreak Game Company. Sadly, it’s 4:00 am as I write this, a reactionary submission to in light of my tenure as the Everquest Next and Landmark columnist. Posted Feb 11, 2015 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

The Bizarre Life and Death of Shadow Realms

Shadow Realms -  Column

The short period of time between Shadow Realms’ announcement and its subsequent cancelation has left me back where I started: scratching my head. I can’t help but wonder what went on internally to make for such a sudden shift within a couple of months. Posted Feb 11, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Everything is Not Alright

General -  Column

We’re at a turning point, people. Or rather, we have been. The MMORPG boom is over, and we’re settling into a new era for these games. For many of you, that’s scary. Some even seem ready to state that the MMO is “dead”. I’m biased, but I’m not so bleak. In my eyes, everything that’s gone wrong in the industry for the past 5 years or more has done nothing but make us free to explore the potential of what I consider the greatest genre there has ever been or will be.Posted Feb 11, 2015 by William Murphy

An Open Letter to Zenimax

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

With patch 1.6 finally on the PTS and our review of its major changes being out, I think it’s time I sit down and have a one sided discussion with Zenimax. I’ve sat idly by enjoying all the fantastic content and changes that ZOS has been doing to the game but there are areas of The Elder Scrolls Online that haven’t seen any love since the launch of the game almost a year ago and they need to be addressed.Posted Feb 11, 2015 by Ryan Getchell

NCSoft Earnings: Not Everyone's Drinking Champagne in the Executive Suite

General -  General

NCSoft today released their earnings report for the 2014 fiscal year. While the company as a whole grew across the board, not everyone is presently drinking champagne and wearing silly hats at the NCSoft executive suite.Posted Feb 11, 2015 by Connor Wack

Nebula Online - No Cash Shop, No Hidden Costs & F2P

Nebula Online -  Column

This leads me to my weekend Kickstarter discovery. While doing my weekly browse through Kickstarter I came across a hardcore sci-fi space MMORPG that has raised $10,000CAD. The game is called Nebula Online. Posted Feb 10, 2015 by Shannon Doyle

9 of The Cutest NPCs in MMORPGs

General -  Column

Ah, NPCs. They are such a staple in our MMOs that we not only take them for granted, but we can also ignore them. I always make an attempt to appreciate an MMO’s details, and NPCs are often some of most well-designed aspects of many of our favorite titles.Posted Feb 10, 2015 by Beau Hindman

From the Community

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn -  Column

Looking for some recommended reading and viewing material for that time you’re not spending playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Look no further!Posted Feb 10, 2015 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

The Original BAMs

Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate -  Review

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the newest addition to the long running and wildly successful Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom. The game does not take long to thrust you into the action with one of the biggest threats you’ll face making its appearance at the onset. In the opening minutes you are sailing the high seas made of sand and are pursued by a gigantic dragon that can also swim in the sand! He puts the sarlacc to shame.Posted Feb 10, 2015 by Robert Lashley

Best MMOs to Play as a Couple on Valentine’s Day

General -  Column

Love is in the air this time of year. Stores are lines with pink and red decorations, flowers poke out in every direction, and romantic gifts are littered across the aisles. In fact, the upcoming holiday Valentine’s Day just so happens to be on a Saturday this year.Posted Feb 9, 2015 by David Jagneaux

Only 6% of F2P MMO Players Remain After the First Year?

General -  Column

Free to play MMOs are in a significant position in the market today, as things have shifted toward a fewer strings attached model over time. First mostly limited to imported, cheaper games funded entirely through cash shops, today' s free to play game may be from a AAA developer or a small, independent one. A new report released last week looks at player retention---how many players continue to play a given game—in free to play MMOs and features some important numbers.Posted Feb 9, 2015 by Christina Gonzalez

Tackling The Little Things (No, Not Asura)

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

Heart of Thorns promises to change how you play Guild Wars 2 in a big way, but here are some of our picks for smaller improvements that would make the game experience a lot better.Posted Feb 9, 2015 by Jason Winter

We Came. We Claimed. We Conquered

Albion Online -  Preview

We came. We claimed. We conquered. Albion Online is a Free-to-Play game in its alpha-testing stage which offers a cross-platform sandbox MMO on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Think of it as a living world with no NPC vendors, no questlines and no NPCs to report to. Instead you, your guild and your friends decide who owns what: it is an entirely player-driven economy with full-loot hardcore PvP.Posted Feb 9, 2015 by Alexander Brown

Welcome to Daybreak

EverQuest Next -  Column

Victor chimes in with some positivity regarding Sony Online Entertainment’s transition to Daybreak Game Company.Posted Feb 8, 2015 by Victor Barreiro Jr.