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Hero's Song - The Game John Smedley Has Always Wanted to Make

General -  Interview

If you have not read the news today, then it’s time to catch up on Hero’s Song. The first game from John Smedley’s new team is launching on Kickstarter this morning. This new open world MMORPG can be played in multiple ways. You can actually go through the game single player, host your own server, and play with thousands of others in a sandbox game. John said he always wanted a game like this and now fans of old school RPGs and MMOs, with a wish for something new, are in for a treat. Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Evolving Again on the PS4

World of Tanks -  Preview

With World of Tanks' PS4 release looming, the Midwestern branch of the empire is cranking away on the game, making sure it's all that it should be. I visited the Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore office recently and discovered that having found their feet with the 360 and Xbox One versions, the team exudes confidence about the PS4—so much so that despite the demands of crunch, they had time to talk and show off their hard work. Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Neilie Johnson

The Content Update Plans for 2016

Blade & Soul -  Preview

This past week we got a solid look at Blade & Soul from NC Soft. The game launches on January 19th, 2016 here is North America and many of you may have been playing in the betas. Blade & Soul has had great success in Korea, China, and Japan over the last few years and continues to draw fans with its heavy action combat style of play. The team also has a very aggressive post launch schedule for 2016 which we will go into below. Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Head Start = No Start

Blade & Soul -  Column

I was hoping to be able to write an article about gameplay in BnS, the first of a new column, but after running into numerous issues installing the game, let alone playing it, this is the sad panda result. Posted Jan 18, 2016 by Catherine Daro

Project R - A New Way to Engage Players

World of Warships -  Interview

Project R launches in Wargaming's World of Warships later today and we had the opportunity to chat with Associate Producer Chris Stott to find out more about this unique in-game event.Posted Jan 18, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

v2.4 Review - Fun But Flawed

Diablo 3 -  Preview

After spending several hours exploring the new update, the question becomes what 2.4 brings to the average Diablo 3 player: A lot of lag for console players from what I understand. I play on PC so I have not experienced this, but there have been wide reports by players on all available consoles that this is a huge problem. Beyond that, there are a lot of things that are pretty fun, but outrageously frustrating at times as well.Posted Jan 18, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul -  Column

Start, finally getting our bearings officially and starting our own small clan on the Old Man Cho server. We’re sure many of you have played or dabbled in the closed beta events, but for those launching themselves finally into this Eastern Wuxia themed MMORPG, we’ve put together a list of things we wish we would have known going in.Posted Jan 18, 2016 by William Murphy

Jan 16, 2016 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 522 of the Newsletter, we look at DDO and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jan 16, 2016 by Michael Bitton

What RPGs Need to Learn from Divinity: Original Sin 2

General -  Column

Divinity: Original Sin was one of the most exciting RPGs of the year when it released. This year, Larian will unleash its sequel, Divinity: Original Sin 2. It promises to improve the original in nearly every way and other RPG developers need to take notice. Here’s what RPGs need to learn from Divinity: Original Sin 2.Posted Jan 15, 2016 by Christopher Coke

The Fun, Yet Gruesome, Facts About Vessels

Crowfall -  Interview

Last week, Artcraft revealed a cool feature coming in Crowfall, the Vessel System, that essentially allows players to find and inhabit the bodies of the fallen. They can even be crafted and sold! We simply had to know more about this fun (and gruesome!) system so we posed a few questions to Artcraft's J. Todd Coleman.Posted Jan 15, 2016 by William Murphy

The Test of Time: DDO Part 2

Dungeons & Dragons Online -  Column

Rob wraps up his adventures diving back into DDO this week and answer the question, does DDO stand the test of time?Posted Jan 15, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Pet Class, Where Art Thou?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

In our last ESO column, our own William Murphy listed off his 2016 Wish List. In this list he makes mention to something that I haven’t really thought of before or even felt like I needed, but now I have this weird compulsion to have it implemented. Bill Murphy you have put this want, nay, need in my mind that has altered my ESO experience. All I can think about anymore is how or what new class would fit into ESO and what kind of abilities it would have.Posted Jan 15, 2016 by Ryan Getchell

On the Eighth Day God Gamed & It Was Good

FIVE: Guardians of David -  Review

Kingdom Games has put out a nifty ARPG called FIVE: Guardians of David that sits squarely in the style of Diablo, Torchlight and Titan Quest. While those games boast evil denizens of the underworld or mythological underpinnings, FIVE puts a new spin on ARPGs with its foundation in the Bible, namely in the Old Testament stories of David, of Goliath fame.Posted Jan 14, 2016 by Suzie Ford

The Shatterer Reborn

Guild Wars 2 -  Interview

One of the more anticipated parts of the Guild Wars 2 January 2016 update will be a reworked Shatterer world boss encounter that ArenaNet has been working on behind the scenes for some timw now. Tyrians looking for a challenge will not be disappointed. We caught up to Game Designer Andrew Gray to find out more about how this boss fight is taking advantage of gliding and more in central Tyria.Posted Jan 14, 2016 by William Murphy

An MMORPG Golf Experience

Winning Putt -  Preview

If you were to tell me that there’s an upcoming golf game that’s part PGA Tour, part Mario Golf, and all MMORPG, I’d probably look at you funny. Yet, that’s exactly the theme of Winning Putt: combining accurate golf mechanics with larger-than-life abilities and all of the features that you’d expect from a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.Posted Jan 14, 2016 by Som Pourfarzaneh

Marvel Heroes Advance Pack 3: Awesome or Meh?

Marvel Heroes 2016 -  Column

For me, 2016 is going to be a bittersweet year for new characters in Marvel Heroes. Truth be told, I’m a huge fan of most of the picks, but like anyone else, I’m a bit disappointed some of my most anticipated characters didn’t make the cut. There is hope, as the seventh character hasn’t been revealed (or decided on?) yet, but I’m curbing my expectations.Posted Jan 13, 2016 by Michael Bitton

Eyeing the New Witch's Hoard Pack

Wizard101 -  Column

Monday got a little bit better earlier this week when Kingsisle announced the addition of a brand new hoard pack - the Witch's Hoard! Now available in the Crown Shop for 399 crowns, the Witch's Hoard Pack brings Polaris themed items for your wizard to enjoy. New goodies in this pack include a new mount, pet, housing items, and gear! Posted Jan 13, 2016 by Vanessa Mythdust

Hardcore RvR

Camelot Unchained -  Column

Most people consider “hardcore” PVP to be free for all, full loot PVP and to the purists anything less is “carebear”. “Realm vs Realm”, as coined in Dark Age of Camelot, is considered to be PVP’s friendly cousin. It's PVP with a focus on realm/faction wide co-operation. The very fabric of RVR goes against the very nature of hardcore PVP but words and their meanings are not stagnant. Is RVR in Camelot Unchained more hardcore than hardcore PVP?Posted Jan 13, 2016 by Timothy Eisenzimmer

Minimally Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games

General -  Column

The sky is falling. The AAA MMORPG scene is in decay. We should all just take our sports balls and go home. Or maybe not. Rob thinks out loud on how some multiplayer features in single player console RPGs are offering features that could go a long way in a new crop of MMOs.Posted Jan 12, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Chronicles of New Eden - How Spying Has Changed

EVE Online -  Column

Few things in EVE have garnered as much attention from the outside world as the art of spying and counterintelligence. That shouldn't be all that surprising considering it is an aspect of play that is almost wholly unique to EVE Online; few other games will ever reach the depth and scale to make spying not only profitable, but downright necessary in order to succeed.Posted Jan 12, 2016 by Steven Messner