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MMO Wearables: You Are What you Wear

Albion Online -  Editorial

This week I've stolen my editorial title from Albion Online's new promo trailer, “You Are What You Wear.” Though in real life, that expression might be only superficially true, in an MMO it's quite literally the case. Fantasy MMO Albion Online hopes to spin that idea in a new direction making it possible for players to wear anything they want. Considering this could result in a game full of players dressed like thrift store refugees, is that such a good idea? Posted Mar 15, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

New Mage Soul - The Arbiter

Rift -  Developer Journal

Trion Worlds is anxious to introduce Rift players to the Arbiter – a Mage tank who weaves wind, lightning, and ice into defensive abilities on par with the best in Telara. Check out the lore behind The Arbiter and then let us know what you think in the comments.Posted Mar 14, 2014

A Marvelous Example of an MMORTS Done Right

Empire -  Review

Empire by Goodgame Studios in Germany is an MMORTS played across three Kingdoms much in the same vain as Travian or Snail Game’s Ministry of War. It has all the hallmarks of RTS games – you build your base, farm resources, recruit soldiers and do a little raiding of your neighbors for fun and glory, not to mention swiping all their goodies. Posted Mar 14, 2014 by Carolyn Koh

Grim Dawn: A Gritty, Visceral Action RPG

General -  Preview

Members of the original TQ team banded together to form Crate Entertainment, now hard at work on another action RPG, Grim Dawn. Grim Dawn uses a modernized version of the game engine developed for Titan Quest and is currently in alpha testing on Steam. As the name implies, the world is a grim and depressing place. Humanity is quite literally on the verge of extinction with two warring factions bent on its destruction. Posted Mar 14, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Should Players Crowdfund MMOs?

General -  Column

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player, our weekly delve into the world of MMO debate. With the rise of Kickstarter and crowdfunding, we have witnessed the birth of a new generation of game funding. We have seen the highs of Pathfinder and the continued impressiveness of Star Citizen. But we have also seen promising titles like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen fall by the wayside and move to their own websites. We have to ask: is crowdfunding all it’s cracked up to be?Posted Mar 14, 2014 by Christopher Coke

The World's Largest DevTeam

Landmark -  Column

Every so often, the staff at Sony Online Entertainment will mention how Everquest Next Landmark has what it calls “the world's largest development team.” The world's largest development team for Landmark includes every player testing the game, breaking its functions, and essentially crowdsourcing the means for the game's coding team to push Landmark to its technical and imaginative limits. Posted Mar 14, 2014 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

How the Players Guided PVP Design

WildStar -  Interview

Now that the veil has been lifted from WildStar’s PvP and endgame content, we know that there’s a variety of ways in which players will be able to compete with one another. Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Warplots all open up to players at different stages of the game and can even be enjoyed as a leveling experience. We were able to sit down last week with Lead PvP Designer Jen Gordy and Battlegrounds Designer Kevin Lee at the Carbine press event to chat.Posted Mar 13, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

It's All About Pocketing Shiny Riches

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot -  Review

Ubisoft is attempting to bring some of the whole tabletop experience back into play with their new game “The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot”. It is a free-to-play dungeon crawler that lets you pick a class, choose your powers, kill some beasts then loot their treasure. The twist is you can then hop behind the dungeon master’s screen and design dungeons that other players can run. Does the game capture the old school fun from both sides of the table? Read on to find out.Posted Mar 13, 2014 by Pete Schwab

To Pre-Order or Not?

WildStar -  Column

WildStar’s launch date has finally been revealed, with Carbine Studios also sharing details about their tempting preorder deals. In this week’s column, Gareth Harmer asks if we should be handing over our cash just yet.Posted Mar 13, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

New Rogue Soul Revealed - The Physician

Rift -  Developer Journal

With the 2.7 update, Rift will see several new souls arrive that will expand the game exponentially for players. We have teamed up with Trion to bring our readers the first-ever information about one of the new souls headed into Rift. Read on to meet the Physician, a main-healing Soul for Rogues! Posted Mar 12, 2014

