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Blizzard - Inching Towards F2P?

World of Warcraft - Columns

In today's Free Zone column, Richard Aihoshi takes a look at the recent announcement that World of Warcraft was free to play through the first twenty character levels. Richard looks at the decision from a 'gimmick' perspective and from a business perspective and offers his thoughts on what the future may hold. Read on and see if you agree!Posted Jul 5, 2011 by Richard Aihoshi

July 4, 2011 Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 292 of the Newsletter, we look at RIFT and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs. Posted Jul 4, 2011 by Michael Bitton

PvP Interview with Sarah Levantine

Battlestar Galactica Online - Interviews

Late last week, Bigpoint and Battlestar Galactica Online developers announced that a new PvP system was coming into the game in the form of ranked battles and instanced PvP duels. Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller caught up with BGO's producer Sarah Levantine to talk about the big announcement. Read on!Posted Jul 4, 2011 by Garrett Fuller

Classes Q&A

Dominus - Interviews

Prime: Battle for Dominus is setting itself up as a unique three-faction MMO that has landed on a lot of folks' radar recently. Yesterday it was announced that Prime would feature three factions, each with six classes for a total of eighteen classes! Managing Editor Bill Murphy managed to corner Prime's Sanya Weathers for an exclusive Q&A all about the classes. Check it out and then let us know what you think!Posted Jul 2, 2011 by William Murphy

Guild Sores Comic - Creating a Hero

General - Columns

From the mind and hands of David North, comes this brand new weekly web-comic. Guild Sores is the tale of three friends and their misadventures in the fabulous (and frustrating) world of MMORPGs. Check out the latest installment of Guild Sores and be sure to offer your thoughts.Posted Jul 1, 2011

Freedom Interview with Brian Clayton

City of Heroes - Interviews

The announcement that City of Heroes was adopting a free-to-play revenue model was met with a lot of excitement in the MMO world.'s Garrett Fuller had the opportunity to chat with City of Heroes Executive Producer Brian Clayton about "Freedom". Check it out!Posted Jul 1, 2011 by Garrett Fuller

Returning to EVE Online Part 4

EVE Online - General Articles

EVE Incarna has finally arrived and developers are spending a lot of time touting new features including the Capatin's quarters and much more. In the latest installment of his Survivor Guy series,'s Adam Tingle heads back into EVE continuing his adventures in space. Check out Survivor Guy: Returning to EVE Part 4 and then let us know what you think.Posted Jul 1, 2011 by Adam Tingle

How to Write a Forum Post

General - Columns

One of the thing passionate gamers like to do is voice their opinions about the games they love. In today's Player Perspectives,'s Isabelle Parsley offers some sage advice about how to write a forum post that people might actually pay attention to. Check it out and see if you agree!Posted Jul 1, 2011 by Isabelle Parsley

Introducing User Features & Reviews

General - General Articles

At, we are always seeking to improve our users' experience while visiting the site. Further, we realize that we sometimes don't know it all. The thoughts and ideas of our users are important to us. With that in mind, we're introducing User Features and Reviews! Community Manager Mike Bitton has penned a handy dandy guide to get you started. Read on!Posted Jul 1, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Location Preview Video

The Secret World - Media

Funcom has partnered with to bring our readers an exclusive new video from The Secret World. This Location Preview Video explores an area known as The Savage Coast, situated on Solomon Island in New England. As one of many locations in The Secret World, it stretches over a vast expanse of land and contains key locations such as a haunted amusement park, the creepy Innsmouth Academy, and the dark and mysterious Accursed Woods. Posted Jul 1, 2011

MOBAs and

General - Columns

One of the things that we are often asked here at is why we cover this game or why we don't cover that game. As the genre of online MMOGs grows, so grows our coverage. In his latest column, Managing Editor Bill Murphy examines the growing "MOBA" movement and how coverage of MOBAs actually fits within the scope of what we cover at the site. Check it out and then leave us a thought or two in the comments.Posted Jun 30, 2011 by William Murphy

E3 2011 - The 3D Update

EverQuest II - General Articles

One of the more compelling advances in the MMORPGs that we play is the advent of 3D graphic technology. At E3 2011,'s Carolyn Koh talked with Everquest 2 Lead Programmer Greg Spence about the recent introduction of 3D technology into the game. Read on to discover more about Everquest 2's 3D Update.Posted Jun 30, 2011 by Carolyn Koh

E3 2011 - An Interview with the Lead Writer

TERA - Interviews

While at E3,'s Melinda Haren had the opportunity to interview David Noonan, Lead Writer for TERA. TERA is a not yet released MMORPG with a fantasy focus and some pretty intense action-combat. Check it out and then let us know what you think!Posted Jun 30, 2011

Dungeon Crawling at the EA Showcase

The Secret World - Columns

Next week marks the EA Showcase in San Francisco and it's one that fans of The Secret World are anxiously awaiting. It will mark the first time that The Secret World has shown a live dungeon experience for their game to anyone outside the company. In today's The Secret World Column, Managing Editor Bill Murphy speculates about what attendees (like's Carolyn Koh!) might see.Posted Jun 30, 2011 by William Murphy

E3 2011: Neverwinter Overview

General - General Articles

The D&D setting of Neverwinter is one of the most beloved locations ever created. Cryptic Studios has taken on the monumental task of creating an MMO based in and around the city of Neverwinter. At E3 2011,'s Joe Iuliani had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Cryptic showcasing Neverwinter. Read on and then let us know your thoughts about Neverwinter in the comments below.Posted Jun 29, 2011 by Joe Iuliani

A Chat with Jordan Long: The Man in the Box

Lord of the Rings Online - Interviews

Jordan Wayne Long contacted Managing Editor Bill Murphy via e-mail to share a project he’s beginning in July. He’s a performance artist from Arkansas and as a piece on trauma and the ways to deal with it, he’ll be shipping himself in a tiny box across country armed with only Lord of the Rings Online to keep him company. We sat down with Jordan to discuss the project and the motivation behind it. Take a look!Posted Jun 29, 2011 by William Murphy

Free-to-Play is the Savior

General - Columns

In a new column here at, Drew Wood takes on the role of The Devil's Advocate. The Devil's Advocate is an opportunity for the oft-shunned and little discussed “Other Side of the Story” to be heard, promoting open discussion on a heavily contested subject including today's that the Free-To-Play MMO movement is the savior of the genre. Check it out and join in the discussionPosted Jun 29, 2011 by Drew Wood

Do You Really Want a Beta Invite?

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Columns

In his latest column devoted to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Community Manager Mike Bitton wonders how many people truly want into the game's beta. After all, as Mike suggests, a beta is supposed to be work, a way to help the development team ensure that the game soon to be released is actually ready for release. It's not just an "early look". Check out Mike's excellent thoughts and then add a few of your own.Posted Jun 29, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Gods of TERA

TERA - Developer Journals

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with to bring our readers the best TERA lore pieces penned by the game's writers. Today's story, "Gods of TERA", is penned by TERA writers Scott James Magner and Brian Campbell. It's another terrific peek at the story behind the game, one that you won't want to miss. Posted Jun 29, 2011

4.2 is WoW Déjà vu

World of Warcraft - Columns

With today's deployment of the World of Warcraft v4.2 patch, "Rage in the Firelands", Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller is feeling like he's 'been there, done that'. He remembers the heady days of raiding the Molten Core. Check out Garrett's thoughts about Rage in the Firelands and then let us know your thoughts.Posted Jun 28, 2011 by Garrett Fuller