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Guilds – What Have You Done for Me Lately?

General - Columns

In her latest Player Perspectives column,'s Isabelle Parsley takes a look at guilds from the perspective of group-interest versus self-interest and the delicate balance of the two that is required to maintain a healthy guild in today's MMOs. Check out Iz's thoughts and then add a few of your own guild experiences in the comments below.Posted Jan 28, 2011 by Isabelle Parsley

Where Do MMOs Go Wrong?

General - Columns

Most forums related to MMOs these days contain thread after thread about the disappointments many gamers experience when it comes to new and upcoming MMOs. Taking a break from his usual Friday TERA column, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller asks our readers, "Where do MMOs go wrong?" Read Garrett's thoughts and then answer the question in the comments below as it pertains to you.Posted Jan 28, 2011 by Garrett Fuller

Staff Impressions

DC Universe Online - Columns

This week marks the final weekly column devoted to DC Universe Online. While Bill Murphy gets the byline, the article is authored by several of our major site contributors. They have a few words for our readers about DCUO and how they personally feel about it. Check out the Staff Impressions from the likes of Jon Wood, Mike Bitton, Garrett Fuller and Drew Wood. Be sure to add your impressions in the comments below.Posted Jan 28, 2011 by William Murphy

Exclusive Screens #4

Earthrise: First Impact - Media

Masthead Studios and the Earthrise team have partnered with to bring you a boatload of exclusive screens. Welcome to our final installment for January! This week's screens feature a great look at a quest hub and a team of adventurers out on patrol. Check them out in our Earthrise Exclusive Screens #4 feature.Posted Jan 28, 2011

Something Old, Something New

General - Columns

MMO players can be a fickle lot at times, both clamoring for innovation yet simultaneously running as fast as possible back to what's known and comfortable. It is this curious paradox that's Bill Murphy ponders in his latest column and that leads him to create a list of ways he plans to combat his own paradoxical behavior. Check it out and see if you agree. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.Posted Jan 27, 2011 by William Murphy


Guild Wars 2 - Columns

It's with a bittersweet pen that Community Manager Mike Bitton writes about the Guild Wars 2 class reveal of the Guardian. He had been sure of the Mesmer but admits that Guardians bring a lot to the party and maybe that's not such a bad thing. Check out Mike's thoughts about the Guardian and then add a few of your own in the comments section.Posted Jan 27, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Incursion Interview

EVE Online - Interviews

Incursion, the EVE Online expansion, recently launched in its full glory with the final content deployment. The Sansha and some major game play improvements have finally arrived. Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller recently had the opportunity to chat with several members of the CCP team to talk all things Incursion. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments below.Posted Jan 27, 2011 by Garrett Fuller

ArenaNet Reveals The Guardian

Guild Wars 2 - Class Overviews

As speculated last week, ArenaNet and NCSoft have officially unveiled the Guardian character class. We've got some brand new screens of the Guardian in action as well as information about special skills, weapons and virtues that this master tactician possesses. Check it out and then leave your impressions in the comments below.Posted Jan 27, 2011

The Quiz: Name the MMO Edition

General - Columns

"I can name that MMO in ONE question!" readers will have the chance to put their knowledge of all things MMO to use in Drew Wood Quiz Power Hour this week as he tosses out questions about a wide range of games. Give The Quiz a try and then let us know how you did in the comments below.Posted Jan 26, 2011 by Drew Wood

The Treaty of Coruscant

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Columns

For some players, the lore, or the story, behind a game is crucial to their enjoyment. Creative minds work quite hard to make sure the lore is entertaining and, in the case of Star Wars: The Old Republic, symbiotic with existing background lore. Check out Community Manager Mike Bitton's thoughts about a recent discussion on the SWTOR forums about the Treaty of Coruscant. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.Posted Jan 26, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Free for All Launch Interview

Champions Online - Interviews

Yesterday was a banner day for Cryptic Studios, Atari and the Champions Online development team with the debut of the game's Free For All version. To celebrate the event, Community Manager Michael Bitton sat down with Champions Online Executive Producer Shannon Posniewski. They chatted up the Free For All Champions within hours of its official release. Check it out and then weigh in on the conversation in the comments below.Posted Jan 26, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Linkrealms Interview

General - Interviews

Recently, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller had the opportunity to talk all things Linkrealms with Mythyn Interactive co-founder Paul Witte. The interview provides a lot of first look details about Linkrealms for readers so be sure to check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments below.Posted Jan 25, 2011 by Garrett Fuller Needs YOU

General - General Articles

The network is looking for experienced and / or enthusiastic freelance writers as we get set to launch our new site: As the name implies, RTSGuru will operate in much the same way as does, but with a focus on the Real Time Strategy genre. Posted Jan 25, 2011 by Jon Wood

Enhance Your Calm

General - Columns

In The Rant this week,'s Adam Janovyak takes on the bigots, haters, and just plain idiots that inhabit MMOs that we all play from time to time. They spam their nonsense in chat channels and subject us all to a dose of stuff we'd just as soon not deal with when gaming. Check out Adam's thoughts about these folks and then tell us of your experiences in the comments below.Posted Jan 25, 2011

January Screens #4

TERA - Media

Welcome to the final January installment of TERA Tuesday where has partnered with TERA devs and En Masse to bring you the best TERA screens on the Net. This week, we feature three action-packed screenshots complete with archers, flying blood and a frightening undead warrior. Check them out in our January TERA Screens #4 feature.Posted Jan 25, 2011

Recent Items of Interest

General - Columns

In the Free Zone this week, columnist Richard Aihoshi continues to glean the most interesting tidbits coming out in the F2P MMOG universe. Included this week are items such as the Wakfu North American beta, the recent hacking of Frogster's player database and more. Check out what Richard has dug up for you today. Leave us a comment or two below when you're through.Posted Jan 24, 2011 by Richard Aihoshi

CCP & the CSM – Strengthening the Bond

EVE Online - Interviews

The Council of Stellar Management recently met with CCP developers to discuss player issues with EVE Online. The CSM is directly charged with bringing concerns to CCP and to assist with making sure the game stays as relevant for players as possible.'s Bill Murphy recently had the opportunity to discuss the latest CSM/CCP meeting with Pétur Jóhannes Óskarsson. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments below.Posted Jan 24, 2011 by William Murphy

Jan 24, 2011 Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 269 of the Newsletter, we look at Earthrise and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jan 24, 2011 by Michael Bitton

First Look Preview

Faxion Online - Previews

Faxion Online is slated to bring the literal battle between good and evil to MMO gamers around the world. Recently, Community Manager Michael Bitton had the opportunity for a first hand look at Faxion Online with UTV True Games Senior Games Systems Designer Sean Dahlberg. Check out our exclusive first look preview and some never-before-seen screens. Leave us a comment or two when you're done.Posted Jan 24, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Murmuri the Slayer - The Tall Tale of a Popori Hero by Bridget McKenna, Writer

TERA - Fiction

We`ve received another piece of original fiction that we`re happy to post here at coming to us from the team over at TERA and writer, Bridget McKenna. Read the story, check out the screen shots and let us know what you think about it over in the forums!Posted Jan 22, 2011