League's Team Builder is Promising

League of Legends -  Column

I love League of Legends, but it’s no secret that the game’s community can be incredibly toxic. I’ve been playing LoL since beta and every couple of months I have to take a break from the game as I can only take so much toxicity. Last year, I decided to take a break between Season 3 and Season 4, but then I learned of Riot Games’ plan to implement a Team Builder feature that endeavored to help address one of the primary sources of toxicity in League of Legends: champion select. Posted Mar 12, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Exclusive STO for Mac Developer Blog

Star Trek Online -  Developer Journal

Cryptic Studios and Star Trek Online recently started an open beta for the enabled native Mac client for STO. We are proud to announce that the Mac client is now out of beta and LIVE! This new feature was the culmination of a lot of work from our core software team, in conjunction with our partners at Transgaming. The journey for converting STO, a game that was completely developed for PC architecture, to work with Mac was a long and interesting process.Posted Mar 12, 2014

Raids - Big is a Theme

WildStar -  Preview

Raiding in WildStar is all-out, taking the game’s splashy look and large scale into consideration all the way. Big is a theme for the game, and those who love to raid and constantly improving their gear will find much to dive into when the game launches. We were treated to a presentation about the game’s raids, which will fall into both the 20-man and 40-man varieties. Posted Mar 12, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Warplots - You Got Your Raids in My PvP

WildStar -  Preview

Warplots are WildStar’s late-game PvP centerpiece. They are highly customizable 40 vs. 40 battles taking place in massive settings. Each faction gets its own side to deck out with a system similar to the way housing works in the game. Build, set into place, add some guards, lay some traps, throw in a raid boss, and a superweapon, and let the other side in for the goal of mass amounts of enemy slaughter. It won’t be easy since the other side also has it out for you too. Posted Mar 12, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

PvP - Gear, ELO, & The Thrill of Competition

WildStar -  Preview

WildStar’s PvP is just like the rest of the game - it’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s on a grand scale. For those looking forward to the action combat, the use of constant movement, and the telegraph system to add strategy, there are many ways to satisfy your urge to take down some dirty Dominion or Exile scum, depending upon your own loyalties. Posted Mar 12, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Welcome to Whitevale

WildStar -  Column

Fresh from conquering Auroria in the name of the Dominion, Gareth Harmer moves further into WildStar. As the first contested zone, Whitevale offers up a number of conflicts, in more ways than you’d expect. Posted Mar 11, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

A Responsive Road Towards Launch

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

With the Elder Scrolls Online launch less than a month away now, there’s no doubt the Zenimax team is burning the midnight oil on getting the game out the door and fully polished. Yet, with several key items of beta feedback from the testers emerging over the past few weeks, the team is still focusing on addressing these pre-launch. That responsiveness is reassuring, and it’s bringing us back to some of the greater purpose of beta testing. Posted Mar 11, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Happy 15th Anniversary Norrath - EQ Updates

EverQuest -  Interview

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to catch up with some of the key players in the EverQuest franchise team at SOE. EverQuest is nearing its 15th anniversary this week on March 16th, and each of the EQ games in the pantheon have something happening to celebrate. We met with Dave Georgeson, Thom Terrazas, Holly Longdale, and Terry Michaels to chat briefly about what each game has in the works for the coming weeks.Posted Mar 11, 2014 by William Murphy

Can So Many F2P Gamers Really Be Wrong?

General -  Column

If there's a truly accurate figure available for the total number of people who currently play F2P MMOGs, I'd love to know what it is. That said, it seems pretty safe to think it's in the tens of millions. Indeed, even higher isn't out of the question. So, whenever I see yet another statement to the effect that (almost) every offering in the entire category is bad, I can't help but ask whether their players agree. Invariably, my answer is that they don't. Posted Mar 11, 2014 by Richard Aihoshi

Why Don't More People Play TSW?

The Secret World -  Column

Go to any forums for MMOs and you will eventually find people bemoaning the fact that every MMO out there is the same. Maybe they use words like “WoW clone” or “copycat” but the idea is always the same, there just isn’t enough variety in MMOs. And yes, the industry is filled with one fantasy game after another. But there are other games that get over looked. Whenever I see someone complaining all MMOs are the same I ask them, “What about The Secret World?”Posted Mar 11, 2014 by Shannon Doyle