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How the AI Pew Pews the Player

EVE Online -  Developer Journal

CCP has posted a new developer blog which goes into detail about the major upgrades to NPC AI for wormhole NPCs in Apocrypha, the next expansion for EVE Online.Posted Feb 24, 2009

A newbie's guide to the Jedi Profession

Star Wars Galaxies -  Other

Star Wars Galaxies correspondent Thomas Allegood takes us from Padawan Learner to Jedi Master in this guide to Jedi in SWG.Posted Feb 24, 2009

Caldari Overview

EVE Online -  General

EVE Online correspondent Andrew Wallace provides an examination of the Caldari State, its politics, the mindset of its people, and the might of their military doctrine. Posted Feb 24, 2009 by Andrew Wallace

A First Look at WindSlayer

Wind Slayer -  General's Carolyn Koh takes us on a guided tour of WindSlayer with this first look at OutSpark’s latest Free-to-Play fantasy MMO.Posted Feb 24, 2009 by Carolyn Koh

Newsletter Issue 168

General -  Newsletter

In issue 168 of the Newsletter we look at the week's top news and features, our Game of the Week: Star Wars: The Old Republic, and much more!Posted Feb 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

Screenshot Update

Earth Eternal -  Media

Today we present twelve new screenshots which have been added to our Earth Eternal screenshot gallery.Posted Feb 23, 2009

Second Class Citizen - Part One

Runes of Magic -  Other

Runes of Magic correspondent Robert Sollazzo takes a look at secondary classes in Runes of Magic, detailing class combinations that work and some that don't.Posted Feb 23, 2009 by Robert Sollazzo

Defiant's Growing Pains

Pirates of the Burning Sea -  General

Pirates of the Burning Sea Correspondent Ernest Ross takes a look at the troubles of the game's Oceanic Defiant server and the difficulties that this game has had in reaching the Australian market.Posted Feb 23, 2009 by Ernest Ross

Interview in a Box

EVE Online -  Interview Managing Editor Jon Wood recently spoke to CCP's Ryan Dancey about the the upcoming release of the retail boxed version of EVE Online.Posted Feb 23, 2009 by Jon Wood

Brand New Trailer

Jumpgate Evolution -  Media

The folks at NetDevil have put together a new Jumpgate Evolution trailer featuring clips of space combat and large scale battles. Posted Feb 23, 2009

Dungeons & Dragons Online Early Game Review

Dungeons & Dragons Online -  Review reviewer Stephanie Morrow takes her first look at Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online.Posted Feb 20, 2009 by Stephanie Morrow

A Look at Strategic Cruisers

EVE Online -  Developer Journal

The folks at CCP recently posted a dev blog where they go into greater detail about one of EVE: Apocrypha's more anticipated features, Tech 3 ships and Strategic Cruisers.Posted Feb 20, 2009

Screenshot Class Overviews

Perfect World International -  Other

The folks from Perfect World International have sent along these class screenshots and overviews for our viewing pleasure.Posted Feb 20, 2009

Arms Lore and Blacksmithy Guide

Ultima Online -  Other Ultima Online writer V D writes this Arms Lore and Blacksmithy Skill Guide to the classic MMORPG, Ultima Online.Posted Feb 20, 2009 by V D

Altgard Zone Tour

Aion -  Media

NCsoft has released the second video in their video tour series of the various zones in Aion. The latest video showcases Altgard, an Asmodian region known for its contrasting terrains and climates.Posted Feb 20, 2009

Beginner's Guide 2 and Home Points

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine -  Other's Megaten Correspondent P. Roberts writes this guide for players just starting out in the game.Posted Feb 20, 2009 by P Roberts

Aether Landing Craft Screenshots

Wonderland Online -  Media

Today we present six new screenshots from Wonderland Online depiciting the Aether Landing Craft.Posted Feb 19, 2009

Poll Feature: PvE or PvP?

General -  Interview

Today we’d like to continue a new series of discussion features on, where we post a few thoughts on a particular MMO game related topic, and then ask the readers to weigh in with their opinions by responding in the forum thread or casting a vote in the related poll. Once the poll has been open for a reasonable amount of time we’ll then come back and revisit the topic, summarizing the results of the poll and community discussion. Today's feature will focus ont he question of PvP vs PvE and their improtance in an MMO.Posted Feb 19, 2009 by Jon Wood

All About Skirmishing

Pirates of the Burning Sea -  Developer Journal

The folks at Flying Lab Software have posted a new developer article describing the new Pirates of the Burning Sea skirmish system, a PvP battle system which allows players to lean the ropes of combat on the high seas while only risking their pride.Posted Feb 19, 2009

Intro to Science 1

StarQuest Online -  Other StarQuest Online Correspondent Allen Richardson writes this new guide focusing on teh science aspect of the sci-fi MMO.Posted Feb 19, 2009 by Allen Richardson