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Exclusive Screenshots, Part 2

Alganon -  Media

The team from Quest Online, the folks developing the upcoming MMORPG, Alganon, have provided us with these two screenshots. The first, of a Talrok male, the second of a Human male.Posted Oct 22, 2009 by Staff

How Do You Pick Your MMO?

General -  Column

In this week's column, Garrett Fuller asks readers what criteria they use when choosing their next MMO and details his own personal philosophies in that area.Posted Oct 21, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Plans for the Future

EVE Online -  General's Jon Wood outlines the many plans that the developers at CCP have for their sci-fi sandbox universe as EVE Online continues development both inside of the game client and out.Posted Oct 21, 2009 by Jon Wood

One Month in Q&A

Aion -  Interview's Jon Wood had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Aion's Producer Brian Knox as we approach the game's one-month anniversary.Posted Oct 21, 2009 by Jon Wood

A Quick Look at PWI

Perfect World International -  General Perfect World Correspondent Khalil Shabazz writes this overview of the F2P MMO for players who might not know what the game has to offer.Posted Oct 21, 2009 by Khalil Shabazz

An Early Look at Crafting

Fallen Earth -  Other Fallen Earth Correspondent Dave Yerxa writes this look at the early crafting game in Icarus Studios' post-apocalyptic MMO.Posted Oct 21, 2009 by Dave Yerxa

Five IPs to Bring in a New Demographic

General -  Column

In this week's list, Jon Wood looks at five IPs that, by taking the focus off of combat systems, might bring a new demographic of users to the genre.Posted Oct 20, 2009 by Jon Wood

Going Shardless

General -  Column's newest columnist Victor Wachter pens his first column on the shardless server that has been implemented by Cryptic Studios with the launch of their new superhero MMO, Champions OnlinePosted Oct 20, 2009 by Victor Wachter

The Iron Tower

Age of Conan: Unchained -  Developer Journal

The team over at Funcom has penned this developer journal giving us details on the newest dungeon in the game: The Iron Tower.Posted Oct 20, 2009

Iron Tower Internal Q&A

Age of Conan: Unchained -  Interview

Funcom has provided us with this internally conducted interview with Carola Berens, one of the developers working on the Iron Tower dungeon for Age of Conan.Posted Oct 20, 2009

Veteran Rewards Explained

Age of Conan: Unchained -  Developer Journal

In this developer journal, the team from Funcom lays out the Vertean Rewards system, how it works and what items will be available to players to reward them for their loyalty.Posted Oct 20, 2009

Exclusive Screenshots, Part Two

Star Trek Online -  Media

Cryptic provides us with three exclusive peeks at Star Trek Online. Two ships or a somewhat familiar design, and one tjay shows starfleet players fighting the Borg.Posted Oct 20, 2009 by Staff

Oct 19, 2009 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In issue 202, we focus in on the biggest MMO of them all. World of Warcraft is our Game of the Week.Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Dana Massey

Content in EVE's Sandbox

EVE Online -  General's Jon Wood akes a look at how content is handled in a sandbox game like EVE Online as opposed to in a more typical theme park game.Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Jon Wood

Bill Roper on Blood Moon

Champions Online -  Interview's Garrett Fuller had a chance recently to ask some questions of Champions Online Executive Producer Bill Roper about the upcoming Blood Moon event and the general future of the super-hero game.Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

8 Amusing Ways to Kill in PvP

Aion -  Other Aion Carrespondent Joshua Price writes this amusing list of interesting ways to kill another player in the game's PvP combat.Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Joshua Price

What Makes Games Hardcore or Casual?

General -  Column

Richard Aioshi returns with his column this week, this time tackling the subject of hardcore vs. casual in the free to play market.Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Richard Aihoshi

Rise of the Godslayer Screenshots

Age of Conan: Unchained -  Media

Funcom has released these three new, exclusive screenshots from their upcoming Age of Conan expansion, Rise of the Godslayer.Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Staff

Game and Business Model Changes

CrimeCraft -  Progress Report

Vogster Entertainment, the team responsible for CrimeCraft, is changing their tactic with their new MMO.'s Carolyn Koh recently visited their studio to get the scoop on the changes both to the game's systems and its pricing.Posted Oct 16, 2009 by Carolyn Koh

User Created Content Interview

Star Wars Galaxies -  Interview

Star Wars Galaxies is introducing the Chronicles system into their game that will allow players to create their own content in the iconic universe.'s Chris Higgins had the opportunity to ask a few questions of SWG Producer, Tony Tyson.Posted Oct 16, 2009 by Garrett Fuller