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Interview with EVE Economist

General -  Interview

At GDC we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, CCP's resident economist to talk about the effects of the Apocrypha expansion and the POS exploit on EVE’s economy as well as the effects of Iceland's economic troubles on CCP.Posted Mar 30, 2009 by Keith Cross

The Date MMO Dev Journal

Luna Online -  Developer Journal

The folks over at Luna Online have provided us with this developer journal discussing the game's unique dating systemPosted Mar 30, 2009

Global Agenda GDC Screenshots

Global Agenda -  Media

Fresh from GDC, we present fourteen new screenshots from Hi-Rez Studios' upcoming spy-fi MMO, Global Agenda.Posted Mar 27, 2009

GDC Update, Fallen Earth, Earthrise and More

General -  General

The team is at the Game Developer's Conference. In this article, Managing Editor Jon Wood updates our community on some of the things that they have seen or learned while at the show including looks at Aion, Fall Earth, Earthrise and more!Posted Mar 27, 2009 by Jon Wood

Old Republic Screenshots

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Media

Today we continue our look at Star Wars: The Old Republic with nine new images which have been added to our screenshot gallery.Posted Mar 27, 2009

Intro to Science II

StarQuest Online -  Other StarQuest Online Correspondent Allen Richardson writes this new guide focusing on the science aspect of the sci-fi MMO.Posted Mar 27, 2009 by Allen Richardson

Druid Guide 1-10 Part Two

World of Warcraft -  Other World of Warcraft correspondent James Wood writes this guide to playing a level 1-10 Druid in Blizzard's massively popular game. This is Part Two.Posted Mar 27, 2009 by James Wood

GDC First Look

CrimeCraft -  General Managing Editor Jon Wood is at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week. While there, he met with the guys from Crime Craft to take a look at their upcoming MMO / shooter game.Posted Mar 26, 2009 by Jon Wood

New Champions Online Screens

Champions Online -  Media

Today we present five new images which have been added to our Champions Online screenshot gallery.Posted Mar 26, 2009

Chivalry Skill Training Guide

Ultima Online -  Other Ultima Online expert V D has provided us with this guide to Chivalry Skill training in the classic MMO.Posted Mar 26, 2009 by V D

Ishalgen Zone Tour

Aion -  Media

NCsoft has released a new video which provides an overview of Aion's Ishalgen zone, a war torn region inhabited by bandits and the undead.Posted Mar 26, 2009

Baking Profession

DOFUS -  Other Dofus Correspondent Christy Bazell writes this look at the baking profession in Ankama's MMO.Posted Mar 26, 2009 by Christy Bazell

Customization Q&A

Free Realms -  Interview's Carolyn Koh recently had the chance to talk to Free Realms Art Director Rosie Rappaport and Associate Art Director Sebastian Stokowski about the character customization options in their MMO.Posted Mar 25, 2009 by Carolyn Koh

Tier One Scenario Tips

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning -  Other Warhammer Online Correspondent Andrew Bobb writes this look at the tier one scenarios in Mythic's Warhamme Online, providing a few different strategy approaches to the games.Posted Mar 25, 2009 by Andrew Bobb

Moonkins Created By Nature, Adored by Blizzard

World of Warcraft -  Editorial World of Warcraft Correspondent Javier Ledesma writes this piece on Druids in Blizzard's smash-hit World of Warcraft.Posted Mar 25, 2009 by Javier Ledesma

Spring Festival Hedge Maze Screens

Lord of the Rings Online -  Media

Today we present five new images depicting the hedge maze which is central to the Spring Festival event in Lord of the Rings Online.Posted Mar 24, 2009

Spring Festival Begins

Lord of the Rings Online -  Developer Journal

Turbine has published a new dev journal which details the events of this year's Spring festival in Lord of the Rings Online.Posted Mar 24, 2009

Old Republic Screenshots

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Media

Today we present nine new images which have been added to our Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshot gallery.Posted Mar 24, 2009

Making a Strategic Game - Planning Ahead

Atlantica Online -  Developer Journal

Atlantica Online's Kim Tae Gon shares his thoughts on developing a strategic game in this newest edition of their bi-weekly developer journal.Posted Mar 24, 2009

Welcome to Sosaria

Ultima Online -  Other Ultima Online Correspondent writes this at-times amusing introduction to the world of Ultima Online and your character's early experiences.Posted Mar 24, 2009 by Shannon Young