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Player Towns, Pet Taming, and Story Time

Shroud of the Avatar -  Column

Custom placements in Player-Owned Towns and over a hundred new towns in the game gives Release 20 more new places to explore than any release to date for Shroud of the Avatar. Though, that’s hardly all they’ve done over the last month of work on this game that’s rapidly approaching its more persistent state.Posted Jul 28, 2015 by Red Thomas

How Ready Is Ready?

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

“When it's ready” is the ArenaNet mantra when it comes to showing off new features of Guild Wars 2. But how ready does something have to be for it to be viewable by the public?Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Jason Winter

The Top 5 Most Disappointing MMOs of 2015…So Far

General -  Column

A couple weeks ago I wrote about some of the best MMOs we've had in 2015 so far. That list included stuff like new releases, games that saw big improvements, and some of the most promising ones to keep your eye on for the next half of 2015. This list, on the other hand, is going to focus on the exact opposite.Posted Jul 27, 2015 by David Jagneaux

Speculating on the Next Expansion

World of Warcraft -  Column

World of Warcraft has reached the end of the Warlords of Draenor expansion with the deployment of the v6.2 update, and now that players have voiced their concerns (to put it kindly) with what has been felt to be a rather lackluster expansion to date, it seems a good time to begin thinking about what could possibly come next for World of Warcraft. Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Soulbound Studios Wants to Bring Meaning Back to MMO Life

Chronicles of Elyria -  Preview

A couple weeks ago we got a chance to sit down with Indy game studio Soulbound Studios to talk about their new MMORPG, Chronicles of Elyria. Never heard of Chronicles of Elyria or Soulbound Studios before? That’s OK, we hadn’t either. Although you haven’t heard of them before, with an impressive team of seasoned developers and a collection of features even we’ve never seen before in an MMO, we’re certain you’ll hear a lot more about them in the coming weeks and months.Posted Jul 27, 2015 by William Murphy

Jul 26, 2015 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 500 of the Newsletter, we look at LOTRO and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Star Citizen and Revealing Games Too Early

General -  Column

Players Versus Player is MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate column, where two columnists sound off on each side of the issues you care about. This week, Chris and Ryan are hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding Star Citizen. It all comes down to one question: Are games being revealed too early?Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Christopher Coke

The Imperial City And Beyond

Elder Scrolls Online -  Interview

Before the live (and livestreamed) presentation for The Elder Scrolls Online at QuakeCon 2015, I had a chance to sit with Game Director Matt Firor and ask him a few questions about the game and especially the upcoming Imperial City DLC. While most of what we talked about was covered in the later presentation. Where appropriate, I've augmented Firor's replies with a little extra context from the presentation.Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Jason Winter

Open Letter About the Future

Project Gorgon -  Developer Journal

My name is Ryan, known in the Project Gorgon world as “Silvonis”, and I am a member of the Project Gorgon Development team. My official title is Producer, but in a small development team I am involved in several aspects of development. I wanted to take a moment to write an open letter to discuss the future of Project Gorgon.Posted Jul 25, 2015

6 Blood-soaked, Meaty Chunks of Info From QuakeCon

Fallout 4 -  Preview

I was in attendance at QuakeCon in 2011 when Skyrim got its first major showing. I'm not the type to give in to hype, but I still remember being in awe of the majesty and grandeur of it all, and leaving the auditorium as excited as I could be for an upcoming game.Posted Jul 25, 2015 by Jason Winter

Taking a Look at Savage Alexander and Seal Rock PvP

General -  Column

The first big patch post-Heavensward is here, and Victor's been trawling through it like a good little Lalafell. Let’s take a quick look at what you get with the introduction of FFXIV Patch 3.05!Posted Jul 24, 2015 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

Witcher 3 Gets Inventory Patch, More Problems

General -  Column

The Witcher 3 received its 1.07 patch this week, bringing with it much needed inventory improvements and an alternative movement mode. Unfortunately, it also brought a brand new problem. This week, Chris takes the issue and looks at the larger problem of unfinished games and post-launch patches. Plus, a meaty Diablo 3 update, Chris Roberts responds to Star Citizen drama, new Fallout 4 gameplay, and more!Posted Jul 24, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Five Games to Watch in the Second Half of 2015

General -  Column

It’s hard to believe that it’s July, and we’ve already seen a number of highly-anticipated titles release in the first half of the year. Pillars of Eternity, The Witcher 3, and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward are all out, The Elder Scrolls Online has launched on consoles, and there have been open beta or “live” releases for Trove, Heroes of the Storm, and Skyforge. Posted Jul 24, 2015 by Som Pourfarzaneh

San Diego Cantina Event Wrap-Report

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Column

For the first time since Star Wars: the Old Republic began the Cantina Tour stops three years ago, the event in San Diego during Comic Con weekend was an all-day affair, featuring special guests and visitors that weren’t present even during their event at Celebration in April.Posted Jul 23, 2015 by Jean Prior

A Seed of Potential Planted in Barren Soil

Pathfinder Online -  Review

When I think about the vision behind Pathfinder Online, it's hard for me not to get excited. As a fan of Iceland's greatest export, EVE Online, I have spent the last few years pining for an MMORPG that takes the sandbox structure of EVE and transports it to a more familiar fantasy universe, and what better universe than Paizo Publishing's wonderful pen and paper RPG, Pathfinder? On paper, Pathfinder Online seems like a sandbox fan's dream come true.Posted Jul 23, 2015 by Steven Messner

Announcing Weatherstock 2015!

Lord of the Rings Online -  General

Lord of the Rings Online has a unique music system and battle weary players have taken a real liking to its nuances. ABC files number into the many thousands with music being played at any street corner and at all hours with genres ranging from Mozart, to Led Zeppelin. This could make for ripe event planning… Enter the fan-created event, Weatherstock!Posted Jul 23, 2015

Trove Builds on Cube World’s Legacy

Trove -  Column

It would be easy to take one look at Trove and dismiss it as a cutesy entry into the MMORPG genre that is increasingly hanging its hat on the term “voxel.” To do so, however, would be a mistake. It is no secret that Trove is inspired by Cube World from Picroma but instead of blatantly ripping off that indie flash in the pan Trion has spent the past two years developing Trove and has iterated it into something more.Posted Jul 23, 2015 by Robert Lashley

My Love/Hate Relationship with Skyforge

Skyforge -  Column

Don’t get me wrong, Skyforge is a pretty fun game, but it’s obviously flawed in so many ways. So much so that my desire to keep plugging away at the Ascension Atlas, repetition be damned, is something that boggles my mind whenever I click play.Posted Jul 22, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Console Sales Are Good - So What’s Next for All Players?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

Now that we’re over a month since The Elder Scrolls Online’s release on consoles, we have the next step: the announcement of the first major DLC update and how that will work, as well as hints at other features to come. It seemed like a good time to take a look at how ESO is faring on console, how PC is back on track, and what the Imperial City DLC may tell us about what we can expect from the game in the future.Posted Jul 22, 2015 by Christina Gonzalez

The Great Stat Reboot

WildStar -  Column

As part of WildStar’s free-to-play transition, character stats are getting a radical overhaul. Terms like Moxie and Finesse are out, and secondary stats are being revamped. To help understand the reasons behind the change, Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer caught up with Lead Designer Steven Engle.Posted Jul 22, 2015 by Gareth Harmer