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Oct 12, 2009 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

Issue 201, we profile Earthrise and bring you news on the launch of CitiesXL and more.Posted Oct 13, 2009 by Dana Massey

Exploring DUST's Design

General -  Preview's Jon Wood has put together the known elements of CCP's upcoming console MMOFPS DUST 514 and come up with this article, shedding some light on some of the game's more basic elements.Posted Oct 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Basic Beginner's Guide to Crafting

Aion -  Other Aion Correspondent Brandon Stiles writes this basic guide to crafting from a beginner's standpoint in NCsoft's newest MMO.Posted Oct 13, 2009 by Brandon Stiles

EVE As A Social Game - New Eden

EVE Online -  Other's Jon Wood writes this look at how CCP is expanding their game and its marketing to highlight the social aspects of their sandbox, including the introduction of a new social tool known as New Eden.Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Jon Wood

One Year Q&A

Atlantica Online -  Interview's Garrett Fuller had a chance recently to speak with Atlantica Online's Product Manager, Teddy Kim about the game's one year anniversary and what the past year has meant for the game.Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Mixed Revenue Models

General -  Column

Richard Aihoshi returns this week with a column that looks at exploring mixed revenue models for our favorite MMOs.Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Richard Aihoshi

Be Like Columbus - Wormhole Exploration

EVE Online -  Other EVE Online Correspondent Kevin Schram writes this look at wormholes and wormhole exploration introduced with the Apocrypha expansion to CCP's sandbox MMO.Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Kevin Schram

Siege of Mirkwood Exclusive Screens

Lord of the Rings Online -  Media

The team from Turbine has provided us with these three new screenshots from the upcoming LotRO expansion, Siege of Mirkwood.Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Staff

The End Game: Exclusive Sneak Peek

Global Agenda -  Preview

Executive Producer Todd Harris gives us a sneak peek inside the Agency vs. Agency (AvA) PvP driven campaign that will be the end-game of this MMOFPS.Posted Oct 9, 2009 by Dana Massey

At The Back Of The Line

General -  Column Columnist Jamie Skelton takes a look at the concept of "premium customer service" for players who pay to play a game and discusses the sometimes second tier treatment that "free" players can experience when they are met with an in-game problem.Posted Oct 9, 2009 by Jaime Skelton

PvP Interview

Age of Conan: Unchained -  Interview's Garrett Perkins recently spoke with Tim Donks, the developer in charge of PvP for Age of Conan. Some players might better know him as “Didek” from the test live forums, about the past present and future of PvP in AoC.Posted Oct 9, 2009 by Garrett Perkins

Warlock Point Distribution Guide

World of Warcraft -  Other World of Warcraft Correspondent James Thommes writes this guide to Warlock point distribution in Blizzard's hit MMO.Posted Oct 9, 2009 by Jimmy Thommes

Eastern Garden Screenshots

Earthrise: First Impact -  Media

Today, the team from Masthead studios has provided us with the first of a recurring set of exclusive screenshots. Today's shots are set in an area of the game known as "The Eastern Gardens."Posted Oct 9, 2009 by Staff

A Vampire MMO

General -  Column

Vampires are the one genre that seems to draw as many women as men. Might it be the secret to getting more women into an MMO?Posted Oct 8, 2009 by Dana Massey

DOFUS Re-Review

DOFUS -  Review's Vitaliy Dikker writes this re-review of Ankama's Dofus, the turn-based, 2D MMO that packs more punch than some might think at first look.Posted Oct 8, 2009 by V D

By The Numbers - EVE Statistics

EVE Online -  General

Most MMO companies are loathe to give out even the most trivial of their game's numbers. Not so for EVE developers CCP who, at this year's Fan Fest, gave out a number of new statistics just waiting for our collective consumption.Posted Oct 8, 2009 by Jon Wood

Confessions of a Ganker

World of Warcraft -  General World of Warcraft Correspondent Sean Cooper writes this article discussing the difference between ganking and griefing and tells us why even he ganks every now and then.Posted Oct 8, 2009 by Sean Cooper

Exclusive Screenshots, Part 1

Alganon -  Media

The team from Quest Online, the folks developing the upcoming MMORPG, Alganon, have provided us with these two screenshots. The first, of a Talrok male, the second of a Human male.Posted Oct 8, 2009 by Staff

Instancing Problems In WoW

World of Warcraft -  Column

This week, Garrett looks at the idea of scaling raid instances in World of Warcraft and how it would help his experience.Posted Oct 7, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Speaking to Player Concerns

General -  General

When DUST 514 was first announced, a number of player concerns rose to the forefront. Chief among them the question of how EVE Online would be affected by the new game. At this year's Fan Fest,'s Jon Wood found the answer to that concern and more. Posted Oct 7, 2009 by Jon Wood