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The Celebration of the Ascended Begins Today

Rift -  Preview

Rift’s 3.6 update, Celebration of the Ascended, launches today on April 13th, and were fortunate enough to get an early look at all that’s being crammed into this patch: five new souls (one for each calling), tons of new Carnival of the Ascended events and rewards, new planar attunement unlocks, new mounts, and yes full multicore support!Posted Apr 13, 2016 by William Murphy

Chapter XII: Great For Force Users, Not So Much For Everyone Else

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Column

BioWare recently released “Visions In The Dark,” the 12th chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s story-driven expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. And it may have been one of the best chapter releases yet, if you’re a Force user.Posted Apr 13, 2016 by Michael Bitton

Robocraft Interview: Steaming through Change

General -  Interview

How did a small independent studio build one of Steam’s most popular free-to-play games? And just how important is launching on Valve’s platform? We caught up with Robocraft Game Director Mark Simmons to find out more.Posted Apr 13, 2016 by Gareth Harmer

Finding a Hero's True Strength

Saga of Lucimia -  Interview

Saga of Lucimia is chugging away in its development. We took a few minutes of Tim Anderson’s time to catch up and find out what’s new. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.Posted Apr 13, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Wargaming League's Grand Finals 2016

World of Tanks -  Event

With eSports steadily gaining ground as live entertainment, World of Tanks' player-centric strategy seems to be working. The Wargaming League Grand Finals—the third of its kind—took place last weekend in Warsaw, Poland, and was far and away the biggest one yet. Posted Apr 12, 2016 by Neilie Johnson

A Unique Game In Its Niche

The Skies -  Interview

The Skies is ready to hit early access soon with the closed beta running this week. We had the opportunity to interview Anton Ustimenko, Director of eForb, and Anton Paramonov, Lead Game Designer, about The Skies and what sets it apart from the rest. Read on to learn more.Posted Apr 12, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Sieges & Druids

Crowfall -  Column

Well that was an experience, not unlike watching folks play Crowfall’s Siege Perilous map for the first time (BAM-XP gained for using a transitional opener). Not because Siege Perilous was bad, but because it was stomach churning in an exciting butterflies way! You know what I’m talking about. That ping of excitement you got in your gut as a kid-long before life beat you down and took it from your soul.Posted Apr 12, 2016 by Timothy Tierless

No MMO can Please Everyone

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward -  Column

Victor believes that no MMO, not even FFXIV, can please everyone all of the time. Do you agree?Posted Apr 12, 2016 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

Like Edge of Tomorrow – Fantasy Fox Edition

General -  Editorial

Stories: The Path of Destinies is a new ARPG built on Unreal that’ll have you slaying hundreds of enemies, leveling up the heroic fox known as Reynardo, and crafting new swords with which to fight against the forces of evil. That’s where the ordinary of Stories ends, because to truly beat Stories you’ll need to make decisions… and when those turn out to be wrong, you’ll try again. Like one of Tom Cruise’s best movies, it’s Live – Die – RepeatPosted Apr 12, 2016 by William Murphy

MU Legend: Bringing the MU Series to a New Era

General -  Interview

MU Legend is a new game coming from Webzen that reintroduces players to the MU series. We had the opportunity to chat with MU Legend Game Director Manson Jeong and Head of MU Legend Studio Sungjin Hong about MU Legend to find out more.Posted Apr 11, 2016 by William Murphy

Nostalgia for Vanilla - Will Blizzard Give In?

World of Warcraft -  Column

A lot of talk has been swirling around the MMO-niverse over the past week with Blizzard’s legal action against a private World of Warcraft server that has seen many are clamoring for “official” vanilla WoW servers by way of online petitions, debates on forums and editorials by games media. Fans of vanilla WoW wish to return to what they believe is the ‘best of’ the game while Blizzard prefers to progress the game in its current state.Posted Apr 11, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Is 400,000 Units Sold Significant?

Black Desert Online -  Column

The announcement by Daum that Black Desert Online had sold 400,000 copies was quite a surprise. Not because I wasn’t expecting some sort of announcement but because the figure struck me as particularly low. For what could be argued as the last AAA title for some time and one that - seemingly - has been anticipated for an age, it’s odd to think it’s had sales of less than half a million.Posted Apr 11, 2016 by Lewis Burnell

Apr 10, 2016 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 534 of the Newsletter, we look at Wizard101 and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Apr 9, 2016 by Michael Bitton

MMORPG's Guide to Building a New Gaming Rig

General -  Hardware Review

Finding that right combination that is still budget-conscious but pushes for every extra frame can be tough, but I've spelled out an awesome build that balances both power and cost for something that will handle any top quality game or MMO you could toss at it while still ensuring that you won't need to worry about upgrading for a number of years.Posted Apr 8, 2016 by Steven Messner

How Destiny is Better Than The Division

General -  Column

Two weeks ago, our RPG columnist wrote a controversial editorial describing how he thought The Division was already better than Destiny. He’s dove head first back into Destiny and spent the last two weeks rediscovering what he loved when the game launched, and it’s expansions, each launched. This week in the RPG Files, we’re going to look at the flip side of the coin and explore how Destiny is better than the Division.Posted Apr 8, 2016 by Christopher Coke

A Decade In, Still Growing & Improving

Perfect World International -  Interview

With the Elysium expansion, Perfect World International sees yet another huge feature added with housing, a much-requested community feature. We took the opportunity to chat with PWI Product Manager Cindy Wang about the Elysium expansion and what it means for players.Posted Apr 8, 2016 by Suzie Ford

The Need for Legacy Servers

General -  Editorial

This is an article I have wanted to write for a long time. Today with all of the news about the shut down and response to the World of Warcraft server Nostalrius, I feel like it is time to finally talk plainly about the existence and importance of "legacy servers" in MMO gaming.Posted Apr 8, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Destination - Arcterra Review

WildStar -  General

WildStar’s latest content update – Destination: Arcterra, has just launched on live servers. We asked columnist Gareth Harmer to pull on his cold-weather gear and review the bleak new continent.Posted Apr 7, 2016 by Gareth Harmer

Hero's Song - What's Next for Smedley's Dream Game?

General -  Interview

Hero's Song is the new game from John Smedley's Pixel Mage Games, and though it failed to gain traction via Kickstarter, the unique MMORPG with a Patrick Rothfuss crafted world is forging ahead. We caught up with John to see where the game is in development now...Posted Apr 7, 2016 by William Murphy

Rockets & Stars

Camelot Unchained -  Column

CSE has continues to churn out fan content while they march through the crunch into beta. At this point we are either a few weeks, a few months, or a few days into the crunch. Frankly I can’t tell anymore and I don’t know how anyone as CSE can either! I got lost in the whirl wind of vines, tweets, emails, twitches updates, newsletters and all of the other community content they have produced since the crunch started!Posted Apr 7, 2016 by Timothy Tierless