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The Awakening Expansion Will Be a Game Changer

Path of Exile -  Preview

For the last two years, Path of Exile has been redefining the action-RPG genre, and in a few weeks the game will be launching its biggest expansion ever, The Awakening. Grinding Gear Games has had a dedicated team the last two years, working to bringing The Awakening to life, and from the preview Technical Director Jonathan Rogers gave this week in downtown San Francisco, The Awakening's going to be quite literally a game-changer. Posted Apr 10, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

Witcher 3 - 2 Expansions, 30+ Hours of Content

General -  Column

CD Projekt Red astounded fans this week by announcing two expansion packs for The Witcher 3 this week. Totaling more than 30 hours of game time, and on the back of sixteen free pieces of DLC already coming, The Witcher 3 is out to set a new standard for fan service. The studio also took to Twitter to answer questions from its fans and revealed new information in the process. All that and more in this week’s RPG Files!Posted Apr 10, 2015 by Christopher Coke

One Year Later, Ten Times Better

Elder Scrolls Online -  Review

It’s been a year since Elder Scrolls Online first launched. And while it was a rather contentious game, with hype levels through the roof, I reviewed ESO here on the site. In short, I liked a great deal about it, but knew it had some kinks to iron out. Well, in the year since launch the team at Zenimax has been working feverishly like a Khajit slave to improve their flagship MMO. Posted Apr 10, 2015 by William Murphy

Mirroring the Original Console Experience

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D -  Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D gives a whole new meaning to the term, “standing on the shoulders of giants.” This adaptation of the Wii classic has you take control of a young man, Shulk, searching for answers about his mysterious weapon, the Monado Blade. The game takes place on a world made up of the fallen forms of two titans Bionis and Mechonis. Bionis is home to the biological life forms and Mechonis is home to the mechanical life forms.Posted Apr 9, 2015 by Robert Lashley

Keeping It Epic - Writing the Stories We Love

Star Trek Online -  Interview

With the Iconian invasion just beginning, the Star Trek Online team is bring to full circle a story that began five years ago. In an exclusive interview with Cryptics Al Rivera, we talk about the creative process behind writing the stories we love.Posted Apr 9, 2015 by Christina Gonzalez

How MOBAs Kill Gaming Freedom

General -  Column

In case you haven’t heard, MOBAs are all the rage right now. OK, so they’ve been a rage for a few years, but it’s my feeling that they have reached an all-time high; will they continue to climb in popularity or are they doomed to a slow death when “real” sports get a glimpse of MOBA’s pocket protectors? Posted Apr 9, 2015 by Beau Hindman

The Force Archer and Force Blader Revealed

Cabal 2 -  Media

We’ve teamed up with the ESTsoft folks dive deep into Cabal 2’s six unique classes. Last time it was the Cloth wearers, and this week we’re focusing on the death-dealing leather-wearing Force Archer and Force Blader.Posted Apr 9, 2015 by William Murphy

Blackrock Mountain Week One Postmortem

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft -  Column

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with these Hearthstone adventure modes. Five weeks until all the goodies are unlocked? Ugh! Still, it’s been an interesting last few days with a couple of new cards in the wild leading to the rise of some fun decks. With week one out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the new developments.Posted Apr 8, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Developer Appreciation Week

General -  Column

Do players mistreat developers? Are we too negative about the games we don’t like? It’s Developer Appreciation Week in the blogosphere and Tales from the Neighborhood is looking at a few great posts in support those folks who work tirelessly to keep us entertained.Posted Apr 8, 2015 by Jessica Cook

5 Tips & Tricks for How to Succeed in Cyrodiil

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

There are so many things you can do in PvP to give you an edge over the other player. Today I’m going to unveil some of the tricks that I utilize every day in Cyrodiil. These will be a mix of tactics and addons that help me excel in PvP.Posted Apr 8, 2015 by Ryan Getchell

