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Unlimited Q&A

Dungeons & Dragons Online -  Interview

With the launch of Dungeons and Dragons Unlimited, the F2P version of Turbine's D&D Online, looming on the horizon, Garrett Fuller had a chance to ask a few questions of the game's Executive Producer Fernando Paiz. Posted Sep 1, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Balancing the Linear and the Sandbox

Aion -  Editorial Aion Correspondent Brandon Stiles writes this look at the way that the game's developers mix the design philosophies of a linear themepark with ideas taken from a more sandboxy approach.Posted Sep 1, 2009 by Brandon Stiles

Exclusive Unlimited Screenshots

Dungeons & Dragons Online -  Media

Turbine has sent over three new, exclusive, Unlimited screenshots in anticipation of the upcoming launch.Posted Sep 1, 2009 by Staff

Aug 31, 2009 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

Issue 195 we looked at Guild Wars 2 and the latest news from the MMO genre.Posted Aug 31, 2009 by Dana Massey

Importing The Korean Portal

General -  Column

Korean games tend to be organized into portals, where multiple games are available under one banner. North American games are not. This week, Richard Aihoshi examines how this trend has been translated West.Posted Aug 31, 2009 by Richard Aihoshi

Green Lantern Screenshots

DC Universe Online -  Media

Green Lantern, everyone's favorite ring-wearing DC Comics superhero will be making his appearance in the upcoming DC Universe Online. Nine new super green screenshots below!Posted Aug 31, 2009 by Michael Bitton

PvP Interview

Global Agenda -  Interview's Jon Wood had the opportunity recently to ask a few questions of Global Agenda Executive Producer Todd Harris about the upcoming MMO's PvP system.Posted Aug 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

Solving the Double Monk Issue II

Atlantica Online -  General Atlantica Online Correspondent Andrew Corpuz writes this look at the issue surrounding the double Monk issue in Atlantica Online and gives some possible solutions.Posted Aug 31, 2009 by Andrew Corpuz

Exclusive Screenshots

WonderKing -  Media

The team over at Wonderking Online have sent over these two new, exclusive screenshots for our viewing pleasure. Posted Aug 31, 2009 by Staff

Movement Powers and PvP

City of Heroes -  Other City of Heroes Correspondent H. Hussk writes this dissection of travel powers in the City of Heroes franchise, and how it has affected PvP combat.Posted Aug 31, 2009 by The Hussk

Social Media and MMOs

General -  Column

How MMOs do and should use social media to keep people up to date about the game and attract new people.Posted Aug 28, 2009 by Sanya Weathers

A Look At Priestly Healing

World of Warcraft -  Other World of Warcraft Correspondent Deborah Dietrich writes this look at Priests in Blizzard's hit MMO.Posted Aug 28, 2009 by Deborah Dietrich

Hands-On Preview

Champions Online -  Preview's Michael Bitton takes an in-depth look at Cryptic Studios' upcoming superhero MMO, Champions Online.Posted Aug 28, 2009 by Michael Bitton

Equipment Upgrade System Journal

Godswar Online -  Developer Journal

IGG’s Ethan Pan shared the following details about a new equipment upgrade system being created for GodsWar Online. He encourages all players to offer feedback and help improve the design process.Posted Aug 28, 2009

Dreamlords Resurrection Review

Dreamlords: Resurrection -  Review reviewer Sean Bulger writes this look at Lockpick Entertainment's Dreamlords, an MMORTS.Posted Aug 27, 2009 by Sean Bulger

A Look at Blacksmithing and Mining

Free Realms -  Other Free Realms Correspondent Pamela Blalock continues her tour of the various jobs available in SOE's Free Realms with a look at the Blacksmith and Miner jobs.Posted Aug 27, 2009 by Pamela Blalock

How Developers Handle Beta Feedback

Champions Online -  Developer Journal

Cryptic Studios' Bill Roper recently took the time to write this developer journal about the way that Champions Online developers have been handling feedback from its testers throughout the beta process.Posted Aug 27, 2009

Chapter Two Screens and Art

Runes of Magic -  Media

The team from Runewaker's Runes of Magic have provided us with these twelve new pieces of artwork and screenshots from the upcoming Chapter Two update, coming in mid-September.Posted Aug 27, 2009 by Staff

Putting An MMO Out Of Its Misery

General -  Column

In this week's column, Garrett Fuller discusses the life and easy death of MMOs in the current marketplace.Posted Aug 26, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Favored Soul, Reaver's Reach Screenshots

Dungeons & Dragons Online -  Media

Turbine has just released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO Unlimited), which will launch on September 9th. The new screenshots depict the new Favored Soul class, as well as the new Reaver’s Reach adventure pack.Posted Aug 26, 2009 by Michael Bitton