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Jan 24, 2016 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 523 of the Newsletter, we look at Blade & Soul and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jan 24, 2016 by Michael Bitton

On Bringing Dragon's Dogma Online to the West

General -  Column

This week our friend Christopher Coke is celebrating a new arrival in his family, so Bill Murphy is sitting in to talk about the week’s RPG news. Also, he urges you all to play Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on the PC, so we might get the MMO version outside of Japan.Posted Jan 22, 2016 by William Murphy

Five Things We’d Like to See from Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends -  Column

Sword Coast Legends (SCL) is one of those games that, if it grabs you, can keep you entertained for a good long while past what you might expect. It was greeted with a mostly rocky reception when it released (see Rob’s review for reference), and was critiqued for a number of items that have led n-Space and Digital Extremes to provide free DLC updates moving forward.Posted Jan 22, 2016 by Som Pourfarzaneh

The Time for Fallout Online is Now

General -  Editorial

Like many other gamers, November and December of last year saw most of my video game immersion happen in a single game: Fallout 4. As the end of the year brought on the usual annual reminiscing, I got to thinking about all the time I’ve spent playing in the Fallout universe since 1997, and how Fallout is one of the few game series I’ve played regularly over the last 19 years - a testament to its’ quality.Posted Jan 22, 2016

More on the Thieves Guild DLC with Rich Lambert

Elder Scrolls Online -  Interview

The Thieves Guild will be Elder Scrolls Online's first DLC of 2016, and it's shaping up to be pretty massive in terms of content included. We caught up with ESO's Creative Director, Rich Lambert to ask a few questions about the recent info dump on the content pack.Posted Jan 22, 2016 by William Murphy

HeroWarz: A Delightfully Twisted ARPG

General -  Interview

HeroWarz is the latest from the minds behind Dungeon Fighter Online and Cyphers. It is, by all accounts, a "delightfully twisted" ARPG. We chatted with the team behind HeroWarz to find out more.Posted Jan 21, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Mario & Luigi paper Jam: A Cut Above the Rest

General -  General

The Mario Brothers are back in their fifth Mario & Luigi RPG. This time they are bringing their paper thin doppelgangers along for the ride.Posted Jan 21, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Death or Rebirth?

WildStar -  Column

Are we witnessing the slow death spiral of WildStar, or the start of a new beginning? In this week’s column, Gareth Harmer chimes in with his opinion.Posted Jan 21, 2016 by Gareth Harmer

How Gazillion Can Have a Superheroic 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 -  Column

2015 was a bit of an off year for Marvel Heroes. The year was marked by layoffs, lagging release dates, and a real dearth of new content. Fortunately, it appears that Gazillion has regrouped for the new year, and the studio has sent some signals that should inspire hope in fans for a better year. That said, we have a couple of our own ideas for what would help meet those goals. Posted Jan 20, 2016 by Michael Bitton

The Weird, Wonky, and Wonderful Things So Far

Blade & Soul -  Column

I’ve been playing Blade & Soul a lot since its Head Start began late last week, and today I’m happy to report that I’m still having a good time, for now. The core of B&S enjoyment, at least for me, is in the game’s combat, PVP, and group dungeons. The combat essentially being the chief reason I’d recommend people play this F2P MMORPG. But that doesn’t mean NCSOFT’s most recent effort is perfect.Posted Jan 20, 2016 by William Murphy

Become One of the Lucky Few in This Post-Apocalyptic World

Survarium -  Interview

Survarium is a free to play MMOFPS set in the post-apocalyptic future. Players take on the role of one of the "lucky" survivors. We caught up with Vostok Games PR & Marketing Director Oleg Yavorsky to find out more about this unique game.Posted Jan 20, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

On Two Different Kinds of Content Grind

General -  Column

Victor compares two games with differing attractiveness when it comes to content grinds: FFXIV and Warframe. Posted Jan 20, 2016 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

How the Community Literally Keeps Dungeon Defenders Alive

General -  Column

Doubtless, many of you around here probably remember Dungeon Defenders, the Indie hit from 2011 (seems so long ago, now). A mix of tower defense and co-op RPG, players fended off waves of enemies while defending the Eternia Crystals. The game sold so well across various platforms that developer Trendy Entertainment has been long at work on a sequel. Make sense, right?Posted Jan 19, 2016 by William Murphy

When is it Pay to Win?

General -  Column

Rob’s back this week and stuck wondering, just what is “pay to win” anymore.Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Adventures in Dino-Land

ARK: Survival Evolved -  Column

An island that time forgot, or some sinister experiment from the future? In the first entry in a new column, Gareth Harmer explores the world of ARK: Survival Evolved.Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Gareth Harmer

Hero's Song - The Game John Smedley Has Always Wanted to Make

General -  Interview

If you have not read the news today, then it’s time to catch up on Hero’s Song. The first game from John Smedley’s new team is launching on Kickstarter this morning. This new open world MMORPG can be played in multiple ways. You can actually go through the game single player, host your own server, and play with thousands of others in a sandbox game. John said he always wanted a game like this and now fans of old school RPGs and MMOs, with a wish for something new, are in for a treat. Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Evolving Again on the PS4

World of Tanks -  Preview

With World of Tanks' PS4 release looming, the Midwestern branch of the empire is cranking away on the game, making sure it's all that it should be. I visited the Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore office recently and discovered that having found their feet with the 360 and Xbox One versions, the team exudes confidence about the PS4—so much so that despite the demands of crunch, they had time to talk and show off their hard work. Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Neilie Johnson

The Content Update Plans for 2016

Blade & Soul -  Preview

This past week we got a solid look at Blade & Soul from NC Soft. The game launches on January 19th, 2016 here is North America and many of you may have been playing in the betas. Blade & Soul has had great success in Korea, China, and Japan over the last few years and continues to draw fans with its heavy action combat style of play. The team also has a very aggressive post launch schedule for 2016 which we will go into below. Posted Jan 19, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Head Start = No Start

Blade & Soul -  Column

I was hoping to be able to write an article about gameplay in BnS, the first of a new column, but after running into numerous issues installing the game, let alone playing it, this is the sad panda result. Posted Jan 18, 2016 by Catherine Daro

Project R - A New Way to Engage Players

World of Warships -  Interview

Project R launches in Wargaming's World of Warships later today and we had the opportunity to chat with Associate Producer Chris Stott to find out more about this unique in-game event.Posted Jan 18, 2016 by Garrett Fuller