The Death of OnLive

General -  Column

You might have heard this week that Sony bought OnLive, the streaming service for games and desktop tools, only to announce that the service will be shut down around April 30th. OK, so maybe many of you expected such a thing, and I am sure that anyone who had tried the service thought it might not last very long.Posted Apr 7, 2015 by Beau Hindman

Star Wars Galaxies' Under-Performance

General -  Column

During the last few weeks, the most thought-provoking MMOG-related thing that came to my attention may have been this post by veteran developer Gordon Walton about the role he played in the memorable (for most, not in a good way) Star Wars Galaxies New Game Enhancements (NGE). What he wrote led me to think again about what I stated late last year when I listed the SOE / LucasArts title among 5 MMOGs That Seriously Disappointed Me. Posted Apr 7, 2015 by Richard Aihoshi

Jaws of Hakkon Review - In the Footsteps of the Last Inquisitor

Dragon Age: Inquisition -  General

Dragon Age: Inquistion is an endless well of discussions. Benevolently received by the press, fiercely defended by its fans and disappointedly condemned by all of those who wanted the game to be something else - opinions couldn’t be more diverse. And now Bioware delivered us the first DLC, Jaws of Hakkon, and all those buried emotions are resurrected, as we get more of exactly those parts which have been the critiques' main target.Posted Apr 7, 2015 by Markus Rohringer

5 Things MMOs Could Learn from Pillars of Eternity

General -  Column

Pillars of Eternity is a game that does a lot of things right for not only its genre, but in general. MMOs and other types of games across our industry could learn a thing or two from what Obsidian has delivered to use in 2015. It’s a game that’s equal parts nostalgic and fresh, both approachable and challenging, and above all else, immensely engaging. Posted Apr 6, 2015 by David Jagneaux

A Surprisingly Successful Mash-Up

Etrian Mystery Dungeon -  Review

If you’re a handheld gamer, chances are you’ve heard of both the Etrian Odyssey series and the Mystery Dungeon series. These two games are at complete opposites of the RPG spectrum. Why then, when mashed together does Etrian Mystery Dungeon work so well? Read on for our full review.Posted Apr 6, 2015 by William Murphy

How MOBAs Leave Players Behind

General -  Column

While you can often pick up a first person shooter again a while after stopping, changes to a MOBA’s itemization/passives, abilities, hero remakes, and even simply a frequently changing meta can make returning to a MOBA a daunting task. Read on for this week's Social Hub as to what could be done about this problem. Posted Apr 6, 2015 by Christina Gonzalez

If At First You Unsucceed - The Evolution of Guild Wars 2's Zones

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

I've certainly not hidden the fact that I love the new age zone design for Guild Wars 2. It looks as if what we've seen in Dry Top and the Silverwastes will continue in Heart of Thorns, and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be happier, strictly speaking, but it's not ArenaNet's fault that I haven't won the lottery yet (#&*@$ real-life RNG...).Posted Apr 6, 2015 by Jason Winter

Astro A40 Headset Review

General -  Hardware Review

One of the many perks of this job is getting to review lots of different pieces of hardware alongside all the games we cover day in and day out. Recently peripheral maker Astro sent us a pair of their Astro A40 wired headphones to review… and boy are we glad they did. Read on for the pros, cons, and final verdict on this headset.Posted Apr 5, 2015 by William Murphy

Are Mobile MMORPGs Real MMORPGs?

General -  Column

You can trace MMORPGs all the the back to their roots of Pen and Paper RolePlaying Games. They’ve evolved from Pen and Paper to massive digital worlds that we’ve spent countless hours within. They’ve slowly been branching into the mobile world offering stimulating worlds for us to adventure in without being tied to a computer. However, can these mobile versions compare to our immersive, story-driven MMOs that we have today?Posted Apr 4, 2015 by Ryan Getchell

Descent: Underground and Historical Context

General -  Column

Interplay shut down a Descent tribute project in October of 2014. Now Descendent Studios is Kickstarting a prequel to the franchise. Red Thomas gives his thoughts and speculates on what it might mean.Posted Apr 4, 2015 by Red Thomas